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Magic of Music, The

May 29, 2003

Julie, the sweet girl in our picture, is discovering new and wonderful worlds of happiness that she never before dreamed existed!—For she had no idea that the music tapes that she recently bought from the two friendly strangers who came to her door would have such a dramatic and life-changing effect on her!

As she listens to this music magic, she feels as if she is being literally lifted into another World, transported into a beautiful new Heavenly Sphere! She hears, sees and feels things more wonderful than anything she's ever imagined!—And she's sure that it's not just her imagination, for she is actually there!—Experiencing the gorgeous sights and sounds of a marvellous Heavenly Realm!

Like an incredible molecular transporter of some kind—such as she has seen in different science fiction movies—the magical Music of Light she is listening to has translated her spirit into another place! Although her surroundings are still the same dingy and run-down apartment building in the heart of the big, crowded and dirty city in which she and her family have lived for years, listening to this magical music has spiritually transported her into another World!—A better World where she travels with the speed of thought on the wings of song!

It's as though this music has somehow linked her heart to the heart of the composer, like it has blended the spirit of the composer into her spirit! It's as though the composer has become a spirit guide, a medium, and his music is his crystal ball! As Julie listens to it, she feels as if she's gazing with him into his crystal ball and all of a sudden their spirits are united and they both see the same things, the same pictures!

"Wow!" She thinks, "this music is really powerful!" Having such an amazing experience as this while listening to this magic Music of Light causes her to realise for the first time what an effect music can have on its listeners!

Music can be like a coded key that can unlock and turn the listener on, just like a series of tone signals can activate a touch-tone telephone. Certain kinds of music can act like a combination of signals and tones that activate the listener's mind and emotions. By hitting the right combination of notes, this music has brought about a powerful response in her heart and mind‚ and had a dramatic psychological and spiritual effect on her!

Having such an experience while listening to the Music of Light causes Julie to think about the effect other music has had on her in the past. She can recall many times when she has turned on the radio or gone to a discotheque, and her ears were filled with sounds and rhythms that she also sensed were almost magical, fascinating!—Not Music of Light such as she is now enjoying‚ but music that she now realises must have been Music of Darkness!—Music that reached out and gripped her, like the tentacles of an octopus, and almost irresistibly drew her into its grasp! Instead of lifting her up and giving her a brighter, happier outlook on life, it pulled her down, making her feel confused, nervous and depressed or hateful and violent!

Compared to the beautiful music she has now discovered, she realises that much of the popular so-called "music" that she's heard over the radio or watched and listened to on music videos was little more than noise and confusion!—Almost like the roar of an evil beast, or some kind of horrible monster!—Music which not only gave her a headache and hurt her ears, but jangled her nerves and made her irritable! Enveloped in its pulsating beat and jungle-rhythms, she could feel herself unable to resist tuning in to the wrong channel!—The evil Forces of Darkness!

She found a lot of this kind of music so nerve-racking with its violent, driving drum beats and rhythms, that there was no way that she could rest, relax or be at peace while listening to it!—For there was nothing peaceful about it! So when she'd get away from school or work or home and want to relax and enjoy herself‚ instead of giving her something to dream by‚ this kind of noise and clamour only gave her nightmares!

Julie will never forget one night in particular, when she went to a discotheque with some of her friends.—The throbbing bass notes and ceaseless drum beat combined with the hypnotic effect of the flashing lights made her feel as if she'd taken a spiritual trip for sure!—But nothing like the Heavenly trip she is now having.—For she felt as if she'd landed in Hell itself, where it seemed that the Prince of Darkness had absolute control over his captives, who danced like puppets on his musical strings! The infernal and deafening noise was like the sounds of horror!—Tortured souls with tortured minds, producing tortured music!

It was so noisy and confusing that Julie found it impossible to even communicate with her friends! Many of the couples there hardly even danced together, showing each other little or no love. The blaring jungle rhythms seemed to whip the people into a violent spirit‚ almost the same way that the African savages dance themselves into a frenzy and become evil-possessed for war before battling with other tribes! A lot of the people not only weren't dancing together, they acted as if they weren't even conscious of each other!—Many jerking and gyrating around the floor by themselves, caught up in the demonic spirit of the music.

The restless‚ tormenting noise she heard that night reminded Julie of the story of the man in the insane asylum who kept beating his head against the wall!—When they asked him why he was doing it, he answered, "It feels so good when I stop!"—That's how Julie felt about the music she heard that night; it felt so good when it finally stopped!

But the life–giving Music of Light she's now listening to is so different from the death–dealing musical trash she's so tired of!—What a soothing, refreshing relief from the Music of Darkness! She's found happy music that makes her happy!—Good music which makes her want to be good, friendly music that makes her want to be friendly, Heavenly music that lifts her into the Heavenlies!

So how can you tell the difference between different kinds of music?—Which music is good and which music is evil? Well, how does it make you feel? What does it tell you to do? All music has a message, even today's horror-rock with its message of confusion, violence‚ conflict and insanity! Satanic sounds can suck you down into the Devil's domain of darkness and damnation! But inspired and Heavenly music can lift you up into Heavenly Spheres, into realms of light, life and love!

Does the music that you listen to not only make you feel good, but feel good in the right way? Does it inspire you to be good and do good and love and be loved and to help and build up?—Or does it make you feel angry‚ violent and hateful, rebellious and destructive? You can judge music just like anything else, by its effect on you. Does it make you feel beautiful or ugly? Does it make you feel clean or dirty? Does it make you feel inspired or oppressed?

What kind of music are you listening to? What does it do for you? What does it do to you? What does it do with you, and what do you do because of it? What does it make you want to do and be, if anything? Does it make you want to live or die?—Love or hate? Does it make you sad and depressed so that you want to quit, or does it make you happy and inspired so that you want to live for others?

What kind of music do you like to listen to?—Your music preference could indicate whether you are a child of the Devil or a child of God! Are you a child of God? If you're not sure, you can be sure by simply praying and asking His Son, Jesus, to come into your heart! He will not only fill you with His Heavenly music, but He will give you His free Gift of Eternal Life so that you can live and love and sing and dance forever!

You can have Him and all the good and beautiful things in life right now if you'll simply pray this little prayer: "Dear Jesus, I believe that You are the Son of God and that You died for me and rose again to live forever! Please forgive me for all my sins. I now open the door of my heart and I ask You, Jesus, to please come in and give me Your free Gift of Eternal Life!—In Jesus' name I pray. Amen."

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