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Problem Kings

David Berg

—MOMarch 1973NO.217—LTA

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX‚ England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Shepherds,


1. Greetings in Jesus' precious name! Thank you so much for your very good and faithful reports and your own dear faithfulness and great job you're doing for the Lord and the kids. You've proven yourselves well worthy of the task in getting His wonder working words to a waiting world‚ and as Maria adds, from the man on the mountain with the message for the masses. Praise the Lord! God bless you.

2. ENCLOSED IS A LETTER‚ "THE OFFICES OF A BISHOP," which we wrote to you all some time ago, but was delayed in printing due to some monumental changes here, such as moving and new machinery, etc. But maybe it is as well because at the time I wrote it, it was in response to a little difficulty some of you were having with our dear king there in overstepping some of his authority and engaging in certain activities which were interfering with some of your departments which were not his ministry and which was causing a little trouble between you.

3. However, I understand that much of this has been straightened out since then, and he's behaving himself a little more as he should and staying more in his place without bothering you and some of yours. So maybe this Letter's no longer so necessary for him as it is for you. At the time he'd seemed to be getting the idea that he was supposed to be the boss of the Americas, and this Letter was partly aimed at relieving him from that attitude and trying to get him to work more as an equal in cooperation with you all.

4. As you know, he was previously getting a little dissatisfied at not being taken more into your confidence and given more responsibility, and in his communications to me sounded almost as though he were thinking of copping out as a result. So I felt it wise to try to give him some definite responsibility and recognition to see if he could handle it and use it wisely. I had hoped he would merely supervise in a fatherly sort of way as he had been already, and AN OFFICIAL APPOINTMENT WAS SIMPLY TO MAKE HIM FEEL MORE APPRECIATED AND TO GIVE HIM SOME SPECIFIC JOB HE COULD CALL HIS OWN. It seemed to go to his head a little at first, but from what I hear, he is settling down and doing better now due to your own great wisdom in handling him and the help of the Lord.

5. THESE KINGS WHO WANT TO BE PROPHETS ARE ALWAYS A PROBLEM and he is still really a king to us, and more of an associate than an actual disciple or a member of one of our Colonies, since he has not yet actually forsaken all and moved in to sleep on the floor to work his way up through the ranks from the boot camp basics and the trials and tribulations of Colony life, as I once did, from washing dishes and cleaning toilets and mopping floors and taking orders and taking courses and following the schedule and living just as the rest of you do‚ until he had proven himself worthy of higher office, having in all points and situations been pre-tested and time proven‚ as you have been.

6. SO AS FAR AS WE ARE CONCERNED, HE IS STILL A KING and not really a disciple, and more of an associate member and friendly helper still living on the outside independently with his own family, rather than on the inside as an integrated Colony member. THIS IS SUCH A FREQUENT PROBLEM WITH KINGS WHO WANT TO BE RECOGNISED AS ONE OF US, AND WHO YET HAVE NOT REALLY FULLY BECOME ONE OF US THE HARD WAY AS YOU HAVE. They usually want to be prophets too, and as soon as you try to give them the slightest bit of recognition or authority to keep them happy, they try to start running the whole show, and then we have to slap them down and lose them.

7. MAYBE SOME DAY WE'LL LEARN HOW TO HANDLE THESE KINGS AND QUEENS IN A DIPLOMATIC FASHION WHICH WILL retain their friendship and not lose their help, but still not give them the idea they can take over and run everything. So far, we have yet to discover any foolproof method for this. Let's hope we can at least learn enough to at least keep them as kings and queens, for we need them and they need us and God needs us all and we all need Him! PTL!

8. As you can see from the Bible and history, kings and queens have always been a problem for the poor prophets and even for God Himself! They always want to be the Flame instead of the Candlestick, the Light instead of the Light Bearer. As you recall, it was one of God's own problems with Lucifer, and we have a revelation coming out on that one of these days when we get time out from administrative problems to work on it.

9. Anyhow‚ let's hope your poor king will now have learned his lesson so that you may not even have to show him the enclosed Letter, although he still needs to know our new organisational setup so he'll understand the pattern you're following. But maybe you can just explain it to him verbally. However, if you still think he needs it‚ or if you have any more trouble with him, you may yet have to give it to him, although most kings or queens can't seem to stand rebukes and they're usually offended and we lose them.

10. SO THIS TIME WE'RE GOING TO LEAVE IT UP TO YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT and leave the Letter in your hands to give it to him only if you think it's necessary, lest he be offended. Copies are, however, being sent to all Bishops and even to the leaders of all Colonies throughout the world so they may understand the situation regarding these matters and our organisational structure and also be forewarned against any possible difficulties any such kings as this one may suddenly and unexpectedly precipitate, since I understand he was not even confining his operations to the Americas only, but also communicating directly, personally himself with all Colonies throughout the world, sending them tapes‚ etc.

11. SO THIS WILL BE A WARNING TO THEM TO WATCH OUT for any possible false doctrines or miscarriage of authority. You kids are still your own local rulers and officers, both operationally and spiritually, and kings must never be allowed to tell you what to do except perhaps materially. Accept their provision and protection and consider their material advice and try to show them you appreciate it, but watch out when they try to start taking over spiritual and/or operational leadership! So far we have but one principal Prophet and one major King in this outfit, the one that God Himself has appointed, and any others who attempt to be the same are possible would-be usurpers and could turn out to be false shepherds sent in by the Enemy to lead you astray.

12. THERE COMES A TIME WHEN WE HAVE TO DRAW THE LINE as to how much say we can give them in their influence on us‚ even if it means losing them and a great deal more‚ as happened with Fred [Jordan]‚ our first King Saul. So keep your eyes open and one ear on the ground and one turned Heavenward so you'll know the score and the difference between which way things are going and the way God is really leading.

13. As we've already discovered, it takes a great deal of tact, wisdom, grace and humility to handle these obstreperous, temperamental and sensitive kings and queens, but we do need them and they do need us. So please use love and patience and try to counsel and guide them in the ways of the Word and the Lord, which may often be contrary to their own ideas, Praise God!

14. LAST TIME, I FELT IT WAS AN EMERGENCY, SO I SHOVED his appointment through without waiting for your complete agreement, and perhaps I made a mistake. Kings sometimes do, you know, especially when their major job is supposed to be a prophet more than a king. So this time I'm going to let you and the Lord handle it and only use the enclosed Letter on him if you have to. I just hope it doesn't get to him first through some other channel, as this would really offend him. You boys and girls pray about it and make your own decision in the matter as you feel led by the Lord however you think necessary.

15. PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR HAVING CAUSED YOU THIS PROBLEM in the first place. I'm learning my lessons, too, and I don't think I'll repeat that one again. YOU HANDLE YOUR OWN KINGS! It's not really my business, but he kept communicating with me personally trying to override all other authorities and the regular chain of command, so I felt I had to do something about it. But this time I'm going to leave it up to you. I've written the enclosed Letter to try to help you and him, but I'm going to leave it up to you as to whether you give it to him or not, according to whether you think the situation demands it or not and which will be the most helpful, giving it to him or not giving it to him.

16. SO NOW IT'S UP TO YOU AND THE LORD‚ God bless you. If he's not causing you any more trouble right now, sometimes it's better to let a sleeping dog lie than to get him barking again, or he might even bite! It's good to have a watchdog for public relations, but not if he bites the hand that feeds him! So try to keep your kings under control if you can and don't let them get out of hand if you can help it‚ for, as we've said before, ex-friends can sometimes make the worst enemies!

17. WE HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY WITH OUR NEW PROPOSED GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURE, AND, IF SO, PLEASE LET US HEAR YOUR APPROVALS OR SUGGESTIONS or even objections, if there is something about it you don't like or you don't think would be workable. But we feel that it came from the Lord, as it actually is what the Lord Himself was already doing through you by His own ordination, and we're merely giving you our recognition and proclaiming it officially to the rest of the world so they'll know who you are and what you are and what your job is. Do you like it? We hope so, because we love you and want you to work well together, along with all the rest of us, and we believe this is the Lord's own Scriptural plan, even as outlined in the Bible.

18. WE MIGHT CALL THIS LETTER A SORT OF SEQUEL TO MY LAST LETTER ON KINGS. However, this one tells you what sometimes happens when they go astray, and what you may have to try to do about it. But praise the Lord, the heart of the king is in His hand and He turneth it whithersoever He wills. So they're all in God's hands and we know God will take care of them no matter what happens. Praise God!

19. WE LOVE YOU ALL VERY DEARLY AND PRAY FOR YOU MUCH AND APPRECIATE ALL YOUR LITTLE PERSONAL TOKENS OF REMEMBRANCE, PERSONAL NOTES, GIFTS‚ ETC. THEY'RE A REAL HELP AND ENCOURAGEMENT and let us know you still love us. We wish we could reply to each of you personally and individually‚ but, as Maria says, "That's what the MO Letters are, like the Bible is God's personal word to each of us!"—And we're making a special push right now to complete those that we've already received from the Lord so they may be included in the soon forth-coming publications and Index, upon which our Publications staff are working feverishly knowing how much you need them.


20. We hope that each of you will do your best to get them out in your own area when you receive them, by reprinting‚ translating, republication in the languages of your fields, etc., because our International Office staff cannot do it all themselves. You must help them to relay God's wonder working words to the waiting world through your own republication efforts.

20a. THIS IS PARTICULARLY URGENT IN RESPECT TO THOSE OF YOUR OWN AREAS WHO HAVE ALREADY ORDERED OR SUBSCRIBED to certain publications, and have actually sent in money for them‚ but have not yet received them, including both friends and enemies‚ some of whom we hear from the Colonies have been waiting as much as six months for even a reply from your Office. This is very serious, as it could not only lose us friends, their confidence, help and support, and we are not only failing them and the Lord‚ but it could even make us more enemies and could even cause some enemies to file complaints with the law and accuse us of using the mails to defraud, for having failed to keep our word in filling these orders and subscriptions when they've already sent the money!

21. YOU MUST AT LEAST WRITE THEM IMMEDIATELY AND SEND OUT A FORM LETTER OF APOLOGY to all your subscribers telling them you're sorry these publication have been delayed in the process of moving, changing presses, printing staffs, etc., but that they will soon be getting so and so. As we are not planning to reprint the NIT [New Improved Truth], you could offer them an equivalent subscription of equal value and length of time or number of copies of the New Nation News instead‚ as we have now made it our major news periodical under our strict supervision so that it won't get out of hand as did the NIT, and will more accurately and generally reflect our overall message and ministry in a more complete and well–rounded way.

22. IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE THIS, DO IT IMMEDIATELY OR YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN TROUBLE AND OUR GOOD NAME IS GOING TO BE BLACKENED, and with justifiable cause, because of your failure to do so. If your Office there is unable to do so because of lack of staff, equipment or funds and cannot notify your subscribers or fill these orders from friends, or republish the New Nation News for your subscription list, please let the International office in Europe know immediately, and they will have to attempt to undertake the job, even from there, if you can't do it, rather than lose friends and subscribers, make enemies and cause serious trouble, and most of all, fail God and the world in failing to get out His wonder working words to them all, especially those who have already asked for them, ordered them and even paid for them! May God help us!

23. HEREAFTER FOR GOD'S SAKE AND THE WORK'S SAKE, LET'S NOT BIND OURSELVES WITH THE LEGAL OBLIGATION OF A SUBSCRIPTION CONTRACT, NOR EVEN CALL OUR OFFERINGS OF PERIODICALS, SUBSCRIPTIONS AT ALL! But please let's rather encourage their simple donations to our work and merely offer them these free gifts of literature of various kinds in return for certain suggested minimum donations.

24. In other words, in acknowledgement and appreciation for your gifts of so much, we are sending you free such and such a book or pamphlet‚ or such and such a periodical for so many weeks or months or a year. Do not even mention the word subscription, for a subscription is a legally binding contract that you must fulfill for a stipulated sum that is paid for the literature‚ and if they don't get it when you have thus promised it and they have sent you the money, you are technically illegally using the mails to defraud, a very serious Federal offence, which comes under the Post Office rules and regulations. So don't let's ever be guilty of such foolishness!

25. I REALISE WE INHERITED THIS FORMER SUBSCRIPTION LIST FROM SOMEONE ELSE, WHICH WE ARE THEREFORE STILL OBLIGATED TO FULFILL, but for God's sake, when we have fulfilled each of these original subscriptions, let's not renew them nor offer them again.

26. Hereafter, let all of our literature offerings be free of charge in return for unrestricted donations. We're not selling anything but giving it away in thanks for their donations, and this includes the magazines or papers distributed. The figure on the cover should be a sufficient hint for them to know what is expected.

27. OTHERWISE, YOU MAY ALSO GET CAUGHT UP IN LEGAL TANGLES OF BUSINESS LICENSE FEES, PROFITS, TAXES, SALES TAXES‚ ETC.‚ ETC., ETC., Let's remain a non-profit religious and charitable organisation merely giving away our literature as an expression of thanks for their donations. Don't price, don't sell, and don't offer subscriptions! Only suggest certain minimum donations if they would like to receive certain free gifts of literature from us, and stay free from the business‚ legal and tax hassles! Praise God!

28. WE CANNOT FAIL THESE WHO HAVE ALREADY REQUESTED AND PAID for our literature, besides all the others who should have it, We cannot fail them or the Lord! If you don't believe this, you'd better read quickly the forth coming, "Publish Glad Tidings," a Birthday Warning from the Lord which really shook us up regarding publications, as a result of which we are taking a real plunge of faith in buying new presses and equipment in order to immediately quintuple our production of the New Nation News with the very next issue and multiply many times over our other publications, particularly the Lord's Letters‚ in convenient and useful form for all of you as well as the rest of the world.

29. So please pray for us. We desperately need your prayers and help as this equipment is not yet paid for and we don't know where the funds are going to come from, except we know the Lord has promised to supply.

30. PLEASE ALSO PRAY DESPERATELY ABOUT ANOTHER VERY URGENT SITUATION which has suddenly arisen: Our major print shop had just gotten all set up for this big push when they were given a notice of eviction which is to take effect within three months, and so they are now desperately looking for a new home. As you know, our Central Offices have already had to move from one location to another twice within the last few months, and except for the Lord, could be given a thirty-day notice to move again any day. So both our central Office and Publications Department need a new, more lasting home in order to get their job done, as soon as possible.

31. So please pray that the Lord will supply this need quickly so we can get on with it. God is mightily blessing in the pushes and pioneering in every other direction, and we know He will supply these needs also if you will really pray with all your hearts and prove we mean business and are not going to fail Him this time, as some did before. May God have mercy on us, and may you pray as you never prayed before that God will help us win these victories. And, if you can, give as you have never given before in order that we may accomplish them, for we need both your help and His, and we must work together with all our mutual might and resources to attain these tremendous goals that God has ordained for us

32. We must not fail! We cannot fail‚ and we will not fail, if you will help us. For we know that God will not fail if we do our part! Give God's wonder working words to the waiting world, His message from the man on the mountain to the masses! May God bless and keep us all and make us a greater blessing than we ever dreamed we could ever be! We are doing our best!—Do yours! Love, MO.