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Aaron on the Mountain

David Berg

MOMay‚ 1973NO.234—GP

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752‚ 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

1. OUR DEAR BROTHER AARON WENT TO BE WITH THE LORD LAST MONTH ON A MOUNTAIN OVER-LOOKING GENEVA, SWITZERLAND. He had apparently gone up there to pray and be alone with the Lord, as he loved to do, when‚ like Enoch of old, as he walked with God, God took him. He was last seen alive in Geneva by the Family on April 3, 1973, when he evidently left the Colony alone to climb to the castle on the nearby lofty mountaintop, but his body was not found until discovered by a mountain climber on Easter Sunday afternoon, April 22‚ the same day as our Rachel and Emmanuele's wedding in Rome, the Day of Resurrection and beginning of new life!

2. HIS BODY WAS BURIED IN A QUAINT AND ANCIENT CHAPEL CEMETERY ON MAY 2 AT THE FOOT OF THE VERY MOUNTAIN WHERE HE DIED. A simple graveside service was conducted by his Mother, Eve‚ and his Brother, Hosea, attended by the Geneva Colony and their local friends. The Children of God joyfully sang some of his own songs while the skies wept with rain until at last the sun shone again! His Mother read our last letter to him and our personal phone message of comfort for the Family. Ho read a little unfinished prayer found written in Aaron's Bible: "Lord, help me to yield to Your..."—He did.

3. HO ALSO READ SOME VERY APPROPRIATE AND PROPHETIC PASSAGES FROM ONE OF AARON'S FAVOURITE MO LETTERS ABOUT ONE OF HIS FAVOURITE SUBJECTS: "MOUNTAIN MEN": "Climbing mountains you're nearly always alone, because it's hard work, not many people like it, it's lonely‚ you have to forsake all to do it and get lots of scratches and bumps, and it may even cost you your life!... You're never so near the abyss as when on the brink—one little misstep can end you back at the bottom!... It's easier to climb up than down, so you may never get back.... It's a rough and rugged road, not much to eat‚ cold and windy, but if you make it, it's a thrill even to die there!—Better to die on the mountain than to live in the valley! Whoever hears about the man who slips and falls on the city street?—But the man who dies on the mountain even in far off Switzerland you'll read about in the newspapers, because at least he dared to try! You never hear about the tourist on the ski slope, you only hear about the people who either made it to the top or died trying! But when you make it, God will speak to you face to face!"

4. THE GREATEST LAWS KNOWN TO MAN WERE GIVEN ON THE TOPS OF MOUNTAINS: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS to Moses on Sinai and the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus to His Disciples. Some of the greatest events in history also happened on the tops of mountains: The Ark landed on Ararat, Moses died on Nebo, his brother, Aaron‚ died on Hor, Jesus was tempted, transfigured and often prayed on mountains‚ and finally died on one—Golgotha! Our own Aaron, our eldest son, always loved mountains and climbing them, he loved to sing about them, and his last poem was "The Mountain Men"‚ and he, too, finally died on one, as he'd always said he wanted and would! In fact, in the "Laurentide Prophecies" we received in Canada in 1969, I saw a vision of Aaron dying on a mountain, and the Lord said "Thy Aaron shall be taken from thee and depart on the mount...!—And he did! God's word never fails!

5. WHEN WE FIRST HEARD THE NEWS‚ THE LORD SAID: "WEEP NOT FOR HIM, BUT WEEP FOR YOURSELVES AND HOW YE HAVE FAILED ME."—And we saw a vision of the one lost sheep, like many little lost sheep in the world today‚ dying on the mountain because the shepherds were too busy with the ninety-and-nine!—And Eve received a similar prophetic warning shortly before hearing of his death, and one of our girls shortly afterward received a prophecy: "Weep not for the one who was taken away‚ but weep for the many lost ones who don't know Me!" How true! Aaron is safe with the Lord, but what of the lost?—Aaron's greatest burden was to reach the world with MO Letters: He was the one who first published them in 3x5's, helped index them and inspired their translations. He loved to teach them and always wanted more. His music helped start the Jesus Revolution, and he was one of its hardest working witnesses. But his mind was much stronger than his frail body and he lamented being unable to join us, so God has now enabled him to cross forbidden borders, escape his enemies and help us as never before!—And he is! "Rejoice that this another son of David is added to his helpers!" Amen?—Hallelujah! Many of God's mountain men and women are going to die climbing His mountain!