KEYWORDS: air, honey, swig, box, lots, lots of air

Pass the Box of Air Dream

David Berg

7/87 DO 2338

1. I was dreaming we were passing this box of air around & we were each taking a swig! Honey, I love you. Did you take your swig? You have to take a swig. You have to have air, Honey! You have to have air to exist! You have to live & stay on top of my box so I can give you lots of air, Honey! Don't you understand that you have to stay where you can get lots of air from me? You just cannot suffocate‚ Honey. You cannot suffocate, Honey! (Ed: The Air of the Spirit! PTL!)

2. Honey, you have to breathe! Rebuke this spirit of evil that tries to persecute her, & help her to go to sleep, in Jesus' name, amen!