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Meek, The

David Berg

—Europe's Future Foretold—MOFebruary 1973GP No.205

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1. I WAS THINKING ABOUT EUROPE AND THE POOR COUNTRIES and weak countries, and I was thinking how sweet and meek these people are! It seemed like when they were big and strong and powerful they inherited the Earth—like England with all her colonies—but they lost it! Then I was thinking‚ When are these Europeans going to get it through their heads that they'll never get anywhere until they have one language to make them strong and great? That's what made the U.S. strong and what it is today.

2. BUT THEN SUDDENLY IT CAME TO ME THAT BECAUSE AMERICA HAS BECOME SO STRONG‚ IT IS ANOTHER BABEL THAT HAS TO BE DESTROYED! Europe's very weakness through its division is going to preserve it because it is weak. But look what having one language did to the U.S.—it made it great and powerful, but now it's going to be destroyed, The meek shall inherit the Earth! Poor Europe—they're so sweet, but such a mess—no common languages, no common monetary system, no common government, etc.

3. IF GOD COULD HAVE TRUSTED AMERICA, HE COULD HAVE LET HER BE THE POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD. But you see, an ungodly nation cannot be trusted to become rich and powerful‚ because if they don't stay close to the Lord they can't be trusted. So America's unity and one language and strong central government—it's strength, has become its very weakness‚ because God cannot permit as wicked a nation as America has become to grow too strong, because she's too bad an influence and too poor an example to the world.

4. IN THE END, BECAUSE EUROPE CAN'T GET IT COMPLETELY TOGETHER AND BECOME TOO BIG AND POWERFUL, THE BIG NATIONS WILL BE SHOOTING OVER EUROPE'S HEAD‚ and Europe will just be the buffer between them and be left to pick up the pieces!—And what part of the world could be better leaders and more sympathetic to different peoples and races and know better the problems of post-war reconstruction?—Whereas neither America nor Russia have really ever had any great destructive wars that really destroyed their lands like the Europeans have experienced.

5. SO IT JUST COULD BE THE LORD IS GOING TO TAKE EUROPE TO LEAD THE WORLD! I never thought of it before, but I got that so strong in the Spirit this morning. The very fact Europe is not strong is going to preserve it, while America and Russia and China fight it out. Europe is sick of wars and is going to refuse to participate.

6. IT'S JUST LIKE SWITZERLAND DID: FROM THE TIME SWITZERLAND DECLARED HER TOTAL NEUTRALITY, SHE BEGAN TO GROW AND BECOME PROSPEROUS, and she stayed out of their fights and battles and minded her own business and had peace at home. She began to prosper and even had plenty—not too much. She didn't have enough power and strength to become powerful. She didn't have to waste her money on huge armies and arms. All she had to have was a small police force for discipline in her own country.—And she has adhered to that strict neutrality so much, that even the nations of the world have been willing to trust her with their money, when they won't even trust each other! Switzerland was really divided up into little states who were weak and couldn't very well protect themselves. So they banded together and formed a rather weak federated government which just collects taxes and its expenses and represents Switzerland in any international negotiations, but fights no wars and stays out of Europe's troubles.

7. EUROPE WILL‚ OF COURSE, COME UNDER THE FINAL DOMINATION OF WORLD COMMUNISM after the war of the worlds, so to speak. Europe will have to fall under the world government, but it will not be the battlefield as it has before. Europe has already been burned out, like the prairie backfires, and she's just fed up and absolutely going to refuse to have any more wars. All the time before she has been the battlefield, but next time in this war of the worlds by air, apparently America and Russia are probably going to be the battlefields.

8. I DON'T EVEN BELIEVE GOD'S GOING TO LET CHINA HAVE MUCH WAR, BECAUSE IT'S TOO POOR and is feeding its poor and putting them to work. China doesn't need or deserve to have any monumental judgments—it has no major sins to suffer for except its atheism, which God will deal with eventually. Even Russia has not been the threat to the world that America has!

9. BUT AMERICA‚ EVEN IN THE PAST WARS IN EUROPE, HAS BEEN LARGELY TO BLAME for them‚ because, though part of the time she sat on the sidelines pretending to be neutral, she was all the time helping her side, like a big bully, all the time egging them on. She armed them and agitated, and finally stepped in every time in intervention herself; and in so doing she really helped to prolong those wars, which made Europe a battlefield and virtually destroyed it.

10. SO AMERICA HAS BEEN LARGELY TO BLAME FOR THE WORLD'S WARS, and for making them so prolonged and horrible and disastrous with her planes and bombs and guns and all. So America really is next in line to be the battlefield of the world. It really deserves the judgments of God, and is probably going to get it either with bombs or sabotage and revolution.

11. BUT EUROPE TODAY, AS FAR AS THE GREAT POWERS OF THE WORLD ARE CONCERNED, is the part least likely to succeed because of its weakness and because of its division. Think how horribly powerful Europe would have been if it had had one language and gotten it together long ago!

12. THAT WAS THE TROUBLE WITH BABEL; God knew if he left them with one language they would actually become dangerous as well as proud and defiant. So he had to divide their languages in order to keep them weak, in order that they wouldn't try to dominate the world and force their power on others, to keep the nations all broken up so He could keep the Antichrist from coming to power as long as possible!

13. IN THE LONG RUN THEN, therefore, because of Europe's language and cultural differences, it will never be able to get it together enough in the time that remains to become a dominant world power. Therefor, none of the world's superpowers consider Europe any great threat. America fears Russia and China most, and Russia and China fear America, but nobody's really afraid of Europe. So Europe's very weakness is going to be her strength! And the meek shall inherit the earth! The great powers, because of the type of aerial warfare, propaganda warfare, revolution, etc.—the great powers, particularly America, are the ones who are really going to get it next time, shooting right over Europe's heads!

14. EUROPE IS GETTING MORE NEUTRAL ALL THE TIME, in a way, because it is being dragged out of the American sphere of money influence and more toward the other camp‚ so it is more in the middle than it used to be.—And Europe has been the battlefield and had its suffering and its weary of war! It's very weakness is going to be its strength. For the meek shall inherit the earth!

15. I NEVER SAW IT SO CLEARLY BEFORE‚ WHY GOD HAS BROUGHT US HERE; NEITHER TO RUSSIA NOR TO AMERICA, BUT IN THE MIDDLE, where we're now safer than anywhere else in the world! We're in the part of the world that's already been burned over and had its wars, the already backfired, burned over area of the prairie fires of the wars of the world, and therefore the part that nobody really wants very badly anymore—old and weary and weak and worn and poor!

16. IT REMINDS YOU OF THE LITTLE SPARROWS out there in our yard: the weakest birds in the whole world and almost the smallest, and yet their very weakness and their smallness and their ridiculousness and there division into great numbers has resulted in their preservation, so that you find them everywhere, all over the world, the most common birds in the world, oodles of sparrows, more sparrows than anything else!

17. WHEREAS THE HUGE BIRDS—THESE HUGE PASSENGER PIGEONS we see in our backyard—they're so big and powerful all the other birds are afraid of them, yet they're the ones the men shoot at for sport and food! But who bothers with shooting sparrows? Besides, there are so many of them you never could shoot them all! Whereas the passenger pigeon, the world's largest pigeon, who used to be in America by the millions‚ because they were so big and powerful and meaty and such a table delicacy, they were so strong and popular with the hunters and the eaters, and flew in such large flocks‚ America finally wiped them out, until they've become almost extinct. Because of their very big size and strength and rich meat they became the prime target of the hunters!

18. BUT WHO SHOOTS THE LITTLE SPARROWS, WHO ARE EVERYWHERE, SO WEAK AND SO SMALL? Nobody bothers with sparrows—they leave them alone! So it is with Europe and all its little divided countries and peoples and many languages, all broken up and scattered and weak and small. Who is going be worried about Europe? The world is no longer afraid of Europe. Europe is an old has–been!

19. THE WORLD'S NOW AFRAID OF RUSSIA AND CHINA—THE BIG POWERS, AND MOST OF ALL, AMERICA, THE BIGGEST AND WORST OF ALL! So I believe the next war is almost going to ignore Europe. I don't believe it will be the part of the world that is really going to get it like it has before. In weakness there is strength. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

20. —AND MAY GOD HELP US TO INHERIT IT WITH HER!—THANK GOD FOR EUROPE! I believe it's the safest place in the world to be right now—and other weak continents like her: South America‚ Africa, parts of Asia and even Australia and the Islands of the Seas!—The meek shall inherit the Earth!—After the big powers have destroyed each other! Thank God for the weak and the meek!—They shall inherit the Earth!—God says so!—And that includes you and me—the weak and the meek!—Hallelujah!