KEYWORDS: lord, techi, jesus, paradise, music, him

Praying Tchaikovsky out of Hell into Paradise

David Berg

DO 23356/87

1. BLESS TCHAIKOVSKY, LORD! HE WROTE SUCH SWEET MUSIC! He was such a tortured soul, but You got sweet music out of it, Lord. Bless him wherever he is, Lord. We hope he's with You. Have mercy on him! It must have been a gift from You, Lord, to write such beautiful music, even though it's sad music, the music of a tortured soul!

2. HAVE MERCY! LORD, SAVE HIM, IN JESUS' NAME! Deliver him, like I delivered those sailors, Lord, in Singapore. (See ML #1262.) You can do it for Tchaikovsky! Lift him out of the Pit, if that's where he is, Lord! Touch & deliver him, Lord‚ in Jesus' name! He wrote such beautiful music, Lord, it must have been Your gift! Surely You gave him that gift‚ Lord! Touch & help & forgive him, Lord, lift him out! Save him‚ Lord, in Jesus' name!

3. DELIVER TCHAIKOVSKY, LORD! HELP HIM TO KNOW THAT I LOVE HIM & I'M PRAYING FOR HIM, BECAUSE HE WROTE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC THAT I LOVE! He's a tortured soul like me, Lord, & he needs Your help! In Jesus' name, deliver him, Lord! Deliver him‚ Lord, in Jesus' name! Have mercy, Lord! Forgive him, help him, save him, in Jesus' name!

4. TYL! HALLELUJAH! THE LORD IS DELIVERING HIM! Isn't that beautiful? He's ascending! Thank You Jesus! He's ascending out of Hell into Paradise!

5. THANK YOU LORD FOR HIS MUSIC THAT YOU GAVE HIM, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Lord, we need that kind of music in Heaven‚ so beautiful!—A little bit sad, but beautiful, Lord. "Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts!"—In Jesus' name‚ amen. TYL! PYL! Hallelujah! Amen!

6. I PRAYED TCHAIKOVSKY OUT OF HELL INTO PARADISE! (Techi: Is Paradise where Jesus went to save souls?) Yes, in the heart of the Earth. He's not in Heaven yet, but he's in that Paradise in the heart of the Earth. (Techi: Is that a waiting place?) Yes. (Techi: To go to Heaven?) Yes, exactly right!—Where the dying thief went to be with Jesus. (Techi: Like He said, "This day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise.") (Luke 23:43). That's right! That day Jesus was in the heart of the Earth!—Mat.12:40. (Techi: But it wasn't in Hell.) No, no.

7. THERE'S A PLACE CALLED PARADISE IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH, ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL? (Techi: Is it pretty?) Of course, it's beautiful! Even Jules Verne wrote about it in his Journey to the Center of the Earth! Jules Verne wrote a lot of science fiction. He wrote a story called The Journey to the Center of the Earth‚ & he found a Paradise down there. (Techi: Did he write it in Paradise?) He wrote about it. (Techi: How did he know?) Maybe he read the Bible!

8. (MARIA: DID YOU SEE TCHAIKOVSKY?) Yes, thank You Lord! (Techi: What did he look like?) He's a tall, gaunt man. (Techi: What does gaunt mean?) Kind of thin, angular‚ bony. (Maria: Did you see him close up?) No. I just saw him pass by—out of Purgatory into Paradise! Purgatory is the place where people get punished for their sins. (Techi: Is that the burning fire?) Well, some of Purgatory, the worst of it, is burning flames, but it's not all a Lake of Fire.

9. I SAW HIM COMING OUT INTO PARADISE WHERE THE LORD IS FORGIVING HIM & HAVING MERCY, because He gave him that great talent, that great gift of such beautiful music! (Techi: Was he bad?) Sometimes‚ like all of us. Everybody's bad sometimes. (Techi: Was he worse than us?) He had a great gift‚ Honey, he wrote beautiful music, like "Swan Lake" & all those other beautiful beautiful pieces! "The Nutcracker Suite," that's another beautiful ballet. He wrote all those beautiful beautiful ballets with beautiful girls that I love—like you‚ the most beautiful ballet dancer I ever saw! That's because you're an angel & dance like an angel!


11. … YOU NEVER FAILED ME, HONEY, YOU'RE ALWAYS TRUE TO ME! ILY! You never leave nor forsake me, even unto the end of the World!—Because you were made for me to keep & help me & encourage me, the lifter up of my head, & to make me smile!—ILY!