KEYWORDS: god, choice, choices, doors

Choices Within God's Will

David Berg

France 5/80 DO 2157

1. THERE'S A CERTAIN LEEWAY & ALLOWANCE FOR VARIATION OF CHOICE IN THE WILL OF GOD AS LONG AS IT STAYS WITHIN CERTAIN BOUNDARIES & as long as it doesn't go too far right or too far left. He may let you wander around quite a bit according to your own personal choice, here or there, as long as you stay in the correct general area. As long as you stay within the tunnel of God's will, He'll give you your choice. Of course, there's always the best even within the tunnel, & the worst, so He leaves that choice up to you.

2. IT SHOWS YOU HOW GOD MUST FEEL! I really enjoy & I get a big kick out of watching Baby Techi to see what choices she will make & what she will do. It's really interesting! After all, as long as it's not bad for her, so long as it's not going to hurt her, I like to let her do whatever she feels like doing!

3. LIKE MY OFFERING HER TWO CRACKERS, I WAS REALLY INTERESTED TO SEE WHICH ONE SHE'D TAKE—SHE TOOK'M BOTH! Well, you can't always have your cake & eat it too! We did find out eventually that she did like the salty cracker even better than the sweet. She'll come in here & she'll get interested in this thing or that thing, & sometimes you have to distract her away from something that's not good for her with something that is good for her!

4. BUT IT'S A VERY FASCINATING GAME TO WATCH WHAT A CHILD WILL DO WITHIN CERTAIN BOUNDARIES OF SAFETY & HEALTH & WHAT'S GOOD FOR THEM, & I IMAGINE IT MUST BE A LITTLE BIT THE WAY GOD FEELS! He put us here on Earth & He gave us a choice—a lot of choices! I mean, Adam & Eve probably could have eaten from 1999 different trees in the Garden besides that one! They didn't have to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. They had a lot of choice‚ a lot of variety to choose from‚ right? So the Lord is not unreasonable & I don't think He's too narrow-minded or too strict. He's been awful good to us!

5. SO RIGHT NOW IN TRYING TO FIND GOD'S WILL‚ I'M JUST DOING A LITTLE BIT LIKE I'VE SEEN & HEARD MY MOTHER DO MANY TIMES: Sometimes you may not know by the open doors‚ you just sort of get knocked around by the closed doors, the slammed doors, & then you know which way you have to go! You don't have much else left to do!—Amen?