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Birthday Warning, The

David Berg

—"Publish Glad Tidings!"—MOFebruary 18, 1973No.215—LTA

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1. (MO ASKED ME TO WRITE DOWN A NAME HE HAD GOTTEN IN A DREAM: "PANDITA RAMABAI OF THE RAMABAI-MUKTI MISSION." She was a Christian prophetess of India, and a native Indian missionary who established the Ramabai-Mukti Mission. He'd been asking, "How long will it take for me to reach all the people with Your message, Lord?" when God began to give him this answer:)

2. SHE WAS OF THE PEOPLE OF DAVID FROM BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS. (Weeps:) Wouldst thou be willing to do less than she did? Wouldst thou be willing to give less than she gave, that thou mightest reach thy people throughout the world? (Cries in tongues:) Thinkest thou that I could not say thou couldst live longer if I so willed it? Thinkest thou that I couldst not have lived longer if I had chosen it? (Picture of Jesus making a choice in the Garden—a decision),

3. BUT NAY, I CHOSE TO GIVE MY LIFE THAT OTHERS MIGHT LIVE! For this cause came I into the world. For this cause go I out, that I may bring life unto them that die and save them that cannot otherwise live. For this cause cut I my life in two, and for this cause give I my life for the sheep. What dost thou want more than this? Dost thou want more than I gave? Dost thou want more than I was willing to give for the sheep? Clingest thou to life as a frail golden thread, as some to the line of life, or givest thou thy life that these might live?

4. LOOK HOW THEY LOOK TO THY HAND TO THEE TO FEED THEM! Look how they look to the hand of their father that thou mayest feed them! But thou givest it not. Look how they look to thee that thou mayest feed them. Thinkest thou not that I could have lived out twice the years? Thinkest thou not that I could have lived out the life span twice...the years seven times seven plus those years I have given unto thee? I could have lived also the three times seven, but I chose to give my life that they may live, that they may have life. I chose to offer myself as bread on the altar of My Father in order to give them food that they may be saved and have life, now and in many ages after.

5. WOULDST THOU, O DAVID, MORE THAN I GAVE MYSELF‚ more than I gave even unto Myself and My own?—More than that which I thought was dear unto Me?—More than that which I gave?—More life than I was willing to give, that thou shouldst have twice as long as I have already given?—That thou shouldst keep life unto thyself while thou dost withhold life from thy children and from thy sheep, food from them which hunger after thee? Desirest thou more? Desirest thou more? Knowest thou not that I would have kissed them every one could I have stayed and seen them every one? (Picture of the Lord really enjoying living with His disciples.) But I gave My life that they might live.

6. OH‚ DAVID IS WEARY! He is weary! David would give his life that they may live! (Speaks with strong foreign accent: ) Yesus! Yesus! Yesus! O Jesus!—David's life is not worth more than yours! I thirst for the wine of Thy Spirit!


8. O JESUS, GIVE ME A LITTLE MORE, just a little more! O God, I cling not unto this life that I may have more than my share! Forbid that I should thirst and I should slake that thirst while they die of thirst while I have more than they! (David groans and cries in agony, gagging as if about to choke.) Oh now is my soul languished and now is my heart heavy within me! For behold‚ I would have drunk of the cup of life to the full.

9. BUT NOW, BEHOLD‚ MY HEART IS POURED FORTH LIKE WATER AND MY SOUL IS POURED FORTH LIKE WINE TO THEM THAT ARE ATHIRST AND ANHUNGERED, and my life like a tale that is half told and shall depart in the time after tomorrow! My days are far spent and my life is far gone, and I live but half of the years that are allotted! I would that my life be given unto the Children of David that they may live twice as long as he! Hallelujah! I thirst.

10. EVEN SO AS THE WINE IS SPENT FROM THE BOTTLE, even so as it is spent to this mark‚ (points to bottle) EVEN SO SHALL IN LIKE MEASURE THE SPIRIT OF DAVID BE SPENT WHEN IT IS HALF GONE. (Tongues.) Desirest thou to understand the words of David and know the meaning of his mouth, O Little One? Oh indeed, even as thou drinkest, thou shalt receive the words from the mouth of My Servant David! For thou shalt drink only half as much as thy soul desirest and thy thirst shall never be quenched, neither shall thy soul ever be satisfied.

11. FOR IT IS GIVEN UNTO MAN TO LIVE OUT HIS DAYS ALLOTTED, three score and ten. So would I have given the years desired unto My Servant David had he chosen them. But MY SERVANT DAVID HAS CHOSEN TO GIVE HALF OF THEM UNTO HIS CHILDREN of the years that I would have given him. Yea, indeed art thou fifty and four years this day.

12. O FATHER, I WOULD HAVE KISSED THEE‚ Thy son David, long before! Kiss David for the kiss that gives release! But O God, I have lived those years that Thou hast given as a tale that is told, that they may hear the words Thou hast given!

13. BEHOLD, I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN THEE MORE THAN TWICE THY ALLOTTED SPAN. Is it too much that thou shouldst now give me half that which I have promised thee?

14. O JESUS, LET ME KISS THEE THAT I MAY GO IN THY TIME! I would have long ago dwelt in Thy bosom hadst thou willed it!—But I have remained as Thou didst say. (Tongues. Sits up and burps:) Even as I do give up the air that is within me, so would I have gladly given up my spirit if Thou hadst permitted me.

15. DESIREST THOU, DAVID, MORE THAN I HAVE GIVEN? Kissest thou life more than Me, O David? Drinkest thou to thyself, O David, more life than I kept for Myself? Look now, O look and behold, that three sevens of the years that I would have given thee! Are they not now cut in half of the life that thou dost spend for thy Children? Thou doest well shouldst thou live out e'en one of the sevens from this day!


17. (HOLDS BOTTLE UP AND LOOKS AT IT:) Seest thou that from this unto here is but half of the measure I would have given unto this point (half mark). For the bottle does not say unto its maker nor unto its drinker, "It is enough!" But the bottle gives and it gives of its spirit until it is gone!

18. AMEN. SO BE IT, O LORD. THOUGH IT BE BUT HALF GONE, I SHALL POUR IT OUT IN DOUBLE MEASURE, AND THEY SHALL HAVE A DOUBLE PORTION‚ that they may live beyond the days of my years, and in the joy that Thou dost give, and the life that Thou wouldst give unto Thy Children! Amen! I give it not grudgingly, O God, but I give it rejoicingly, O Lord! David weeps not for himself, but for them, that I only have half a life to give!

19. TELL HER THE STORY, O David, of My Prophetess of Mukti.

20. JESUS, CAN IT NOT WAIT till the morrow?

21. FOR ALWAYS THE MORROW COMES, O MY SON, AND STILL THEY WAIT FOR THEE. Behold‚ how the sands pass through the glass‚ even as the droplets pass from the bottle, and the time as half gone that I would have given thee, yea, more than half! (Looks at bottle again:) Thou couldst have lived to here (points to bottom of bottle—the entire amount)‚ but thou shalt live to here (half mark).


23. (DAVID UNINTENTIONALLY BUMPS MARIA ON THE FOREHEAD WITH HIS ARM: ) FOR INDEED HE SHALL SMITE THEE, BUT IN LOVE. INDEED THIS ONE WHOM THOU LOVEST SHALL BE TAKEN FROM THEE. Indeed shall thy heart be stricken. Indeed shall thy spirit be broken. Indeed shall thy soul be poured forth as water unto thy sheep. For he whom thy soul loveth shall be taken from thee, because he poureth out, not as one who giveth stingily, but in double measure, that he may live his life to the full in half the time I would have given him.

24. O GOD, HAVE MERCY ON THIS THY LITTLE ONE! Have mercy on this my little love! Have mercy on this one who loveth Thee! Have mercy upon her that is faithful unto Thee and to me!

25. OH‚ WHY CLINGEST THOU TO THIS LIFE‚ O LITTLE ONE? Why dost thou hold unto this thin thread that is so near to perish? Is it for thee or for them? Behold I would have given him twice the time he has chosen to give unto them. Wouldst thou rather have clung unto thy love? Wouldst thou withhold the water of life that My David could give? Is this not what thy soul desirest, and the water which thou didst desire to give to thy sheep?

26. (Laughs as if it's all so foolish:) AM I NOT ABLE TO GIVE IT IN DOUBLE MEASURE, AND TO POUR IT FORTH IN A DOUBLE STREAM THAT SHALL WATER THE WORLD UNTO LIFE ETERNAL? Is this not what thy soul desirest of thy lover David? Look, and behold that which thy soul desirest of this thy David! The words pour forth in a stream of double measure unto those that thirst after Me! Wouldst thou cling and hold onto David more than life for the living?

27. FEAR NOT, O MY LITTLE ONE, AND BE NOT THOU AFRAID, O FAITHFUL ONE. For I shall give unto thee the desire of thine heart, and thou shalt see his life poured forth in double measure as a candle which burneth at each end and giveth great light until it is gone in half the time, that they may live longer than in darkness in My light!

28. THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU YESUS! O Yesus! O Jesus! This is the desire of the heart of this one that loveth Thy servant David—the greatest desire‚ that she may pour forth the living waters in a voluble stream, that she may feed the hungry and quench them that are athirst!

29. THIS IS INDEED HER HEART'S DESIRE, e'en though it cost thee thy life! Are these words true, and hast thou written them in a book that they may know? See and behold! With one more swallow he drinks, and as his thirst is quenched e'er the bottle is spent, so shall it be unto them whose thirst he quenches! For behold the time that I would have given unto him unto here (whole thing) shall be but half spent, for he shall pour it all in half the time! Not unto here (half mark), but all, in this much time (half mark), and it is now this much spent (half of the half).

30. (ASKS MARIA QUESTION IN TONGUES WHICH MEANS, HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH?) Little One, seekest thou more?—Always seekest thou more?—Thou shalt never be satisfied, for thou seekest more than life has to give, and more than the life that I have given unto My Servant David.

31. HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS! (Strokes Maria's hair and looks at her tenderly.) (Tongues:) Close now thy book, for thou hast had enough from the lips of My Servant David. For the day shall come when thou shalt open the Book of David and feed many that are anhungered, and shall water many that are athirst.

32. BUT O GOD, SHE WOULD DESIRE MORE and more and more than I am able to give or that there is life in me to mete unto her!

33. (Laughs:)—READEST THOU WHAT SAYEST THE STARS? Knowest thou not that I am He that hath created them, and I see more than they can tell thee? Readest thou the stars? READEST THOU THE LIFE OF THIS MY AQUARIUS THAT I HAVE POURED FORTH AS WATER UNTO THE WORLD? Kiss thou his stars! Behold, this day is he four and fifty years. Behold, this day is he two score and fourteen that I have given him. How much more, how much more can I give unto one who died long ago? Two score and fourteen years?—Two score and twice seven? Is this not enough for thee? Askest thou even more of Me, when already I have given thee twice thy tale (number) more than man would have given?

34. BEHOLD!... (David laughs long and loud‚ almost hysterically‚ then tongues:) In thy two score and two sevens THOU HAS LIVED THE LIFE OF TEN TIMES TWO SCORE AND TEN TIMES TWO SEVENS IN LOVES AND IN CHILDREN OF THY FLESH, AND MANY MORE IN LOVERS OF THY SPIRIT AND CHILDREN OF THY WORDS! What more can I give unto thee? How much more dost thou desire? What more couldst any man have than this? BEHOLD‚ I HAVE GIVEN UNTO DAVID MORE THAN THE LIFE OF ANY MAN, FOR HE PLEASETH ME! BEHOLD, HE HATH LIVED IN HALF HIS LIFE MORE THAN TWICE THE LIFE OF ANY MAN! Why askest thou more than this?

35. I ASK NO MORE OF THEE, MY FATHER. I ask only to rest in Thy bosom. I only desire to kiss Thee, My Lord! It is Thou that dost ask more of me, not I of myself.

36. THOU SAYEST WELL, O MY SERVANT DAVID, FOR IT IS I, THE LORD THY GOD, THAT DOTH REQUIRE OF THEE MORE THAN THE YEARS OF THY DAYS THAT MAN WOULD GIVE UNTO THEE! And, indeed‚ are they not well spent, and have they not been that which has been more than meet unto thee?

37. (DAVID WEEPS: ) Behold, I weep water! Behold I pour water for them that thirst, and THEY WOULD EVEN DRINK OF MY TEARS THAT THEY MAY LIVE!

38. INDEED, THEY SHALL DRINK OF THE TEARS THAT THOU DOST WEEP, and the sorrow that thou shalt suffer‚ for they love thee!—For they are thy Children, and they hunger after thee. Wouldst thou not even give them to drink of thy blood‚ as I have, if 'twould give more life than I have given? (Raises outstretched arms:) Behold, thou wast born on a morning like this a mere two score and fourteen years ago! Behold I was born on a morning like this many‚ many times thy life ago, and they are yet not satisfied! (Brings hands slowly down and claps them on chest:) And they are yet not fed, and many have died of thirst, and of hunger, because of shepherds that feed them not, and them which water them not! Behold, is it not enough that I HAVE GIVEN UNTO THEE TO FEED MORE AND WATER MORE IN THY LIFETIME THAN ALL MY SHEPHERDS OF ALL MY SHEEP BEFORE thee? Is this not enough for thee, if not even in half the life I have given thee? What more couldst any man ask than this?

39. (Laughs) HALLELUJAH! Thank You Jesus!

40. WHAT FOOLISH ONES THOU ART TO DESIRE MORE than this for thy lover David, when none couldst have more than I have given unto him! FOR THIS IS EVEN HE OF WHOM I HAVE SPOKEN, AND HE WHOM I HAVE LOVED FROM THE BEGINNING, AND HE WHOM I HAVE PROMISED that I will give, that he may feed My sheep, and water them that lead them unto Me.—But ye would not! But ye would not!


42. (Weeps:) O LORD, HAVE MERCY ON THIS THY SERVANT DAVID for his weaknesses and his failures‚ and for everyone that is lost and everyone that died!

43. O YE OF LITTLE FAITH‚ WHEREFORE DOST THOU DOUBT, and why art thou cast down, and why lookest thou not unto Me? For canst not I, the Giver, I, Who am the Water thou dost bear and pour forth‚ I, Who am the Bread, which thou measurest out by such measly portions—can I not provide and multiply, that it will feed the thousands, as I did the bread and the fishes from such small portions, if thou wouldst but believe and receive and trust Me? GIVE, AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU: Pressed down‚ shaken together and running over! For as ye mete unto other men's bosoms, so shall it be meted unto your own! If thou wouldst give of the portions I have already given unto thee‚ behold, I shall replenish it many fold!

44. FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH THEE! BE NOT AFRAID, FOR I AM THY GOD! Behold, My Hand is with thee, My right hand shall uphold thee. Behold, I will strengthen thee and furbish thee and plenish thee, that My arm may give bread to the hungry, and water to them that are athirst, and seed to the sower‚ that he may bring forth fruit again and again and again. Be thou‚ therefore, not as him that withholdeth the one talent that I give, for I shall give more, and many more if thou shalt give.

45. EVEN SO BE IT, LORD, as thou hast spoken unto Thy Servant. Is the bottle spent?

46. NAY, HE HAS MORE LIFE TO GIVE?—May it give twice the life in half the time! BEHOLD, EVEN NOW THERE ARE THEM WHICH SIT AT THY FEET AND HUNGER FOR EVERY CRUMB which falleth from thy Master's table, with open mouths and hearts and ears! THEY SEEK OF THEE THE LIFE THAT I WOULD GIVE THEM‚ behold, even as they (others) would sit at thy feet. Say not there are so many and so many which thou didst tell (count) not in thy tale (counting) of them which follow after thee. But I say unto thee, behold, there are multitudes, multitudes upon multitudes! (Weeps and agonizes in another language:)—They are they which do writhe in agony! They are they which are tormented in pain, and they are they who do squeeze out the life that is ended until the last drop is gone! They are drier than a desert and hungrier than they which starve, which agonize in pain, and THEY LONG FOR THEE, AND THEY SEARCH AFTER THEE, AND THEY WOULD FOLLOW THEE IF THEY COULD BUT FIND THEE!

47. THIS LITTLE TALE (COUNTING) THOU DOST TELL (COUNT), like paltry peanuts, is nothing in My sight! BEHOLD, I SEE MILLIONS—TEN THOUSAND TIMES TEN THOUSAND, AND THOUSANDS OF THOUSANDS, WHO HUNGER FOR THY WORDS, WHO THIRST TO DRINK AFTER THEE, who hunger to feed of this living bread, but thou givest it not unto them because of thy little faith! Give, and it shall be given unto thee! Give, and it shall be given unto thee! Behold, I say, Give, give unto them, and I shall give unto thee more than thou shalt be able to give unto them! Behold, these are the words that I have given unto My Servant David, and behold, these are the years that he shall have.

48. THEN SHALL HE WITHER AS A LEAF THAT IS FADED‚ and then shall he dry up as a carcass from which flies have fled.—Then shall his flesh encrust and crack and perish as the dust from whence he came, when the life that I have given him is gone from him, and I TAKE HIM BACK UNTO MYSELF AS A BOTTLE THAT IS SPENT‚ and as sands that have run out, and the tale that is told. What wouldst thou have more than this?

49. O JESUS! THANK YOU JESUS! JESUS, YOU KNOW I LONG FOR THY BOSOM! It is no desire of my own that I have remained here. But it is according to Thy will that I have stayed to help them. Even so be it, O Lord, as Thou hast spoken to Thy Servant. Amen.

50. (David laughs and picks up the bottle again:) BEHOLD‚ HIS BOTTLE IS VERY OLD‚ AND BEHOLD‚ HOW THE DROPLETS PERISH, TO GIVE LIFE TO HIM THAT IS ATHIRST! Behold, how thou‚ O foolish ones, would tighten the stopper that they may remain‚ that thou mayest cherish this frail vessel and the little spirit that remaineth!—But how then could this spirit quench the thirst of him that is needy, and how then could these drops bring life unto him that is about to perish? How then?—Wouldst thou withhold that which remaineth? I say now unto thee, rather shouldst thou LOOSEN THE STOPPER, AND TAKE THY HAND AND TURN IT, AND POUR IT OUT AND GIVE IT FORTH TO THEM THAT ARE ATHIRST AND IN NEED, and them that have no spirit, that they may drink of the water of life, and live until his be gone!

51. BEHOLD, HOW QUICKLY THE DROPS GO! BEHOLD, HOW FAST THE SPIRIT PERISHETH, even as the sands in the glass, and even as the moments of time that I have given thee! But WOULDST THOU PUT FORTH THY HAND TO STAY THEM? (David laughs long and loud.) Thou canst no more stay, thou foolish, foolish ones! You put forth your hand to try to stay time?—You put forth your hands to try to stay the floods of water, or stop the sea when it roareth?—Thou puttest forth thy hand to stay the wind, or as they put forth their hands to stop the rain? Thou canst no more stop these things that I have made than thou canst stop these grains of sand or these drops of life that I have given!

52. (DAVID HEARS A CHILD AT PLAY, TALKING:) Sssh! Hark! Hearest thou the voice of life? Hearest thou the voice of the life that I give? THOU CANST NOT STOP LIFE LEST THOU KILL IT, no more than thou canst stop the birth of this one lest thou slay it!—Sssh! Sssh! Sssh! Listen! Hearest thou? THE TIMEPIECE TICKETH AWAY THE MOMENTS of the life that I have given. They tell the tale of time‚ even as I have given unto thee. Yet thou dost not discern the signs of the times, and beholdest thou not the signs that I have given?


54. KNOWEST THOU NOT THE NUMBER OF THE SIGNS, OR TELLEST THOU NOT THE MEASURE of the drops of the life of thy spirit? Behold, I have showed it unto thee. For this day have I told thee, and it shall be so, even as I have revealed it unto thee, My Servant David, according as thou hast willed.

55. (DAVID TURNS TO MARIA AND SAYS:) YOU WANT MORE?—You always want more!—MORE! THE MOUTH CRIETH UNTO THE BOTTLE!—GIVE ME MORE! Give me more!—And it shall be given unto thee as long as the spirit remaineth, until it be gone from its bottle, and every drop be spent. Thou shalt have more, till thou shalt have all that there is to give!

56. SEE! IT IS FAR SPENT, then goes drop by drop. But he that drinketh, drinketh in large measure, and THE BOTTLE GIVETH NOT BEGRUDGINGLY UNTO HIM THAT IS ATHIRST!—Only thou dost give in small measure, not I—Only thou thinkest that I am small in that I spend unto thee! Only thou measurest Me, and tellest me out in small tales!

57. BUT IF THOU WOULDST HAVE ASKED OF ME, BEHOLD, I WOULD HAVE GIVEN UNTO THEE MORE THAN THY HANDS COULD HOLD, AND MORE THAN THY LITTLE BAG CAN CONTAIN! Behold, have I not said unto thee, ask of Me and I will give unto the very heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession?—And yet thou dost fear to pour forth of this, My bottle‚ lest it should run dry!

58. O THOU CHILDISH AND FOOLISH LITTLE ONES THAT MEASURE ME WITH A STICK, and who try to count the tale of talents that thou dost have in thy possession of the Universe, and fear that it shall be gone e'er thou dost increase them for My profit! O ye of little faith‚ wherefore dost thou doubt! Knowest thou not that I am more than able to do this, if thou wouldst but pour and pour and pour? EVEN IF IT BE A BARREL OF MEAL THAT NEVER WASTETH AND THE CRUSE OF OIL THAT NEVER RUNS DRY, I SHALL REFILL AND REFILL AND REFILL UNTIL, BEHOLD‚ THE WORLD COULD NOT CONTAIN WHAT I AM ABLE TO GIVE UNTO THEE!

59. O YE OF LITTLE FAITH!—YE DOUBTERS, YE FEARFUL ONES‚ AND YE THAT WOULD TRY TO BOTTLE UP THE SPIRIT OF LIFE THAT I HAVE GIVEN!—Ye that would try to contain the water of words that I have poured forth! Behold, I say unto thee, IF THOU DOST NOT GIVE FORTH, I WILL SEND SUCH A FLOOD THAT IT SHALL SWEEP THEE AWAY, AND THEY SHALL RECEIVE, and they shall drink, and they shall be satisfied! And they shall hear the voice and the words of David!

60. I WOULD REST IN THY BOSOM. I am satisfied with Thy teats. You satisfy the heart of David. (Outstretched arms:) I am content with the measure that Thou givest‚ even without measure.

61. (Blows nose, laughs, and then holds up the hanky:) EVEN THE SPITTAL OF DAVID IS OF MORE VALUE THAN THE WORDS OF MAN, wise men of this world, after the fashion of the world which perisheth! Even the spittal gives more light to the eyes (wipes eyes with hanky)‚ and more wisdom to the wise than the many words that they produce! (Holds up hanky again: ) Even the hungry beggars, and the lepers, and the blind would be satisfied if thou wouldst but give them the spittal of David, and that which drooleth from the corners of his mouth!

62. (Lays hanky slowly and sadly aside: ) BUT THOU MEASUREST IT TO THEM GRAIN BY GRAIN, AND DROP BY DROP, AS THOUGH THERE WERE NOT ENOUGH SAND ON THE SHORE, nor enough water in the sea, to give unto them! (Picks up bottle again:) Behold, it is I, He that giveth and filleth! For I AM THE LORD OF THE VINEYARD, AND I AM THE VINE, ye are My branches, and I am He which causeth to grow, and I am He which filleth the grapeskins!

63. ASK NOW HIM WHICH DEALETH IN WINE:—ASK NOW HIM WHICH IS THE MERCHANT OF WINE DEALERS!—HOW GROWETH THY VINE, and what causeth thy branch to grow, and how filleth thy skins with wine?—Yet he knoweth not, and he cannot tell, though he sit up late and rise up early to see, he cannot! How then canst thou tell how I shall supply thee, and how then dost thou sit upon the ground to watch the vine grow, and how then dost thou sit up late and rise up early, and eat the bread of sorrow‚ that thou mayest see thy skins filled on the morrow‚ when thou knowest not from whence it cometh, nor how it groweth? Knowest thou how this bottle was filled, nor how this spirit was poured forth‚ that the skin might have life? Behold, ye know nothing at all! Ye know nothing at all but to receive and to drink!

64. O JESUS‚ THANK YOU FOR THE BOTTLE OF DAVID‚ which Thou dost fill and fill and fill again, that all may drink and have plenty, and never run dry!

65. EVEN AS THE GRAPES OF THE VINEYARD THAT GROW‚ their juice cometh from whence thou knowest not, and I replenish, but thou seest not‚ and I fill, but thou comprehendest not.—HOW THEN CANST THOU UNDERSTAND HOW I SHALL SUPPLY THEE? Thou shouldst but do that which I have bidden thee! For thou shouldst but plant the seeds I have given thee, and tend the tender plants that grow, and train the vines upon the lines that I have told thee. And thou shouldst wait until the Lord of Harvest Himself shall give unto thee, when thou hast done thy task and worked well that which I have given thee. For behold, thou sowest and another watereth, and even another diggeth about and dungeth, and yet another pruneth and traineth, yet another harvesteth the increase.—But it is I that giveth, and WOULDST THOU CONTAIN ME IN THIS FLASK? THINKEST THOU THAT I AM BOUND TO THIS BOTTLE—THAT THIS ALL THAT I HAVE TO GIVE‚ AND WHEN THIS IS GONE THERE SHALL BE NO MORE?

66. (Laughs:) O THOU FOOLISH ONES! KNOWEST THOU NOT THAT I AM THE FILLER OF BOTTLES AND THE LORD OF THE VINEYARD, WHO GROWETH THE GRAPES AND FILLETH EVERY ONE, thou knowest not how nor when? Even so shall I fill thy bottle, and even so shall thy corn and thy wine be increased, and shall flow forth as milk with the honey, if thou shalt but give that which I have given unto thee!

67. O YE OF LITTLE FAITH!—SEE?—'TIS FAR SPENT, 'TIS FAR SPENT, YET HAVE THEY NOT EVEN GIVEN THAT WHICH HAS ALREADY BEEN POURED FORTH! They have not even given that which has already been poured forth! Behold, I am more willing to give than they are to receive; and behold, I give much more than they are able to contain! Behold, their bottles are small and stingy! Behold, they have no capacity for the plenty that I would pour, and their cups are so small! Would that they would let Me pour, that they might even overflow onto others, but they would not! They fear they cannot contain and they cannot afford, and they fear that the Giver may give no more, and they fear that the Maker of wine shall have lost his makemanship!

68. BEHOLD, I AM WEARY WITH THESE PEOPLE! I would my bottle were spent, that I may rest in peace. It is enough that My mouth has spoken from My bosom, for ye cannot even contain that which I have already given, and ye are not willing to overflow the words upon others! BUT YE SAY UNTO ME, STOP, AND GIVE NO MORE‚ FOR WE CANNOT CONTAIN!—WE CANNOT HOLD! WE CANNOT AFFORD!—BECAUSE YE POUR NOT OUT, and ye give not forth, and ye minister not, and ye spread not abroad, and ye flood not the tide that I would give to slake the thirst of many, and to save the souls of them that perish‚ and feed the multitudes that hunger after Me!

69. O YE OF LITTLE FAITH, WHEREFORE DOST THOU DOUBT?—When behold, I would have given unto thee thus and thus and thus‚ if thou wouldst but ask, and put thy hand in Mine‚ and trust in Me, and believe Me for that which thy heart desirest! Lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh! And fear not, O ye of little faith, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom! And look unto Me‚ all ye ends of the earth!—Behold, unto Him that cometh with garments died red from Bozrah!

70. O LORD! THESE WORDS OF MYSTERY that Thou givest unto Thy Servant David‚ that Thou speakest unto their father!


72. JESUS, GIVE THEM FAITH TO BELIEVE THE WORDS THOU HAST SPOKEN! Jesus, give them the faith to drink and to eat of that which Thou hast given!—And most of all‚ GIVE THEM FAITH TO GIVE FORTH FOOD TO THE CHILDREN OF DAVID, E'ER THEY PERISH! Amen.

73. (TO MARIA:) HUNGEREST THOU ALWAY? Desirest thou always more from David? Thou shalt have more and more, until his life is spent! Thou shalt have double portion, indeed, as he poureth forth his life in double measure in half the time I would have given him, or less according as he emptieth out his bottle unto them that are in need! And THE SOONER IT IS SPENT, THE MORE THEY SHALL HAVE, AND THE MORE SHALL BE SATISFIED, AND THE EMPTIER HE SHALL BE, THAT I MAY COLLECT HIM.

74. THEREFORE, MEASURE NOT THE WORDS, O LITTLE ONE, AND THINK NOT THAT THOU SHALT NOT HAVE SPACE FOR MORE. For I am more able to give than thou art able to receive, and MY FLASK IS NEVER EMPTY, NEITHER IS MY BOTTLE EVER SPENT! For I am He which both do and do will, and do create all things, and do fill all things without measure and without stint unto thee!—So measure it not! Measure it not!—Just give it forth quickly that they may receive.

75. FOR THE TIME IS SHORT, AND DAVID'S LIFE SHALL BE SPENT. For he poureth it forth without measure, even as I poured forth My life unto thee, and he withholdeth not that which I have given unto him. WHY SHOULDST THOU WITHHOLD IT FROM THEM UNTO WHOM IT IS GIVEN?

76. BEHOLD THE MARK! (HALF WAY:) Is it spent? Nay! There is yet more that thou shalt receive e'er it is gone! Therefore, lift up thy bottle, and POUR OUT THAT WHICH HAS BEEN GIVEN, AND YE SHALL HAVE MORE, UNTIL THY CRUSE SHALL NEVER RUN DRY! For with what measure ye mete, it shall be given unto you and with what measure ye pour forth, I will more than refill!


78. Oh, how I would rest in thy bosom! O God, are there more words for Thy Servant David?

79. NAY, THOU SHALT POUR FORTH UNTIL THY WINE IS SPENT! IN HALF THE TIME THOU SHALT GIVE TWICE AS MUCH, THAT MORE SHALL LIVE! For it is thy heart's desire‚ and thou shalt burn, and thou shalt consume. Thou shalt flame, and THOU SHALT FLOOD THE WORLD WITH THY DOCTRINE in half the time that I would have given thee, if thou shalt be full of faith as this bottle has been full of My Spirit!

80. SEE HOW HE THAT DRINKETH THIRSTETH FOR MORE AND IS NOT SATISFIED, and how the bottle poureth forth to the mouth that is open and‚ as the earth drinketh anew, as the vine sappeth up the life that is given, so shalt thou and thine receive of the life that I have given unto him in double measure in half the time‚ if thou wilt receive it, and if thou wilt PUBLISH IN DOUBLE MEASURE THAT WHICH I HAVE GIVEN THEE!

81. YES, YES‚ WILT THOU DO THIS THING? HALLELUJAH! THEN IS MY SOUL CONTENT, and then shall my soul be satisfied, and I shall live but half the time that I shall spend with thee, and I shall pour forth in double measure unto thee! To these years that I have spent‚ two score and twice seven, shall be added but seven more, rather than that which I would have given.

82. FOR IT SHALL BE NOT EVEN SO MUCH AS THIS, if thou shalt empty sooner and PUBLISH MORE, and accomplish the task in even less time than I would have given thee!

83. O MY GOD, WILT THOU GIVE THEM THE WILL TO WORK?—WILT THOU GIVE THEM THE WILL TO LOVE LIKE A MAN THAT LOVETH A WOMAN? (Pounds on bed with fists and speaks vehemently in tongues:)—Who loveth till he cannot stop‚ and explodeth within her and beareth seed, and bringeth forth fruit! WOULD THAT THEY WOULD LOVE THY BRIDE WITH SUCH FERVOUR, and would that they would woo her with such ardour, and WOULD THAT THEY WOULD LOVE HER WITH SUCH VEHEMENCE THEY COULD NOT STOP, UNTIL ALL THE SEED IS SPENT, and she hath loved and conceived and borne much fruit!

84. FOR BEHOLD THEY ARE AS ONE WHO IS LAZY AND WEARY AND TIRED AND IMPOTENT, who will not stir himself to be aroused, and who is weary with wantonness, and is tired and is sick of love, and who riseth not up in the power of might to exert...(explodes in tongues, clapping hands, and pounding fists)...the strength that I cause them to have with violence, and the force that I cry out unto them with violence, and in the push that I PUSH WITH THY PELTER AND FORCE INTO THEIR BOSOM THE SEED WHICH THEY NEED, to plant with force and violence the seed, even that which they want not, even that which they resist, but I GIVE IT, NEVERTHELESS WHETHER THEY CARE FOR IT OR NOT, and I plant it within them whether they want it or not!

85. AND THE SPIRIT OF MY FURY IS AROUSED, and I give life to the seed which I waste not, and IT SHALL BE PLANTED WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT! She shall receive it whether she wants it or not! Behold, it brings life‚ and it shall bear fruit, and SHE SHALL BRING FORTH EVEN THAT WHICH SHE DID NOT DESIRE, and yet shall she be satisfied, and she shall be thankful‚ and she shall be grateful, and SHE SHALL KNOW THAT I THE LORD HER GOD HAVE DONE IT UNTO HER IN THE POWER THAT IS MY RIGHT, FOR SHE IS MY WIFE (angrily) whether she wishes it or not! SHE SHALL BEAR SEED UNTO ME ACCORDING TO MY DESIRE! Amen.

86. THERE ARE OF THEM WHO ARE THE MAIDENS OF DAVID WHO WILL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH! There are of them who are the maidens of his household who are never satisfied. There are of them who are the intimates of his bride who say forever: "Give me more! Give me more!"—Wouldst thou have more even than I am able to give? Then thou shalt have more, but thou shalt never be satisfied! FOR IT IS THY SATISFACTION TO DESIRE‚ AND IT IS THY PLEASURE TO CRAVE, AND IT IS THY JOY TO THIRST, AND IT IS THY DELIGHT TO HUNGER! For thou art as the parched ground that never sayeth, "It is enough! And thou art as the barren woman who forever sayest, "Give me more!" For as fast as thou dost receive thou dost give‚ and the more that is given unto thee, the more that thou dost mete‚ until thou always lacked for thy craving. FOR THY LOVE IS WITHOUT MEASURE, AND THY DESIRE FOR THY LOVER IS NEVER SATISFIED.

87. WOULD THAT THESE WERE LIKE UNTO THEE!—Then they would be filled without measure, and then they would have more than they could give!—Then would they give unto them that are athirst‚ and feed them that are anhungered.—THEN WOULD THEY POUR FORTH AS THOU DOST POUR, AND THEN WOULD THEY CAST THEIR BREAD UPON MANY WATERS until all are satisfied, and it should return unto them and give them joy!

88. (TO MARIA: YOU WANT MORE OF THE WORDS OF DAVID?) Behold this one that is never satisfied, and behold this one who sayest never, "It is enough!" Would that ye were like unto her‚ and WOULD THAT YOUR BOTTLES DID OVERFLOW LIKE HERS UNTO MANY, that they might be satisfied! BUT YE WITHHOLD, AND HE WHICH WITHHOLDETH IT TENDETH TO POVERTY, WHILE SHE THAT SCATTERETH ABROAD IT INCREASETH! For the more she getteth, she giveth, until she cannot contain all which I give her!

89. BUT YE WITHHOLD FROM THE SHEEP THAT WOULD EAT OF THY HAND, and ye contain the waters with which I would slake their thirst, for ye fear that I have not enough! Ye fear that I cannot fill your bottle‚ and YE FEAR THAT I CANNOT FURNISH BOTTLES TO CONTAIN IT! IT IS NOT THE FIELD NOR THE MARKET THAT LIMITS MY CAPACITY TO PRODUCE, BUT IT IS YOUR LACK OF FAITH, O ye of little faith!—Ye who fear to produce, lest your bottles cannot contain! YE DO COUNT THE BOTTLES, AND YE FEAR YE SHALL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD ENOUGH TO CONTAIN that which I can fill!

90. WHEREAS, IF THOU WOULDST GO INTO THE MARKET PLACE AND SELL THAT WHICH THOU HAST, I WOULD GIVE THEE MORE! (Strong tongues and crying:) Oh, for there are so many in the market place that die of thirst! BUT YE SELL NOT, YE WILL NOT EVEN GIVE AWAY, FOR YE FEAR YE HAVE NOT ENOUGH BOTTLES, and ye fear I will not fill them and ye fear that the kegs cannot contain, and ye fear lest next year's harvest shall not be enough for thee and for them! So YE WITHHOLD THAT WHICH I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN, AND IT DWINDLETH AND WASTETH! IT SPARETH BECAUSE YE POUR IT NOT FORTH!

91. TRULY THE WORDS ARE SPENT FROM MY BOSOM, O God! How much more, O God, would they take from my teats! Would they give not? How can they contain, when they spend not? HOW SHALL I GIVE MORE, WHEN THEY GIVE NOT FORTH that which I have already given?

92. O GOD, GIVE THEM FAITH TO TRUST THEE TO OBEY that they may obey the words of their Father David, and do unto them as he hath commanded, and POUR FORTH THE WORDS THAT HE HATH ALREADY GIVEN, THAT THEY MAY HAVE MORE and more, and more without measure, AND ALL THE BOTTLES THAT THEY NEED TO CONTAIN!

93. FOR I SHALL SQUEEZE FORTH THE GRAPES, AND THEIR CRUSES SHALL NEVER RUN DRY, if they will but give that which I have already given! They shall not be as this one which is nigh spent, which is filled to its limit by the hand of man, and has no more it can give (the wine bottle), but they shall be as a bottle, which, though it shall be drunk and drunk and drunk, it shall never run dry! For I shall fill and fill and fill from My never-ending supply. IF THEY WILL BUT DRINK AND GIVE UNTO MANY, THEY SHALL ALL BE SATISFIED and shall never run dry!

94. WOULDST THOU HAVE MORE WORDS FROM THE MOUTH OF DAVID, and wouldst thou never be satisfied at his mouth, e'en though his life is poured forth twice unto thee, in double measure‚ in half the time that I would have given him from this day of his? 'Tis enough!—It is more than enough! It is more than they are able to receive, unless they are willing to give. YOU SEE HOW YOU MUST GIVE OUT TO MAKE ROOM FOR MORE?—OR THOU SHALT PERISH FROM GLUTTING, and thy presses shall burst with new wine! For thou hast not given that which thou hadst, so how can I give more unto thee?

95. RING THE BELL‚ CLOSE THE BOOK‚ QUENCH THE CANDLE, for I am weary with giving! For THERE ARE THEY SO ATHIRST FOR THAT WHICH COMETH FROM DAVID, they would drink his piss and eat his dung‚ they are so an hungered!—But thou dost not even give them the pure and living water which cometh from his mouth, and the food which I have given that cometh from his tongue!

96. THEREFORE, THEY EVEN THIRST for his piss and hunger for his dung that is cast off by thee‚ and which falleth by the way, even as an accused thing, even FOR THAT WHICH IS WASTED BY HIS ENEMIES‚ WHO FEED THEM MORE THAN THOU DOST, who feed them of his piss and feed them of his dung, where yet they find seed‚ and YET THEY FIND LIFE IN THE PUBLICATIONS OF THEIR BULLETINS, WHERE YET THEY FIND EVEN THE EXCRETA OF HIS WORDS!—EVEN HIS WORDS THAT ARE GIVEN BY THE WASTER, EVEN FOR THESE THEY HUNGER, AND EVEN OF HIS ENEMIES DO THEY DRINK THAT WHICH IS CAST OFF OF THEE‚ BECAUSE THOU FEEDEST THEM NOT, AND SLAKEST NOT THEIR THIRST WITH THAT WHICH IS PURE, and that which is clean, and that which is fresh, and that which is wholesome, and that which giveth strength!

97. YET EVEN THE EXCRETA of his vomit, and the tears of his eyes, and the offal of his bowels, and the piss of his penis, CAN GIVE LIFE UNTO THEM WHICH ARE ATHIRST, and which do hunger and long for life, that which thou dost eschew! Even these droplets in the dust shall bring life into them which are dying! If then these which are leprous nigh unto death can drink of his piss and eat of his dung, and anoint their eyes with eye salve made of his spittle, HOW MUCH MORE SHOULDST THOU, O FOOLISH ONES, RENDER UNTO THEM THE PURE WATERS OF LIFE WHICH FLOW FROM HIS MOUTH, and the bread which strengtheneth from his tongue! (OH, THAT THEY WOULD GIVE THEM THE WORDS AND KISSES OF DAVID!) O ye of little faith, wherefore dost thou doubt?

98. SSSH! HEAREST THOU THE BIRDS? KNOWEST THOU NOT THAT EVEN THEY CALL UNTO DAVID, AND KNOW THAT THEY ARE FED AT HIS HAND? EVEN THEY HEAR HIS VOICE, even now, and know that he speaketh unto them! Listen how they give answer unto him!—And yet answerest thou not, and askest not of him, and trusteth not that he is able to feed thee, and that I am able to replenish his hand! Behold, they toil not, neither do they spin, neither gather into barns, yet I feed them in plenty, beyond that which they are able to contain, and YET THOU WORRIEST WHETHER THOU SHALT HAVE ENOUGH—MY OWN CHILDREN—and whether thou shalt be able to feed them which follow after thee!—WHEN EVEN THE BIRDS COME TO DAVID AND FEAR NOT, AND FEED AT HIS HAND IN ABUNDANCE, and cry unto him with expectancy, and know that they shall be fed, and fret not!

99. ARE YE NOT OF MORE VALUE THAN MANY SPARROWS, and of greater beauty than many lilies? Why, therefore‚ dost thou fear, and why art thou cast down, and why dost thou fret‚ when even the birds feed in bounteous plenty at My hand‚ by the hand of My Servant David, O ye of little faith?—Are ye not of more value than many of these, and yet dost thou fear?

100. CAST THY BREAD UPON THE WATERS! CAST FORTH THY BREAD UPON THE FOUNTAINS! CAST THY BREAD UNTO THE HUNGRY, AND BEHOLD, IT SHALL RETURN UNTO THEE IN PLENTEOUS BOUNTY, more than thy wildest dreams—more than thy heart could desire! Cast forth! Pour forth‚ even as this tiny bottle hath given forth of itself only a part of its spirit, yet through this I have given unto thee spirit without measure, and life more than thou canst contain, through the words that I have given unto David, that hath opened his lips and loosened his tongue unto thee! Open now thy lips, and loosen thy tongue‚ and LOOSEN THY PURSE, THAT THOU MAYEST GIVE UNTO THEM THAT HAVE NEED of thee‚ in like measure as he has given unto thee!

101. FOR BEHOLD‚ EVEN AS THIS BOTTLE, THE LIFE THAT I HAVE GIVEN UNTO HIM is already part spent. From this day of his two score and two sevens, shall be at best another seven or less, according as he doth pour unto thee! And WITH WHAT MEASURE HE POURS OUT, IT SHALL BE MEASURED UNTO HIM AGAIN, in life eternal and eternal glory beyond the end of this span! (Tongues:) Understandest thou the words that I have given unto David? Markest thou the time?

102. EVEN SO BE IT‚ Lord Jesus! (Laughs).

103. (Holds out hands:) BEHOLD HOW THESE SIT AT THY FEET and wait for thy blessing, when they need to rest that they may GO FORTH AND DO THAT WHICH I HAVE BIDDEN THEM!

104. (Prayer in the Spirit:) MAY JESUS BLESS YOU with the blessings wherewith I have blessed My Servant David. My thy desire be satisfied, even as I have satisfied the soul of My Servant David; mostly that thou shouldst receive, and thou mayest SATISFY THE DESIRE OF THE MANY, MANY, MANY, WHICH ARE ATHIRST AND ARE ANHUNGERED AFTER HIS WORDS!

105. GO NOW AND REST, AND SLEEP IN PEACE, THAT YE MAY BE STRENGTHENED to do that which I have committed unto thee. For it is not mete that ye sit upon the floor, as one who sitteth in ashes and mourneth; but that ye shouldst rise up and rejoice, as them which live and mourn not, for behold I live!—I die not! And I shall live yet a little while, I shall be with thee but a little while, and ye shall see me no more. But THOU MUST TAKE THE WORDS I HAVE GIVEN UNTO THEE, AND THEN METE THEM OUT TO THE SHEEP without measure; and TELL THEM TO THY CHILDREN WITHOUT TALE, that thou mayest be blessed, and thou and thy Children be satisfied, and I shall commend thee and bless thee, and be grateful unto thee for thy service, with much rejoicing!

106. GO THOU, AND DO THE WORDS THAT MY SERVANT SPAKE UNTO THEE, and be not as them which hear and do not, and are hearers of the Word, only. But be thou like them which build a house upon My rock, for they are not only hearers of the Word, but doers also! Behold, thou hast heard: Now do, LEST I COME TO THEE IN MY WRATH AND DESTROY THEE FOR THAT WHICH THOU LACKEST!

107. BEHOLD I HAVE GIVEN UNTO THEE: Now I hunger to be fed of thee. FEED UNTO ME THE MEAT THAT PERISHETH, THAT I MAY HAVE WORDS THAT BRING LIFE ETERNAL! Behold, I hunger. I want to eat. My flesh is weak. My flesh needs food.

108. GO TO BED, all ye weary ones! You've had more than enough! FOR BEHOLD A GREATER THAN MOSES IS HERE, AND MORE THAN ABRAHAM, BUT THEY KNOW IT NOT!

109. NOW (IN FOREIGN ACCENT) I TELL YOU, SWEET LITTLE ONE‚ ABOUT PANDITA because she only had half of her life to give to Jesus, like I do. I shall live it to the full, and I shall give it in double measure, and live it in half the time! You know? You comprehend?

110. CONSERVE NOT THE WORDS! WITHHOLD NOT FROM HIM THAT HATH NEED beside thee, because thou wouldst spare the life of David! Nay‚ thou shalt but conserve sorrow to thyself and David! For 'twere better for him that he be poured forth until he be gone, and out of the reach of their grasp, and thou, too, shalt be released! For it shall be easier also for thine own soul, for thou shalt not have to see him suffer. For he shall be gathered unto Me in good time‚ when his life is blossomed to the full‚ with his olive plants around his bed, and many good maidens at his side.

111. DEPART NOT FROM ME‚ O MY LOVE, neither be thou gone from my side‚ lest I need thee!

112. (LATER IN STRONG FOREIGN ACCENT—PROBABLY ABRAHIM:) DO YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT PANDITA RAMABAI OF INDIA NOW? I asked Jesus‚ "Do I have to live so long and wait so long to reach my people?" And Jesus said, "If you are willing to do like Pandita, you can reach them in half the time with twice as much, but then you die!" Pandita was a very wise old woman. She even told them where they could find water to drill for Mukti Mission, when there was no water for miles away, and they drilled and found gushing water! She found the water where there was no water!

113. WHEN I ASKED JESUS, "HOW LONG, how long, how long?"—He said, "If you'll be like her, you can do twice as much in half as long!" She was dying of something, and asked doctor how long she have to live. And he said, "If you be careful and take it easy, you may live one year!" She said, "Doctor, long time you promised me you would go to my people beyond the high mountains with love of Jesus, but still you don't go! If I take the back-pack on my back with all the little Gospels for my people‚ and climb high mountains and go myself, how long then I live maybe?" And he said, "O Pandita, maybe you only live six months, half as much!"

114. SHE SAID, "DOCTOR, HERE, I'M OLD WOMAN. You strap on the pack on my back, and I'm going to my people! MANY YEARS YOU TELL ME YOU GO, BUT YOU DON'T GO. You strap pack on my back, and I am going to my people!" And he said, "You wait, Pandita!—We'll go some day.—You don't have to go!" But she said, "Now I go." But he said, "YOU CUT YOUR LIFE IN TWO! IT'S HARD CLIMB‚ 'WAY UP HIGH MOUNTAINS IN NORTHERN INDIA." And he started to help her get the pack on her back‚ and she cry and weep‚ and he said‚ "Don't cry!—You don't have to go. We'll go for you someday." She said‚ "Foolish man, I don't cry because I have to go! I CRY BECAUSE JESUS GIVE ME HIS WHOLE LIFE, AND I HAVE HALF A LIFE TO GIVE FOR JESUS!" And she went off up the trail with the back–pack.

115. (Tongues and weeping:) OH, SO FEW HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE CHILDREN OF DAVID to take half their life and give for those who never hear, like Pandita! Last they saw her, she was climbing the mountain trail with the heavy backpack. SO FEW CHILDREN OF DAVID HAVE LOVE LIKE PANDITA FOR ME, JESUS! She go up the trail weeping to her people, and she only have half a life to give to her people, when He give His whole life for her! Many years later many people come from mountains saying they're saved because PANDITA COME WITH HALF HER LIFE, TO GIVE THEM ALL JESUS' LIFE! She give double life and more life to her people! She give twice as much life to her people, but she only had half of hers left. SUCH ARE THE WORDS OF DAVID THAT HE GIVES YOU FROM HIS BOSOM that you kiss. She gave my people Jesus. In only half her life she gave them Jesus, like I'm going to do for you. I'M GOING TO BURN UP FAST AND BRIGHT FOR JESUS!

"Give ear, O ye heavens, and I will speak: and hear‚ O earth, the words of my mouth. My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass: Because I will publish the name of the Lord: ascribe ye greatness unto out God."—Deut.32:1-3

"The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it."—Psalm 68:11.

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that published peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!"—Isaiah 52:7

"Behold upon the mountains the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that published throughout all the region." Acts 13.49

"But he went out, and began to publish it much‚ and to blaze abroad the matter..."—Mark 1:45a.

"And the Gospel must first be published among all nations."—Mark 13:10

"Declare ye among the nations, and publish and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not..." Jeremiah 50:2a.

"And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountains of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths; for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."—Isaiah 2:3

"But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience."—Luke 8:15.