KEYWORDS: church, nitler, house, water, staff, air

Special Police Powers

David Berg

-MO April‚ 1973 NO.219-GP

-A Dream (Received June‚ 1972)

1. THERE WAS THIS HUGE CHURCH BUILDING, a big, gigantic, ornate church, surrounded by this enormous parking lot‚ and in one corner of the property there was a large minister's mansion, the Manse, a very fine house like the priests and bishops usually have.—And guess who was living in the mansion?-None other than Nitler and his staff!

2. NITLER HAD JUST CALLED FOR A MEETING IN THE BIG CHURCH.—It was like a joint session of Congress, a press conference and a church meeting and everything all combined. Nitler was coming on TV to announce to the world he was going to do something, only it was the leaders of the country he'd called into the church to have this big meeting.

3. THE MEETING WENT THROUGH ALL THIS POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE and fancy music and choir numbers before Nitler spoke, like he was trying to warm up his audience with his phoney, pompous churchy sanctimoniousness! Then he gave this impassioned oratorical appeal, pleading with the country to give him the Special Police Powers "to save the Nation!", so that he could deal "more strictly" with these "subversive organisations" (like us!)—and so he could get tough with the so-called Communists and subversives, disloyal elements, saboteurs, students, and youth.

4. I WAS IN THE AUDIENCE, but it so sickened me and I got so sick and tired and bored with his great egotistical oratorical display of plastic heroic patriotism, that he was going to "save the Nation" by stamping out all these little kids, I just walked out! Outside I met Javan, and he said that the Nitler staff was complaining that the presidential mansion was getting too hot for them!—Something had gone wrong with the air conditioning system.

5. SO HE AND I WALKED OVER TO LOOK AT IT, and discovered that somebody had hooked up the air conditioner to the hot water system heating so that Nitler and his staff, in this Churchy White House, were getting hot water heat instead of air conditioning!—They were "getting in hot water"!

6. I COULDN'T FIGURE OUT WHY NITLER WAS LIVING IN THE CHURCH MANSE‚ anyway, because it was all under the sponsorship of the churches and church leaders, and he was the honoured and royal guest of the church‚ all with the encouragement and housing and sponsorship of the churches. In other words‚ the church was encouraging him to ask for these Special Police Powers to stamp out their enemies!—Apparently, that's something he's going to do, and they're going to be behind it!

7. BUT IT WAS JUST LIKE SOME JOKER SABOTEUR HAD DELIBERATELY HOOKED UP HIS AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM TO THE HOT WATER HEATER, and when he gets back it's going to be too hot for him! All the time they're attacking, other forces underneath are going to be fritzing up the whole works and making it so hot for him‚ he'll wish he'd never lived in that House!

8. IN A WAY‚ IT WAS ALMOST LIKE A SUPERNATURAL THING:—Just as though there were other spiritual forces working against him behind his back and undercover, which he couldn't control and couldn't fight‚ because he didn't even understand them, and couldn't even see what was going on! His staff couldn't even figure out this strange air conditioning and hot water system! His staff was all upset about it‚ but they didn't seem to know what to do about it, and Javan and I just laughed and laughed when we saw what was going on!

9. WHILE NITLER WAS IN CHURCH making this big, bold, wordy frontal attack on us and his enemies, somebody was very subtly making it too hot for him, and driving him out of the White House!—Maybe that had something to do with his asking for Special Police Powers, to stamp out these "saboteurs" who were making it too hot for him!—Saboteurs are like termites:The Nitzies would have to put the whole building or country under wraps‚ and get out of it themselves and poison the whole works to fumigate the Revolution out!—Hallelujah!

10. THEY'RE LIKE SINKING THE SHIP TO KILL THE RATS!—Only the rats he'd kill would be his own!—Or like burning down the whole house to get rid of the bugs!—They'll only fly away to another house, and America's house will be gone!—"The wise buildeth her house but the foolish plucketh it down with her own hands!"—The "patriotic" Nitlerites are themselves destroying America!