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Wonder Working Words

David Berg

—MO February 28, 1973 NO.207—GP

P.O.Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

1. GREETINGS IN JESUS' PRECIOUS NAME! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GOOD LETTERS, reports, tapes, birthday remembrances‚ pictures, news items, books, gifts, etc. Your thoughtfulness, faithfulness‚ diligence, loyalty, love and prayers truly warm our hearts, David indeed has the most wonderful children on earth and is blessed above all men as God promised! God bless you all! We love you too!


2. WE COULD SPEND THIS WHOLE LETTER TELLING YOU ALL THE GOOD NEW THINGS GOD HAS DONE FOR US LATELY! Someone asked us recently why we don't publish the bad things that happen sometimes. My answer to you is that God's word tells us to publish the glad tidings, not the sad tidings. Jesus commanded us to preach the Gospel, which means "good news", not bad news! WE DON'T BELIEVE IN ADVERTISING THE DEVIL'S WARES and foolish mistakes, though we're not ignorant of his devices. He can't accomplish much without our help, so we should refuse to help him! Therefore, God's word says that whatsoever things are of good report, think on these things! (Phil.4:8) So we don't believe in reporting the Devil's dastardly deeds, as few as they are amongst us, but rather we love to proclaim God's great goodnesses to us‚ which are so many! So that's really what this Letter is all about! Hallelujah!


3. FIRST OF ALL, WE REJOICE IN HIM THAT HATH CALLED US AS WELL AS IN YOU that are called that you have obeyed His calling so that we are now truly going into all the world and already preaching the Gospel to many creatures in approximately fifty countries on all six Continents and many islands throughout the Globe! Hallelujah! He is faithful to fulfill all His good promises!

4. AS MENTIONED BEFORE, THIS HAS MEANT A MONUMENTAL MASSIVE MIGRATION of men and materials into many lands, and a more thorough training of our disciples and leaders for these new and added responsibilities‚ which, for a time, slowed down our growth in numbers and Colonies. However, as you can see now, having arrived in our respective fields‚ we are beginning to become adjusted, acclimated‚ reoriented and more accustomed to new languages, cultures, peoples, customs, etc. While our former homelands are continuing the reaping of their harvests of souls and disciples, our workers in the new fields are also beginning to learn how to reap the native nationals of these new lands, so that we are again beginning a gradual growth in Colonies and dedicated disciples throughout the world. PTL!

5. NEVERTHELESS, I WAS ASKING THE LORD THE OTHER MORNING IN PRAYER as I pondered the reasons why our numbers of Colonies have hovered at about the same level for most of the past year after having shot up to that level in a phenomenal skyrocketing growth explosion during the preceding year:-Is our present rapid expansion and scattering throughout all the world the only reason, or even the main reason, for the slowing down of our growth in numbers of Colonies and disciples to almost a standstill for the past year in comparison to the preceding year?

6. THE LORD'S ANSWER WAS A CLEAR, NO!--He showed me plainly that we're reached a certain limitation in our ability to grow any further because we had reached the limitations of our leadership that we had originally trained. Most of our leaders throughout the world are still those approximately 150 who were originally trained in California and Texas, who‚ along with their 150 wives, constitute most of the 150 couples who now lead the 150 Colonies, who were either trained by us or our family personally or those trained immediately under them in those early days as much as two and three years ago or more!


7. WHY, I ASKED—IS IT BECAUSE THESE HAVE FAILED TO TEACH OTHERS TO TEACH OTHERS AND TRAIN OTHER LEADERS IN THEIR TURN?—PARTLY, YES. But mostly‚ the Lord said, you lack leaders because you lack literature!--And the literature you lack are the Letters of the Leader! One of the principle reasons that you have failed to train the leaders you should have is because you have not given them the leadership training of the Letters of the Leader that could have trained them. If you had, they would have had need that no man should teach them, but God's words would have led them into all Truth through the Letters of your Leadership! Amen?

8. I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER THIS: GOD SAID WE NOW LACK LEADERS BECAUSE WE LACK LITERATURE, and the literature they need most are the Letters of the Leader! We lack leaders because we lack literature, the Letters of the Leader! That was God's answer, and I believe it! These are the Words that Work and will Work for the World! Jesus said, "The Words that I speak unto thee, they are spirit and they are life!" The words that He has given us contain His Spirit and His Life—and His Teaching to train leaders: Literature for leaders, Letters of His Leadership. You lack leaders because you lack the literature of the Letters of the Leader! I hope I can repeat that so often you'll never forget it! When God spoke it to me, it seemed to veritably reverberate in booming tones throughout the Halls of Heaven, echoing and re-echoing throughout all the earth! You lack leaders because you lack literature of the Letters of the Leader I have given!

9. HIS ANSWER, OF COURSE‚ WAS NOTHING NEW!--Standing on a hilltop in Texas, I told about 150 of you only three years ago that we must place our major emphasis on producing the leaders and the literature we were going to need desperately in our booming growth and snowballing population explosion in the very near future‚ otherwise we would reach an almost insurmountable bottleneck that would cause such a traffic jam after a certain point that it would almost be impossible to expand beyond it without those leaders and the literature!--And that hour has now come! We can't go much further without them.


10. GOD WARNED US OF THIS AGAIN ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO when dear brothers Josh and Aaron and others got the burden to get out the poor little 3 x 5 classes composed almost entirely of the Letters of your Leadership, the literature lacked by leaders to help them with their leadership. God bless those boys for doing the best they could!—But it was not enough! These little 3 x 5 classbooks were soon little orphans floating around and almost as rare and priceless as some of the early manuscripts of the Church! But at least they tried, God bless 'em!

11. AGAIN GOD WARNED US A LITTLE OVER A YEAR AGO that the answer to the crying need for more literature was still the same: More Letters from the Leader, MORE LETTERS IN PRINT, MORE LEADERSHIP LITERATURE FOR LEADERS from the Leader!—And this time dear Ho and his helpers on the far off needy mission field of Europe got the burden and reprinted the pitiful little 3 x 5's in little gospels, God bless 'em! But again it was too little and too late. They were in such demand and so needed, but so few, that they were hardly out before they became almost as rare as collectors items, like those valuable first editions!

12. This also inspired Jeth and Deb and their helpers about the same time to publish a very fancy little edition now known as the Dallas MO Book, very beautifully designed and illustrated and colorfully covered to try to please our friends and appease our enemies, but without too much success.—Even some of our friends didn't like it! It was just a little too hot for them despite its attractive appearance. It was likable looking but dreadfully reading for some!—Yet it was a good try in the right direction—But still too little and still too late!

13. THEN PUBLISHERS WERE CLAMOURING FOR A BOOK from us about us by us, and when I asked the Lord about it, again He said, It's already written: It's the Letters I have already given! So we tried to present them with the idea of using the Letters for the book they wanted, but our feeble efforts along this line were not met with much success, as the few who were approached seemed to think they were either too hot or this was not what they wanted or not what the public would read. They said they wanted something in a short, readable story form about our beginnings, history‚ beliefs‚ practices, etc. So "Survival" was the result! But even this they wouldn't print, so we were compelled to print it in very limited numbers ourselves. It served its purpose with our friends as well as our enemies, but still did not meet the crying need of the lack of literature of Letters for the leaders! Now we were beginning to get desperate! At last Ho and the good brethren of Europe published most of the basic classes in the little Revolution for Jesus!" handbook for new disciples, a major milestone for many!

14. WE HAVE ALSO REPUBLISHED GRANDMOTHER'S BOOKS, "The Hem of His Garment" and "Streams that Never Run Dry". We have also published and republished some of the books already mentioned above, but still there are not enough! We have published a lavish newspaper by the hundreds of thousands of copies, and a fascinating little news magazine by the thousands, and the current MO Letters are distributed to nearly all our worldwide family nearly every week by the hundreds, but still we lack leadership because we lack the Letters for the leaders that are needed to teach and make them leaders‚ most of which have already been written long ago‚ but are still so scarce that very few leaders have all of them, and most of our leaders have very few of them and some of our poor little leaders have most none, much less our disciples who are the potential leaders of the next spiritual generation of disciples throughout the world!—So little and so late!

15. WHILE TENS OF THOUSANDS IN FUNDS HAVE BEEN SPENT ON COLONIES, tens of thousands wasted by some big oversized Colonies and thousands and thousands more spent on these other publications, some of which have sometimes not even reflected accurately the full truth of our message, men and methods, the Letters for leaders have still gone begging for publication! So we lack leaders for lack of Letters!

16. THE CHILDREN OF GOD WERE WORLD NEWS IN 1972! Their Jesus Revolution made the front pages and radio and TV around the world! Scores of books and magazines have been published about us, and some even against us. THE WORLD HAS HEARD ABOUT US—NOW THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM US! What made us world news? We've proven it can be done, and we have done it! We're proven it works, and we've worked it! What more proof can we have than that it works! Jesus works! His method works! His message works! His words work! We have a worldwide work to prove it! We have shown our faith by our works! His words did the work!


17. NOW WE NEED TO GET THESE WORDS THAT WORK TO THE WHOLE WORLD! They've heard about us—they need to hear from us! Every word we tell the world will have weight, because they now know our works and words have worked! When we say something‚ it will mean something. When they read it, it'll bear weight. We've told them on the telly and raved on the radio, they've put it in the papers and bought it in the books and we've wagged in the mags! Now we need to print millions for the billions! Tell the words that work to the world! Hallelujah!

18. NOBODY EVER HEARD OF MAO UNTIL HIS WORDS REALLY WORKED—then the whole world heard about him! And you 'you've heard or read his words sometime, somewhere‚ as almost everybody else in the world has, even though you've never seen him or maybe even met one single genuine Chinese Communist personally yourself!—Why?—Because they put it in print, and his little Red "Thoughts From Chairman Mao" have circled the globe and fallen into nearly everybody's hands in printed form!

19. NOBODY EVER HEARD OF LITTLE OLD MO, EITHER, UNTIL HIS WORDS BEGAN TO WORK around the world, then the whole world heard about him, mostly publicised by his enemies, just like Mao's enemies were the main ones who publicized him in the beginning! But eventually, people wanted to hear what Mao himself had to say! What had he said that had stirred up such a fuss and made so many enemies and created such a great work?—It was his words that worked, and now they're telling the world! Our words have worked, God's words! Now we need to tell the world!

20. TELL THE WORDS THAT WORK TO THE WORLD! Get the words that work to the world! CUT COLONY COSTS AND MULTIPLY MO MISSIVES! MILLIONS FOR THE BILLIONS! What have you done this week to get the words that work to the world? This is our success secret! This is the Almighty's answer: Put it on paper into print, and GET THE WORDS THAT WORK TO THE WORLD BY THE MILLIONS FOR THE BILLIONS!

21. WE CAN'T POSSIBLY EVER TRAIN ENOUGH PEOPLE PERSONALLY! HIS SPIRIT MUST LEAD THEM INTO ALL TRUTH BY HIS WORDS THAT WORK, so that no man need teach them! His words will work wonders for the world! But we must put them in print on paper so they can circulate around the globe available to all! Millions for the billions! We have the labourers—we need the tools! we have the army—we need the ammunition! What have you done this week to get the words that work to the world to do wonders!

22. Every disciple, every leader, every Colony‚ every department‚ every office and every printshop, every typist and every secretary. every translator and every worker, whatever your job may be, MUST NOW KNOW THAT YOUR MAIN JOB IS TO HELP IN SOME WAY TO GET THE WORDS THAT WORK TO THE WORLD! Millions for the billions! We now have a worldwide army of willing workers for witnessing the words that work wonders to the world! Our greatest need now is the News in print, plenty of ammunition for our good soldiers to shoot without shirk! Give these words that work wonders to the world! The need now is newsprint on paper!

23. IT IS NOW MORE IMPORTANT TO PUBLISH MO LETTERS THAN IT IS TO PUBLISH MAGAZINES OR NEWSPAPERS‚ books or brochures! It's now more urgent to publish the words that work wonders for the world—the whole world!—Than it is to establish more Colonies, win more disciples, salvage more leaders or spend more money on more wasteful projects that are not getting the words that work wonders to the world! Most of our shepherds are spending most of their time on a few little sheep in a few little folds while more than 99 times as many sheep are still wandering in the wilderness, wounded, lost, hungry and cold, because they've never heard the words that would work wonders for the whole world! God help them—and us!

24. WE LACK LEADERS FOR LACK OF LETTERS, SO THE LETTERS MUST BE LEADERS! If you leaders already feel overloaded, the question is, what are you overloaded with? Where is your sense of values? What are your priorities? What are you so busy with that is more important than getting the words that work to the world? The words are the cause, our kids are the effect! Are you so busy with the effects that you haven't time to continue the cause that brought such effects? Are you fiddling with effects while neglecting the cause which could result in a million times the effects we've already had? Are you so busy with the works you've neglected the words that cause the works? Quit piddling!–Start publishing!

25. WE DON'T MEAN BY THIS THAT YOU SHEPHERDS ARE TO NEGLECT THE SHEEP you already have. What we mean is that we all need to work together to give them the words that work so they can give them to work wonders for the world! What have you done this week to help publish the words that work to the world? If your vision is only the few little Colonies and disciples we already have, it doesn't amount to much! Unless you're working to get the words that work wonders to the whole world, you're not accomplishing much. If you think your major purpose is to survive as a Colony, there's not much excuse for your existence at all! God might as well take you Home now if you're not working to win the world, if you're not working to publish the words that work to win them! Get on the ball and roll!


26. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THIS WEEK THAT YOU WON'T HAVE TO DO AGAIN NEXT WEEK? What have you done today you won't have to do again tomorrow? Where are your products of progress? There is no such thing as standing still! You're either progressing and have the products to prove it, or backsliding to oblivion! We're doing all we can to give God's gift to you, the words that work wonders—what are you doing to get them to the rest of the world? HAVE YOU PRINTED ANY MO LETTERS this week? Have you published any MO books this month? We can't do it all! You're going to have to help us! What can you do to help us? You can publish MO Letters!—Or you can help us to publish them! Or you can help distribute them: Have you sent the appropriate ones to your parents and loved ones? Have you shared them with your friends? Have you passed them to the kids in the park? Have you asked for donations to print more? Have you given all you could personally to help print them? Have you tried your local Bible bookstore to see if they'd be willing to carry them?—Who knows?—Maybe even some Christians might be interested and really get turned on! They certainly aren't getting them in church‚ unless the pastors are publishing them to punish us! Even our enemies are publishing them and writing tracts and articles against them or about them! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THIS WEEK WITH THE WORDS THAT WORK WONDERS FOR THE WORLD? We recently told a couple of our major Colonies there was no further excuse for their existence if they weren't going to work to publish the words that work to the world! WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE FOR LIVING? ARE YOU LIVING TO GIVE LIFE TO THE LOST BY HIS LETTERS?

27. WE RECENTLY RECEIVED A "BIRTHDAY WARNING" FROM THE LORD along this line which really shook us up and which renewed our great concern for these pressing printing needs! We hope to pass it on to you soon. It was a very miraculous and lengthy prophecy, totally inspired‚ and given through us even without our knowledge in an altogether supernatural manner. In it the Lord reminded us of the years He had given us to accomplish our task, angrily chiding us for being so slow in getting out His wonder working words to the world, and warning us that we may only have even less than half as along to live as we might have expected, and may have to work twice as hard and twice as fast to get the job done in the time we now have left!

28. WE WERE ALL ASHAMED AT THE LORD'S STINGING REBUKE AND REALLY REPENTED of our slothfulness and regretted that so much time and money and effort have been spent on so many other things, most of them good things, but not the best when so little has been done on that which God wants most! While we've been so busy with a little here and there, the time will soon be gone. The Lord said BUT ONE THING IS NEEDFUL: TO SIT AT HIS FEET AND LEARN OF HIM THE WORDS HE GIVES and pass them on to the world! Those who have chosen this good part, it shall never to taken away from them! Like the Martha in that Scripture, too many of us have been cumbered with too much serving and not enough listening! We've had too many Marthas and not enough Marys! We feel we must serve to exist, when we should live to listen! For Jesus said only one thing is needful: To learn His words!—His wonder working words for the world!

29. SOUL WINNING IS NOT OUR MAJOR TASK! WITNESSING HIS WONDER WORKING WORDS TO THE WORLD IS OUR MAJOR TASK! WITNESSING'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN WINNING! We'll win very few compared to the millions to whom we'll witness. But we're more responsible to give them all God's message than we are to win them, for only His Spirit can win. We can only witness! What they do with our witness is up to them, as each must make his own decision. Even God can't win them all, but He wants to give them all a chance. We must give them that opportunity with our witness of His wonder working words to all the world!—And yet the world waits! We have still not given His wonder working words to a waiting world!

30. AS A RESULT, WE HAVE BEEN SO STIRRED BY THE LORD'S ANGUISHED ADMONITION WHICH SOUNDED LIKE A FINAL WARNING, that we have told our Publications Department that if they cannot afford time nor money to publish the Lord's Letters to His leaders‚ we do not have time nor money nor strength to publish anything else, including magazines‚ newspapers and the like, as useful and enjoyable as they may be! We must put first things first, and the Scriptures say that the Lord has exalted His Word even above His name! That's how important he considers what He has to say!—How important do you think His Letters are?—As much as you publish!

31. SO NOW WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!-As a result of the Lord's insistence that we lay aside everything else and push only that which He considers most needful until our most important job is done first, a number of pressing printing projects which have languished in limbo for many months are now being completed at long last! A very useful Subject Index to those of the Lord's Letters which you may already have will soon be available!-And the Letters you don't have will soon be yours in a series of handy volumes, the second of which is nearly ready for the presses, the Letters for Leaders which are so sorely needed! Already enough Basic Classbooks, "Revolution for Jesus!" have been reprinted so that every single one of you disciples around the world can have your own personal copy at last! Hallelujah!-And a red-hot book of Letters for Radicals is being given the finishing touches which almost burn our fingers for the fighters!

32. NOW WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? We're now doing our part to get these wonder working words to you in full, with an extremely helpful Index to help you find the subjects you need the most, together with the Letters you leaders need now and have been begging for for years! Now it's up to you to not only help us pay for these, but also see that everyone who needs them gets them! Reprint or translate in every language and give His wonder working words to the world! Amen?