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Mo Letter Reprinting List

David Berg

MOMay 1973LTA No.229

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 0093

1. Precious Children: Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Millions for the billions! The first LT MO Letter books are at last rolling off the presses with more to come! Hallelujah! Tremendous strides are being made in publications around the world! London is just finishing Volumes Two, Three and Four of LT "Letters for Leaders" including from Numbers 75 through 224 and will soon have Volume One of the first ones from A to 75 retyped and printed also, God willing! They are reprinting these quickly straight from the originals without any further editing or correcting in order to get them to you as soon as possible in order to meet your immediate needs, except for a few which do need it‚ and these are marked "DR"—Don't Reprint—on this list, until we can furnish you with the revised copies when available. Praise the Lord!

2. These LT Letters and all the others are now being divided into five major categories and coded accordingly to help you know what to do with every one of them‚ and from now on this initiated code should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the first page of each reprint:






We're sorry we didn't get these designations on the LT Letters in these first LT books, so you'll have to go by this list when you want to know which ones are only for LT's and which can be read to All. We're just learning and we hope to do better next time, but at least you'll have the Letters—all of them, many of which some of you have never had copies of your own before! Isn't that great! We think you're going to be thrilled with the results! Praise the Lord!

3. WE MAY EVEN BE ABLE TO RELEASE SOME OF THESE LT LETTERS or appropriate portions thereof for reprinting for All Disciples or even the general public at a later date, as we already have some of the older ones, which were first released for LTs Only, and we will let you know which ones when the time comes, considering the circumstances involved. But in the meantime, we feel it best for all concerned if you'll please try to follow the coded designations of this list as a guide to your reading and reprinting. Many of the old classifications have been changed and we know you'll be happy to discover and your Babes will be delighted to learn that many of the LT Letters, which they've never heard before, may now be read to All, and some may even be reprinted for them to have copies of their own!

4. A great number of LT Letters may now be read to All, and many of the "All" Letters can how be released to the General Public, so check this new List immediately with your old Letters, and change their classifications accordingly and get busy reading all you can to all your Disciples! Amen?—And start printing all you can for both your Disciples and the General Public!—Just be sure to go by this List, please! Since London is carrying the burden of reprinting the LT Letters for Leaders, we hope you'll be able to reprint as many of the other Letters as possible yourselves for your own local use in your own local languages according to your own faith! London is going to reprint these also as soon as possible‚ but will not be able to print enough for the whole world! However, they may be able to furnish you with the negatives so you can do them locally. Hallelujah!

5. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR WISH TO USE ANY LETTERS FOR ANY PURPOSES OTHER THAN AS DESIGNATED, PLEASE WRITE LONDON FOR POSSIBLE PERMISSION. SOME LETTERS MAY CONTAIN DANGEROUS, DAMAGING OR DATED MATERIAL which‚ if released to the Public might cause trouble, unnecessarily offend or no longer be applicable, such as some personal names, past events or words like "fuck" and "fucking" which you could change to "love" and "loving" or delete before reprinting, but "damns" and "hells" are just MO and reach the world! But most of this has already been done by London. So God bless you and go to it!

6. WE WILL PROBABLY BE DEVELOPING MORE CATEGORIES AS WE GO ALONG AND AS WE DISCOVER WHICH LETTERS ARE BEST FOR WHICH USES; such as some Letters printed for Disciples Only might be suitable for reading to our friends, like many on this present list, and some of the GP Letters might be good for our friends but not advisable for mass distribution to the General Public. On the other hand, there are many Letters marked GP which are harmless and it wouldn't matter if the General Public got them, but they're not particularly suitable for them or the ones most needed by them. There are even some DO Letters which it wouldn't hurt if a stranger got ahold of one, but which are simply not intended for strangers and would probably not even be of interest to them.

7. SO YOU MUST ASK THE LORD FOR WISDOM yourself, in the meantime‚ as to how each individual Letter could be best used with what particular groups of people until we've all had time to analyse them more prayerfully in order to place each Letter in a more specific category. For example, some GP Letters are better for certain areas than others, such as "America the Whore‚" which was God's warning to Europe and the rest of the world to beware of America, but it would not be particularly advisable to issue it to the General Public in America at this time—unless you're ready to move!

8. SO SOME GP LETTERS MAY BE BEST FOR SOME PLACES OR PEOPLE AND NOT FOR OTHERS. For instance, some Letters marked GP may be particularly good for System kids but not their parents‚ or some may be good for some Jesus People but certainly not for churchy types, while still others may be even better for the parents than for the kids. So you'll have to use the discernment of the Spirit‚ follow God and let the Lord lead in each case of reprinting with the particular audience you're aiming at in mind. It's just like in any other form of warfare, various types of arms, armaments and ammunition are designed for specific purposes, and you wouldn't use a cannon to shoot one poor man while trying to batter down the walls of a fortress with a peas shooter, neither would you use at tank for long, fast travel nor a jeep under heavy fire, nor would you try to use a submarine for a transport nor an airplane under water!

9. SO PLEASE TRY TO USE YOUR HEAD, HEART AND MOST OF ALL GOD'S WISDOM IN SELECTING LETTERS FOR REPRINTING FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES, and don't just turn every GP Letter out wholesale and pass it out to anybody and everybody! There's a time and place for everything and everybody: Please try to determine God's time and place, which Letter, and for whom! Even the prophets and apostles addressed their messages to specific people or places and at certain times so the Lord could make them most effective where and when most needed and by whom. We who love the Lord. appreciate the entire Bible, but most of us enjoy certain portions more that others and particular passages are more applicable to different ones of us under varying circumstances according to our individual personalities and timely needs. This was how most of our own Letters were written: To certain people on particular occasions about various subjects most needed by them at the time.

10. SO YOU WOULDN'T READ A GENEALOGY TO A MAN WHO'S DYING NOR TRY TO EXPLAIN HEALING TO A HUSKY WHO'S INTERESTED ONLY IN HISTORY! So please use a little common sense and ask the Lord to help you!—At least till we get the Letters more specifically classified!—Which we hope will be soon, and we'll certainly let you know as soon as we do, God willing! We have already decided on another additional code for Revised Versions = RV for those Letters which can only be published in their revised form‚ edited and corrected. This will be added to the other code-letters in the upper left-hand corner and on the List, so please don't reprint unless you have the revised version! Be sure to proofread, check and correct each Letter prayerfully before reprinting‚ as the Letters you have may be imperfect retypes of originals. GBY! ILY!