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More on the Moon

David Berg

—"Heaven's Children!"—Chapter 13!DO 211111/85

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN ON MY SIMULATED TRIP TO THE MOON, trying to give you an imaginative description of how I see things to be Up Here. This time I thought I'd tell you a little bit about the Moon itself.

2. HOWEVER‚ TO MY DISMAY, I FOUND OUT THAT THE INFORMATION WE LEARNED FROM SOURCES THERE ON EARTH VARIED A GREAT DEAL & the Earthly scientists' figures regarding the Moon were at considerable variance with each other! So it seems that they don't really know down there what these actual dimensions really are! Their guesstimates of the Moon's distance from the Earth & its size & the height of its mountains & depths of its craters & widths of its seas are at a considerable variance with each other! So there's no telling who's right down there, when they're so far off amongst themselves!

3. WE KNOW UP HERE THAT THE MOON IS A LOT BIGGER THAN THEY CLAIM DOWN THERE! Who knows?—Maybe it's a lot closer to you too!—Like the stars which Earthmen estimate to be millions of light-years away from the Earth & the solar system, when we know that they actually are not that far at all!—In fact‚ they're quite nearby!

4. SO HOW CAN WE TRUST ANY OF THEIR FIGURES when they're so wrong about so many things‚ as we have found out now!—Just like they're so wrong about Evolution & so wrong about Paleontology, the study of past history & ages from the fossils found on Earth. Both these so-called "sciences" are pure lies—I wouldn't even honour them with the title fairy tales! There's more truth to fairy tales than there is to some of Earth's so-called "science"! It reminds me of what St. Paul said to Timothy about such lies of science & the false scientists of Earth:

5. "BEWARE OF THE PROFANE & VAIN BABBLINGS OF SCIENCE FALSELY SO-CALLED!" (1Tim.6:20) So, modern‚ wicked Man has profaned & desecrated the Truths of God!—In his vanity to proclaim himself such a supreme authority & to worship himself & his own knowledge, modern Man has become a fool!—And because he knows so little truth about God's genuine creation‚ he keeps changing his data & his so-called "facts" & information & figures until you don't know what to believe! About the only thing that you can count on to be true & reliable is the Word of God Himself! Man has changed his ideas & theories & statistics & figures for so many things over so many years, it's hard for Earth people to know what to believe, or who's right & who's wrong!—And they're probably all wrong! (Ecc.3:11b)

6. IF THEY CAN'T EVEN BE SURE ABOUT THE HEIGHT OF THEIR OWN MOUNTAINS there on Earth, & the amount of their own land surface, as compared to the seas‚ how can we be sure about their so-called knowledge of the Moon? Their estimates of the height of Mt. Everest, their tallest mountain, vary from 27,000 to 29,000 feet!—And their computations of the amount of the Earth's surface covered by water vary from 4/5ths to 7/10ths! So if they can't even agree on the dimensions of things right there on their own Earth, how in the World could we possibly trust them to give us accurate information on the dimensions of things Up Here on the Moon!

7. I'M EVEN BEGINNING TO WONDER IF MAN EVER ACTUALLY SET FOOT ON THE MOON, as they claim! Maybe the whole thing was a phoney fake that Man staged, like the famous movie "Capricorn One," in which the government faked a supposed other-planet landing with television images & telemetric readings & radio messages, all staged on a desolate site out in the middle of the United States' southwestern desert‚ where a motion picture production crew staged & produced the whole thing right there on Earth, when they were supposed to be landing on some other Planet! Maybe that lying government staged the Moon landings too, as faked-up phonies!

8. SO HOW ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW? Well, God helping me, I'm going to find out as soon as I have time to use my Heavenly Communicator & get the accurate, honest-to-God facts about our Moon! Meanwhile, I'll just have to give you what I can remember of the information that I learned while I was still on Earth, so at least you can get a little idea of what our Moon is like. Although, as we've already found out, I'd take some of these dimensions & descriptions with a grain of salt!

9. ABOUT ALL YOU FOLKS THERE ON EARTH CAN REALLY BE SURE OF IS THAT THERE IS A MOON & you can see it, & what you can see of it. You can see it does revolve around the Earth & reflects the light of the Sun in its various phases, etc. These are facts you can go out some night & see for yourself! But as far as some of these Earth-found figures about our Moon are concerned, about all we can say for them is that they may be somewhere close, but not necessarily exact.

10. BUT NEVERTHELESS, I'M GOING TO PASS THEM ON TO YOU AS I CAN REMEMBER THEM, as they're all I have on hand at the moment. I hope they'll give you a little idea of what our Moon is like & where it's at & how it behaves.—Some of which you can see for yourselves by watching it! Let's hope that at least some of these descriptions will be informative enough that you'll know a little more about the Moon than you did before. Even though we can't be sure about all these dimensions, except that we know it's a little bit bigger than our Heavenly City & its protective globe.

11. SO HERE WE GO, & I'LL JUST TELL YOU AT LEAST WHAT THEY TAUGHT US about it on Earth, & hope that it's close.—And who knows?—It may be much closer to you than you realise! God bless you!—I love you!

12. THE MOON HAS BEEN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO MAN throughout all history, since it regulates so much of his activity there on Earth, & times them, as well as giving signs about them. So I thought you'd be interested in some of these facts & figures about the Moon, since it has now become even more important to us, as the present Home of our beautiful Heavenly City!

13. SINCE OUR HOLY CITY IS STILL REALLY IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, it can pass through objects & melt right through the crust of the Moon into its interior just like we can pass through walls & locked doors ourselves in our spirit-bodies! So there it is, praise the Lord! Thank the Lord!—Safe & sound & not far away, & you can even view it from afar, at least its container‚ that beautiful Moon, well packaged & safely protected from all of its enemies! (2Cor.4:18)

14. SO‚ SINCE NOW WE ARE ALL SO INTERESTED IN THAT MOON more than ever before, & most of you never knew very much about it in the first place, I thought you'd be interested in some information I've gleaned from various sources about what we have learned about the Moon! I'll just sort of summarize it for you, okay?

15. THE MOON IS THE EARTH'S CLOSEST NEIGHBOUR IN SPACE. Its beauty has inspired prophets, poets, painters & musicians! On some nights the Moon looks like a gleaming, silver globe—in fact it is a gleaming silver globe! On other nights it seems to be only a little sliver of light, a tiny thin crescent.

16. ACTUALLY THE MOON IS A HUGE BALL OF ROCK that travels around the Earth once every month. Its surface is a rather silent, barren place & has not likely changed very much in the many years since the Lord created it. There is no water on it to drink & no food to eat because it was not intended to be inhabited by Man on its surface. But God made it to light the night‚ as He says, & to be for signs & for seasons as well‚ &, as we now know, the Home of our beautiful Heavenly City! (Gen.1:14-18)

17. ON THE OUTSIDE IT ALSO HAS NO AIR TO BREATHE & because of its two–week-long days & two–week-long nights, its temperature goes from very very hot in the daytime to very very cold at night.—A very unpleasant place for Man on the outside, but we know its secret now, as the most pleasant place in all the Universe for Man on the inside!

18. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT 2‚163 MILES WIDE, but looks fairly small to you because they claim it is so far away, nearly a quarter of a million miles from the Earth! And it is much smaller than the Earth itself, since the gigantic planet of the Earth is about 8,000 miles in diameter & 25,000 miles in circumference, while the Moon is less than 3,000 miles in diameter & nearly 7,000 miles in circumference. So the Moon is only about one-third as wide as the Earth itself. And if you'd like to get a fairly good relationship between the size of the Moon & the Earth‚ hold up a tennis ball next to a basket ball, & you'll get a pretty good idea.

19. THE MOON IS ALWAYS THE SAME SIZE, but when it's either setting or rising near the horizon, it looks very much larger. Some scientists say this is an optical illusion caused by the magnification of the image of the Moon by the much heavier thickness of the atmosphere through which we view it at that angle near the horizon at moonrise.

20. THE SIDE OF THE MOON FACING YOU & WHICH IS VISIBLE TO YOU ON EARTH HAS BEEN MAPPED in great detail by Man for many years through telescopes & telescopic photography. Now Man is supposed to have visited its surface on one occasion, as well as getting even more detailed photos by satellites visiting the Moon.

21. SINCE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON HAD NEVER BEEN SEEN by Man before because it is always turned away from the Earth, Man got his first sight of that hidden side through pictures taken by a Russian satellite in 1959, named Lunik 3. So the Russians got to name the various mountains & seas & physical features of the back side of the Moon, since they were the first to photograph it. Its surface is covered with rocks & Moon-dust of a very high reflectivity. So the Moon is made perfectly as a reflector of the Sun to give us sunlight at night, reflected from the face of the Moon!

22. ALTHOUGH THE COLOUR OF THE MOON'S SURFACE IS A LIGHT BROWN, it actually looks very bright white & silvery to you on Earth because of the brilliance of the Sun's reflection, although the scientists say that only seven percent of the actual sunlight reaching the face of the Moon is reflected.

23. THIS SORT OF REMINDS ME OF HOW WE ARE: We may be to ourselves & look to ourselves as an ugly brown & not very beautiful, but we look to others a brilliant bright white silver, even though we are only reflecting a very small part of the Lord's light & beauty! So never underestimate how much of His Lovelight you yourself can reflect on others who have little or no light at all! (Mat.5:16)

24. SCIENTISTS TELL US THEY BELIEVE THAT THE CAUSE OF THE MANY STRANGE CRATERS & the pock-marked surface of the Moon has been a bombardment of its surface for ages by various meteors from Space. So the Devil has been angry at our beautiful satellite Home of Space City for eons, & has even bombarded it in the past in some ancient times by throwing rocks at it, trying to destroy it! But thank God that surface is so thick & so tough & such a wonderful protection for our Holy City that it has withstood the onslaughts of the Devil since the beginning of time!

25. THIS ALSO REMINDS ME OF HOW HE HAS TRIED TO STOP US & DESTROY US & PERSECUTE US, who are the Lord's Bride, His Moon reflecting His glory, but Satan has never been able to either stop nor destroy God's people in all of these thousands of years, thank the Lord! They only multiplied the more & won more & more souls to Jesus!

26. SO LIKE THE MOON, WITH THE LORD'S HELP WE HAVE WITHSTOOD THE BOMBARDMENTS OF THE ENEMY, & though we may be a bit pock-marked & cratered with a few scars of the battle‚ we're still up there & fightin' & glowing & shining with the glory of God's Son! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!—And like the Moon, we never turn our face away from the Earth, but are constantly trying to love & win them with God's Lovelight! (2Ti.3:12)—And we always face His Son!

27. THE MOON IS ALSO CONTINUALLY RUNNING AROUND THE EARTH LIKE WE DO‚ shining on every part of it from every side, & at a great speed too, about 2‚300 miles per hour!

28. BUT THE MOON ONLY REVOLVES ONCE EVERY MONTH ON ITS AXIS, so since the Moon's circumference is nearly 7‚000 miles around‚ it is revolving at the equator at the rate of a little over 200 miles a day—that is, an Earth day—or about nine miles per hour‚ compared to the speed of the Earth's equator of about 1‚000 miles an hour!

29. ITS MOUNTAINS ARE HIGHER THAN EARTH'S HIGHEST, MOUNT EVEREST, being over 30,000 feet or more high, compared to Everest's 29‚000 feet. Its largest dry seas are the Sea of Showers, about 750 miles wide, & the Sea of Serenity, about 430 miles wide. Its largest crater, Baily, is about 183 miles wide.

30. THERE ARE MORE THAN 30,000 CRATERS ON THE SIDE OF THE MOON WHICH WE CAN SEE, & if these were made by meteors, it's strange that there's been no such change in its surface within the history of Man! Man has always been fascinated by the Moon, & it's been the subject of a great deal of observation & charting & photographing & viewing, from Man's earliest telescopes to the present.

31. ITS VAST DRY PLAINS, CALLED SEAS, cover large areas of its surface, & a 70-mile-long cliff called the Straight Wall, rises from the bottom of one of these seas, the Sea of Clouds, to nearly 32‚000 feet altitude! There are many other valleys & ridges across the Moon. There are also many light–coloured streaks crisscrossing the Moon's surface which astronomers call "rays." They form a sort of "splash effect" probably from its earliest formation.

32. THE MOON'S MOUNTAINS ARE EXTREMELY HIGH, comparatively speaking, when compared to the size of the Earth & its mountains. Since the Moon is only about one third as wide as the Earth & yet its mountains are nearly as high as the highest mountains on Earth, if the Moon were as large as the Earth, its mountains would be three times as high as those on Earth, or about 100‚000 feet tall! So its mountains would seem quite tall to you, if you were here on the exterior of the Moon.

33. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT YOU WOULD SEEM MUCH SHORTER TOO, due to the Moon's very nearby horizon, only a third as far away as that on Earth! Standing at sea level on the Earth by the sea‚ you view the horizon about 20 miles away & you can watch ships come up from behind the horizon & also going the other way, sink down below it & out of sight, 20 miles away. But on the exterior of the Moon‚ to the viewer standing here, the Moon's horizon would be only about seven miles away, so you can't see very far on the outside of the Moon, only about seven miles around you in any direction‚ compared to the 20 miles on the Earth.

34. NOT ONLY THAT‚ YOU CAN JUMP MUCH HIGHER if you were here on the surface of our Moon, since gravity is only one-sixth of that on the Earth! So you would only weigh one-sixth of what you weigh right now, & you can jump six times as high as you can now on Earth!

35. NO WONDER WE HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH GRAVITY IN OUR HEAVENLY CITY, & our gravity within is even less than that without! It's barely enough to keep our equilibrium while walking & to keep us from accidentally floating around when we don't want to, & yet not enough to keep us from bounding into the sky when we so desire & fly away to the heights of this Eternal City! Our Moon's surface is also extremely peaceful & has no weather, no wind, no rain, no storms—it is perfectly still because there is no air, no atmosphere outside.

36. AS GOD PUT THE MOON IN THE EARTH'S SKIES TO LIGHT THE NIGHT & FOR SIGNS & SEASONS, as He Himself says in the Book of Genesis, the Moon not only lights Earth's nights to varying degrees according to its phases, but its face changes with the varying degrees of the reflection of the Sun, from a slim pointed crescent to a full circle. These are caused by the variations in the area of the Moon covered by sunlight as reflected toward the Earth, as the Moon journeys around the Earth. (Psa.104:19)

37. WHEN THE MOON IS BETWEEN THE EARTH & SUN, ITS DARK SIDE IS TURNED TOWARD THE EARTH & it is almost invisible, except for a faint light reflected on that dark side by the Earth itself, as the Earth becomes the Moon's moon‚ but appears much much larger in the sky from the Moon, of course, than the Moon does from the Earth.

38. AS THE MOON REVOLVES AROUND THE EARTH FROM WEST TOWARD THE EAST with the Sun shining upon it, we can see more & more & more of it each night, until seven days after the New Moon, it looks like a half-circle with its west half beautifully lighted by the Sun! This is called the First Quarter, or as some people call it, a Half Moon. A week later, the entire face of the Moon is brilliantly lighted by the Sun & we know it as a Full Moon, which also actually marks the Second Quarter or end of the second week of the month, as it is two weeks after the New Moon, or the Dark Moon, each quarter being exactly one week long. So you can almost tell the days of the week by the size of the Moon's lighted surface!

39. THEN AS THE MOON CONTINUES REVOLVING AROUND THE EARTH, seven days after the Full Moon you see another half-circle, this time the eastern half of the Moon is lighted. This is known as the Third Quarter, three weeks after the New Moon. Finally in its fourth phase, the Moon becomes very thin again & virtually disappears as it returns again to the phase of the New Moon, the Fourth Quarter at the end of the fourth week—almost entirely dark except for the reflection of the Sun's light from the Earth.

40. THEN AFTER THAT MONTH OF FOUR PHASES OR FOUR WEEKS OF THE MOON'S CYCLE AROUND THE EARTH, the light of the Sun on the Moon's surface is growing again, causing the Moon to look like it is growing in size, & that is called "waxing." But as the light of the Moon dwindles, it is called "waning."

41. THIS ALL HAS SOME VERY STRANGE EFFECTS UPON BOTH MEN & WOMEN & your climate, weather, the tides, the menstruation of women & the potency of men! During a waxing Moon, I wake up waxing almost every morning [feeling very potent]! But as it is waning, I'm not nearly so sexually potent. The Moon also controls women's sexual activity, including their menstrual periods & the days of their fertility & infertility, when their eggs are ripe & when they are not ripe, or being shed in menstruation during their period.

42. SO OUR MOON HAS A GREAT DEAL OF EFFECT ON YOU FOLKS THERE ON EARTH & has had for generations, ever since the creation of Man & the Moon by the Lord! So it is very important & necessary to your very life & existence & activities there on the surface of the Earth.—Another beautiful part of God's creation made for your benefit & enjoyment, in fact a real necessity, as it partially controls your various activities & moods & even emotions!

43. THE MOON IS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ECLIPSES OF THE SUN, when the Sun & the Moon & the Earth are in a straight line, with the Moon between the Earth & Sun, temporarily blotting out the face of the Sun itself. When the Moon is so situated between the Earth & Sun, the sphere of the Moon exactly fits the size of the Sun behind it‚ being exactly the right size & distance from the Earth to exactly cover the face of the Sun, even though the Sun is much much larger, but of course it is many more miles away. The Sun is nearly a million miles wide, but 93 million miles away, therefore the Sun looks to us the same size as the Moon because of the Sun's great distance. How wonderfully the Lord made these two orbs so that they would look exactly the same size to you there on Earth!

44. AN ECLIPSE OF THE MOON OCCURS WHEN THE MOON PASSES THROUGH THE EARTH'S SHADOW & the sunlight cannot reach the Moon because the Earth is between the Sun & the Moon. Therefore the Moon becomes completely dark & is totally blotted out by the shadow of the Earth, which again exactly fits the size of the Moon! So you know these sizes are God-made & this could not have possibly been a coincidence or a mere accident, as the foolish scientists say. (Psa.8:3; 1Cor.3:19)

45. IN FACT‚ THE MOON IS SO REGULAR IN ITS MOVEMENTS THAT YOU CAN KEEP TIME BY THE MOON & our months are measured by the Moon's rotation around the Earth‚ which is why we call them "months," named after the Moon. This word "month" comes from an Anglo-Saxon word‚ "mona‚" & from which is also named our day of the week, "Monday‚" or in other words, "Moon Day"! Maybe that's why so many people on Earth go mooning around on Mondays, which they call "blue Monday" after a heavy weekend! Because after a delightful holiday‚ they have to once more go back to work, mooning & daydreaming about their wonderful weekend which had just passed!

46. SO THE MOON NOT ONLY HAS ALL THESE OTHER EFFECTS ON YOU EARTH PEOPLE, BUT ALSO HAS BEEN A TREMENDOUS INSPIRATION in religion, literature, music, art & romance, with many plays & poems & romantic stories being written about the Moon, as well as much music & many songs about the Moon—like the one I once sang for you, "Shine On, Harvest Moon" (ML#2055), which I got with another revelation from the Lord, meaning us, we are His Moon, reflecting His Light, & we're to shine on as bright as we can & as long as we can, as the Soul Harvest is ending & the return of our Landlord is coming soon to collect His harvest—you & the souls that we have won for Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! Thank God for the Moon!—Are you working hard to harvest souls under His last Harvest Moon? (ML#307; Mat.5:16; Jn.8:12; 4:35; Rev.14:14–16)