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Great Famine of Nostradamus?, The

David Berg

—Are You Saving Water?5/87DO 2323

1. PTL! YOU ALL LOOK VERY GOOD, THANK THE LORD! I'm sorry, I should say very well. I hope you're pretty good, too, but I'm trying to cure this Family of their reply when I ask them, "How are you today?"—They say, "Good, good!" I said, "That's against the Scripture!" When they called Jesus "Good Master," He said, "nobody's good but God!"—Luke 18:19. So even Jesus wouldn't accept that! Really it's a misnomer for how you feel, because "good" has more to do with your spirit & your spiritual welfare than with your physical well being. So you normally should say, "Very well, thank you," or "Just fine, thank you," or something like that! But I don't like to hear this business of "good"—nobody's good but God!

2. WELL, I'LL TRY NOT TO WASTE WORDS WITH MY USUAL "WEE WORD OF INTRODUCTION"! I'll never forget that time when Aaron & the kids were sitting on the front seat right in front of me in a church. I was going to show a movie—which was really just a ploy to get the crowd there, & what I had to say was much more important than this movie—I was going to talk to them about witnessing! So the Pastor finally introduced me‚ he thought we were going to have the movie right away‚ of course, & I stood up & said, "Well now before I show you the movie I'd like to help you understand it better by giving you a wee word of introduction." Those words became famous!—Because I heard Aaron on the first row whisper to Ho in a nice loud stage whisper, "Here we go with another one of Dad's two-hour wee words of introduction!"—Ha!

3. I KNOW YOU WEREN'T EXPECTING THIS MEETING, BUT YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE THE UNEXPECTED! Sudden change & surprise are good training for you! I was reading an article in Asiaweek this morning which reminded me that there was something in the Letter on "Nostradamus" that I'd been wanting to look up for some time (No.1800), but it seems our Home Library is a little difficult to get at & I'm always busy with something else that seems more urgent than research. But when I read this article in Asiaweek this morning‚ it reminded me again, & I felt definitely impressed to look up what Nostradamus had said about the future—in fact, some of it is already passed—about something which is very very important to us! I've marked this article for the WND & you can see it for yourself later, but let me read you a little bit of it now.

4. THIS ARTICLE APPEARS ON PAGE 27 OF THE MAY 24, 1987 ASIAWEEK, & at the head of the article, which is on the Weather‚ it says: "Return of an Asian Scourge!" And I have put a note at the top of it—as I sometimes do in articles to arouse your interest in case you think it's not important—"The Great Famine of Nostradamus?!"

5. MAYBE I'D BETTER READ YOU WHAT NOSTRADAMUS SAYS FIRST, the prophecy‚ & this article in Asiaweek is perhaps the fulfilment!—In fact, it must be if his dates are right! We don't swear by all of his dates, but I'll just refresh your memory. I'm reading from page one of the old-style, tabloid–size GNs, this one, GN 147, from August 1984 —that long ago—the article entitled: "Nostradamus!" I'll begin with paragraph 8 talking about the future, as there's no need to go back into all the confirmation of the fact that he is a prophet & he has predicted many things which have been fulfilled.

6. AS I SAY, I'M USUALLY SO BUSY DOING CURRENT WORK & FUTURE WORK I SELDOM HAVE TIME TO LOOK BACKWARD IN RESEARCH WORK TO SEE WHAT HAS BEEN SAID! But several times of late I've been inspired to want to read this Letter again because of some of its specific predictions, along with specific dates, & I was a little bit shocked to be reminded of this particular prophecy about the Great Famine! I had forgotten when it was supposed to begin, I knew he gave some approximate date, & when I opened it & my eyes fell on this & I began to read, I was shocked to read what he said!

7. HE SEES A GREAT WORLDWIDE DROUGHT & FAMINE WITHIN THE NEXT DECADE! Now remember, this is written clear back in 1984, three years ago, & he made this prediction over 400 years ago! "In the year that Saturn & Mars are equally fiery, the air is very dry, there's a long meteor. Of people & beasts shall be a horrible destruction, blood‚ thirst, famine, when the comet shall run!" (Tongues & Interpretation:) "All that I have shown My Prophets shall come to pass & not one shall lack its mate, for My Word shall never pass away!"—TYJ! Now what great comet has already run its course & won't be back for another 70 years? (Family: Halley's!) It says here: "Halley's comet, that most spectacular of all comets, shall run again in 1986." When was that? (Family: Last year.)—Last year!


8. THIS ASIAWEEK MAGAZINE IS ASIA-WIDE, COVERING THE EVENTS OF COUNTRIES FROM INDIA TO THE PACIFIC!—The entire East & the entire Pacific area. It's a far more interesting magazine than Newsweek or Time, either one, which waste most of their information on the U.S.A., a lot of stuff that is not important as far as we're concerned! Anybody reading Time & Newsweek while living in the Asia-Pacific area is wasting their time!—They're also wasting their Newsweek! You're no longer a resident of the U.S.A. & you don't need to see the World from the standpoint of the United States, which emphasises mostly just American news. You need to see the World through the eyes of Easterners living in the East where most of the Family now live!

9. OVER HALF THE FAMILY ARE NOW LIVING IN THE EAST! Two-thirds of the Family are now living in the South‚ the World's South, everything from Latin America to Southeast Asia! Most of the Family have done what they were warned & begged & pleaded with to do, & that was to move South! Two-thirds of them have moved South & over half of them have moved East. PTL!

10. SO THAT'S WHERE MOST OF OUR FAMILY LIVES, BELOVED, & FRANKLY, THAT'S THE NEWS THAT'S IMPORTANT TO US! So I don't even bother to read Time or Newsweek any more. They always made me so sick anyhow reading them, it's just disgusting! I read the only global World newspaper, which gives news of the whole World‚ & that's the Herald Tribune. It's the only World newspaper in English, & it's an excellent newspaper because it's run by the Jews, one of the leading Jewish media.


11. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, BELOVED, DON'T BELITTLE THE JEWS! Don't knock it! From the looks of most of you right here & most of our leaders, most of us are Jews! They're the smartest people on Earth & have proven it by outsmarting the Gentiles! Though they're a small minority of a few million‚ they have now taken over the World & are running a World of five billion! So don't knock it!

12. ONE OF OUR LEADERS, WHILE VIEWING & SURVEYING ONE OF THE SOUTHEAST ASIAN COUNTRIES, reported that he helped them find another very large Home for their combined Combo, & he said it was a marvellous bargain by the time they got through [bargaining]! … Anyway‚ thank the Lord they got it! Remember what I stressed years ago about comboing, how it's the most economical & best? (See ML #1115.) You run a slight risk of concentration‚ in a way, but considering the more remote possibility of a security risk‚ you get the continuous year after year advantage of tremendous economy & better cooperation between the various branches of our government!

13. "GOVERNMENT? WE HAVE A GOVERNMENT?" Of course we have a government! We're the Kingdom of God, thank the Lord, & we have a government! We have a theocracy run by the Lord! Some people stress the monarchy run by me, but I keep reminding you that I'm not the one running it‚ it's the Lord, He's just using me, that's all!


14. JEWS ARE ASIANS! DID YOU KNOW THAT? THEY'RE ASIATICS! Their little land was started in Asia. Their forbears were born & came from Asia & they travelled for thousands of miles until they got to a tiny little country that God promised to give them for the Promised Land. It already belonged to somebody else. Well, it belonged to the Lord, actually, but somebody had snuck in there ahead of time & the Devil had stolen it to try to keep God's people out! But they took it anyway, thank God!

15. BUT IT'S IN ASIA! In fact, it's located on the only land bridge between Asia, Africa & Europe, all you have to do is look at the map to see it. That's a fairly narrow little neck of land there, the only land bridge between those three major continents, which is why the Lord has said time & again, & many great warriors, many great generals, many great military men, including Napoleon, who have visited the spot have stood there on that land bridge in the Valley of Megiddo & said, "What a place for a battle!"—Because it's the most militarily strategic spot in the entire World‚ as whoever controls that land bridge, has the potential of controlling all three continents! Look who got there first!

16. YOU SAY, "OH WELL, DAD‚ THAT DOESN'T BOTHER THE AMERICANS, SO WHAT? THEY CAN CARRY ON!" Well, we'll find out soon, won't we? According to some of these Prophecies of Nostradamus (that I'm not going to take time to read you now because they're about the wars of the future, etc.), New York's going to be wiped out, Russia's going to take over, & through the Asiatics, through this combo of Russians & Asians.


17. I READ THAT TODAY & I WAS SHOCKED TO SEE ONCE AGAIN THAT THE PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS ARE BEING FULFILLED! I have told you time & again, though it seems almost utterly impossible, because Khomeini, the leader of the modern Fundamentalist Muslim movement, who are worshippers of God, Allah, it seems unlikely they would ever work together with the Russian atheists!—But you'll notice he doesn't call Russia the "Great Satan"—just the U.S.! Mohammed himself & the Koran were actually tolerant of Christians & Jews. I'm sorry to say the modern Muslims are not quite so tolerant, especially these Fundamentalists. They want to wage a Jihad, a holy war‚ against the rest of the World, & they're going to do it!

18. ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD‚ HE DRIES UP THE RIVER EUPHRATES SO THE KINGS OF THE EAST CAN CROSS EASILY, & it's already drying up, by the way! All the waters in all the major rivers of the East are the lowest they have been in many years! The Ganges has dropped from its normal nine feet deep, three meters, to one–&-a-half feet!—Half a meter!

19. WE'VE STUDIED A GREAT DEAL OF BIBLE PROPHECY & YOU'LL SOON BE GETTING A FLOOD OF ALL THESE LESSONS IN PRINT IN THE LATEST GNS‚ lessons which were given two or two-&-a-half years ago now‚ which I spent nearly a year giving but have not had time to work on! God bless our secretarial & editorial staff, they have been working on them faithfully & they've been stacked up & now I've got a pile this thick! Originally there were 66 of them‚ 66 lessons on Bible Prophecy & the Future, mostly studying, first of all, about who are the Millennial survivors!—Who it is that survives the terrible holocaust of the Tribulation, the Wrath of God & Armageddon! Actually, Armageddon is part of the Wrath of God.

20. WHO ARE GOING TO LIVE ON INTO THE MILLENNIUM, UNSAVED, OVER WHOM WE WILL RULE, THE NATIONS OF THE UNSAVED? Do you remember the answer? (Family: The A-ACs!) And who are they? (Family: The Anti-Antichrists!) Those who are against the Antichrist, even though unsaved, even though they may not have a knowledge of the Gospel, many of whom probably haven't even heard of Christ!—Although most of the World is pretty well informed now & they've heard of Him as a historical character, a religious leader, etc. They may have even heard that He claimed to be the Son of God, but it's merely just another religion as far as over two-thirds of the World, now probably 3/5 of the World, are concerned. Most of the World is not Christian, not even Christendom as it's called, not even ruled by the so-called "Christians" or "Christian" countries.

21. THE WESTERNERS OF THIS WORLD HAVE A RATHER INFLATED BLOATED EGO ABOUT THEIR IMPORTANCE, & most of you to whom I'm speaking right now are Westerners!—Because our religious movement—as the teachers of philosophy & the religionists would call it, we call it the Jesus Revolution‚ now more popularly known as the Family of Love—originated in the West‚ believe it or not, amongst the richest young people, in the richest city per capita, in the richest county, Orange County, in the richest state, California, of the richest country, the U.S.A., in the World! Nearly all of you came from middle or upper-middle-class families. Nearly all of you are fairly well-educated. You may not have finished college, but you had some, & therefore are members of the so-called bourgeois intelligentsia, which the Communists supposedly hate & want to destroy!

22. BUT WHO GAVE BIRTH TO COMMUNISM? IT WAS NOT THE POOR PEASANTS OF RUSSIA! It was not the serfs on the grand baronial estates of Russia who gave birth to the Communist Revolution, it started amongst the rich educated youth of Moscow & other great cities of Russia, including a German Jew who lived in London, Karl Marx!

23. SO OUR FAMILY BEGAN THAT WAY, AMONGST THE RICH INTELLIGENTSIA CHILDREN OF THE WEST! Therefore, naturally, since we Westerners started the Family & this Jesus Revolution, I'm sure God knew what He was doing! He knew why He picked Western leaders to get it started—the aggressive, pushy‚ Jewish Western leaders of North America are known as World movers! We are movers! I like to really change things & move things & improve things wherever I go!


24. NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTED THAT THE GREAT WORLDWIDE FAMINE WOULD BEGIN IN THE YEAR OF THE COMET! What other comet could he have been talking about‚ & with certain planets in certain positions? It would begin that year, & that was last year, 1986!—The Year of the Comet! The comet was early in the year, but God doesn't pay all of His accounts in the Fall, or the Spring! The wheels of God's judgement grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine!

25. WHAT KIND OF FINE DOES THAT MEAN—GOOD? The man who's saying that is picturing one of the old-fashioned millstones grinding grain, & there are two kinds of flour. There is rough-ground—very coarse, which is used to make that good old stone-ground, rough–ground, 100% wholewheat bread—& there is the flour that's ground to a powder or dust-like consistency, not rough-ground‚ not whole grain, but like powder, like dust! So the wheels of God's judgement grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine. God may be slow sometimes to bring judgement—sometimes we think He's too slow—but maybe that's for our sakes!

26. NOSTRADAMUS PROPHESIED THAT THERE WOULD BE GREAT WORLDWIDE DROUGHT & FAMINE WHEN THE COMET SHALL RUN! We wrote in '84: "This most spectacular of comets shall run again in 1986"—it came, right?—And it went, & that's when the drought began! This worldwide drought has already begun, Beloved, which can turn, & according to prophecy‚ will turn‚ into a worldwide famine! There is already great worldwide drought & famine & I'm going to read you about it. (Continues reading from "Nostradamus," paragraph 9:)

27. "THERE IS A VERY GREAT DROUGHT, FIRE IN THE SKY!" When it's dry, the sun seems hotter & hotter! There are a lot of other fires too, huge fires, they never had such huge fires! They wiped out about five towns in China already, whole cities, one city of 100,000! People have had to run because of the fire, never so great a fire in Chinese history! "Fish in the sea, river & lake‚ boiled!"—Not after they got in the pot‚ but in the sea & in the lakes! The water getting so hot that it's drying up & the fish are dying!

28. "A GREAT FAMINE DO I SEE DRAWING NEAR, TURNING FROM ONE WAY TO ANOTHER."—It's beginning in different places all over. You don't just suddenly see a great worldwide famine & think, "Oh, it's started & it's famine all over!" No, it's not famine all over yet, but it's all spotty all over, in a lot of places all over the World! "Becoming universal!"—It will finally become really worldwide.

29. THE LORD CAN BE VERY SPOTTY IN HIS BLESSINGS, EVEN AS HE CAN BE SPOTTY IN HIS CURSINGS! We just heard about a big earthquake in Ecuador where the Family had rented one side of a duplex to store all of their literature for security, & in the earthquake‚ the entire other half of the duplex totally collapsed & their half wasn't touched! In the Mexican earthquake, buildings were standing side by side‚ some of them totally demolished, flattened, others still standing untouched. The Lord can be very selective in His judgements! Even in an earthquake that wipes out most of a city, some things still stand!

30. WHEN JERICHO FELL THERE WAS ONLY ONE PART OF THE WALL THAT DIDN'T FALL, & whose house was on top of that part of the wall? (Family: Rahab.)—Josh.6:25. The Lord knows how to pick out the spots who need it & the ones who don't! That's why He so often tells His people to get out of a country He wants to judge‚ because He doesn't want them to have to suffer too! He says of Babylon, "Come out of her, ye My people‚ that ye be not partakers of her sins, & that ye receive not of her plagues!"—Rev.18:4. So the Lord usually gets His people out of a country He's about to judge. (Continues with "Nostradamus:)

31. "A FAMINE SO GREAT & SO LONG THAT MEN SHALL BECOME MAN-EATERS!" Well, this is nothing new & unheard of, there are plenty of stories about it in the Bible, where they got so hungry in sieges & famines that they ate their own children! (To the children:) Don't worry, kids, I never get that hungry! Ask our cook‚ I don't really eat very much, do I?

32. HE ALSO PREDICTED GREAT NATURAL DISASTERS LIKE EARTHQUAKES, THE GREATEST OF WHICH HE PREDICTED FOR MAY 1988 SPECIFICALLY! When we first talked about these things, that seemed a long ways away‚ "'86, two or three years away! '88, four or five years away, we don't have to worry about that now, Lord!" (Dad shouts:) BUT NOW, IT IS HERE! '86 IS PAST, WE'RE IN '87, & '88 IS NEXT YEAR! IT HAS BEGUN! THE FAMINE IS ALREADY HERE!

33. WE HAVE YET TO SEE IF THERE WILL BE A GREAT EARTHQUAKE IN MAY OF 1988, but according to the astronomical calculations & the planets being in a certain line‚ etc.‚ that's how they figured out that that's the date—not only the year, but the month!

34. THINGS ARE GETTING INTO A TERRIBLE STATE! WE LIVE IN THE ENDTIME!—GREAT CALAMITIES, NATURAL DISASTERS, MAN-MADE DISASTERS! But praise the Lord, do you think He's going to take care of us? (Family: Amen!) "A thousand shall fall by thy side, & ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee! Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold the reward of the wicked!"—Psalm 91:7,8. Well, so much for Nostradoomus!—Ha! Sometimes I make some pretty good slips!


35. "THE RETURN OF THE ASIAN SCOURGE!" "In scattered regions throughout South, Southeast & East Asia"—everything from India to the Pacific—"this plight is shared by millions as drought strikes with a vengeance this year!" It only began last year.

36. "OVER ASIA'S HUGE EXPANSE, DROUGHT IS ALWAYS A PROBLEM SOMEWHERE. It has plagued Northern China on & off for the entire past decade."—Where the big fires are now burning. That's why they're having the big fires‚ the forests are tinder–dry & they don't have enough water to put'm out! This drought has plagued China for ten years, "But now, as 1987 came, it turned severe & spread to the Southern provinces, threatening more than 13 million hectares of farm land. Elsewhere, in the Philippines, dams & reservoirs are 60%-85% below normal levels!

37. "IN INDIA, WATER RATIONING HAS STARTED IN SOME CITIES ALREADY, WHILE THERE HAVE BEEN REPORTS OF STARVATION IN THE COUNTRYSIDE." The Ganges has dropped from 9 feet to a foot–&-a-half! That's the most important river in India‚ used by several different countries‚ including India, Bangladesh & whatnot. If that doesn't sound like drought, I don't know what is! Some areas of Japan are also experiencing unusual lack of rainfall.

38. "AREAS OF SABAH & SARAWAK..." How many of you know where Sabah & Sarawak are? They're on the North coast of Borneo. You've probably heard of Borneo.

39. (POINTS TO MAP: ) THIS IS BORNEO, A GREAT BIG ISLAND, I think the biggest in all of the entire Southeast Asia. It used to be filled with head-hunting savages, so the common expression when I was a kid was, "My oh my, you look like the wild man of Borneo!" I forgot to comb my hair the other morning after massaging my scalp & all of a sudden I happened to see myself in a mirror & my hair was all sticking straight up! I said to Mama, "I look like the wild man of Borneo! Why didn't you tell me I forgot to comb my hair?!"

40. THEY WERE WILD! THAT'S WHEN THE .45 CALIBRE GUN WAS INVENTED BY THE BRITISH, TO STOP THE WILD MEN OF BORNEO, because ordinary .38 calibre bullets would not stop them! They came charging with their knives & their spears even after being hit several times & charged right on into the British forces, still running & screaming, no doubt demon-possessed! So they invented the .45 calibre in order to be able to stop those guys in their tracks, that's how wild they were, demon-possessed‚ big fellows too! Well, now it's gotten a little bit more civilised. Whenever they discover oil any place it suddenly gets civilised!

41. "SABAH & SARAWAK RECORDED THEIR LOWEST LEVELS OF RAINFALL IN DECADES." Do you know what a decade is? (Fam: Ten years.) It's been the lowest rainfalls in Borneo not in ten years, but in several ten years! And they've also had huge forest fires there not long ago, which they couldn't stop.

42. "THAILAND IS PARCHED IN THE NORTHEAST, WHERE MOST OF THE COUNTRY'S DROUGHT-AFFECTED FAMILIES LIVE." That's on the Cambodian–Laos border, Northeast Thailand. You notice that's not Northwest Thailand where the Karens live, many of whom are Christians! Some of our people have an official invitation from the Karens to come there & visit them!

43. EACH WEEK IN ASIAWEEK—WHICH, BY THE WAY, IS SOLD IN 24 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, INCLUDING THE U.K., CANADA & THE U.S.— THEY'VE GOT ABOUT TEN TO A DOZEN FULL PAGES OF PICTURES, each time on a different place or different subject‚ they call it "Eyewitness," & in the May 10th issue there were 12 full-colour pages on Karen Country! You've heard about Karen Country, right? Didn't we have some "Heaven's Boy" on Karen Country? (See HG 87-89.) So I thought you'd be interested in seeing it! I'm sorry we can't publish it in colour & not as big as they had it in the magazine‚ we've got to reduce it down to GN size. But the pictures will be there, pictures of the leaders & the people, & they're fine-looking people!

44. MOST OF THEM HAVE NOW FLED INSIDE THAILAND BECAUSE OF THE PERSECUTION OF THE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OF BURMA. The Karens lived in Southern Burma, apparently part of them evangelised by Adoniram Judson. (See No.1821:16, GN 152) Once upon a time all of Burma was supposedly evangelised, but when the Communists took over, they promoted the Buddhists & they persecuted the Christians‚ so they fled to Southern Burma, & there they live now as insurgents or rebels in the mountains of Southern Burma on the Thai border.

45. SO IT'S THAILAND'S NORTHEAST THAT IS BEING MOSTLY AFFECTED BY THE DROUGHT, NOT THE NORTHWEST WHERE THE CHRISTIANS ARE. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, but they're very clean, very well behaved & prosperous. Buddhism is for peace, prosperity & cleanliness.—Self-righteous, of course, a works religion! So they're doing very well & Thailand has one of the best economies in Southeast Asia.

46. SOME PEOPLE BLAME ALL THIS DROUGHT ON EL NINO‚ the Child‚ & they capitalise it‚ just like the Catholics capitalise El Nino for the child Jesus. So it sounds almost like they're blaming it on the Lord! Well, maybe He is responsible, as a judgement upon the wicked & the pagans & whatnot!

47. "SAYS A WEATHER SPECIALIST IN THE PHILIPPINES, THIS PRESENT DROUGHT ACTUALLY STARTED LAST NOVEMBER," 1986, the Year of the Comet! Does that sound like anything? Well, if Nostradamus was right, this is it! Praise God, he was a real prophet—a lot of other things he prophesied came true! (Continues reading:)

48. "THIS YEAR‚ 13 INDIAN STATES & TWO TERRITORIES ARE DROUGHT-STRICKEN."—And they're eating ants' eggs in some places to survive, because the grain crops have been totally wiped out. "Low river levels in the heavily populated delta area of Bangladesh have resulted in rising levels of salinity in rivers & ground water." It's the delta of the river that flows right into the sea‚ it's a seaside country, but the water level table has gone down so low that the water is beginning to taste salty! Salinity means the salt content, the water has become salty, which has threatened the crops & caused the price of rice to shoot up 60% in just the past four weeks!

49. "CHINA & THAILAND ARE ALSO PROVIDING EMERGENCY AID TO DROUGHT VICTIMS. In Indonesia rain has been very sparse. Jakarta has sent 6,500 tons of rice to the stricken areas." And they're saying if this drought proves as bad as 1982, food crops & rice production will sharply decrease throughout Indonesia. This is a general thing all over Asia—India, China & even Southern Russia is getting it, the provinces of Mongolia, etc.

50. IN THE PHILIPPINES, 118,000 TONS OF RICE & MAIZE HAVE BEEN RUINED BY THE DROUGHT. "The head of the Department of Agriculture has asked President Corazon Aquino to declare 26 of the country's 74 provinces in a state of calamity. Many worry that if lack of rain delays rice planting in the Philippines until June, the newly–planted crops may be vulnerable to floods." In other words‚ they've missed one crop already, & even if the rains do come & they get a rice crop, it will probably be destroyed by the floods, because it's too late.


51. NOW DO YOU FEEL LIKE SAVING WATER? (Family: Yes‚ Sir!) The thing I really came in here today to tell you to do, is to save water! I've been wanting to tell you about that, and I've sent various emissaries and messengers‚ until finally I considered it important enough that we start learning to save water now before we experience a water shortage to come in here and tell you myself, using these two articles to prove it!

52. WATER IS THE MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITY WE HAVE! You can live a long time without food, but you can't live very long without water! When we were lost in the desert‚ after three or four days without water our tongues swelled up so much in our mouths we couldn't even eat the dry crackers that we had left! That's all it takes, to be totally without liquids for only 3 or 4 days‚ & to be without any liquids whatsoever can kill you within just a few more days, because all your organs go bad, they don't function without water. We put an article in the WND about water, how it is the most essential vital thing your body needs & you should drink as much of it as you possibly can!— Especially those who are in hot countries where you sweat a lot. (See WND 151, pg.1)

53. AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT TOO MUCH SALT & HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES IN HOT COUNTRIES—YOU SWEAT SO MUCH SALT, YOU NEED IT! Athletes who have to work out in the sunshine & the heat & sweat a lot even have to take salt tablets because they need extra salt. I've always liked a lot of salt & eat a lot of salt. They say salt causes hardening of the arteries & can kill you, but they also say it prevents cancer! So it's kind of like the joke about the Jewish spy, if I've got my choice, I think I'd rather die of hardening of the arteries & be happy & live happy & eat salt, than have to die of cancer! Well, I trust I'm not going to die of either one! How many of you remember the story about the 3 spies they caught during World War 1—one Frenchman, one Englishman & one Jew! How many of you don't remember it? All right! We don't want anybody here not to know the story so I'll tell it again!

54. DURING WARTIME SPIES USED TO DIE, NOW THEY PUT THEM IN A NICE PADDED JAIL. I think the last spies that they actually executed were the two Jewish spies‚ the Rosenbergs, who made Russia a nuclear power by delivering to Russia the secrets of the atom bomb, right after World War 2.—Thank God! If the Russians hadn't had the bomb, the U.S.A. would have over-run the whole World by this time & grabbed it all & corrupted every bit of it! They're corrupting enough of it already through their movies & their music & their corruption of every kind!

55. SO THERE WERE THREE SPIES: AN ENGLISHMAN‚ A FRENCHMAN & A JEW FROM THE U.S.A. So they told them, "Well, at least we'll give you your choice of how to die." The Frenchman said, "Well, my people have been a brave warlike people, I prefer to be shot!" The Britisher said, "Well, my people have been a brave seafaring people, I prefer to be drowned." And the Jew, the old liar, he said, "My people have been a peaceful peacemaking people, so I yust prefer to die of ult age!" That's about the biggest lie he ever told!—The Jews have been the biggest troublemakers the World's ever known & have conducted more wars & waged more wars & are waging bigger ones every time, led by the Jewish U.S.A. & the Jewish British!


56. WELL ANYWAY, WILL THIS LITTLE TALK BEHOOVE YOU TO SAVE WATER? We have done everything to help you try to save water & to teach you to save water over the years. One way to do that is to cut down on your laundry.

57. HERE'S WHAT MARIA AND I DO TO SAVE ON LAUNDRY: On the first week we each start with one face towel, one bidet towel, one bath towel & one washcloth. This bath towel easily lasts us for a month. We use one side of it for the upper part of our bodies, & the other side for the lower part. We can tell the different sides because one side has a hem & the other doesn't.

58. WHAT WE DO IS PUT OUR BIDET TOWEL IN THE WASH & REPLACE THE BIDET TOWEL WITH OUR DIRTY FACE TOWEL. Then our one clean towel we get is used as our clean face towel for one week until we start using it the next week for our bidet towel. Every week thereafter we get one clean fresh towel per person per week. Some people might want to dispense with using the face towel & bidet towel & use only a washcloth & bath towel‚ in which case these two items could be washed more frequently. Communal hand towels‚ of course, should be changed regularly according to the need.


59. RECENTLY WE WENT AROUND TO ALL THE TOILETS & DID A FEW OTHER THINGS TO SAVE WATER! First of all, we bent the float rods so that your toilet only filled halfway.—So that instead of flushing down 3 to 5 gallons of water at a time, it only flushed down half that much, & right away our water usage dropped!

60. NEXT, IN VIEW OF ALL THIS & WHAT'S APT TO COME & THE PROSPECTIVE WATER SHORTAGE, WE FINALLY FELT LIKE IT'S TIME TO GO TO THE NEXT EXTREME, not only make the tanks only half full, but why waste all the water from the wash bowl just going down the drain? So I said, from now on we do what we did when we were camping, disconnect the drain from the bottom of the washbowls, put a bucket under there instead to catch the sink water, & use that bucket to flush the toilets!—And you've been doing that now for a few weeks.

61. WELL, THROUGH USAGE & PRACTICE WE LEARNED A FEW OTHER GOOD ITEMS! An easy way to do it is don't just pour it into the toilet bowl‚ because sometimes you slosh it around & spill it out & spill out sewage with it, as you probably found out already.—Or you forget to empty the bucket & it runs out on the floor underneath the wash basin! You've learned a lot of lessons since that started‚ right? You learned how to camp out now!

62. BUT WE FOUND OUT THAT ONE BUCKETFUL WILL NOT ALWAYS FLUSH THE TOILET VERY WELL. We don't want to have stoppages in the sewage lines from accumulation of paper & doo–doo & whatnot, so we found to flush the toilet real good you just about have to have a full tank of water, that's why they make them that full. So in order to keep that tank full, we sent word to you to keep the tank lids off of your toilets permanently so that you can fill up that tank to the brim—well, don't fill it to the brim, it might slosh over—which will take two buckets–full. Then when you need to flush it, flush a full tank down so we'll be sure to keep our drains clean, because if we have drain trouble, then we're really in trouble!

63. OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM ON THE ROAD & CAMPING WASN'T GETTING WATER, we could always drive into any filling station & tank up, but our biggest problem was getting rid of the sewage. So when your toilet starts overflowing, then you are in real trouble! Have you ever had any clogged toilets? Sometimes you hold your breath as you see that water level rise if you've got a slow toilet. Well‚ yell for the engineer & a plunger & get that thing going quick before it does overflow‚ or you're going to have a real stinky place! Try to keep that drain open so it flows!

64. IF YOU'VE GOT A SLOW TOILET & IT'S NOT FLOWING FAST ENOUGH, THAT'S BAD NEWS, BECAUSE THE NEXT THING, IT'S CLOGGING, PLUGGING UP & OVERFLOWING. So notify the engineer right away! Do you know who our engineer is? We used to call him our maintenance man, but now he's graduated to a little higher title!—Engineer! That's what they call them in hotels & apartment houses, etc. New York calls them "sups" or "supers," only he's usually the manager, he's not actually the engineer, the guy who takes care of repairs & maintenance, etc.

65. IN THE CAMPER WE DIDN'T HAVE THAT KIND OF A TOILET WHERE IT HAD A TANK. It had a marine toilet, in fact we finally put in a chemical toilet which really saved the water, because a chemical toilet just circulates the same water with this blue stuff in it so that it doesn't smell too bad. But we used to have a marine toilet which worked on a pressure gauge—you threw a little switch & the water would just flow, usually very slowly into the bowl, to wash it down into the sewage tank directly below. They called it a nice name, holding tank‚ but I sure wouldn't have wanted to hold it myself!—Although I did once when it froze up & I got out there & worked on it to try to loosen the valve!

66. I WAS IN MY GOOD CLOTHES & AN OVERCOAT & A HAT, IT WAS COLD FREEZING WEATHER, & THE EXHAUST VALVE HAD FROZEN SOLID. I couldn't get that thing limbered up, I poured hot water on it & everything else‚ & finally I gave it a mighty yank & the whole thing opened up, it loosened & dropped down about a half-an-inch, & can you imagine which way the water went? It sprayed out like a sprayer & I was just doused with sewage, urine & doo-doo! Eve didn't even want me to come in the trailer! I shed my outer coat, etc., & I left them out there stinking & soaked with sewage to be washed later, & then I jumped into the trailer in my pants & took them off right away! So be careful! I don't want you to have any clogged sewers & overflowing toilets!

67. AND REMEMBER‚ YOU'RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO FLUSH YOUR TOILET AFTER A BM! Somebody asked me the other day, "How many BMs?" My Lord help us! I don't know whether they were waiting all day or week or what! Now don't go to the opposite extreme until we've got clogged sewer pipes, because then we'll really have trouble! Usually by the time somebody has a BM there's enough urine in there that needs a flushing anyhow, so by the time you have a BM, then it's time to flush.

68. YOU SAY, "BUT DAD‚ WHAT IF SOMEBODY JUST HAD ONE BEFORE I HAD MINE & they just got through flushing & we don't have enough drain water to flush it?" Well‚ we found that's happened several times now so I'm giving you a new regulation. We're easing up in a way, & here's the method. If you'll stick to it you'll still save water!

69. YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO SAY, "WELL, I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH DRAIN WATER SO I HAD TO FILL MY BUCKET FROM SOME OTHER TAP or from the shower or from the tub or from the drain of the washbowl‚ & by the time I got the bucket filled again, it still wouldn't all wash down." You see, it's that sudden rush & power & pressure of two good buckets full of water that really washes it down. So we've got a new method I've found that really works & saves water!

70. I NOW HAVE TURNED THE WATER BACK ON AGAIN IN MY TOILET, the floats are still at half-level, but so we'll always be sure & have a full tank of water to flush with, here's what I do: By the time you have to flush the toilet you've got at least some water in your bucket under your sink. If you haven't, then after your BM, before you flush the toilet, make sure that you wash your hands & your face & your ears & your neck in the wash bowl so you can have lots of dirty water to drain into the bucket!—You girls don't have to if you don't want to wash your makeup off.

71. SO AFTER GOING BM, EVEN IF IT STINKS, I GO TO THE WASHBOWL & USE AS MUCH WATER AS I CAN or need to first thing, so I can fill up the bucket. Are you getting that? After going BM, wash your hands & face—& every time I wash my hands, I wash my face & my ears & my neck! Wanna see how I do it?


72. I DON'T HAVE A BASIN HERE TO SHOW YOU, BUT FIRST I TAKE SOAP & WATER & WASH MY HANDS REAL GOOD! (Dad acts it out!) Then I slosh water three times on my face & rub my face real good. I never use soap on my face, though. Then, having washed my face, I take my two index fingers‚ like this. I had to teach the children this & I hope they're remembering it, because it's good for you too!

73. YOU STICK YOUR FINGERS IN THESE TWO HOLES IN YOUR EARS, & you will find that there is a God-built channel from these holes, & the only way you can get out of that hole is to follow this channel around like this! It goes down first, it goes around like this, & it goes up like this. Come on, try it! You're afraid you'll look as foolish as I do! And you come out here on top!




Round & around & around & around

Until it comes out here!"

Well, we can sing:

"Well, the fingers go round & round,

Around & around & around!

Around & around & around & around

Till the fingers come out here!"

—Up near the top of your ears!

75. AREN'T ALL YOUR EARS BUILT LIKE THAT?—Even though they may stick out like wing flaps or pulled back or pointed or whatever they are, that's the way God made them, so that anything that got in your ears would drain down out of your ear first! (Holds on to earflaps:) What are these things for‚ anyway? These aren't the things that hear, it's the eardrums way inside that hear! But these are just like your antennas to pick up the sound, & like a funnel, like a megaphone to concentrate it, magnify it & focus it on this hole where your eardrum is!

76. ALL RIGHT‚ ONCE AGAIN NOW: YOU WASH YOUR HANDS, WASH YOUR FACE! (Everyone does it along with Dad!) You don't have to have soap, all that TV business is baloney! I never use soap on my face ever—ever! Do I have a good complexion? (Fam: Yes!) Nary a pimple! Nary a blackhead! Well, Mama says that many of you sometimes need soap or at least cleansing cream for greasy skin and to wash off makeup. But anyway, I'm still not going to use soap! You save a lot of soap that way if you don't use it on your face!

77. I WASH MY HANDS WITH SOAP & WATER, RINSE MY HANDS OFF IN THE BOWL, then I splash the water in my face, slosh my face again‚ then slosh it in my face the third time & rub it real good all around! Come on, stick those two index fingers in your ears, in your holes: The channel goes down first‚ then around toward the back‚ then it crosses like a figure "S" up toward the top, & then out at the top rear! That washes the inside of your ears, but what about the outside?

78. THEN YOU TAKE YOUR TWO THUMBS‚ PUT'M BEHIND YOUR EARS, & YOU GO UP & DOWN LIKE THAT SEVERAL TIMES. Got it? I do that every single time I wash my hands all day long—& I must wash them at least a dozen times! I wash my face, my ears, behind my ears, & then guess where else I go? Then I take it around my neck here, & here, here, & wash my neck. So that's important: How to wash your hands & face & ears & neck! And you can do that as many times as you can with that water that's in the bowl.


79. SO AFTER YOUR BM YOU DO ALL THAT WASHING, & IF THE WATER ISN'T DIRTY ENOUGH BY THAT TIME, WASH YOUR SOCKS! Maybe you ought to wash your underwear before your socks! Keep washing stuff in that water till you think it's dirty enough to throw away, & then let it out into the bucket underneath.

80. HOWEVER, IF YOU GO THROUGH ALL THIS TOO LONG, THE TANK'S GOING TO ALREADY BE FILLED WITH CLEAN WATER. Now this is a very important new point: I let out what water is in the bowl, if it's dirty at all, & by that time the bucket's usually nearly full, & the minute I flush the toilet, I grab the bucket, & before the tank fills up with clean water, I throw in this bucket full of dirty water. Get it? It's that simple! Then the tank fills up quicker & uses only half dirty, half clean water.

81. I SUGGEST THAT YOU WHO DO DISHES HERE IN THE KITCHEN, TAKE YOUR DISH WATER & POUR THAT IN THE TANK IN THE LITTLE BATHROOM RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!—Don't pour too much garbage down it, please. If you have to strain it, okay, but you can certainly pour your rinse water in the open tank of the toilet here, and if it's already full, then find another toilet close-by to pour it in & fill up the tank with the dirty water. Then you'll have a full tank or at least half a tank of water to give it a good flush when you do have a BM. Got it? You'll need to leave the tank lid off all the time. Put it in a safe place where it's not going to get broken.

82. THIS IS IMPORTANT‚ BELOVED, IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE! We're practicing right now for what we're really expecting to happen, because it looks like it's inevitable! We need to learn to survive on less water in order to make it through whatever emergency comes! I'm sorry to keep you so long but it's important & I don't think there's anything that I've said that you didn't need, except I did wander around a little bit at first. But I had to tell you everything I've heard & learned since the last time I talked to you! Everything from Nostradamus to how to flush the toilet, that's what you learn in our Family! PTL! Let's pray!


83. AMEN! PTL! TYJ! THANK YOU FOR THIS TIME TOGETHER AGAIN, LORD, TO GO OVER THESE IMPORTANT THINGS WE NEED TO TEACH THEM & TELL THEM & WARN THEM OF!—And do help us, Lord‚ to save water! We believe You're preparing us now for when it will not be so easy to get water & we may only have the water that we already have, & we will really have to be careful with it & ration it. But we're learning already how to save water, Lord, & help us to be even more faithful now as we save it & try not to waste it.

84. BLESS & KEEP US ALL NOW SAFELY, LORD, AS WE GO ABOUT OUR DAY OF REST. Help them each to get a good rest, good lunch now, & lots of inspiration from studying & reading Thy Word. Keep us safely, Lord, & help us to save water as we prepare for this coming drought & famine, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! As we pray together the prayer You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer)

85. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE! I don't come very often so I have to catch up for lost time when I do come! But as I say‚ we haven't even got'm all published yet! I'm sure we'll still have a lot of unpublished Word even when the Lord comes! It may kind of taper off as things get tighter. We're publishing so much now that if we missed a week there would be a lot of pubs down the drain, but by the time the Lord comes‚ we may not be able to publish very much. We may be getting out little Letters in envelopes like we did before, so we might not lose quite so much in a week.

86. THE FAMINE MAY BRING ON THE CRASH, WHO KNOWS? And the Crash is here already, like I told you a long time ago, it's just going slower than I thought it would. But as that snowball goes down & down & down the mountain, it starts rolling faster & getting bigger all the time, until it finally hits bottom! Do you know how much the Dollar has lost just in the past year?—54% of its value! That's what I call crashing! I thought because of that dream where I just punched the balloon with that pin, that it was going to happen with a big bang suddenly (#243), but I think the Lord, as much for our sake as anything, has kind of let it go slowly down so we wouldn't be hit too suddenly & too hard!—Amen! GBAKY!

—And do learn to save water!—Have you?

—Dear Dad,

GBY! Thanks so much for your Letter on the great drought & water conservation! I was looking through the Encyclopedia Britannica Yearbook (1986) the other day to research something & decided to look up "weather‚" & found more confirmations that the drought's on the way! Here are a few excerpts:

"The effects of the African drought remained widespread in 1985 despite rains in some areas. The Niger River was reported to be at its lowest level in more than 60 years; the surface area of Lake Chad (located in Chad‚ Cameroon, Niger & Nigeria) diminished significantly, & Egyptian authorities were increasingly concerned with the low discharge of the Nile River from Lake Nasser.

"A five-year drought in nine states of Brazil's northeastern region was followed in April by devastating floods that left more than a million people homeless & caused widespread destruction of crops, highways & other structures.

"In the U.S., in April drought emergencies affecting about 21 million people were declared in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania & New York City. The Delaware River had record low flows in April & reservoir levels were also at record lows."

Just thought you might find this interesting! Thanks so much for your warnings to be prepared & counsel on how to be prepared! ILY!—Joseph

(—Amen!—Tx! GBY! Love, D.)