KEYWORDS: arms, iran, usa, israel, reagan

World Currents--No.34

David Berg

Compiled 5/87DO 2316


1. YOU JUST CAN'T GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING IN THE U.S.A.! You always get caught! Even the big shots now are getting caught! Now even the President has finally gotten caught red-handed doing what he told the rest of the country not to do & what he had the Congress pass laws not to do, that they could not trade with Iran & they could not sell them any kind of arms. Here he was dealing arms under the table all the time & giving the money to the Contras, which was also against the law!

2. HERE'S ONE OF THE BEST MEN IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, supposedly for all the right things, supposed to be a Christian‚ against abortion & for prayer in the school & all this sort of thing, & now he's caught red-handed in dirty work like that, things against the law! What kind of an example do you think that is? How much are the unsaved going to look at his example & say, "Now there's a righteous man, there's a good man! Look at what born-again Christians are like, aren't they wonderful!" Well, his first term they were saying that about him, but he's kind of lost his glory & lost his crown now, because he lost his head! He wanted so much to try to make friends with Iran & support the Contras that he resorted to breaking the law!

3. FRANKLY, I THINK WHAT HE HAS DONE HAS HELPED IRAN STEP UP THE WAR & FIRE THOSE MISSILES INTO BAGHDAD & ALL THE REST‚ & helped them with more bullets & more machine guns & more planes & more everything to fight this war, just when it was about to peter out. It gave new encouragement & new strength & new armaments, arms & bullets to Iran to keep on with the war, which is resulting in the deaths of thousands upon thousands of people!

4. HOW CAN HE SALVE HIS CONSCIENCE FOR A THING LIKE THAT!—Selling arms to that horrible country, that is slaughtering tens of thousands of people‚ of their own people! (Dad is shouting angrily!) Sending little children up to the front to run through the mine fields to explode the mines so their soldiers can march through! Can you imagine? What kind of people can massacre their children to try to fight their enemies?—And what kind of a man can deliberately break the law & make sure his underlings sell arms to that kind of people so they can carry on that war, & maybe even win it now!

5. THAT MAY HAVE BEEN THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL'S BACK! The amount of arms the U.S.A. gave to Iran may be what is going to help them win the war, because it looks like they might be winning it now. If you've read the Prophecies of Nostradamus, the "man in the blue turban" is supposed to come from Iran or from that direction, & it could be really serious. It could have been one of the things that helped them lose the World! And then so he could send more arms to these people down in Central America to kill more people! What kind of a Christian is that?

6. SEE, I'M CRITICAL OF ALL GOVERNMENTS! The first government I ever learned to hate was my own government, the U.S.A., & I'm still anti-American! I don't think you could hardly find anybody more anti-American than I am! That's one thing I & Ayatollah Khomeini agree on‚ that the U.S.A. is the "Great Satan," just about the greatest Satan on Earth! You say, "But Dad, isn't Russia much worse? You've written against Communism & now you're giving Russia credit for not even being as bad as the U.S.A.!" Now I'm getting on delicate territory!

7. BUT IT'S BECAUSE THE RUSSIANS NEVER HAD AS MUCH LIGHT, NEVER HAD AS MUCH GOSPEL, NEVER HAD AS MUCH KNOWLEDGE OF THE LORD. They have almost always had evil governments since the very beginning, from the days of those big invaders like Attila the Hun & some of those guys‚ the ones that worshipped the sword, etc. They've seemed to have always had bad governments, the Czars & all the rest. They never really had a chance. Well, they did have a chance a long time ago when that one Czar got saved by that Bulgarian. But they never had as much Bible or as much Gospel or as much freedom of religion & preaching of it as the U.S.A. has had.

8. JUST LIKE WITH THE JEWS: Why did God punish the Jews so severely?—Because they knew better! They had more light than anybody else on Earth! They had more knowledge of God than anybody else on Earth! So God socked it to them the worst of all, even worse than some of their enemies, because they knew better!

9. THE U.S.A. KNEW BETTER!—And yet it has let the Devil in & the Satans in & the antichrists in & has let them take over the government & take out the Bible & take out prayer & take out God!—Not only out of the government, but out of the public schools, & now out of almost everything! They can't even celebrate Christmas any more!—Only privately. Some towns have laws that say they can have Christmas trees & decorations, but nothing that smacks of religion at all—no manger scenes, no pictures of Mother Mary & the Child & Joseph & the cattle, nothing like that. They used to have them in their parks & everywhere, now they're not allowed, it's against the law, it's not separation of church & state. The government, even down to the lowliest little village, is not allowed to spend any public money for anything like that‚ because it's religious!

10. SO THAT AMERICA‚ IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING THAT IT HAS KNOWN & HAD, & THE LIGHT IT'S HAD, HAS TURNED AGAINST THE LIGHT, & that's worse than a country that has had almost no Light! How can you blame Russia for being as bad as it is? They never had the good, they never had the Light like the U.S.A. has had! But the U.S.A. has had it, & has turned against it!


11. I THINK THE THING REAGAN DID IS FAR WORSE THAN THE THING THAT NIXON DID!—Selling millions of Dollars' worth of arms to Iran, of all people, a horrible country that is very anti-American, to supposedly ransom some of those hostages, & finally finding out that the U.S. was actually using the money to help the Contras in Nicaragua!—Arms which have helped Iran to beef up the war again against Iraq when she was just about to lose, saved Iran's skin & made it possible for them to attack again & kill tens of thousands of more people!

12. I THINK WHAT REAGAN DID IS JUST ABSOLUTELY INEXCUSABLE! I think it's far worse than what Nixon did. I mean Nixon was a liar & a crook & everything else, but all he did was send a little team of burglars over to the Democratic Headquarters to try to steal a few political secrets about their campaign & they got caught! So what's a few burglars that weren't even stealing anything but a little data on their campaign compared to sending shipment after shipment after shipment of arms to Iran so that she could beef up her war against Iraq & kill tens of thousands more people! That Danish sailor on the Danish ships that sailed there said there were at least 60 shiploads of arms, not counting the ones they sent by plane!

13. ALL THE U.S. FRIENDS IN THE MIDEAST ARE SCARED TO DEATH OF IRAN & THEY'RE BITTER ENEMIES! Iran is a bitter enemy of the U.S. & all the U.S. friends in the Middle East‚ all those Gulf States, Saudi Arabia & everyone, & yet the U.S. sends millions of Dollars' worth of arms to Iran!—And then taking the profits from it & helping the Contras!

14. YOU'LL READ IN THE NEXT WND (SEE WND 166, PG. 7) ABOUT GOD'S JUDGEMENTS—HIS WHEELS OF JUSTICE GRIND EXCEEDING SLOW BUT EXCEEDING FINE! The main culprits in this Iran arms deal‚ besides Reagan, were Poindexter, North & Casey, & look what happened to them! Casey had a stroke (now dead), Mac Farlane tried to commit suicide & Poindexter & North were fired! They're under government investigation now for actual crimes‚ that what they did was against the law.

15. GUESS WHO ENGINEERED THE ATTACK ON GODAHFI & SENT THE PLANES & PLANNED THE WHOLE DEAL so that it killed his little girl, injured his wife & children & destroyed his home? Guess who planned the attack?—Poindexter & North! MacFarlane, Poindexter & North!—And Reagan, of course. An anonymous source in the Washington Post said that Reagan had hoped that it would kill Godahfi, that was their aim, although they denied it.

16. IMAGINE! REAGAN SENT THOSE BOMBS ALL THE WAY FROM ENGLAND! They had to go clear down around France, etc., because Spain wouldn't let them cross over, & I think one of them was lost along with the pilots‚ wasn't it? Two pilots lost their lives & they killed Godahfi's little girl & injured the rest of his family. Those are the guilty guys that planned it & had it carried out, so now they're really getting theirs!—Reagan, MacFarlane‚ Poindexter & North!

17. REMEMBER, I REALLY PRAYED, "LORD, LET SOMETHING HAPPEN TO THOSE GUYS, really happen to them that will shake them up & hit them hard in vengeance against this horrible thing they did to Godahfi!" (See ML #2171.) Well, they're gettin' it right now! They're even talking about wanting to impeach Reagan!—And they have a lot more reason to impeach Reagan than they did Nixon. Reagan has been lying all the time too. He claims he didn't know‚ he doesn't remember & blah blah. Oh, you know better than that! This anonymous source said, "He definitely knew!" So now they're getting a little bolder & starting to tell some other tales about Reagan & his administration, including his being behind the strike on Godahfi!

18. SO THE LORD GETS AROUND TO THEM SOONER OR LATER, & THIS IS THE MOST HUMILIATING THING THAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN TO THEM! Even if they don't land in prison it just completely ends their careers. They say that Poindexter & possibly MacFarlane, that Poindexter & North are very likely to land in prison over it.

19. THEY TRIED TO GET GODAHFI & THEY DID GET HIS LITTLE GIRL & HIS FAMILY, NOW GOD IS GETTING THEM! It's what you call reaping what they sowed! And there's nothing public officials hate more than being publicly exposed & scandalised. Like MacFarlane who tried suicide, they'd almost rather die than be humiliated! Public officials pride themselves on their position & publicity & all that stuff, you know, bigshots, & there's nothing they hate like being absolutely scandalised & humiliated! And they're gettin' it!—The works!

20. SO GOD HAS WAYS, AMEN? I feel like the Lord has really vindicated Godahfi & is now punishing his accusers! They also say that was a totally cooked-up story that Casey got out to vindicate them for attacking Godahfi. Just after the attack they said, "Well‚ we had information that Godahfi was sending out hit teams to assassinate Reagan & other prominent officials in America."—All lies!—Misinformation just to excuse themselves for their attack to try to kill Godahfi, saying, "He's trying to kill us," blah blah. Well‚ this is going to kill them!—It's going to kill them politically & career-wise & probably land a few of them in jail! So praise God! The Lord gets around to it sooner or later. How about that? Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

21. REAGAN VIOLATED THE ARMS CONTROL LAWS & ALSO VIOLATED THE LAW REQUIRING HIM TO REPORT TO CONGRESS ON COVERT INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES. They tried to impeach him once before when the U.S. invaded Grenada, but that's when Reagan was flying high & very popular. If this doesn't actually kill him, it is going to kill his popularity‚ his political career, everything! He's just running out of time now. He could've been listed as a great President in history if it wasn't for this deal, & he winds up this way.

22. AND LOOK WHAT A TERRIBLE BESMIRCHMENT IT IS OF THE REPUTATION OF THE SO-CALLED BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS! He is supposed to be a born–again Christian & so religious & pro-Bible, for God & prayer in public schools & for all the right causes, etc., & anti-abortion & very anti-Communist & all that, & now look at what he has done! I mean he's been actually crooked & then lying to cover it up, just like Nixon did!—And with much worse damage, strengthening Iran so much that she beefed up the war again!

23. IT'S JUST ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE THAT THEY COULD HAVE EVER GOTTEN THEMSELVES INTO A STUPID IDIOTIC THING LIKE THAT! But do you know who first suggested it & persuaded him to do it?—Guess who made the suggestion! "Of course, providing they bought the arms from us, etc."—Israel! Israel was the one that actually sold the arms. In other words, they were making money on the deal, along with the U.S.—Splitting the profits between Israel & the U.S.

24. AND OF COURSE THE U.S. SUPPLIED THE ARMS‚ because Israel wouldn't have any arms or arms industry without the $2-3 billion the U.S. gives to support Israel. So they were already U.S. arms given to Israel, but Israel makes money on them selling them to Iran & splits the profits with the U.S.A. so the U.S. can send the money to the Contras!

25. IRAN & THE AYATOLLAH HATE ISRAEL! They call the U.S. "The Great Satan" & Israel "The Little Satan." They hate the Jews & they hate Israel. But the reason Israel did it is they want those two to keep on fighting as long as possible because they're both enemies of Israel—Iraq & Iran. They deliberately want them to fight as long as possible & wear themselves out & wear themselves down, weaken themselves so they won't be strong enough to invade Israel. Well, we'll see how God is going to make Israel pay for that! I think we pretty much already know from the Bible‚ it's going to get invaded anyway!—Amen?

—It's the Beginning of the End!—Are you ready?