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Spider's Web, The

David Berg

—Proverbs 30:24-28—MO May, 1973NO.227—DO

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(Early in the morning MO murmured softly as 'tho half asleep:)

1. YOU HEAR THE WORDS OF THY FATHER? You spell out the things David says? Peace, be still! Thou art like the sea when it cannot rest and hath no peace because of quest. It is not for thee to know the future which I have reserved for My own judgement according to their hearts. Just love your Father. Trust Him. Put your faith in Me. Trust the word of God for David.

2. INDEED‚ BEAUTY IS THINE LIKE A RARE AND PRICELESS JEWEL, but wouldst thou keep it for thyself alone to enjoy its beauty? The beauty is only radiant when thou dost share its radiance with others, and hold it aloft that it may shine and all may see, and not cover and keep it for thyself alone! But thou must have help to hold up thy arm that its radiance may shine before all. O Jesus! Wouldst that Thou shalt reveal Thy love and Thy life which Thou wouldst lay down for many! For he that withholdeth it tendeth to poverty, but she that scattereth abroad it increaseth. (Pro.11:24)

3. GREAT IS THE LOVE OF DAVID, BOUNDLESS IS THE MERCY AT HIS RIGHT HAND, AND THOU CANST NOT PREVENT THE LOVE THAT I HAVE GIVEN HIM! Beware lest thou hinderest the sure mercies that I have given unto David, and beware lest thou shouldst assay to bottle up the love springs of his forgiveness! For I have spoken well in this‚ and will not lie unto David, but I will give unto him that which he hath kissed from the beginning, and I will keep nothing from him! But he shall bear much seed from many kings, that all men may hear the glory of My Kingdom.

4. THOU CANST WITHHOLD, AND THOU CANST GIVE OF HIS HEART AS THOU WILT, and thou canst cause the stream to flow or thou canst shut up and stop even the blessing that I would bestow, even though thou dost suffer for thy silence‚ and even though thou dost burden thy own bosom with his flame. For it shall burn and none can stop it, for it shall burn e'en though it consume thee, if thou withholdest its light from another!

5. (Circular motion with wrist and fingers, speaking softly in tongues:) OH, EVEN AS THOU DOST HELP HIM TO WEAVE HIS SPELL ACCORDING TO MY WILL WITH THE CIRCLES OF THY PEN, yet shall these same strands of that web that he weaveth entrap thine own heart if thou wilt not share, and if thou sharest not thy possessions, but like the spider devourest thy own mate that dost help to weave this web for thee!

6. DAVID IS WEARY WITH WEAVING, and the arms that are long have stretched out to take hold from far places! And though it be delicate it be very strong, and this web that I weave in My wisdom shall catch many. Be not thou selfish therefore‚ for there is room for many in the web that I weave for them all.

7. SEE? LOOK! BEHOLD! THE SPIDER IS NOT ENTANGLED IN HIS OWN WEB, nor doth she which helpeth him weave the lines bind herself while she runneth and weaveth and attacheth the cords of My love to their hearts with each strand. But beware lest thou become thyself entangled with thine own love, so thou canst no longer weave and thou canst no longer run to fix each strand upon the heart of another in the places I have ordained for them, and thou become entrapped in thine own web that I have made to catch the hearts of many!

8. SO WEARY I'M SO WEARY WITH ALL THE WORDS THAT THOU DOST WEAVE, line upon line‚ and strand upon strand, and connection upon connection, and hold upon hold, first upon this tree, then upon that flower, and then upon that rock‚ e'en upon that blade of grass!

9. BEHOLD HOW THOU DOST WEAVE MANY LINES ATTACHED TO MANY PLACES, BUT ALL ARE LINKED TOGETHER IN SYMMETRY AND UNITY AND THE PATTERN THAT I HAVE ORDAINED, OF WHICH thou art the heart and these are the body, to tie thy strands together, that thou shalt catch much men for My kingdom, and many souls shall be ensnared by thee and the craft that I have given thee for My glory!

10. BEHOLD HOW THE SUN SHINETH UPON THEE and these golden globlets of dew that rest within thy mesh like diamonds upon a necklace of sliver thread! Behold the beauty and the creation of the Lord, the design of thy Maker! Behold the pattern which I have made, the plan which I have ordained! Thinkest thou that thou canst frustrate the very will of God? Nay! Beware lest thou thine own self become entangled if thou dost resist or defy My beauty!

11. THE OLD SPIDER IS TIRED OF WEAVING! Art thou not weary of blending thy strands? Behold how many lines thou makest for him to string‚ strand upon strand! Oh, how these little words of David, they cross over, they cross over the chasm between the lines and go from strand to strand, and line within line, that sparkle within My sunlight! Look! Look! Can you see? Can you see the web that God has woven with thy fingers, thy tiny fingers that lay hold upon the house of the King that dwelleth safely within his palace?

12. CANST THOU NOT SEE IT IS OF MY DESIGN AND PATTERN, from the first strand unto the last line? It is all of My doing, and thou dost but obey Me and string that which thou knowest not, and attach line upon line even that which thou dost not understand!—AND THOUGH THOU DWELLEST EVEN WITHIN THE WEB OF THIN OWN WORDS, THOU SEEST NOT THE PATTERN thereof, and thou canst not tell withersoever it goeth, or how it looketh from afar! Thou only from thy Creator canst comprehend the mystery that I have made‚ and yet trusteth thou Me not that I have taught thee? Doth the spider argue with her mate‚ and doth she contend with her Maker? Nay, they but obey My will without thought, without understanding, here a little and there a little, line upon line, and precept upon precept.

13. (Tongues and praises, arms extended wide:) OH‚ WHAT GLORY I HAVE FASHIONED! BEHOLD WHAT BEAUTY I HAVE MADE! Behold thou the Creation of the Lord, that I have created for thee! Behold the palace that I have given thee to dwell in, the castle that is the bastion of My strength, wherein THOU DOST HANG THY SIMPLE WEB, AND THOU REFLECTEST ONLY MY GLORY, THOU CONTAINEST ONLY MY MOISTURE AND CATCHEST ONLY THEM THAT ARE SENT UNTO THEE! FOR THIS IS MY DOING, SAITH THE LORD, and yet thou questioneth? Sayest thou, can this strand go here and that line be there? Nay, thou knowest not what thou doest! Thou dost but climb and affix here, and thou dost but drop and attach there, and thou dost but run and fasten yet there, and thou dost work back and forth as I have led thee‚ and thou knowest not even the pattern that I am weaving by thy hands, or what shape it shall take, or what form it shall show when thou art finished with the work that I have given thee!

14. AND YET, DOST THOU RESIST THE ORDER OF THE LORD, AND DOST THOU QUESTION THE PLAN OF THE MASTER BUILDER? O ye of little faith, wherefore dost thou doubt! Come unto me‚ ye that are weary and heavy-laden. When thou art finished I will give thee rest, when the design is completed thou shalt have rest unto your soul from the burdens that I have given thee, in the meekness and lowliness of My heart. For I make it not too heavy for thee. FOR WERE IT NOT LIGHT IT WOULD NOT HOLD, AND WERE IT NOT STRONG IT WOULD NOT CLING, AND WERE IT NOT WELL WOVEN IT COULD NOT STAND. But trust Me, and trust that which I have given, and the weir that I have woven, that it shall shine bright in My hand in the corner I have placed thee, and it shall be honoured as a thing of wonder unto man in My wisdom‚ if thou shalt rest in Me! Behold, thy father is weary with weaving, yet thou art not. Lean upon his lines.

15. THY LANGUAGE IS DIFFICULT FOR ME, JESUS! I WOT NOT THE WORDS thou dost give me! Help thy children to understand, Lord, for I am weary, and they give me no rest; and I am hungry, and they give me not to eat; and I am athirst‚ but the bottle be spent, who cast their lines about me! O Jesus! O God! For they would rest in my bosom even as I rest in Thine.—Then would they have sustenance and be nourished, even as I am from Thee!

16. WHILST THOU WEAVEST THY WEB, ENFOLD UNTO THE NEEDS OF THY FATHER which teacheth thee to wind the threads together‚ whilst thou dost spin thy tiny threads which reach so many.

17. SO BEAUTIFUL! SO PRETTY! SO INTRICATE!—Here a little more, there a little more. Watch how He blendeth with the strands of my hands!—See? Can you see it? Isn't it pretty? So beautiful! And it waves in the breeze and does not break! It bends with the trees, but it cannot shake!

18. And they cannot shake it off, neither can the enemy destroy that which I have created, for it is protected in My house. Behold, I Myself shall defend it!

19. THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALL THESE VISIONS Thou hast given to the bosom of their father for Thy children! (He falls asleep)

20. (Hours later:) I HAD THE PRETTIEST DREAM! Do you want me to tell you about it? All about this beautiful, beautiful spider web!—There were you and I and lots of little spiders weaving it, and God was telling us how to do it. I remember seeing the sparkle of the sunshine on the dew! It was so big!—And it went all the way from up in the trees to down on the ground‚ and was attached to the bushes and everything! It was a big giant web! The spiders were all pretty colours!

There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise:

The ants are a people not strong‚ yet they prepare their meat in the summer;

The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks;

The locusts have no king, yet go they fourth all of them by bands;

The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in king's palaces (Proverbs 30:24-28).

—And did you know that a spider's web is stronger than strands of steel of the same small dimension.—God bless all you little spiders who help weave it!—I love you!—Your ol' Spider!—MO

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