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Maharishi of Hyderabad, The

David Berg

—MO January 30‚ 1973 NO. 202—LTA

P.O.Box 31, London WC2E, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan‚ Puerto Rico 00936

1. I WOKE UP WHILE MAKING VIOLENT LOVE TO HER! She was somebody very important‚ very beautiful‚ and about 40 or 45‚ even prettier than Mrs. Ghandi. She had sleek glossy black hair pulled straight back and knotted or tied on the back of her head and a bright red spot on her forehead. SHE WAS IN THIS PALACE which had apparently been turned into a restaurant and hotel, and we were staying there. It was a very busy place, with lots of people coming and going. Everything was very ornate, typical Indian style, with that little Indian lattice-carved grillwork everywhere.

2. THERE WAS ANOTHER WOMAN ALSO, very pretty, middle-aged, about 45 or 50‚ only she was blond and fair and looked like she might be English, with short blond curly hair-kind of frizzy, like older women have sometimes. Not nearly as pretty as the Maharishi, she looked older. I was in her apartment, the manager's apartment, just off the lobby to one side of the restaurant. It seemed as though THE ENGLISH WOMAN WAS MY GUIDE—as though she was the hostess of the hotel, whereas this beautiful Indian woman was the owner, guest, or someone very important and superior.

3. I DON'T UNDERSTAND—I DIDN'T THINK WEALTHY INDIANS SLEPT ON THE FLOOR. In this beautiful apartment, in this one rather large room, the beautiful Indian woman was lying on a bed in a filmy sari, but it seemed like it was on the floor, like a pallet or something. I and the English woman had walked in from another room, because she was leading me by the hand, She and I must have already been in bed together, because I was naked and fully aroused and ready. It didn't look like she was dressed for sleep, because she had on this beautiful sari and it was afternoon. But she was expecting or hoping. She had turned over rather shyly, with a pleased little smile when we entered, like she was so happy I'd come. THE ENGLISH WOMAN HAD PREPARED ME FOR HER, AND HER FOR ME.

4. MY HOSTESS WAS SAYING TO ME, "NO, YOU MAKE LOVE TO HER.—SHE NEEDS IT." In fact, I'd asked that question: "Shall I make love to you or her?" And she said, "No‚ she needs it." So I whispered‚ "Well, who is she?" And the English woman whispered impressively: "She is the MAHARISHI OF HYDERABAD!—A very important woman!" The implication was: "If you be good to her, she'll be good to you!" Like it was very advantageous for us, and in return for our love she would help us.

5. THE MAHARISHI LOOKED UP AT ME VERY SHYLY and rather embarrassed, but very, very beautiful! She had been lying on her right side. When we walked into the room, it was almost as though she'd been expecting us‚ and when my hostess said that, she turned over on her back and held out her arms to me, and I lay down with her and began to make love to her.

6. WE MADE LOVE SO VIOLENTLY we were actually bumping across the floor! she loved so wildly she must been love starved! I thought, "Wow!—Everybody's going to hear us!" We loved so hard we bounced right in front of this window‚ and there was some kind of public road outside about 100 or 150 feet away. There was a lot of traffic on it and it was sunny and dusty, and I can remember I was kind of afraid someone might see us. Yet at the same time it sort of turned me on to think we were almost doing it in public! Then we really started going to town! We were really wildly loving in front of everyone!—When suddenly I awoke still gasping with excitement!

7. IN THE NEXT DREAM, THIS LITTLE GROUP OF US HAD JUST FINISHED EATING in the public dining room of this same hotel and were getting up, and I was pulling out this roll of bills to pay the check, when one of the fellows at our table said, "Wow, don't ever let them see that! You won't even make it to the train station if they see how much money you've got!" And I said, "Well, I had to get some money out of the bank because we had to pay our bill here, and we've got to hire a taxi and buy our train tickets." So he said, "Well just DON'T LET THEM SEE HOW MUCH YOU'VE GOT OR YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT! THEY'LL STEAL EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!"

8. WHILE BIDDING OUR HIPPIE FRIENDS FAREWELL, we had walked out onto the huge hotel verandah and were standing on the steps leading down to the beautiful grounds and the driveway to the busy street. Between the lovely gardens and the public street was a beautiful stone or stuccoed concrete wall surrounding the palace-turned-hotel. The wall was composed of pillars joined by inverted arches filled in with some kind of wrought-iron or stone lattice work. At the large, ornate main gate opening onto the public road‚ a gate guard was checking the people and vehicles entering and leaving the hotel driveway.

9. MARIA AND I HAILED A CAB‚ but it was so small we couldn't get all of our luggage in. So I said‚ "We don't dare leave any of it here because it'll be stolen so I'll have to take part of it to the station, and you'll have to stay here with the rest, then I'll have the cab come back for you."

10. SO I REMEMBER GETTING INTO THE CAB WITH PART OF THE LUGGAGE all alone. The boys had said something about that very thing: "NEVER GET CAUGHT OUT ALONE IN THIS COUNTRY.—ALWAYS STICK TOGETHER." I was thinking about that as I rode down the lonely road to the train station. It must be that this big palace or hotel was not right downtown, and the train station seemed to be sort of out in the country.

11. THE NEXT THING I REMEMBER the driver was unloading me there at the station, when to my surprise I found the station almost deserted! I remember thinking I was standing him back for Maria and the rest of the luggage: WOW!—HERE I AM ALL BY MYSELF JUST LIKE THEY SAID NOT TO BE! THIS ISN'T A VERY GOOD SITUATION!" That was when I suddenly awoke from the dream, because I remember I was so relieved to find I wasn't at the station all alone after all, but still safe in bed! So I don't know whatever happened to either me or Maria!

12. I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT WAS JUST A CRAZY DREAM, EXCEPT THOSE SIGNIFICANT DREAMS HAVE CERTAIN CHARACTERISTICS that the other dreams don't: They always wake me up, and I can remember them clearly and there's always something strange or unusual or specific about them.-Like those words, "Maharishi of Hyderabad" were so distinct! She must be some sort of key woman who is to be very important to our work in India, or she symbolizes the spirit of India, which we must win with love!

13 HOWEVER, IT WAS VERY REALISTIC!—So, who knows?-Maybe there is a Maharishi of Hyderabad, and she really needs our love!—WE HAD NEVER EVEN HEARD THE WORD "MAHARISHI" BEFORE, AND DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THERE WAS SUCH A CITY AS " HYDERABAD" until we looked them both up after the dream! "Maharishi" means "great saint or sage" and "Hyderabad" is a very large capitol Hindu city of a million people in south central India! So it's up to you to find out who she is!–and love her!-The spirit or Key of India!

14. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THIS REVELATION AT A TIME when we're trying to decide whether we can spare some important leadership from England for India: Suddenly it dawned on us that this was the answer!—We've been making love to England, and she has prepared us to make love to India, who now needs it more than she—for all to see! India needs it now and desperately! She's love-starved, and will respond shyly at first, but warm to us with fervent and ardent enthusiasm if we will love her passionately with all our heart!—And it must have something to do with Hyderabad! The rest?—WATCH YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LUGGAGE, TRAVEL LIGHT AND STICK TOGETHER! God bless you!