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Prayer & Answer for Mama's Eyes

David Berg

8/87 DO 2332


2. YOU HAVE TO RESIST IT & FIGHT IT & refuse to accept it, this affliction the Enemy is trying to lay on you! It's just amazing how I got the name of what you have! I really prayed. It was strictly a revelation from the Lord when I really prayed desperately. Sometimes it's good to know, it's good to have the name to know exactly what it is, what you're dealing with.

3. I DON'T THINK THE DOCTORS LIKE TO TELL YOU because they're always afraid of scaring you. Just like they don't like to tell you if you've got cancer or leukemia or something serious. The Lord showed us quite awhile ago that the Devil was trying to blind you, so we knew it must be serious!—We just didn't know what it was! But now we know, PTL!

4. IT SAYS IN THE BOOK THAT TRACHOMA IS A CONTAGIOUS INFECTION affecting conjunctiva, cornea & eyelids. It is the greatest single World cause of serious & progressive loss of sight. It is estimated that there are 40 million victims of the disease‚ 1% of whom are blinded by it. And it is contagious.

5. THE JAPANESE GET IT A LOT, PROBABLY BECAUSE OF THE KIND OF WORK THEY DO, they study so much & do very fine work. I got desperate & asked the Lord what was wrong with your eyes, & it came just as clear as anything, & I looked it up, & that's exactly what you have.

6. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US WHAT IT IS, NOW PLEASE HEAL IT, LORD! We rebuke it in the Name of Jesus! Touch & heal it, Lord! There is nothing too hard for You, Lord, so we ask You, in Jesus' name, rebuke this in the Name of Jesus! Bless & touch & heal, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!

7. AMEN, LORD‚ YOU'RE VICTOR OVER ALL! Thank You Jesus! Touch & heal this eye, Lord! In Jesus' name! Rebuke, Lord‚ touch & heal this eye.—In Jesus' name! (Maria: Amen! Thank You Lord!) Touch & heal it, Lord!

8. YOU SEE, IT REALLY HELPS TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE DISEASE OR DEMON. I thought it would encourage you to know that it's very common & well known & a lot of people have it. I think it's probably because of a lot of eyestrain & reading & a weakening of the tissues by eyestrain, & the more you read & strain your eyes, of course‚ it aggravates it.

9. YOUR EYES CONSUME 25% OF YOUR TOTAL BODILY ENERGY! Your eyes are a tremendous drain on your bodily energy. (Maria: It seems the Lord has made most people's eyes so they can stand an awful lot for a whole lifetime. Some people read all their life & their eyes seem to take it.) That's true. Well, yes, if you don't abuse them or contract an insanitary disease.

10. YOU WEAKEN YOUR EYES THROUGH EYESTRAIN, & in that weakened condition you are much more vulnerable to infection. (Maria: But just reading a lot in good light shouldn't be an eyestrain.) Honey, you make great use of your eyes. (Maria: Your eyes should be able to take great use.) Honey, extremely great use of your eyes can so tire your eyes, weaken your eyes, that you're vulnerable to infection. And somewhere you got this infection, somehow. I don't know.

11. AMEN, LORD‚ YOU'RE ABLE TO REBUKE IT, HEAL & DELIVER HER, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! The Lord has permitted you to contract this disease in order to draw you closer to Him, to humble you to ask for prayer & to know that you cannot do without Him. Before you were afflicted you went astray & you trusted in the arm of flesh, but in your affliction you have cried to the Lord & therefore you have been drawn closer to Him to seek His face & lean upon Him rather than on the arm of flesh.

12. THEREFORE, IN THIS HUMBLED, WEAKENED CONDITION YOU'VE CRIED UNTO HIM FOR STRENGTH, & He will save you & many, many others with you. (Maria: That's beautiful! Thank You‚ Jesus! Thank You Lord!) See, it's for a blessing. Thank You Jesus!

13. TECHI, LAY YOUR HANDS ON MAMA‚ PRAY FOR HER! (Techi: Amen, thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Dear Jesus‚ please help Mommy's eyes, Lord, & please take away this disease‚ Lord, trachoma, & please heal it all up. And rebuke the Devil from trying to hinder & hurt Mommy, Lord!)

14. HEAL HER, LORD! Once You have humbled her, Lord, to seek Thy face, You can heal it, in the Name of Jesus! Go ahead‚ Techi, I'm sorry. (Techi: And please bless Mommy's eyes & help them to really heal up so they won't be sore any more‚ Lord. Please take away the disease, Lord, & help her eyes not to hurt any more!)—In Jesus' name, amen.

15. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT IT IS, LORD, YOU'RE GREATER THAN ANY OF THESE THINGS! These are little things for Thee, Lord‚ small things‚ a little thing. Rebuke it, Lord, & heal it, & resist the Enemy, Lord, in the Name of Jesus, & strengthen her, Lord, to fight it! In the Name of Jesus, thank You Lord!

16. SEE, HONEY? I'VE KISSED YOU & LOVED YOU & touched you many times & the Lord has protected me, so you don't have to worry about me because the Lord protects me from all these things. The Lord has given me that power to bless you. I don't think I have a gift of miracles or healing, but I think I do have faith that the Lord is going to touch you & heal you & deliver you, in the Name of Jesus. Amen? (Maria: Amen!) Praise the Lord? (Maria: Yes, Sir! Praise You Lord!)

17. HE HAS TO DO IT, HONEY‚ BECAUSE I LOVE HIM & HE LOVES ME!—And He has to deliver because I'm in tune with Him‚ in Jesus' name! Touch & deliver, Lord‚ completely, completely, Lord, these eyes. We resist you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus! Lord, heal these eyes, in Jesus' name. Take your hands off her, Satan! I resist you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus! I rebuke you, every evil spirit, all of the spirits of evil! In the Name of Jesus I rebuke you!

18. IN THE NAME OF JESUS TOUCH & HEAL HER! Right now, Lord, make her better. Thank You, Jesus! Amen! XXXXXXX! OK? (Maria: Amen.) In Jesus' name. I have to concentrate my power on your eyes for your deliverance. Lord, rebuke the Enemy! Rebuke the Destroyer! Rebuke the Oppressor‚ Lord! Touch & heal these precious eyes so needed for Thy Work, Lord! In Jesus' name we ask. Rebuke you, God-damned Satan! God damn you all in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Amen!

19. AMEN! YOU ACCEPT IT? YOU ACCEPT & RECEIVE HEALING FROM THE LORD? MARIA? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) Total? (Maria: Total!) In the Name of Jesus, rebuke the Enemy! In Jesus' name, touch & heal her completely, Lord. We resist the Enemy, Lord! She needs these eyes for Thy glory, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! XXX!

20. THAT'S IT, HONEY! That's it‚ Sweetheart! (Maria: Amen, Honey.) You're not to have any more pain‚ any more problems. Thank You Lord! Oh, Honey, you're wonderful & I love you! You have such faith, Honey! You must continue to have this faith, Sweetheart. In the Name of Jesus, Lord! Help her to have faith for these eyes.

21. I'VE GOT TO PUT MY FINGERS ON YOUR EYES, I want direct application. I want direct application of the power of God! In the Name of Jesus, rebuke this thing, we ask Thee! You promised, Lord, "Whatsoever ye shall bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven: & whatsoever ye shall loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven. If two of you shall agree on Earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven."—Mat.18:18‚19.

22. SO REBUKE THIS INFECTION IN THESE EYES‚ Lord! Touch & totally heal them, Lord, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Now, Lord, Satan cannot withstand the forces of Thy mighty Angels, Thy mighty power! Rebuke the Enemy in the Name of Jesus! Touch & heal these eyes! Rebuke this infection, in the Name of Jesus Christ!

23. YOU PROMISED, LORD, if two shall agree on anything they shall ask of the Father in My Name, I will give it to them! So we rebuke this infection right this minute‚ in the Name of Jesus & we ask You to touch these eyes & heal these eyes & rebuke this infection! Drive it away forever, Lord, in the Name of Jesus, so she will not have to suffer, because she is doing Thy Work! In the Name of Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You‚ Lord! You're more than able to rebuke this affliction, in the Name of Jesus! Amen! Hallelujah! Praise You, Lord! TYL! Amen?

24. ARE YOU SATISFIED? ARE YOU HAPPY? DO YOU KNOW THAT THE LORD HAS DONE IT? (Maria: Yes, Sir.) Bless, in Jesus' name, bless & keep & help us sleep.