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Heaven's Children--The Leaders of the Millennium

David Berg

DO 21339/85

1. I WAS JUST TALKING TO MARIA TONIGHT ABOUT HOW IMPORTANT OUR CHILDREN & TEENAGERS ARE! Although they're not getting to manifest their leadership in the Trib like Heaven's Girl is, they're going to be manifesting their leadership during the Millennium! So "Heaven's Children" is going to be an example & a role model for them to realize what's ahead of them & to prepare well for it, because they're going to have to be outstanding leaders to set up the Millennium, & that's going to be a big job! So I think this will give them hope & guidance & examples & inspiration & will be a real forecast of their future! Just like Heaven's Girl is a model for the Tribulation they'll be models for the Millennium!

2. OUR TEENS & LITTLE TOTS OF TODAY ARE GOING TO BE THOSE LEADERS OF TOMORROW, ESPECIALLY OUR TEENS! That's why I'm putting a lot of emphasis on them right now to prepare them for both the Trib & the Millennium, because they're going to be the leaders of tomorrow! So we're not just writing a story, not just being dramatic, but we want to really work in some spiritual lessons. It's really a teaching tool about how we'd expect them to act & supervise & rule & reign & organize!

3. THEY'RE GOING TO BE TEACHERS OF TOMORROW, TEACHING ALL THESE EARTHLY PEOPLE! They're going to be to the Millennium what we've been to the Age of Grace! We've been the soul-winners & teachers & organizers of God's present Kingdom here on Earth, & they're going to be the teachers, soul-winners & organizers of the future Kingdom!—Under very similar conditions with even the same natural people, but of course with unusual powers & a lot to help them! They're going to have a lot on their side to make it a lot easier! I'm sure there will be some problems & difficulties as well, because everybody needs a challenge!—Amen?