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Amerikan Way, The

David Berg

—MOJanuary 25, 1973GP No.214A

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1. AMERICA! GOD HAS GIVEN US ENOUGH ON THAT THAT WE OUGHT TO BELIEVE IT! You don't need to be a prophet to see what's happening there and what's going to happen as a result. Nitler finally got that Supreme Court decision that put four newsmen in jail for refusing to reveal their sources. He got the whip hand‚ the Supreme Court.

2. THE ONLY WAY THAT THE PRESIDENT CAN GET A DICTATORIAL CONTROL on the country is to get control of the Supreme Court. You see, it's supposed to be a balanced government: You know‚ the legislative branch, Congress; the judicial branch‚ the Court; and the executive branch, the President. If any two of those can get together, they can control the other. Well, it's not likely the Supreme Court and Congress are going to make a dictator because there are plenty of both of them. It's not likely that the President is going to be able to control the Congress too well and become a dictatorship. But, if he can get control of five men!—In order to become a dictator in the United States, you only have to control five men.

3. THE PRESIDENT HAS TO ONLY CONTROL FIVE MEN IF HE WANTS TO BE DICTATOR. Those five men are five Supreme Court justices. He can then tell them what he wants and what he doesn't want. He can have them declare any law that he doesn't like unconstitutional‚ because it's purely a matter of opinion, judicial opinion.

4. THEN THE CONGRESS IS TOTALLY HAMSTRUNG. They are absolutely ineffective because they cannot pass one single law against him. The Supreme Court will throw it out as unconstitutional. He can declare any law unconstitutional he doesn't like, so that they can't do anything unless they pass laws to suit him.

5. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY JUST HAVE TO GIVE UP in disgust and go home, for he's got the whip hand: "Now you pass the law the way I want it or I'm going to veto it; if you pass it by a two-thirds majority I'll have the Supreme Court veto it." They can override his veto with a two-thirds majority‚ but if they do, he can have it thrown out by the Supreme Court. So, once he gets control of five men in the Supreme Court he has got it made, if he wants to be a dictator!

6. THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL MEN WHO HAVE HAD THAT KIND OF MAJORITY to work with, but they were benign Presidents. They were good men who were trying to do the country good and they weren't trying to be a dictator. But there have been two men in American history, both of whom wanted to be dictators and they wanted to get control of the country, and they did it the same way.

7. THE FIRST WAS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, and he did it for the good of the poor man. He was a socialist, definitely a socialist. He did more to help the poor than almost any ruler of America in their history. The country was desperate, in the midst of a depression. Then they got into a war. But the way he did it was to get control of the Supreme Court. He had a five–man liberal majority on the Supreme Court. This is why there was such a hassle over these new appointees for the Supreme Court in this recent thing of the President.

8. YOU SEE, ROOSEVELT WAS ON HIS FOURTH TERM and there was no limit to the number of terms. He could have been re-elected. As long as he lived they would have re-elected him because he was an extremely popular, benign dictator, a beneficial dictator for the poor man. He just absolutely crippled the big corporations. He was totally socialising America.

9. I HAVE THE FEELING THAT IT WAS SORT OF GOING TO HIS HEAD. A ruler and leader gets a little puffed up in his head and begins to think he's really a god. God won't stand for it. The Lord just took him like that when he was posing for his portrait. He had a sudden heart attack and died during his fourth term.

10. HE HAD IT MADE. He was a dictator and he had the whole country in the palm of his hand, both the people and the Congress. He had the Congress willing to do almost anything he wanted them to do. He'd been in for four terms, so that with the people behind him they'd elect congressmen that worked with him, and he had the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court was the way he got started.

11. CONGRESS CAN'T DO A THING unless it's the way the President wants it.

12. ONCE A PRESIDENT FIRST OF ALL GETS DICTATORIAL CONTROL of the legal apparatus of the government, he can rule the country legally from the top. He can control the leaders. First he gets control of the leaders, then by monopolising the source of information, he gets control of the people and he's got it made. The President is on his way to making himself a permanent dictator if he possibly can.

13. AFTER FDR DIED, the people then were concerned that maybe another President not quite as benign and good as FDR would try to pull the same stunts and do the same tricks and get control like he did. So they passed a law in the United States forbidding a President to hold more than two terms of office after that. The President has got four years now to work with to fix it so he's in permanently, if he can.

14. IF ANY LEADER OF ANY COUNTRY HAS ENOUGH POWER, all he has to do is even have that law about the limit on the terms of the Presidency brought before the Supreme Court for consideration and have it cast out as unconstitutional. I mean there are all kinds of ways, gimmicks, you can work through. But it looks very, very bad.

15. HE'S GOT TO REALLY GET CONTROL of America, the American government, and the American people.

16. SO, OUR DEAR FRIEND, THE PRESIDENT, IS GOING TO TRY to solve his problems in his own backyard. Is he going to be able to solve them or not? What do you think?

17. THE ONLY WAY AMERICA CAN HAVE PLENTY IS WITH WAR. American economy, Western economy‚ Capitalist economy can thrive only on war.

18. NO UNGODLY LEADER CAN SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF HAVING BOTH PEACE AND PLENTY without war. God is the only One Who can give them peace and plenty at the same time.—I mean all that they need. As long as a nation demands more than they need, in other words more than plenty, they demand absolute excess, extravagant luxury.—They have to rob the poor to get it, and to rob the poor to get it they have to wage war.

19. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE BEEN MAKING WAR AND MAKING MONEY in their war jobs and their high salaries at the expenses of the poor Vietnamese. In fact, almost all American industries, even non–war industries‚ are making money at the expense of the poor of other nations of the world.

20. IN ORDER TO DO SO YOU HAVE TO ROB them‚ in a sense, to have your plenty, not plenty, but more than enough, I mean far more than you ought to have‚ more than your share. Now you may not do it at the point of a gun as is often done. You may just do it in a matter of trade, like two guys living next door to each other. Let's say you're the poor guy and I'm the rich guy. You have things I need: certain things‚ foodstuffs and whatnot that I need, you might say necessities. I have certain things you need, manufactured items and so on. But I want the lion's share. I want to live in luxury and have the most of everything. So I charge you unreasonably high prices for my stuff and I refuse to pay more than rock-bottom prices for yours.

21. THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL A COMMERCIAL WAR, and it means in order to get my luxury I am starving you to death. I'm exchanging my luxuries for your necessities while at the same time I am charging you high prices for them. I can sell you things you need, necessities, and charge you extremely high prices for them that you can't really afford and it's impoverishing you to get them. It's making you poor and starving you to get them. In other words I am living in luxury at your expense.

22. AMERICA HAS BEEN LIVING IN LUXURY AT THE WORLD'S EXPENSE while other nations are starving. America has had high prices on everything and yet has refused to pay high prices for goods because other nations are so poor and they are glad to get anything. Other nations sell their labour and goods at rock-bottom prices, starvation prices and work at starvation wages and America reaps the benefits. America buys their goods at their cheap prices and sells them hers at sky high prices. So America lives in luxury while they live in poverty and starvation. You think God's going to bless them? No!

23. IN FACT, QUITE OFTEN THE DEAR STARVING NEIGHBOUR GETS FED UP with it and starts a war himself, and this is literally what happened in both the cases of Germany and Japan. Germany and Japan got fed up with it and they began to make commercial war on America by underselling in the rest of the world's markets and stealing America's trade, so to speak, with the rest of the world. Since they could work for less wages and have a lower standard of living they could charge lower prices and the rest of the world bought from them instead.

24. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT'S HAPPENING. West Germany and Japan and several other nations of the World who don't pay as much wages and don't have as high a standard of living‚ although they have much higher than the rest of the world, are getting rich by undercutting in prices and selling to the rest of the world and stealing the market so America can't sell to them. Now America's having to buy three times as much as she's selling. So economically on the World trade, she's going broke. America is in serious, serious trouble.

25. YOU CANNOT CONTINUE TO LIVE EXTRAVAGANTLY, wastefully and even waste your neighbours' things, such as in Vietnam‚ or waste in another way with commercial warfare. You cannot continue. God wouldn't let it go on forever, and getting out of the war is not going to make it any better. The U.S. simply chose the lesser of the two evils to get out of the war because at the same time that the war was helping the labour at home make more money, it was also terribly wasting the nation's total assets in materials that were just being thrown away in Vietnam. War is nothing but a waste.

26. WAR IS TOTAL WASTE, the most total waste there is—destructive waste: Not only the materials but the way it wastes the other country you're making war on. All the bombs dropped, for example, are very expensive bombs, a total waste for they not only waste materials but they waste the poor people they fall on! They are a dual waste, destructive waste, and God is not going to put up with it.

27. IT CAN'T LAST MUCH LONGER, the economy at home is in trouble, the government is going bankrupt and of course governments always try to hide this from the people as much as they can. Now he's getting control of the source of information and the news media so that he can really hide what's happening, so the people won't know it.

28. DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE GERMANS WHO STILL REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT HITLER WAS SLAUGHTERING MILLIONS of Jews, and he went clear through the war and most of the German people didn't know it? His security was so tight and his control of the news media was so tight that the German people themselves, the vast majority of Germans, knew nothing about the way these Jews were being absolutely annihilated.

29. THEY KNEW THEY HAD CONCENTRATION CAMPS for Jews because Hitler put them there to protect the nation and protect the Jews from the nation. But what they didn't know was that they were systematically annihilating them in those concentration camps. Only a few people who were within knew it.

30. THERE IS A FAMOUS TRUE STORY of one incident where a Nazi officer's wife boarded by accident a German-Jewish train loaded with German Jews who were being taken to a concentration camp. She was horrified when she discovered where she was, who these people were and where they were going. They were going by the thousands to this concentration camp.

31. THE SECURITY WAS SO TIGHT that since this was a train going there for annihilation, she was forced to go right along with them. This is a known case. She was gassed with all the rest of them lest she get out and let it be known. Well, that's security!!

32. THE GERMAN PEOPLE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW what was happening. Up until the very end of the war they thought they were winning it because that's what Hitler told them. That's how well a dictator can control the news media and thereby control the people, and this is exactly what the President is accomplishing right now.

33. THAT'S THE PROBLEM and that's what we're up against.

34. UP UNTIL NOW THE KOREAN WAR WAS THE LONGEST WAR America's ever fought. She lost more men in Korea than in any other war. Now, Vietnam is the longest war and has cost more lives than any war she has ever fought. Ten years, almost ten years they were fighting this war.

35. BUT YOU SEE, THAT'S THE WAY THE LEADERS WANT IT: Be a little more tempered in your warfare, and you can stretch out the economy a little longer and the war—caused economic boom lasts longer that way. It doesn't skyrocket so fast. It kind of keeps on a nice higher level. But sooner or later it has to come to an end. Now it's come to an end. Now with the economic controls and so on he may be able to slow the deflationary spiral of depression, but the people will not stand for sacrifice, they will not stand for living on only necessities‚ they will not stand for a mere essential economy of agrarianism and production of food clothing, shelter and so on.

36. THEY'RE SELFISH AND THEY WANT THEIR SELFISH RICHES. They will choose some other kind of a war again. It just could be that when he sees that they're not going to be able to make it at home, they'll look around to see where they could afford to have a war that would inspire the economy and the faith of the people again—by that time it just might be Vietnam again.

37. ONLY, I BELIEVE THAT SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM WILL BE SO STRONG that the rest of the world will be strong enough to say, "NO! We're not going to let you start another war!" Now that's what America has done. She has done it because she has become the most powerful nation on the face of the earth.—She was! But Red China‚ Russia and now Europe—along with Africa and the rest of Asia—the rest of the world is finally getting together. They are doing it right now!

38. THE REST OF THE WORLD IS SOCIALISTIC, except for American colonies around the World‚ such as the lands she dominates. The vast majority of the World today, even the Western World, is largely socialistic. It's fascistic—socialistic in the Western World.

39. THE REST OF THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO STAND FOR AMERICA STARTING ANOTHER WAR just to boost its economy, no matter what its excuses are. We are in an invariable cycle. It always happens. You don't have to be a prophet to predict it, all you have to do is look at history.

40. THEY CAN SING "THE PARTY'S OVER‚" the war is over, but now we have to pay the fiddler. And there isn't going to be any way to pay the fiddler. The only way America has ever pulled out of the depression that always follows, is with a war. But this time‚ I believe that the rest of the world is so fed up with war‚ and the Socialistic-Communist World is so powerful that it is going to challenge America's pride to wage war. It is going to refuse to allow America to start another war‚ even if it has to destroy the Americans to stop it.

41. THERE ARE TWO WAYS OF DESTROYING A NATION, but the most effective way the Communist World has to destroy a nation, is to destroy its powerful rich rulers, by agitating a revolutionary government, to give the rule to the nation of people. They do it much more than the capitalists do, that's for sure.

42. THEY HAVE A MUCH BETTER INFLUENCE ON THE NATION, contrary to American propaganda. They have two ways, and they may have to use both, or one in front of the other. Both will destroy any nation—inside revolution and sabotage.

43. NOW THE REVOLUTION FRANKLY WAS CRUSHED by the Nitler Administration, the kids have almost given up. That "Gold" was a lousy picture, wasn't even worth going to, but one thing it showed was how old the hippies have gotten and the fact that they have given up. They're frustrated, disillusioned and they've given up.—There's not going to be a revolution in other words. So, it's a farce. Eat‚ drink and be merry, tomorrow we're going to die anyhow."

44. ON THE OTHER HAND, THOSE WHO MAYBE HAVEN'T GIVEN UP could with a little encouragement, inspiration and direction from outside, be inspired to absolute sabotage.

45. IF ONE LONE SNIPER ON THE ROOF OF A HOTEL in New Orleans can pin down six hundred policemen, think of what a sniper on the roof of every hotel in New Orleans could have done, and in every city in the United States. Along with all those communistic-socialistic workmen of the oppressed classes and oppressed races who know where to throw the switches and to dynamite the water and to destroy the gas and all the rest. Do you realise what a fairly organised sudden sabotage attack could do to America? I'll tell you, if it gets to where even the labouring man is out of work and can't feed his family, as during the last Depression—when Communism was rampant in the United States, and almost took over, it can do the same again. They wouldn't hesitate to cooperate then.

46. LABOUR WOULD JOIN THE RADICAL FORCES IF IT GETS POOR ENOUGH. So, in any event, if things get bad enough, in the States economically, poverty breeds communism, and it doesn't take very much poverty in the States to make them think they are poor. If they have to go without their cars and their TVs, much less starve to death, they're going to think they're poor.

47. THEY'LL BE READY TO FIGHT. If they can't start a war someplace else and take it away from some other poor nation they're going to take it away from the rich right in their own country. The rich can appease the labouring classes and the poor of their own country by tossing the dogs a few bones, to keep them satisfied and happy. But if you starve the dog enough, pretty soon he's going to be chewing on his owner. Right? Especially if the dog has a little encouragement from the outside; somebody outside says, "Sic him! I'll help you! We'll both enjoy a feast and a few other poor dogs that need something to eat. Let's get together."

48. THAT'S THE WAY IT'S HAPPENED AROUND THE WORLD, and World Communism is now getting into a position of such power that I believe they're going to be able to stop America. Thank God!

49. AMERICA'S NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO AS IT PLEASES and oppress the poor and start wars, starve the poor to feed the rich. The rest of the world is going to say no. America is so afraid of this that there is already a psychological fear there.

50. THE POINT IS, you see, while America is going home to get embroiled in its domestic problems and try to solve its own problems at home‚ the rest of the world is growing stronger‚ sticking together more, and able to stand together. The next time, by the time America finds out it can't solve its problems at home, and wants to try to start another God-damned war on some poor little nation to pull its helly self out of a hole at the expense of starving or destroying its neighbours, the rest of the world is going to say no, we're not going to let you do it! They're going to stop America!

51. THAT MAY NOT TAKE VERY LONG; it could happen awful fast. Panics or depressions can happen overnight.

52. AMERICA THINKS JUST BECAUSE IT LIVED 200 YEARS IT'S GOING TO LIVE FOREVER. It could go broke overnight! Its economy could collapse if the faith of the people collapses. It wouldn't take much of that for with the rest of the world‚ the socialistic-communistic World, strong enough now, to figure:

53. "WE HAVE GOT TO STOP AMERICA, and the people of America themselves are in a ripe mood for a change, so we'll now get them to cooperate with us inside while we threaten with attack from the outside."

54. I HATED TO THINK THAT THE LORD IS GOING TO ALLOW AN ATOMIC ATTACK because it would destroy so much, but it could be that an atom war wouldn't do as much damage as the scientists claim, you know‚ in trying to frighten us out of it.

55. IF AMERICA GETS DESPERATE ENOUGH and proud just like the Jews were in the last days when Jeremiah advised them to surrender rather than be destroyed‚ I believe that the President would press the red button and shoot the works like Hitler did. Did Hitler ever surrender? Never! He put a gun to his head before he would surrender. He refused to surrender; it was his generals that finally gave up. He retired to his bunker not only for fear of the Allies destroying him, but for fear of his own people destroying him. So, America's in trouble one way or the other.

56. I BELIEVE THE PRESIDENT WOULD BE THAT MAD a maniac to push the red button and start shooting the works, if he thought he was going to go down the drain. He would just as soon take the whole World down with him like Hitler tried to do.

57. OF COURSE THAT WOULD BE THE PERFECT RIPE SITUATION FOR THE ANTICHRIST to arise—a World superman, a World leader to offer leadership. What the rest of the world needs right now is leadership. The rest of the world, in order to oppose America‚ needs a leader: a leader who is strong enough and appealing enough, to unite them in a common cause against World Capitalism, western capitalism, particularly American. So that would be the ideal time for his rise. But I don't think it's going to take that long really for America to fall. We know America's going to have trouble; the Lord has made it very clear, serious trouble.

58. THIS WILL GIVE POWER TO WORLD COMMUNISM and it will give rise to the Antichrist which for a while will be much better: a World of peace, a World of controlled economy, peacetime economy‚ not war economy, a world of distribution, share the wealth, take from the rich to feed the poor, man's most ideal leader, the Antichrist.

59. FOR A WHILE IT WILL SEEM TO BE JUST ABSOLUTELY HEAVEN ON EARTH-the false Millennium. But the price to pay will of course finally be not only compliance with the World Government and the total control of freedom and personal religion and so on, but the eventual aim of the Enemy, the Devil himself who controls it, will be: "Fall down and worship me or you cannot enjoy this great beautiful heaven on earth that I have created. Here, behold I give you all the kingdoms of the earth, but the price is, fall down and worship me!" That's where the rub's going to come and that's where we're going to be in trouble.

60. BUT THERE'S A LITTLE TIME BEFORE THEN, thank the Lord. All the people who are expecting Jesus to come before that are going to be a little disappointed. They're going to have to live their Christian faith or die—which is the last thing in the world they wanted to do.

61. SO‚ IN OTHER WORDS, THINGS HAVE GOT TO GET A LITTLE BIT WORSE in some ways in order to get better, but they are definitely going to get better as a result of getting worse. So we've got good things to look forward to, one may or the other, both in America and throughout the World, because that's God's plan.

62. BUT WHO IS ABLE TO MAKE WAR WITH THE ANTICHRIST? He and his forces will be all-powerful. So all-powerful they're even going to think they can make war on God and His people. And that's where they're going to lose.

63. GOD IS GOING TO PROTECT US and God is going to keep us, at least a lot of us if not most of us, supernaturally, miraculously, powerfully, in many ways and the message will get out all the more in spite of everything they do! Then when it looks like we're going to be really wiped out, the Lord's gonna come and wipe them out! A happy ending of the story! Praise God? Amen!