KEYWORDS: right, left, way, world, trouble

Fork in the Road Dream, The

David Berg

DO 2325 6/87

1. I WAS DRIVING & YOU & THE KIDS WERE WITH ME. We came to this fork in the road & everybody said to get where we were supposed to be going I should turn to the right. That's significant, isn't it? But I said, "Well, it comes to me that we should turn to the left.—That although the right turn is to where we were going, it leads to danger‚ but by turning left we will avoid the danger." And sure enough we did, & you & the kids just applauded & said, "Dad‚ you sure were led of the Lord, you were sure right! If we'd gone that other way we would have really gotten in trouble, but by turning to the left we avoided it."

2. IT'S AMAZING THAT I CAN STILL REMEMBER THAT DREAM SO CLEARLY! (Maria: Yes‚ you had it the night before last.) If it's talking about anything political or political attitudes, it's certainly pretty significant! I don't see there's much future eventually for the Right or the Rightists in this World! It looks to me like the Left is sure going to win or already have won & it's futile to fight it & be known for fighting it. I think it would be a lot safer to maybe just sort of go hush on things that are too militantly Rightist.—Maybe sort of flow with the tide a little more to avoid trouble, because you can't stop it anyhow.

3. YOU CAN'T STOP THE WAY THE WORLD IS GOING ANY MORE THAN ANYONE CAN STOP OUR REIGN OR THE WAY WE'RE GOING! Only God can stop the way the World is going, & He's going to pretty soon. But we can't stop it & we might get in trouble for trying to stop it by showing sympathy too much with the Right!

4. YOU CAN SEE BY RECENT ELECTIONS AROUND THE WORLD THAT OBVIOUSLY THE RIGHT DOESN'T HAVE A CHANCE, not even a Chinaman's chance! —In fact, a Chinaman has more chance—China's already gone to the Left!—Ha!