KEYWORDS: art, love, rhyme, mo, cannot

Art of Oh, The

David Berg

MOJanuary 23, 1973NO.236—GP

—A Love Poem

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan‚ Puerto Rico 00936

(This is my little poem just for you. Nobody else understands. I guess I wanted to tell you how much I love you this morning. When I said I'd used up the words, somebody said I hadn't used them all up yet. It all began in bed one morning:—So you finish it!—OK?)

You're my precious little Heart

I carry with me wherever I go

And we can never be apart

So we can share the blessings we know.

How I loved you from the start

And I've always been your beau

Now they know it in the mart

That God's Children still love MO!

Oh‚ I'm pierced with Cupid's dart

He that knows no friend nor foe

These are thoughts I cannot sort

And their meaning I don't know.

We just cannot be apart

I just only know it's so!

And I got you in my cart

So here's with love from your ol' MO!

You're my dearest little tart

That is why I love you so

Even if you had a wart

You'd still be my little doe!

For our loving is an art

That is like a nice fresco

And I don't e'en give a fart

If we never have no dough!

You cannot our love abort

For it knows no Clemenceau

And it works in any port

'Cause I said I told you so!

Don't you ask me what that means

For I do not understand

But this here one thing I know

You can find in every land.

Even skinny little Bart

He can find his plump shad roe

We can love'em by the quart

And it makes'em laugh: HO, HO!

Cause you always got to spirt

When she says to you‚ Go, Go!

And I love you till you hurt

And you cry out, Oh, Oh, Oh!

Many things they rhyme with art

Many things they rhyme with Oh

So it makes me a braggart

Just like Edgar Allan Poe.

Now we're back here at the start

And no further we can go

Therefore may we never part

Just because I love you so!

So it's now I'm out of art

For words that rhyme with art and Oh

But I like you a la carte

With my kneedle you can sew

'Til it blows you all apart

And you have these seeds from MO!