KEYWORDS: radio, men, country, road, vigilantes

Flood, The

David Berg

MOApril 1973NO.220-GP

—A Dream (Received June, 1972)

1. I WAS IN SOME KIND OF A FLOOD. It was very unusual, like the land was sinking! I remember we were fighting our way through some of the places where it was really coming in in torrents. It seemed like the land was sinking very slowly, but the water was rushing in like mad in some places where it was wearing away the hills and washing away the roads! It seemed like everything was in a state of emergency.

2. I CAN ONLY REMEMBER THREE PARTS OF THE DREAM. First we were fighting our way through the water. Everything wasn't flooded, but a lot was. We finally reached this country place, like a farm‚ that was on higher ground outside the city, which was nearby. All the electricity everywhere else was off, but some circuits were still on, like the emergency circuits for street lighting and signals. Everything but essential lighting was off. There was no electricity in the house.

3. WE WERE TRYING TO GET IN TOUCH WITH A DOWNTOWN OFFICE BY RADIO, so we took our radio set out to the corner of the crossroads where there was a signal with a flashing red light, a stop sign operated by emergency electricity. We hid our radio in the bushes nearby‚ because it seemed like we were very afraid of some people seeing us, authorities or something, and we wired our radio into the stop sign and were communicating with this other place. But we kept ourselves and the radio hidden in the bushes all the time so we couldn't be seen, and kept watching and were very frightened of getting caught.

4. SUDDENLY THIS CARLOAD OF MEN WITH RIFLES, like farmers or cowboys, started coming down the road toward us! We ran for the house, but they started shooting at us. Apparently we escaped somehow as it was almost dark, and we managed to somehow get away. They just seemed to be shooting at anybody that was out. They just shot at us several times and then drove on like vigilantes, citizens that supposedly were keeping order, or something.

5. NEXT THING I REMEMBER, I WAS SUDDENLY ON THE RUN, HIDING OUT IN THE WOODS, walking along this country road in the dark‚ when all of a sudden I felt the ground under my feet getting mushy. I looked ahead and saw this whole section of road, the field, and all the land in front of me for quite a distance, had sunk under the water and was all flooded so that I couldn't go any further. There were two or three of us‚ and we were trapped so we couldn't go any further.

6. SO WE HAD TURNED BACK AND STARTED WALKING back up this country road, country like rural Texas or California, when another carload of these vigilantes, local rangers, farmers or cowboys‚ typical Systemites, drove up and stopped. These two guys got out with rifles trained on us. They had already shot one of us while we were fleeing‚ and there were just two of us left.

7. THEY SAID, "NOW WE'VE GOT YOU!—You're the ones that shot that other fellow!" We said, "What do you mean, man! Some of your men shot him!" And they said, "Oh, no! We've got other people who will testify—that other carload of six men—who will testify that you're the ones that shot him!" I said, "Oh, yeah, who?"—And he pulled out this picture of the group of men. I think it was some kind of an official photograph of the vigilantes. He said, "This man right here, Chris, he'll testify that you shot him!" But I said‚ "Why that's the man who shot one of our boys!" He said, "Oh no! You shot him, and he's got witnesses!"

8. MY LAST THOUGHT BEFORE I WOKE UP WAS, "HOW CLEVER! THEY COMMIT THE CRIMES, AND THEN THEY PIN THEM ON YOU! They're the supposed law enforcement!"—Everything was so legal! I remember thinking‚ "What can you do about men like that, who shoot you down, and then blame it on one of your own people; and then they stick together and say you're the one that did it?"—It was just like another warning of what it is going to be like in America! The End of a dream!—Or a nightmare?