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Bearing False Witness

David Berg

DO 2090 12/85

1. SOME PEOPLE ARE ASKING HOW COME I STAYED IN HEAVEN FOR THE WHOLE TRIBULATION, OTHER PEOPLE ARE ASKING HOW COME I WAS ONLY THERE FOR ONE MONTH when I say I got There at the beginning of the Tribulation & I'm not leaving till the end, but I never said that either! You guys are reading things into my stuff that I have been very careful to be unspecific about & speak in generalities!

2. YOU SHOULDN'T GET SUCH IMPRESSIONS FROM THINGS I NEVER SAID! You shouldn't even get that impression from things I did say‚ because they weren't that specific! I specifically avoided being specific about the time I die & the time I went to Heaven & the time I spent There & exactly when I came back.

3. IN CHAPTER 16 ON PAGE 7, THE 27TH PARAGRAPH, I SAID, "I was thankful that we had had what you might call a month or more to get accustomed to these Heavenly delights & almost supernatural experiences & ways of living Up Here in this marvellous City & this wonderful life in Heaven because it's almost too much to grasp all at once. It takes a little time to get accustomed to things Here." Well, why am I saying this? That was after we had been There over a month when we went to have the audience with the King! But I could have stayed There a year or two years getting all this education! You apparently got the idea from that statement that I only stayed in Heaven one month altogether! Why do you want to get so dogmatic & try to be so specific about things?

4. I SPEAK ABOUT THE SOON-COMING END IN THIS LAST CHAPTER, but we've been talking about the End for a long time‚ the Lord has been talking about it for 2,000 years, so it's nothing to get upset about! It doesn't mean I must have arrived There the day before Jesus came! We don't want to be such dogmatists & try to be so specific that we are going to predict that the day I die is on the day that the Antichrist breaks the Covenant & that kind of thing!

5. I'VE SEEN TOO MANY TEACHERS GET TIED UP WITH THAT KIND OF STUFF & I HAVE TRIED TO QUALIFY EVERY PREDICTION I EVER MADE by saying, "This is my interpretation, my idea, my opinion, I think maybe this is what it means but it ain't necessarily so!" My interpretation is not necessarily so! I hope you guys get it through your head that I don't have to die at the very beginning of the Tribulation just because I thought that may be when it is!—And just because that's the way I figured that chronology. Some of these things are estimates, at the best guesstimates.

6. YOU NEED TO READ MORE CAREFULLY! I have specifically avoided being specific about any periods of time Up There or when I died or when I went or how long I stayed or when I came back. I have absolutely, strictly avoided being specific! So where do you pick this thing up that I was only a month in Heaven? That's just your assumption from reading this Story, just because I said "about one month after I arrived The Boss is calling me for an audience." That has nothing to do with the length of time that I spent afterwards & all this education & revelation & communication! It could have been a couple of years!

7. I'VE BEEN SPECIFICALLY NEBULOUS & INDEFINITE & UNSPECIFIC ABOUT THOSE ACTUAL TIME PERIODS! The only time period I mention at all is that I've been There a month or more when the King summoned me. Well, that means nothing. That's not the whole time I was in Heaven! I've got several chapters after that. There are a lot of other things that could have taken me years! You're reading into there specifics that are not there at all! I can't be specific about the day I'm going to die, so how do you get so specific about it?

8. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH SOME FOL-LOWERS OF SOME TEACHERS ETC.‚ they go beyond what the man actually said & they read into it more than is there & they get more specific about it than the guy that had the revelation!—Just like they used to say I said that California was going to fall into the ocean. I never said it! I merely quoted other people who said that they got revelations like that. I never said it, although I believe it! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it did, in fact, I think it ought to, ha! But I never predicted it. They used that to prove I'm a false prophet when I never prophesied such a thing! But I wouldn't be surprised if it did, & as I say, I think it should, ha!

9. ANYHOW, WOULD YOU GUYS PLEASE STOP READING INTO MY STUFF THINGS I NEVER SAID & JUST ASSUMING THAT THAT'S WHAT I MEANT! Unless you hear me say it, & see my signature on it, don't believe it!—And sometimes you can't be too sure about that!

10. WATCH OUT YOU DON'T READ THINGS IN THAT I DIDN'T SAY, & WHICH I WAS VERY CAREFUL TO AVOID SAYING! Some people tried to do that with the age of Heaven's Girl & all that kind of stuff. I've had to get Apollos off of that sort of thing & tell him to be less specific about times & periods & ages etc. & be more general; otherwise some nitpickers are going to nail him to the cross!

11. SOME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DOING THAT TO ME FOR YEARS, ABOUT YEARS & TINY LITTLE DETAILS & STUFF THAT I WASN'T CLEAR ABOUT, & the reason I wasn't clear about it was because I didn't know or I wasn't sure! But no, they put it into the Chart & everything else, they're sure exactly how long it is when I never even said it! We had to correct that entire big Revelation Chart because they wrote in there something I never said. They just took it for granted! Samson said it & he put it in specifically because I theorised that maybe it was that way. But I don't even dare theorise to you guys or you nail it down that that's it! I love your faith & your confidence, but for God's sake, if I'm not even sure about it myself, how can you be sure about it?

12. I ALWAYS QUALIFY THOSE THINGS! I don't care to get nailed down to specifics like that, they're too dangerous! Too many men have been called false prophets because their prophecies didn't come true. So unless I hear it from God Himself & it's His absolute Word, I don't even necessarily have to believe it myself. Do you understand? So please stop reading things into my stuff that isn't there!—And stop interpreting my interpretations! Please!

13. I WAS THERE APPROXIMATELY A MONTH BEFORE MY AUDIENCE WITH THE KING, ACCORDING TO MY ESTIMATION OR GUESSTIMATION. I say a month or more, & "more" could have been a year before He called me! So what are you getting so specific about?

14. IT COULD HAVE BEEN YEARS OF EDUCATION & COMMUNICATION & LEARNING ALL THOSE OTHER THINGS! It's obvious it's taken a long time, all of this couldn't have possibly happened in one month! You didn't think I was going to go ahead & give you a log of every day's activities, did you? I deliberately avoided being specific. That's the only time I even mention any time period & that has nothing to do with all the time I spent There afterwards in the Story! This is chapter 16 & there are 21 chapters, what are you going to do with the other five chapters?

15. IF I DON'T SAY IT, THEN IT ISN'T NECESSARILY SO! I may guess at it, estimate it, guesstimate it, even theorise it or try to interpret it & make it fit, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has got to be exactly that way. That's my interpretation, that's what I think it means. That's what I suppose it means! But interpretations can be very wrong, just like interpretations of language.

16. SO I SURE DON'T WANT TO GET TRAPPED INTO SOME AIR-TIGHT DOCTRINE OR SPECIFIC SCHEDULE like some people who have been so specific about the exact beginning of the Tribulation, the exact Coming of the Lord & all that sort of thing. I said in my opinion the Comet probably signifies the rise of the Antichrist next year & possibly that means the soon beginning of the Tribulation, that's my own opinion. It ain't necessarily so! I could be wrong!

17. SO YOU MUST NOT GET SO SPECIFIC & DOGMATIC ABOUT THESE INTERPRETATIONS! Please! Otherwise, if it doesn't happen exactly the way they think I said it or they think I thought it‚ then they call me a false prophet! Unless I said‚ "God told me", then it ain't necessarily so, just like a lot of the writings of Saint Paul. He very specifically said‚ "Well, this I got from the Lord but this I didn't." (1Cor. 7:12,25) Therefore‚ he was warning them that, "Well, now maybe this is right & maybe it isn't because I didn't get it from the Lord, but this is my opinion."

18. SO YOU OUGHT TO GIVE ME AT LEAST A GHOST OF A CHANCE THAT I COULD BE WRONG WHEN IT IS ONLY MY PERSONAL OPINION & IT IS NOT THE WORD OF GOD! You can't take every single word I ever said as being the absolute God's honest truth of the very Word of God Himself! You mustn't be extremists & radicals to take what I say that far. Because unless I say, "God said it!", I could be wrong. Is that clear? I have a hard enough time trying to get straight what God says without trying to accept & swallow every single word that I ever said!

19. I'M ONLY A MAN & NO MAN IS PERFECT & EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES. "Let every man be found a liar but God be found true!" (Rom.3:4) For God's sake‚ don't nail me on a cross & crucify me because I said so-&–so when I didn't even say it, that's even worse yet! But even if I theorised it, I guesstimated it or interpreted it, unless I said, "God said it!", it ain't necessarily so! Is that clear? OK!

20. PLEASE STOP TAKING MY GUESSES AS THE HONEST-TO-GOD–GOSPEL! I can guess a lot of things about you, but I might be wrong & I certainly don't want to accuse you of things you're not guilty of if I don't really know! So please stop accusing me of making mistakes I didn't even make, especially that I ever said I'd only been a month in Heaven altogether! GBY!

21. PEOPLE JUST ASSUME THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID & THEY MISINTERPRET & THEN THEY CRUCIFY YOU ON THE CROSS OF THEIR CRITICISM that that's what you said when you never even said it! So you guys be careful about quoting me & saying I said so-&-so when I did not say it! I was specifically avoiding being specific about when I die, when I got There, how long I stayed There & when I got back. I used very general terms for all of that because I knew some people were going to try to take them as prophecies of exact predictions. I am just estimating‚ guesstimating, theorising, interpreting & giving my opinion. And I particularly avoided such specifics in these chapters. So stop reading into my stuff things that are not there & don't misquote me & say I said so-&-so when I didn't say it!

22. I COULD BE WRONG! Whatever I said could be wrong. The only thing you can count on is what I said that God said, that I know! But my interpretation, my opinion, my theory could be wrong. My estimate of chronology could be wrong. The Antichrist may not arise next year & Jesus may not come in 1992 or 3. Those are my estimates, guesstimates, theories & interpretations! For God's sake, don't take them as the God's honest Gospel-truth that God Himself said when it is my opinion! Don't read into that that that's the facts, because it may not be necessarily so. If I only said it & God didn't say it, then take it with a grain of salt. OK? OK! God bless you! I love you!

23. IT JUST MAKES ME MAD WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT I SAID CERTAIN THINGS THAT I DIDN'T SAY! I mean, that is lying about me! That is false witness & the Bible is very specific about false witness. (Pro.6:19; 25:18) I'm not the false witness‚ they're the false witness! Maybe we can call this "Bearing False Witness"!

24. SO BEWARE OF BEARING FALSE WITNESS! I never said I was in Heaven only one month & I never said I was There for the whole Tribulation. That's somebody else's guesswork, not mine! OK? GBY! ILY!