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Index, The

David Berg

MO April 1973NO.223-GP

Received (29/5/72)

© Copyrighted 1973 by the Children of God‚ P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

1. I SAW A WHITE BOOK OF 32 PAGES about six inches by six inches, held in human hand. It had large print and a white cover. It contained what seemed like letters‚ and IT HAD AN INDEX. There were key words, important words that told things and places. The pages were turning slowly. I woke up, then went back to sleep and the pages began to turn again. There were some words on each page blotted out, but never more than one or two or three words on a page.

2. IT SEEMED LIKE MAYBE I WAS WRITING IT, LIKE I OR SOMEBODY ELSE WAS WRITING IT FROM SOME KIND OF PRISON, AND IT HAD BEEN CENSORED, but someone had figured it all out and indexed it.—So when you put the words back together you could tell what it said. Those words were blocked out in black ink. When you put all the words in the index that they were blocked out together, they told something important about where things were and what was going on.

3. SOMEBODY HAD MADE AN INDEX. Almost like those special words were a code, the words that really told the message, like the Lord had inspired them to figure it out. The whole thing was a message, but the Enemy had blotted out the key words to keep you from knowing what it meant. But the Lord had inspired somebody to figure it out, and that made it all plain. In a way it was like prophecy and interpretation.

4. YOU COULD COMPARE IT TO THE DREAMS AND VISIONS THE LORD GIVES, THAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND UNTIL THE LORD GIVES THE KEY.—The Lord even has to interpret it. There was the message clear and plain, but it was like the Enemy was trying to blot out the meaning. There were other people there watching me turn the pages and we were talking about it. In the dream I was much bigger than the little people that figured out the index. I was so pleased. It was like I was God turning the pages of the book, one by one‚ slowly, and I had come to some black blocked out words, and I had looked in the index to see if they'd gotten it.

5. I WAS REALLY PLEASED WITH THE PERSON WHO MADE THE INDEX‚ 'cause they'd gotten the meaning. It was almost as though I was checking on them to see if they'd gotten it right. THE TURNING OF THE PAGES MUST BE SYMBOLIC OF HOW THE LORD GIVES YOU ONE REVELATION AT A TIME, but when you put it all together it makes a story, but you had to have the key to these words or you couldn't understand it. All these blocked out words put together help you understand the whole story.

6. I WAS PLEASED WITH THE FELLOW FIGURING OUT THE WORDS. He was‚ believe it or not, sort of like me. The book had large print and only 32 pages. The Word of the Lord came to me. EACH WORD IS LIKE A WHOLE PICTURE, LIKE EACH WORD IS A REVELATION, or each revelation is a word. "The Word" of the Lord came to me, saying. So often it is sort of a flash. It was like I was in God's position and seeing it through His eyes, in a way.

7. I WAS ASKING THE LORD WHERE WERE YOU, MARIA, AND YOU WERE THE LITTLE PEN IN MY HAND! Look how long it took to figure out the "70 Years Revelation", and how the Enemy tried to block it!—Yet some of these are key prophecies and key words! It is the Lord who opens the book‚ it is He who turns the pages, but He gives the job of indexing it to us!—And, of course, He really inspires to us to index it, to make the meaning clear. Amen?—Maybe our Index will turn out to be 32 pages!