KEYWORDS: god, children, lord, heart, devil, people

Classtime with Dad

David Berg

DO 23224/85

—Lessons on Sex, Demon-possession & Obsession, Mothers & Babies, Sins of Africa, Starvation, Overeating & Heart Trouble!


1. He made you women so beautiful—& I presume we men look handsome to you & also attractive—& put that desire in our hearts to get you in our arms & squeeze you & love you & fuck you, to where it's virtually irresistible, to where men will be violent to get sex! Some men of the wicked World will even kill to get sex‚ think of it! I haven't heard of any women like that yet. It's not usually the women who are raping the men, it's the men who are raping the women.

2. I had a dream about Maria last night that reminded me of the good old days FFing. I couldn't find her & I figured this rascal carried her off somewhere. I was thinking, "Well, I hope she remembers what I told her, don't resist!" Surrender, yield, because if you resist they're apt to get violent. Men have been known to kill a woman that they were supposedly making love to. That's not love!—That they were trying to fuck or fucking & actually killed'm because the women fought & resisted & screamed. So the men tried to stop them from screaming & yelling & attracting attention, they didn't want help to come, so they choked'm to death, or stabbed'm.

3. Some men will kill for sex‚ it's such an insatiable desire, it's such a tremendous urge!—To the point where Freud & Nietzsche & some of them began blaming everything on sex. Psychiatrists either blame everything on sex or your parents. I think it was Nietzsche who said, "Resist everything but temptation." Now what kind of philosophy is that, anyhow? It sounds like resist everything but the Devil or resist everything but evil!—That's what he was saying. He was demon–possessed! He was absolutely crazy & died insane! Nietzsche, the father of psychiatry & psychology, died insane, demon-possessed!—And Freud was just about as bad.


4. Psychology is a study of your mind & your mental state, & although they don't talk about spirits—they just say it's your mind, not your spirit—it really has a lot to do with your spirit & spirits! They just call them mental "diseases" because they don't believe in spirits & they don't believe in the spiritual & they don't think you have a spirit, "It's just your mind, it's all in your mind!" So they have a name for the most common & most prevalent mental disease that has more people in mental hospitals than any other, they call it schizophrenia. Isn't that a nice big scientific word?—Schizophrenia, literally meaning split personality. The person has two different personalities. In other words‚ part of the time they're one person & part of the time they're another person.

5. Well, God's Word calls a spade a spade & just bluntly says they are demon-possessed! In other words, part of the time they're possessed by another spirit. If you ever saw that movie "The Three Faces of Eve"—& I understand she finally wound up with four faces—she had three different demons possessing her! Sometimes she was herself, a nice quiet sweet young woman‚ but then when she let the Devil in she'd be a totally different personality, like a different person, she even looked different‚ talked different, everything.—Demon-possessed! Thank God we can't get demon-possessed, because the Lord possesses us, amen? We are a possession of His Holy Spirit & the Devil couldn't possibly take us over, couldn't possibly possess us.

6. I was giving a little talk to Maria the other day that we're not possessed, but sometimes we're obsessed! (See "Spiritual Pests & Problems!", No.1924)—Just like the Devil's pests, mosquitoes & flies & bugs, etc., they can't take us over, can they?—But they sure annoy us! So some people have annoying spirits. Even Christians who love the Lord & are born–again are sometimes subject to evil spirits who are annoying them, pestering them, bothering them or lying to them. We've all had that experience at some time or other. Doesn't the Devil ever talk to you?—Of course he does! He lies to you, tries to get you discouraged, tries to get you down, tries to deceive you.—Right? I mean, we've all had it! Even Jesus had it! Have you forgotten? The Devil took Him out into the desert & tempted Him with three great temptations. (See Mat.4:1-11.)


7. So don't feel bad if the Devil attacks you & bothers you & annoys you & pesters you & hinders you, that's his job, & the Lord allows it as your test. What was Jesus' temptation for? It was the final test before He began His public ministry! The Devil was testing Him to see if he could make Him fall & gave Him three different types of temptation. He'd been 40 days & 40 nights out in the wilderness, imagine how hungry He was, so the Devil tempted him & said, "Turn these stones into bread so You can have something to eat." Then he took Him way up on a pinnacle of the Temple & said, "Cast Yourself down! Doesn't the Bible say that He'll not let you fall?—That Angels will not let You dash Your foot against a stone?" The Devil even quotes Scripture! And the Lord answered him with Scripture each time, remember?

8. Finally he took Him up to some high place where He could see all the kingdoms of the whole World‚ see around the World, maybe they flew around the World! The Devil has amazing power. He said, "I'll give You the whole World, I'll give You all these kingdoms if You'll just fall down & worship me!" Remember, Jesus was in a human body then & He had all the weaknesses & frailties & temptations of the human flesh‚ & here the Devil offers Him the whole World. He could have said, "Well, it's My World anyhow & I'm going to take it over one of these days soon, so nuts to you!" But He didn't, He just quoted Scripture. What did He say? (Fam: "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, & Him only shalt thou serve!"—Mat.4:10) And in another place He said, "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God."—Mat.4:7. And what was the answer to the other temptation? (Fam: "Man shall not live by bread alone."—Mat.4:4) The first temptation was food, & Jesus answered, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

9. So if the Devil can even pester Jesus‚ certainly he or some of his little demons must work hard on you to pester you! So what is the best way to resist the Devil when he comes along with his lies & temptations & deceits & all kinds of things that he's pestering you with?—Especially you people who are working so hard for the Lord & doing such a big job, the biggest job of anybody in the whole World that I know of, don't you think the Devil's going to try to get you to stumble & fall & make mistakes‚ even physically, especially spiritually? What's the best thing to do?—Pick up the Sword of the Spirit & whack away! He'll run every time if you'll really use the Word!

10. Fill your mind with the Word of God & you won't have room for that darkness! Fill your mind with the Light of God's Word & the darkness will flee! Quote Scripture! Don't listen to the Devil's lies! Fill your mind with the Light & the darkness will flee! "Give no place to the Evil One," God's Word says.—Eph.4:27. Don't give him any room to get in, don't give him any room to talk to you! As someone has said of some people, the Devil comes knocking at their heart's door & they open the door & they're very hospitable! They say‚ "Come right on in, Mr. Devil & Mrs. Devil & all your little devilets! Come on in, pull up a chair! Here, sit down & let's talk things over!" Is that what you do? (Fam: No!) You'd better not‚ because if you listen to him‚ the same thing that happened to Eve, will happen to you. Don't even listen to him! Don't listen to his doubts & his fears & his discouragement & his temptations & all the rest, sock him with the Word of God! Praise God?


11. Well, I hope you learned something about sex, anyhow, & before we leave the subject, God made sex irresistible & the women irresistible, & I guess to the women, the men irresistible, so whether you wanted to or not, you are going to have fellowship & an exchange of emotion & get it together, & as the World says today, get it on‚ no matter what. And you are going to have children whether you like it or not & whether you want to or not!

12. Look, there's another thing the Devil has done now in these Last Days, he's finally figured out ways to prevent conception, prevent having children. They've devised all these gadgets & whatnot & finally the pill. That was the Devil's own concoction if ever there was one to try to defeat conception & the creation of children, which seems to be one of God's greatest pleasures, creating more souls for His Kingdom! Now the fact that some of them don't make it is not His fault, right? But at least He's giving them a chance, He's creating them. But they finally figured out a way to interfere with His creation. First of all they denied His creation‚ & now they've figured out a way to stop His creation of children. Isn't that terrible? Women take pills to keep from having babies. Isn't that awful? I mean, this little one here can't wait till she can have some babies! She wants to have some babies as soon as possible. She can't think of anything more wonderful than having babies, I can't either, except having spiritual babies, souls won for the Kingdom of God, amen?

13. The most wonderful thing a woman ever does physically is have a baby, create a new person, a new creature for the Kingdom of God!—The most marvellous thing, the most marvellous ministry that women can have, unless it's taking care of somebody else's babies. PTL! GBY! Thank God for the women who don't have children. What in the World would we people do that are so busy we can't take care of our own babies, we need somebody to take care of them. So God bless you dear women who don't have any kids.—Or at least not any here with you. That's why you're here, because you were willing to put your all into the special work here, seeking first God's Kingdom & His Work & even His children, our children; that's your task. So He didn't give you any children.

14. Look at Faithy! My goodness, I don't know how many times she's made love‚ but still she has no children! Why? What in the World would she have done with children? My goodness, in those early years of pioneering Europe, what if she'd had several children already by that time, she'd have never done it! Right? God gives you what you need & He withholds from you what you don't need!—And certainly what you don't need for His Kingdom right now. So if He wants you to have children, you'll have'm!

15. Look at Sara! How many years did you go without any children from the first time you fucked? (Sara: Eight.)—Eight years fucking away & no children! How about that? Don't tell me God hasn't got something to do with it! And do you know when God finally gave her a child? When was it, Sara? (Sara: After I came to be with you.) And why did you come? (Sara: To take care of David.)—To take care of our child. When God saw that she was worthy‚ because she so loved us & so loved Him & so loved that child that she was willing to take care of somebody else's child, then He gave her two of her own now! (1990: —And 5 now!)

16. How many times have you heard about childless couples who have gone for years & years without children & finally decided to adopt a child, & what happened? They immediately got pregnant & had their own child as well! The Lord waited to see if they would really appreciate a child & be willing to take care of a child‚ even someone else's child, & then gave them one of their own. This has happened in so many cases. Well, I hope it doesn't happen too soon, Dora! Maybe when Mary Dear gets a little older & Sara stops having children & there aren't any more children of other people to take care of, then maybe you'll have one of your own. If it's God's Will, it'll happen. Praise God? Just trust the Lord. Right now you've got about all you can handle already, haven't you? (Dora: That's right!) And the same goes for some of the rest of you girls in the Family who haven't had any children, or don't have any right now. Some have had children in the past, but they're not here now. Well‚ the Lord knows best, doesn't He? He knows whether you need children or not‚ whether you're ready for a child or not.

17. But to me, the most wonderful physical thing a woman can do is to bear one of God's children, one of His creations! PTL? I'm not including spiritual, because of course the spiritual comes first & if you have a spiritual job for the Lord, if you're a typist or secretary working on the Words‚ that comes first. Look at how many childless secretaries we have in the Family, isn't that amazing? How could they sit 8 hours a day typing away with so many children around?—Except Sally maybe. Well, one thing that Sally did, she stuck to her typewriter & she stuck to the Word, so the Lord not only gave her children, but because of her important job for the Lord that helped everyone in the Family, He sent people along to take care of them so she could keep taking care of the Lord's babies‚ His Letter babies, His MO babies, His spiritual babies. PTL? And as a result, she is going to be amazed when she sees her harvest & her crown & her reward in Heaven, because she put God & His Word first! Praise God?

18. So for some people in some situations, there are some things more important than having physical babies, & that's doing the Lord's Work & having spiritual babies, or being instrumental in having them. Right? Well, I hope you got the point! Anyhow, back to the Word. Well, that was the Word!

19. How many people would even have children? Today especially when the World is so selfish, self-indulgent, they want sex‚ they want the fun without the work, they want sex without children, so they finally figured out a way to do it, by taking the pills. Of course the pills can have all kinds of side effects & God knows what, & have had, but they're willing to risk their own lives to keep from having children, to keep from having the burden of bearing children, the pain of bearing children, the hard work of taking care of children.

20. I've heard several women say‚ especially after they had the first one and then they began to come so easy, "If all my children came that easy, I wouldn't care if I had dozens! It wasn't having them that hurt if I didn't have to take care of them." For some women it gets so easy to have babies, it's just as easy as can be, just an hour or so & that's it. But then you've got a lifetime to take care of them, & that's when the job begins, not just when you're delivered of the child. You're never delivered if you're a good mother, unless the Lord delivers you for some special reason. You've got that job to do from then on until they're grown & maybe till you're dead!—Constantly thinking about that child. You're caring for it physically at first & spiritually & even after the child is departed & married & gone somewhere else you never get over thinking about it & praying for it & loving'm, etc.

21. I could paraphrase Edgar Guest when he said what he said about building a home. He said,

"Building a home, well I reckon that's fun,

Because it's a job you never get done!"

He wasn't just talking about the house.

"Building a child, I reckon that's fun,

Because it's a job you never get done!"

Grandpa's always going to be concerned about you & praying for you & trying to help you & teach you as long as I live, & even after I'm gone to be with the Lord I'll be thinking of you & praying for you & doing my best to get back here to help you! So I'll never get over loving you, never get over trying to teach you & train you, never! I'm going to love you forever! Isn't that wonderful?—Forever & ever & ever! Isn't that terrible? You're never going to be able to get rid of me! (Maria: Thank the Lord!)

22. So having children is a marvellous ministry! Whether they're yours or somebody else's‚ they're yours. If they're God's & you're the Lord's, they're your children. Look at the marvellous job that Dora has done with two of our children, & now a third one. Isn't that amazing? Terrific! First it was Sara who took complete care of David here for years & still does. Of course, he's getting big enough to where he can take care of himself now, he's a smart boy. That's because Sara taught [him] how to take care of [himself]. Because this Mama was so busy doing the Lord's Work & bearing MO babies & spiritual babies, [he] had to have a proxy Mama, a spare Mama to take care of [him]. And she did a good job of it. Look at him today, praise God! What a wonderful boy! There's a proof of the pudding, there's a sample that it works! That's another good proof of the existence of God & the Truth of His Word. David is the proof, the sample. Praise God?

23. So thank God for sex! Without sex there would never have been any children & the human race would have died off in a hurry. And that has been the Devil's job ever since Adam & Eve were in the Garden‚ he has been trying to kill them or their children. That's why he creates wars, to slaughter the people & their sons & even their daughters nowadays, to try to wipe Mankind out. That's why the Lord had to greatly multiply conception after sin came in so there'd be so many babies, so many children, the Devil could never wipe'm all out. Just think, it only started with two, & now there are billions & there have been billions gone before. The more children the Devil wiped out & the more people the Devil killed & had killing each other, the more children God created! Until now, the so-called population explosion is supposed to be a big problem. That's another one of the Devil's lies. As dear Martin Luther said, "For every additional mouth, God will provide!" Don't you think God's going to feed His children?


24. You say, "Well, how come all those people are starving over there in Africa right now?" Why do you think they're starving? Why do you think they & even their children are starving? (Fam: Because of their sins.) Yes, most of all because of their own sins & their own wickedness, some of the vilest sins of all of which those people are guilty. Do you know what a common practice of the Africans is? They not only circumcise the boys‚ they circumcise the girls! They take a sharp knife & cut off their clitoris‚ that little bump. They cut it out, where all the feeling is. You know your little button, that little bump from which you get all that wonderful feeling & pleasure?—That little bump that when somebody presses it you go? That's your clitoris, girls. It's a very common African practice to cut it off! Cut it out! What a horrible thing!

25. And actually millions of African girls have died as a result of an infection because of the dirty‚ insanitary operation of cutting off the clitoris with a dirty knife. They don't know anything about sanitation, germs or anything, they just take some dirty old knife & cut it off! Think of it!—To prevent the girls from having any pleasure. One of their main motives is to prevent the girls from desiring sex or enjoying sex so they won't go running off with some other man. In other words, to make them unsexy so the husband can have all the fun & the woman won't go off having sex with somebody else. Isn't that horrible?

26. And Sodomy is one of the most prevalent sins amongst the Africans‚ men fucking men! Isn't that horrible? Sickening?—In the man's rear hole instead of the woman's front one. Isn't that awful? It's such an awful sin, it's so abominable to God that He has wiped out whole cities, whole nations, whole civilisations as a result! And He's about to wipe out this modern civilisation as well for the same reason‚ because it's becoming so prevalent. They're promoting it all the time, promoting it in the newspapers, making it acceptable, making laws, imagine, the lawmakers making laws to prevent discrimination against so-called homos. I like to call them Sodomites! Let's call them the dirty word that they are! They're even making laws to protect them! In the Old Testament days under the Mosaic Law it was a sin to let them live! You were supposed to kill'm all‚ slaughter'm, & it was held against some of the kings of Israel that there were still Sodomites in the land, they hadn't gotten rid of them all. You know why? They didn't get rid of those Canaanites. …

27. It is the most prevalent sin amongst the Blacks, & now the Whites have caught it. And now they're catching something else too—AIDS! Isn't that a smart trick of the Devil to call it AIDS when it does anything but aid you? It disables you to where your body can't even fight any kind of disease any more. These Sodomites‚ these damn wicked filthy men who play around with men instead of women, defeating God's purpose for sex—having children—they now catch a disease. God is spreading it rampant, it's becoming epidemic in the U.S. & Europe. Rampant, that means rambling all over everywhere. The Sodomites‚ those wicked men, catch a disease that disables their bodies so their bodies cannot resist any disease, even the most common diseases, common colds or anything, & they soon die. It's the curse of God upon those God-damned cursed Sodomites!

28. There's another disease of the Africans! Why are they having famine, why are they starving to death? They have violated the laws of God from start to finish in every way—physically, cruelly, by cruelty to their children & cruelty to the land, that's why it's turning into a desert.

29. They haven't obeyed God's laws about rotating crops & giving the land a rest every 7 years. Do you know God's Word deals with all that‚ how to take care of your property, how to take care of your farm, everything? The land has to have a rest every seven years‚ so every seventh year the Mosaic Law decreed that you had to let that particular field lie idle & fallow for a whole year. Well, naturally this hurt the greedy heart of [some people] who didn't want to lose all that money having a field lie idle for a whole year & no crop, so they went ahead & wore it out anyhow & pretty soon it wouldn't produce anything! That's what's happened to a lot of North Africa. They've gone ahead & worn out the land, disobeyed God‚ worn it out!—Till God gives them what they deserve.

30. They've starved God's land, He starves them! They've starved God's children, He starves theirs! It's the judgements of God! And yes, the rich have had their share of guilt in it too by their unfairness, the greed of some of those people. But don't just blame it on somebody else like Nietzsche & Freud blame it on everything else, on sex & parents & everything else instead of you! You're to blame for your sins! Nobody else is to blame for your sins‚ you're guilty! And until you confess that & get right with God & confess you're a sinner & the only salvation is Jesus, you'll never get saved!

31. Let's not forget to emphasise that point! Nobody's ever going to get saved until they wake up to the fact that they're a God-damned lost sinner & can never save themselves & can never stop sinning without the help of God. And that's what's happened to those Africans & why they're starving & their children are starving too, having to watch their children waste down to nothing but skeletons with skin stretched over the bones. Well‚ as far as I'm concerned, the quicker those poor little kids die, the better off they'll be to go straight to be with the Lord, because they're not to blame, it's not their fault!


32. In fact, as I've often told you, starvation is the easiest way in the world to die, believe it or not! You say‚ "Oh my God, I get so hungry, it must be torment, it must be horrible!" Ask anybody who has been on a fast, after about the third day you begin to lose those hunger pains‚ that growling & griping. You know, you hear some people say‚ "I'm so hungry my big ones are eating up my little ones! I'm so hungry my stomach is chewing on itself." Well, that can be true in some cases of stomach ulcers, etc., usually because you've been used to eating too much & your stomach is just accustomed to having that big glob of food come down all the time and having to work hard to chew on it and it gets in the habit, and pretty soon if you don't have something to eat, it chews on itself! Believe it or not!

33. But after about the third day, & definitely after about one week, you even lose your hunger & you actually begin to feel light, sort of like you could almost float away. In other words, you begin to be more spiritual. They used to have fast days at the Soul Clinic for something special, some need or something—Fred was usually having fasts for money—& the point was, we didn't get fed. So I said to my wife one day‚ "I understand this fasting is supposed to make you spiritual‚ it's certainly going to make me spiritual, I'm going to be all spirit & no body!" But actually it's only the first few days that you feel those hunger pangs & pains & griping, etc., then it begins to fade.

34. Don't feel too sorry for those pitiful starving people you see in the pictures, they have lost nearly all desire—desire for food, desire for anything, even the desire to live, & they don't even mind dying. Why do they lie there so helpless just staring off with glazed eyes into space? They're getting ready to go‚ they're getting more spiritual than physical. They say it's the easiest way in the world to die. You just gradually fade away. You lose all desire for anything. The Lord has made it that way so if you should have to starve to death, don't worry about it, don't fear it. Don't worry about sometime in the Tribulation you may not have anything to eat.

35. The average person can go about 30 or 40 days without any food! You usually have to have some liquid, but you can even live on water if you're in fairly good health, & you can last 30 or 40 days without food. So don't worry about it. Some of you guys think you can't last till lunchtime! Maybe you're thinking about that right now. You can go 30 or 40 days without anything to eat without dying. So if you have to go a few days without anything to eat, don't worry about it! You're not going to die. You may think you're going to die, you may feel like you're dying. My goodness, those big fat Americans think they're going to die if they don't have 2 or 3 quarter–pound hamburgers at one meal! They stuff themselves to death!

36. You talk about dying, you can die quicker from overeating than from not eating! As doctors have said, most Americans are digging their graves with their teeth! How do you suppose you can dig a grave with your teeth? [A child would be] wondering, "What in the World are you talking about, Grandpa!" You know what a grave is, don't you? You buried your little birdie & kitties & things. The Lord has to teach children about death & those things by having their pets die. It's a lesson to learn, that it does come to an end & things do have to die. And what do you do with them when they die, just throw them out in the garbage can? No, if it's a pet you love‚ what do you do? ([Fam:] You bury them.)—Bury'm! And how do you bury them? ([Fam:] Digging.)—Digging a hole in the ground. What is a grave? ([Fam:] A hole in the ground.) So you dig a hole in the ground & put the dead body in it that's now lost its spirit & it's nothing but garbage. So you bury it. Then after you've dug the hole & put the body in, what do you do? ([Fam:] Cover it up.) Then how in the World could you dig your grave with your teeth? It means Americans are eating too much. So the doctors have said they're digging their graves with their teeth, in other words, killing themselves by eating too much.


37. Most of the sicknesses & illnesses of the so-called civilised Western developed World are a result of their overindulgences. As the Lord calls it, surfeiting. "Let not your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting."—Luk.21:34. And do you know what is the greatest cause of death in the World today in the civilised countries?—Heart failure!—For two reasons‚ & the Bible tells both reasons why hearts fail before their time. I mean, in this wicked evil World full of sin your heart finally just gets tired & quits at about 60 or 70 years. Thank God I've lived this long. Thank the Lord He gave me a strong heart. The doctor in the army said it was twice normal size, so I really am big-hearted! But he didn't think that was an asset, he thought that was a liability. He said, "He's got an athlete's heart‚ twice normal size, & it leaks like a sieve!" Well, I think that's when I was about 23.

38. The Bible gives two reasons why people's hearts wear out or decay out or rot out. There are two Scriptures on it. We've got two volunteers here, you give one & then you can give the other one. (Fam: "Men's hearts failing them for fear."—Luk.21:26.)—Exactly! They've got all kinds of nice words to call it nowadays—stress‚ tension, apprehension—all kinds of beautiful cover-up words of psychology & medicine, whereas it all sums up to exactly one & the same thing, & that's fear.—In the Last Days, men's hearts failing them for fear!

39. People today are literally scared to death, worrying themselves to death! Haven't you heard of worrying yourself to death? You can worry yourself to death! Some of you worrywarts had better watch out about that. Pisces are especially subject to worry. That's just a nice word for fear, & fear is not of God, that kind of fear. "Perfect love casts out all fear."—1Jn.4:18. So don't be afraid! You've got Jesus, amen? You don't have to worry, you don't have to fear! That's one nice thing about having the Lord, you can get rid of that worry, stress, apprehension‚ tension‚ anxiety & nervousness!

40. I'm telling you, we've had some people come here for the first time & the first few days they were literally shaking—we call it nervous—but they were literally shaking with fear! Now, thank God‚ after they've been with us a few months & found out that we're not going to eat'm up or kill'm or slice'm up & serve'm for dinner, they've quit being afraid! Now they're relaxed & feeling great & doing great! I guess they thought we were like those Chain monsters. Some of them had a hard time getting over that influence of the Chain.

41. But praise the Lord, if you get rid of fear, you get rid of half of Man's diseases! And I just gave you the other verse, "Let not your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting."—Luk.21:34. Those are a lot of big words that are hard for little kids to understand‚ but it literally means don't make your heart overdo & work too hard by overcharging it. Now that doesn't mean like charging up a battery—if you charge up a battery it becomes more alive—but it means by overworking it, making it overdo‚ eating too much, not getting enough sleep, overworking, over-exercising. You can even get too much sex, believe it or not! I know our Family here doesn't seem to think so, but you can even get too much sex.

42. Forgive me if I've given you too much sex sometimes. (Sara: We can take a lot!) Ha! Sara's protesting right away that she can take a lot, don't cut down. Ahem! Anybody who can go 10 times in a row really can take it! And she doesn't look any worse for wear, does she? We've got another one here that's been 17 times in a row. I'm telling you! Some of you girls are phenomenal!

43. I've got to caution the whole Family now because I don't want all the Family all over the World trying to make records! You girls out there, don't start trying to see how many times you can go & kill yourself in the process!—Or having the man kill himself trying to make you go! I worked one girl over for two hours once before she went! Whew! Boy oh boy‚ that was a job! Thank God for a good strong right hand. I was glad for the Scripture then that "At the King's right hand there are pleasures for evermore!"—Psa.16:11. I've never known it to get too tired to keep going. Two hours, that's quite a record! Some girls are famous for their record of not going, how long it takes them to go. Well, which story didn't I finish?

44. Nearly the major cause of death, in fact this is always the cause of death‚ really, is heart failure. When your heart stops working‚ that's how they know you're dead. Right? Because then you stop breathing, stop moving, stop everything! Isn't that the way they usually test to find out if you're dead or not?—Whether your heart has stopped. No matter what made it stop, that's what killed you, when your heart stopped. And no matter what made your heart stop, you die of heart failure.

45. When the doctor came in the middle of the night when my Mother passed away, he came with a policeman, no less‚ who stood at the door to guard the door & make sure nobody got out of the house! They've got so many murders & killings & poisonings in places like the United States, they have to send a policeman along with the doctor to make sure you didn't kill her! My goodness, she was an old lady‚ 86 years of age, why would I want to kill her? I suppose some children are that cruel‚ their parents are rich & they want to get rid of them so they can get the money. Isn't that horrible? Those people are monsters there!

46. The doctor sat down with me in the living room, making out the death reports, you know, they've got to write out a certificate to certify that the person is really dead! Well, there she was, that old body dead as a doornail, dead as could be‚ why do they have to swear that they're dead? You've got to get a doctor to prove that they're dead or they won't believe it! If you don't have a death certificate, you've got no death! And he said, "What do you think I should say? What do you think was the cause of death?" I said, "What do you mean the cause of death? She was 86 years old! What do you expect? She died of old age!"

47. "Oh no, they don't allow us to put that on the death certificate, we're not allowed to put old age. We've got to give some cause. I guess we could just say heart failure."—Only he had to put it in big words‚ "Cardiac arrest." You'd think the heart came along & arrested my Mother! Cardiac means a heart. I said, "Well, okay, I guess you can put it that way if you want to, her heart did stop. I would have said give her credit for living so long, she died of old age." But no no, you can't put that on the death certificate.

48. They don't want to confess that Man is mortal & is bound to die sooner or later of old age, it's got to be caused by something, somebody. They've got to have the exact cause of death. Isn't that ridiculous? And they wouldn't let us out of that house‚ that policeman wouldn't leave until the doctor certified that she died of a natural cause, cardiac arrest. She wasn't murdered, she wasn't poisoned, she wasn't something else, we hadn't done it. I even offered the policeman coffee & he said, "Nope, sorry, not allowed to drink on duty!" He was kind of joking, of course. They're not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on duty, but I presume he could have had a cup of coffee. I guess they got him out of bed, poor guy, or whatever, & he didn't want to drink coffee so he could go back home & go back to sleep. But most of the time he stood out on our porch right in front of our door to make sure we didn't leave the house before they found out my Mother wasn't murdered.

49. Talk about a crazy system! It's because so many people are so wicked that they have to do that! But no matter what you die of, you die of heart failure eventually. When that heart stops beating‚ that's it! They're trying to implant other hearts, everything from baboon hearts, pig hearts, other human hearts, all kinds of things now once your heart wears out & stops. Man wants to live forever! So they're trying to put other hearts in & now they've even got mechanical hearts, metal hearts, plastic hearts! They've got to cut a great big hole in'm & tear out their old‚ diseased, worn-out heart & then stick in a mechanical heart. They don't just tear it out, they cut it out! Isn't that horrible? Well, they haven't lasted long with mechanical hearts yet at all. A few of them have lasted a few years with somebody else's heart.

50. But I wonder what God thinks about all that, Man trying to prolong his life when he should have died. Believe you me, I'll tell you, I know I'd rather die than go through that kind of a horror of having myself cut open & cut out my heart & stick another heart in & sew it up & glue it & tape it & everything else that they do now, clamps & all kinds of stuff, & a lot of times it doesn't even work! Just think what Man will do to try to live! What does it say in Job about death? "Skin for skin‚ all that a man hath will he give for his life!"—Job 2:4. Wicked Man‚ because he knows he's going to Hell, will do everything to try to prolong his life even a few more days! "Ah, that's a few more days out of Hell!" That's what they're really thinking, you know, these guys that had these mechanical hearts. "I've prolonged my life 120 more days, 140 more days‚ that's 120 or 140 fewer days in Hell!" That's what they're thinking about. They'll do anything to live a little longer so they won't have to go to Hell quite so soon!

51. But for us Christians, as far as we're concerned, except for the Lord's Work‚ the quicker we die the better, the sooner we go to Heaven & get rid of this old hunk of garbage & live forever in eternal bliss & peace & beauty & wonderful happiness! If you think this life is wonderful, wait'll you get to Heaven! Heaven is just an extension of this same kind of life only it's kind of amplified, it's multiplied‚ it's all this & Heaven too! Praise God? So that to us, death is sweet! Praise God? To us, death is graduation, relief, release from all this World & all our hard work. Now don't take off too soon, we've got a lot left to do! We need to do a lot of things that we haven't done yet.

52. If you think you're hungry, pity me! I didn't have any breakfast! But you see, I've learned to go a lot longer without eating than you have. If it ever comes to starving, I don't think I'll have as big a problem as some of you would have. Some of you guys shovel it in by the bucketful every meal. I never saw the likes of the way some of these great big monsters can eat! I don't know how you girls do it! I'm not talking about you girls eating‚ but how you cook so much to feed these guys! Most of you actually eat more than you need.

53. I've gotten to where I don't need to eat so much. As John knows, I often get along for 8 or 9 hours without eating & don't even notice it, don't even feel it. Of course, I don't work as hard physically or at manual labour like some of you do, that's true. But it's just a habit. Some people who eat promptly at 12 o'clock every day like most Americans, their stomach tells them it's time to eat & they start getting hungry whether they really need it or not. The stomach is used to getting that special delivery of a whole huge bucketful of food, & when it doesn't get it, then it's in the habit‚ it's got the habit, a bad habit! It's hooked on food! Some people are literally hooked on food as bad as some people are hooked on drugs! Some people, like me, are hooked on sex! But you can eat too much.

54. So don't worry about fasting, don't worry about starving‚ & thank God we as Christians don't have to worry too much about heart trouble either if you take good care of your heart. The heart trouble I've had is usually through abuse, overdoing, overworking, overplaying, over-this, over-that. But thank the Lord, He's trying to teach me how to take better care of it so it will last a little longer. I want it to last at least as long as possible to get my work done & get you going so that you can keep on going without me. PTL?

55. Why do I get on all these other lessons when you're expecting something on Bible prophecy? Well, maybe you needed some of these lessons more than you need to know the details of the Antichrist! You already know really just about all you need to know about that, now you're just learning a few more little details which the Lord in His mercy is giving you so you'll be sure & understand it exactly as much as possible. So here we've had lessons on sex & lessons on overeating & lessons on heart trouble & lessons on all kinds of things that you probably really need.—Lessons on fasting, lessons on starving, lessons on babies & lessons on mothers. My goodness! You get more than your money's worth every Class morning! You don't get one lesson, you get a whole lot of lessons, & a lot of things which maybe you needed more than you needed Bible Prophecy!