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Surrogate Mothers

David Berg

DO 2036 11/84

1. I GOT SOMETHING YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS THINKING ABOUT THOSE HEAVENLY NURSERIES! We already said they must have some pretty big Nurseries for all the little kids that go Up There, well‚ what about all the abortions? They're killing millions of babies in the U.S. alone. Did you see that article in the WND? I just can hardly believe it's so many!—Imagine, 15 million babies murdered by their mothers & their doctors since 1973! That's a hell of a lot of murders! (See WND56, Page 4.)

2. DON'T FORGET, THEIR LIVES ARE STARTED!—AND IF WE BELIEVE WHEN THEY'RE BORN THEY GROW UP, THEN WHAT ABOUT IF THEY'RE UNBORN? If they're born & die young He can put'm in Nurseries, but what if they die unborn & they kill'm? Is God going to stop that life just because of that? I think they're going to go on! But where would He put'm? He can't put an unborn baby in a nursery, & it would have to be at least six or seven months along to put in an incubator. So what would He do?—He'd put'm in another mother!

3. THEY'RE HAVING SURROGATE MOTHERS DOWN HERE, SO WHY NOT UP THERE? There are probably lots of women There who haven't had any babies yet who'd like to have some, you know? Maybe they didn't have time or couldn't here, I'll bet they would really go for it! How about that? That'll take care of them! (Tongues:) "What wonderful things the Lord does reveal to thy Father & really gives us some wonderful insights into the City!" TYL! Well, there you are!

4. IT CAME TO ME JUST AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING: SURROGATE MOTHERS! ISN'T THAT TERRIFIC? HE JUST TRANSPLANTS'M!—And He can do a Heaven of a lot better job than these doctors do down here! He just puts'm right in as soon as they get There! Won't that be great? I got a real thrill out of that! So all those poor little murdered babies are not going to have their lives taken away from them, they're going to get a better mother in Heaven that appreciates them & will really take care of them & really raise them right! Isn't that wonderful?—And they'll be born where there's no pain & no problems, no troubles, no oppositions, everything just great! I know Techi's looking forward to that! She won't be old enough to have any babies here, but she's planning on having a lot of them Up There!

5. I SAID, "WELL HOW MANY DO YOU WANT?" SHE SAID, "OH, I'D LIKE ABOUT A THOUSAND!" I said, "Wait a minute! Wait a minute! That would take an awful lot of people to help take care of them!" She said‚ "Well, maybe five." You know, these Pisces are extremists, they go from one extreme to the other. They're kind of up & down, either up in the heavenlies or down in the depths, so she descended quickly from a thousand to five! I said, "That's a lot better. You could take care of five better & that's enough to keep you happy for quite awhile!"

6. SO ISN'T THAT TERRIFIC? I REALLY GET SOME THINGS ONCE IN AWHILE WHEN I'M THINKING ABOUT THEM! I've been thinking so much about Heaven & how they do things There & what can be done, & I thought about all those millions of babies, the slaughter of the innocents! He's not going to let the abortionists get away with it for one thing, & He's not going to let those babies get away either! So He's gotta have a place for'm, & where else but in the surrogate mothers Up There?—Mothers that'll really love'm & appreciate'm & won't want to kill'm!

7. THANK GOD FOR HEAVEN!—WHERE EVERYTHING WILL GET STRAIGHTENED OUT & MADE RIGHT! We can always trust Him to straighten things out‚ He's always got the answer to everything! So God bless you! ILY! I'm gonna sign off so I can get back Up There! Hallelujah! If there's anything you need, holler! He's got it! The Boss will take care of it! If we can't‚ He can! So PTL! GBAKYAMYAB!—In Jesus' name, amen!