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Goddesses, The

David Berg

—MO April, 1973NO.224—LTA

© Copyrighted April, 1973 by The Children of God P.O. Box.31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

1. SOMETIMES THE LORD USES STRANGE SYMBOLS and mysterious identifications to show His prophets what's going on. Its like the prophets in the Bible who acted out certain parts, such as the one who pretended to be a wounded soldier to trap the king, etc. Even the prophet Nathan caught David by subterfuge by telling him an allegorical story. Some things that I never heard of before the Lord has revealed to me this way in the Spirit and I know they're true!

2. LIKE THE OTHER DAY I HAD A PICTURE OF NITLER WITH A SINKFUL OF LITTLE CHILDREN'S SKULLS‚ and he was washing and polishing and admiring them and placing them on a shelf like a proud collector of relics!—How true!—How vivid an illustration of his calculated, cold–blooded slaughter of the innocents of Indochina!

3. AS A SYMBOLIC RAVISHING OF THE QUEEN represented the Common-Market rape of England by Europe, I've had some other visions like this which I've not understood until now, like all those other goddesses I've made love to in the Spirit. I've even been a little shocked by some of these strange experiences because I didn't understand them, and was almost afraid to ask the Lord what they meant: In each case, the one I was making love to would suddenly turn into one of these strange and beautiful goddesses, and I would immediately explode in an orgasm of tremendous spiritual power while at the same time prophesying violently in some foreign language!

4. I KNEW THERE MUST BE A REASON FOR THESE TERRIFIC SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES WITH THESE GODDESSES, so I finally sought the Lord for an answer: Do you know what every one of these women was doing?—Each was submitting herself to our love!—Each seemed like some sort of symbolic conquest!—And do you know what they really represent?—EACH IS THE SPIRIT OF HER COUNTRY, like the spirit of their religion. It's a sort of symbolism: Aphrodite of Cyprus; the Maharishi of Hyderabad; the Queen of England; the multi-armed Goddess of India; the Cat Goddess of Egypt; the Black Girl of the African Nightmare; the bird-like Sun Goddess of the Nile; the Moon Goddess of the Ephesian Asians of Turkey; the Pearl Goddess of central Asia; the shy Latin-American Indian Goddess; and the queenly Miss-American Sex Goddess!—And what was I doing with each of them?—I was literally overcoming, or overpowering them, conquering each of them with God's love, loving each into submission by the irresistible power of the Spirit of God and His overwhelming love! Hallelujah!

5. IF WE COULD POSSIBLY CORRELATE THE TIMES THAT WE HAVE HAD EACH OF THESE EXPERIENCES with each of these individual goddesses, this would probably give us some clue as to their significance at that particular time. EACH MUST HAVE CORRESPONDED TO SOME PIONEERING PUSH INTO EACH OF THESE VIRGIN LANDS by us, or an initiation of our spiritual intercourse with each of them! God has empowered us by His Spirit of love to come in unto and know and have spiritual intercourse with each of these countries, to make love to them in His Spirit and conquer them with His love!

6. SOME THAT I SAW SEEMED STILL TO BE AWAITING US in breathless expectancy‚ while at least one, who felt she was being forsaken, was reluctant to tell us goodbye. The nude Greek Goddess Diana was strutting her dog. The shy little South American Indian girl was rather prim and conservative and wringing her hands nervously as she fearfully awaited what she still wanted. She was very pretty, with hair parted in the middle‚ braided and rolled into side buns on each side of the nape of her neck, her dark eyes wide with excitement. Her dress was somewhat like a pinafore, a full length white blouse with sleeves puffed at the shoulders and tapering to the elbows and covered with a leather-like apron with straps over her shoulders and tied in the back. As though the Lord were observing her somewhat timid anticipation, He said, "She should ask for the kisses of David!"

7. THE PEARL GODDESS, as I like to call her, was a beautiful light-brown-skinned Oriental dancing girl clothed only in a few ropes of lovely white pearls! She even looked a little Eurasian. MY EXPERIENCE WITH HER WAS TRULY UNUSUAL AND VERY DRAMATIC! While in the Spirit on February 24, 1973‚ I was transported to somewhere like central Asia and I was an Oriental king holding court. Suddenly the Pearl Girl rushed in and began to dance wildly and exotically before me! If you can receive it, believe it or not, the following is exactly what I was recorded to have said on this occasion‚ as though to some banquet guest seated beside me who was curious about her: (This came in a strong foreign accent: )

8. SHE'S TERRIFIED OF BEING SOLD TO THOSE BEASTLY AMERICANS who want to buy her! She come to me as last resort. She's afraid of them. If I love and protect and keep her, she'll be faithful and do anything‚ and they can't get her, because my Kingdom has policemen angels! She want seed of the great King as her reward, for she is worthy! I have strongest Kingdom in whole world, with strongest policemen-angels! She fled to us for protection. She gladly make love to King and count it honour, a culmination of her dance—she dance funny dance with hands, knees and feet: She squat and aim knees and feet in different directions and point hands and spread knees far apart and buck hind part like making love, and then come running to King and spread knees apart begging for King's help, terrified of those bloody Americans!

9. (IS SHE OF YOUR PEOPLE?) I THINK MAYBE SO: SHE'S FROM NEAR BORDER OF INDIA WAY UP NORTH. She's very light brown. She think she needs dance to make me love her, but I love her anyway. I think Abrahim bring her because he want her to be one of loves of David because she's of his people and mine. All these others, these foreigners, they want to pay lots of money to love me.

10. YOU HAVE A VERY GOOD NEGOTIABLE COMMODITY IN MUCH DEMAND, something lots of women want, many queens, many‚ many women want it.—You've got it! He makes our temple beautiful for our great God. OUR GREAT GOD COMES INTO ME AND LOVES ALL THESE. I'm supposed to be great King. Everybody comes to celebrate me! Many queens and beautiful women and all the girls want to love the King! They stand in line hoping they may be called. See that!—That's the sceptre of my power‚ the rod of my authority, of kingdoms and queendoms! None of the queens can resist it. They all want it. It makes me powerful, and they all want it. My rod they all seek—sooner or later they find!"

11. THERE'S A GODDESS OF AMERICA, TOO! America, too, has a symbolic Spirit. (Looks at a bold and beautiful art photo of an American beauty handing on the wall—Miss February of 1973, looking like an Aquarian, tall, queenly, intelligent, refined, reserved and somewhat aesthetically typifying all that was left of what was best in America—America the Beautiful! Suddenly for him in the Spirit the picture seems to come to life and speaks pleadingly—:)

12. "ENTREAT ME NOT TO LEAVE THEE, OR TO RETURN FROM FOLLOWING AFTER THEE: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the Lord do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me!"—That's strange!—It's like Ruth's pleading not to be deserted in her heathen land! (Weeping, her spirit speaks:) "Leave me not‚ neither forsake me! Behold, thou hast deserted me like a lover cast aside! Behold, thou hast forsaken me as a woman forsaken!"

13. (REFLECTING AFTERWARD ON THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA: ) HER PLEA SEEMED TO BE: "DON'T LEAVE ME ALTOGETHER! DON'T FORSAKE ME COMPLETELY!" SHE'S LIKE THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA CRYING OUT TO US FOR HERSELF AND HER CHILDREN WHO STILL NEED OUR HELP AND ARE BEGGING NOT TO BE FORSAKEN entirely. It's as though she herself symbolises our first love and is making an eloquent appeal in her own behalf. It's as though she's saying, "I would go with you if I could, but I'm still bound! Only you can free me. I was once responsive to your love and you were grateful for mine!"

14. BUT SHE GREW PROUD AND HAUGHTY AND HARDENED AND RESISTED our wooing. Why should we feel sorry for America, that anti-Christ, anti-God country that has rejected both us and our message! Why we should heed the cry of America?—We are leaving her! But she implores us yet: "Ask me not to cease from following after thee!" Her children still need us, and her once ripe harvest is now rotting on her vines! Her hippies have become old bottles filled with the dregs of drugs and degradation, degeneracy and perversion; and the once lofty ideals and hopes of her youth for a new life, a clean country, a cleaner government, a fairer economy and a more socially conscious society‚ have long since faded into total disillusionment and despair‚ broken dreams and the ruins of their aspirations amidst the dreaded rise of the Reactionary Right, the Nitlerian Fascism, of the police state with its vanishing freedoms and silenced voices in the face of fear and a rising reign of terror!

15. BUT SHE STILL HAS MANY HUNGRY CHILDREN WHO MAY STILL BE RESCUED before we go, to save them from her decay and destruction! There are many who will still turn to us when her judgements begin to fall. We must not totally desert her nor utterly forsake her children, and obviously we have not yet done so completely. MANY CANNOT LEAVE, AND STILL OTHERS HAVE THE BURDEN TO STAY AND FINISH THE HARVEST BEFORE THE STORM, and even to help her in her time of need and desperation when many will turn to the Lord under the rod of God's judgements‚ as Grandmother prophesied‚ and there will be a final great harvesting!

16. LOOK AT HER SAD, WISTFUL EXPRESSION! She's like a lover being left behind! Her bosom is bare and her nakedness exposed by her lover's departure! She tries to partially cover herself, ashamed, standing at the open door as though hoping at least for one more fond farewell kiss and embrace! Her lover is leaving her! But still she hopes he will not leave her forever! I believe that picture will haunt me for the rest of my days! I believe it was inspired by God. THANK GOD SOME OF YOU ARE STILL MINISTERING TO HER AND WILL CONTINUE TO THE END. God bless you!

17. WHY SHOULD THE LORD SYMBOLISE THESE COUNTRIES WE HAVE LOVED IN THIS WAY? Weren't the gods and goddesses of mythology purely fictitious?—Or could there have been something genuine in their origin, such as good and evil spirits, angels and demons in their battles with each other and for and against God and man! We are told in the Bible that the Archangel Michael wrestled against the demon prince of Persia to answer the Prophet's prayer. Why could not the gods and goddesses of mythology have been real spirits of ancient times, with their exploits preserved, though somewhat distorted and exaggerated, in the annals of the epics of the Greek and Roman legendary classics! (Praises the Lord in tongues: ) "Oh behold, the mysteries that I have revealed unto My Servant David!"—"It is not thine to question how the Lord deals with David!"

18. (AGAIN IN THE SPIRIT HE LOOKS AT THE GODDESS OF AMERICA and says sadly:) "She had hold of me but she lost me! (Why did she lose you?) Because she didn't hold onto me! (Why didn't she hold onto you?) She didn't appreciate me. Now she's sorry she lost me! (What is her name?) She's Miss America! She's a star! (looks intently at picture: ) No other lovers satisfy thy breasts like David!—For she longs for my love. She brought forth many children unto David. She was a good lover!"

19. IF THE SONS OF GOD, OR THE ANGELS OR SPIRITS OF GOD, COULD HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH THE DREAMY DAUGHTERS OF MEN and thereby have children who became giants and mighty men of old, WHY CANNOT THE SONS OF MEN HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH THESE BEAUTIFUL SPIRITUAL DAUGHTERS OF GOD, these goddesses of His spiritual Heavens, the symbolic spirits or Heavenly Queens of each nation, so that they might supernaturally bear us the SPIRITUAL CHILDREN OF GOD BY HIS SPIRIT, TO BECOME GIANTS OF FAITH and mighty men and women of God in each of these lands? Hallelujah! (Gen.6:1-4)

20. IF, AS THE LORD ONCE TOLD US, THESE GODDESSES OF THE NATIONS ARE ALL WAITING IN LINE TO BE LOVED BY DAVID‚ why can we not understand that they represent all THE LANDS THAT ARE WAITING FOR OUR LOVE to bring them the love of God! Why shouldn't we love them? Come‚ let us conquer them with His loving!—They're waiting, they're ready! They long for us to COME IN UNTO THEM IN LOVE!—THEY YEARN TO BEAR US CHILDREN UNTO THE LORD! THEY WANT TO GIVE US CHILDREN OF GOD!—Are you ready?