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David Berg

MODecember 26, 1972DO No.195

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(In this dialogue you could have a boy with a big deep voice read MO's part, and a girl … read Maria's. Have fun!)


1. (MO:) I see pretty designs all in light blue and white! (MO: The pattern at first was like a big snowflake, or snow crystal, almost like I was inside a snowflake, then as I emerged from it, I could see a beautiful pattern of frost, and finally‚ all the blue and white snow.) Now dark brown flows over into the blue, makes it all dirty and makes it all messed up and dark and black. Then snow washed all the brown all away!

2. (Maria: What else do you see?) I see a big bare foot on a ski. Now it can go in the snow. It got rid of all the dirty brown! (Maria: Where is it going?) To that LITTLE VILLAGE IN THE MOUNTAINS where the lights are. The dark brown—that was a big dirty avalanche! But Jesus got us out of it in the blue and white snow!—The pretty blue and white snow! Then we went to the village with all the pretty lights. We stayed in the inn with all the pretty little chambermaids. We stayed in the Swiss chalet.

3. (MARIA: IS IT IN SWITZERLAND?) Why should it be a Swiss chalet if it's not in Swiss?—Swees.—It's Swees!—It is S-u–i-s-s-e! (Maria: What is the name of the village?) I don't know.—Interlaken? (Maria: He pauses) She's so pretty! She skates pretty! (Maria: Who is she?) This pretty … girl! Looks like a fairy with golden hair! I wish you understood the Words of David more, so David wouldn't have to work so hard! (Maria: He smiles tenderly.) Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! (Maria: He kisses several times.)

4. (MARIA: WHO ARE YOU KISSING?) THE PRETTY GIRL ON SKATES.—And she loves me! (Maria: What is her name?) Her name is Christina. She dances on skates like a little fairy, and she just dances up to me and kisses me! I think she loves me. I can't skate‚ but she still loves me just the same. EVERYBODY ELSE IS AFRAID OF ME. (Maria: Why?) They're all worried and dark. But she loves me and skates up to me and kisses me!

5. (MARIA: WHY ARE THEY AFRAID OF YOU?) 'CAUSE I'M SO BIG. (Maria: Why are you so big?) I have so big feet. My skis are so big. (Maria: Are your feet bare feet?) Yes, I can't skate good, but I can really ski! I BROUGHT SOME LIGHT TO THE CHURCH BUILDING! (Maria: Where was the church?) By where the skating. (Maria: He said it was by the town square, and the pond was in the middle.)

6. —AND THEN EVERYBODY WAS HAPPY‚ 'cause I brought some light! Everybody dances and sings! (Maria: MO sings a merry little song in tongues.) Everybody is on skates and happy and singing with David and dancing!

7. I ASK HER IF SHE LOVES ME. She wants to make love with me. Why do they always want to make love with you just 'cause they're in love with you? Why do they always want you to make love to them just because they're in love with you? It's hard work! I'm tired of making love! But everybody wants to love me all the time! (Maria: I think you enjoy it.) It's hard work!

8. (MARIA: WHO WAS IN THE AVALANCHE?) They were, but I got away 'cause I'm good on my skies! (Maria: Why are you so big?) 'Cause I'm A GIANT OF THE MOUNTAIN AND A BIG, BIG SNOWMAN! (Maria: What's your name?) You know my name! (Maria: Sometimes you have different names.) Sometimes you have different names.) You don't have no name like the name of David! (Maria: Where do you live‚ if you're a big snowman?)

In the spirit‚ in the spirit,

Oh the spirit that's for me!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I am everywhere

Wild and free!

9. SOMEBODY NEEDS HELP IN SUISSE! It's dark there, but I bring light to their church, and gaiety to the skating rink, and we all dance and play and skate!—Only David is too big to skate.—Such big skis for going big places and long ways, but the … girls all want me to dance with them! (Maria: Are they the children of David?) ALL HAPPY CHILDREN ARE THE CHILDREN OF DAVID! (Maria: MO said later they were big, blonde bosomy girls!—Must have been German Swiss.) I like to make love to them, but it's hard work!—But I do it just to make them happy.

10. (MARIA: DO I HAVE SKIS?) Of course you don't have skis!—You ride on the back of David's skis! YOU HOLD ONTO DAVID ALL THE TIME. You ride holding onto David! (Maria: MO said later, "It was like you were a little kid riding on the back of my skis with one foot on each ski behind mine and your arms around my waist, like I'm teaching you how to ski.—It's like I DON'T MAKE ANY PROGRESS UNLESS I TELL YOU. A voice keeps telling me to go on. I don't have to move along, but something keeps telling me to move along‚ and so I tell you. It's as though unless you ask me what happens next, the voice doesn't tell me to go ahead through the dream. It doesn't give me permission unless you ask.")

11. (MARIA: WOULD YOU SING THE LITTLE SONG AGAIN?) It's not a little song!—It's a big song! (Maria: Would you sing the big song?) No, I want to kiss all those pretty … girls on skates first!—And they all want to kiss me! (Maria: He does lots of kissing.) (Maria: Would you sing it now?) I already sang it over and over for you. (Maria: Please sing it?) (Maria: MO sings the happy little song in tongues again.) (MARIA: WHAT DOES THE SONG SAY?)—SINGS ALL ABOUT DAVID and his victorious battles and love affairs, and how he conquers countries and others! (Maria: Please sing some more?) I did sing lots of verses already, and I'm sleepy!

12. I CAN REALLY SKI! Really go! Whisssh! So fast! Like a bird I ski! Fly like a bird! Down in the valleys, and over the hills, and through the trees, and up the mountains, I fly like a bird! That's what the song is all about! (Maria: Do you hide from people?) I fly faster than anybody can go!

13. (Maria: MO sings song in tongues again.) DO YOU HEAR THE SONGS‚ THE WORDS OF DAVID? (Maria: I hear, but I don't understand the words.) I sang it for you a long time ago! (Maria: MO begins singing song in English with a strong foreign accent, "Goodbye! Goodbye! …" then lapses into tongues for the rest of the song, singing forcefully and making the motions of a skier.) You got to poosh mid da ski poles, und you go fast when you poosh mid da ski poles!

14. (Maria: He sings again:)

You go fly!—Can fly!—Fly over the hills!

And you fly, and you fly, and you fly up o'er the rills!

And you push, and you push, and you climb up the hills!


(Maria: He kisses again.)

15. —OHHH! I'M TIRED OF FLYING! I want to go to sleep now. (Maria: Where do you sleep?) I SLEEP IN MY CAVE ON THE MOUNTAIN. (Maria: MO says later it was like he had a big furry coat on, and was like a huge big bear, and was curling up in the cave like he was going to hibernate. He was curling up to go to sleep.) (Maria: What's your cave like?) My cave?—It's like any cave! It's my hideaway in the mountain. Just like Heidi's grandfather, I live up in the mountain. (Maria: THERE IS ONLY ONE BIG MOUNTAIN BY INTERLAKEN!—MT. JUNGFRAU, 13,000 feet high!) (Maria: Is your cave warm?) Of course it's warm!—Can't keep all those … girls there unless it was warm! (Maria: He said later it was like there were a whole bunch of … Heidis.)

16. (MARIA: YOU LIVE WITH ALL THE … GIRLS?) Of course!—All the … girls that always want to be with me for some reason!—Tch! Tch!—Even if I can't sleep! They want to sleep with me until I can't sleep! There are so many in the bed I can't sleep! (Maria: He said the … girls were all piled all over him. They were sort of like little elfin or fairy girls, but even more like those little cupids, kind of little and chubby-like little bear cubs—a whole bunch—just … girls.) I can hardly move or turn over, and I get so hot in my cave 'cause there's so many … girls!

17. (MARIA: THERE'S A LONG PAUSE, THEN HE BLOWS LOUDLY, forcefully and long!) WHOOOOOOOOOSH! (Pause) WHOOOOOOOOOSH! (Pause) WHOOOOOOOOOSH! (Pause)—I go'n'to blow them out with the cold wind!—WHOOOOOOOOOSH!—Make them go away, 'cause they bother me! WHOOOOOOOOO!


With the hoary frost in my hair!

I'm an ooooooold bear of the mountain,

That lives in this big old lair!


And I don't care!

'Cause I'm an Old Man of the Mountain

(MO breathes a deep sigh of relief)

Ahhhhh!—And I only need just one pair!

(MO kisses again) (Maria: He sings in tongues a measure or two, then stops.)

19. WSHOOOOOO! WSHOOOOOO! (Last time strong!) WSHOOOOOOOOO! (All the little girls were like birds, or leaves fluttering around the entrance of the cave trying to come back in. When David blew, they were like leaves swirling around, some blowing out the entrance to the cave, but the rest settling down on top of him again when he stooped blowing.)

20. (Then angrily:) DAVID NEEDS TO SLEEP IN HIS CAVE! (Maria: What?) David needs to sleep! Yes, I don't want anybody but you back in here again! (Maria: You can't get rid of me?) No. (Maria: Why not?) 'Cause you won't blow away when I go whoooooo!—You just hide behind me on my skis, and I'M ABLE TO BLOW EVERYBODY AWAY BUT YOU! (Maria: MO speaks a few phrases in tongues ending in "tata") Because you cling close to my bosom. (Maria: Do I make you hot, too?) No, no!

21. BUT I'M HUNGRY AND I WANT TO EAT SOME PEAS OFF THE FLOOR of my cave. (Maria: All the peanuts had fallen out of the can to the floor.) (Maria: Can I give you an orange?) NO. I'm going to eat the peas, dirt and all! I don't have oranges up here. (Maria: Yes we do. I brought one from the Swiss chalet.—You don't want it?) No! How we gonna get all those peas back in the can?—YOU DON'T SWEEP THE FLOOR! (Maria: Yes I do. I just swept it.) You left all those peas down there!—All those peas on the floor and you don't sweep them up! (Maria: They just fell there.) (Maria: MO says I was sweeping with a broom made of branches, and looked like I was … dressed in a little fur skin like those cave girls wear.)

22. (MARIA: I PUSH THE TAPE RECORDER CLOSER:) Why do you keep shoving that little black box in my face? (Impatiently: ) Why don't you sweep up the peas! (Maria: It sounds like musical notes as I drop the nuts back into the can, and as I accidentally hit the can with my hand, it sounds like the plucking of a stringed instrument, and MO says:) DID YOU FIND THE HARP OF DAVID, Honey? (Maria: Uh huh.—"In his spiritual den!") Did he play you a tune?—What did he play you? Be a good girl and sweep the floor. You making music? Which music do you make? (Maria: Music with the peas.) Do that again! (Maria strums the can) Ooooh, that's pretty! (Maria: It's the harp!—Look‚ I can play David's harp a little bit!) It's good! Try to get the peas without the dirt. (Maria: I will) (Maria goes out the door as tho' to throw away the dirt, and MO says:)—Come back into my cave!—Were they good peas? Heidi's grandpa never had peas.—He only had the cheese.

23. (MARIA SINGS HAPPILY ABOUT HER CAVE WORK: If you hear the harp of David in his spiritual den!)


And must bottle up thy pen,

For the wondrous Words of David

Are not all for mortal ken,

Neither are the Words of David

Always understood by men,

But the Spirit will interpret

If you ever have a yen,



24. (Maria: You want some more peas to eat?) No‚ I got to SAVE SOME FOR THE WINTER. Get up off the floor, Little Girl, now.—Get up off the cold floor‚ Honey Baby. (Maria: MO has funny impression like we were a couple of hippies living in the cave.) (Maria: He spanks me and says:) I make a big loud smack! The smack was your reward, to know THE CAVE MAN LOVES YOU! Have to get back in David's bed. Lie down on the straw, Honey Baby. I'll cover you up with my fur, with my big bear skin.—OK? I blew all the other … girls away!—Oh, sweet peace! My cup runneth over with joy, and Joy didn't like it!

25. What are you doing with your little black box? (He kisses into the box: ) GIVE ALL THE GIRLS MY KISSES, OK? (Yells loudly:) I love you! (Maria: Sshhh!) Did you sweep the floor?—Good girl! I should have taken that other … girl home to sweep my floor.—I didn't take you home!—JESUS SENT YOU TO MY HOME. YOU'RE SORT OF LIKE HEIDI‚ and I'm sort of like Grandpa, and you, were sent up to live with me. I don't want you to sweep the floor.—I just want you to SWEEP UP ALL THE WORDS. Let not one of them fall to the ground! (MO falls asleep.)


26. (Several hours later MO is thinking of his experience, and says:) I WAS A BIG GIANT OF A MAN DRESSED IN FURS AND ON SKIS, and with a big bushy black beard and big bushy hair—sort of like the famous LEGENDARY ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN! I wonder what he is? There must be something symbolic about him, some connection. (He thinks for awhile, then explodes!:) —So that's where the legend originated!—(He sees another picture: ) HE WAS A WILD MAN LIKE JOHN THE BAPTIST, WEARING FURS and living in a cave up in the mountains! He was a great big giant of a guy, and must have been AN ANCIENT PROPHET!—Now that all begins to make sense!

27. YOU SEE, HE LIVED ON THE MOUNTAIN LIKE A HERMIT, and he came down then to the village, and everybody was afraid to him!—You know how rumours get started. He came down on skis‚ and everybody was afraid of him except the … girls.—HE GAVE SOME KIND OF MESSAGE THAT ENLIGHTENED the church and made everyone happy.—And then he went soaring back off to his cave, and all those … girls followed him!—It's all like a COMBINATION OF THE PIED PIPER, HEIDI, THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN AND DAVID in his Cave, all mixed up! Today the folks who see his ghost say he's about seven or eight feet tall, looks like a bear, but walks like a man.

28. THIS LITTLE SWISS VILLAGE WAS BETWEEN TWO LAKES. I've never been there, but they say THE LITTLE VILLAGE OF INTERLAKEN really is between two lakes! The people were all in their old-fashioned native costumes.—Nothing modern about them at all!—All in traditional native costumes. It must have happened a long time ago!

29. THE ANCIENT AND LEGENDARY WORLD-FAMOUS GHOST, NOW KNOWN AS THE "ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN," was originally actually one of God's old hippie-like prophets living like a hermit in a mountain cave a long time ago! Now you and I know who he really was! His spirit is now helping our kids in Switzerland!—Do you know his name?—Have you seen him lately? WHOOOOO!


30. ALTHOUGH THIS LITTLE STORY IS LIKE A PLAYFUL LITTLE SKIT, and even has the amusing and miraculous characteristics of a child's fairy tale, and, in fact, incorporates some similarities of several famous legends and seems to be partly symbolical, I am convinced that it has some particular and peculiar significance for us.

31. NONE OF THESE REVELATIONS WHICH THE LORD HAS GIVEN ME IN A SUPERNATURAL WAY HAVE BEEN WITHOUT SOME SPECIAL MEANING; each has had its specific message and interpretation which we were to apply to some actual situation, experience or current or future event, or by which we were sometimes made to understand some historical event of past history.

32. WHENEVER THESE REVELATIONS COME IN SUCH A SUPERNATURAL WAY in my sleep without my being conscious that they have occurred until I am reminded the next morning of the pictures I have seen during their progress, by the written record of what I have said, or has been said through me, while seeing or seeming to actually experience these happenings in a subconscious or trance-like state during their occurrence, especially in my sleep or in that twilight zone of dreamland, I always know that they are a definitely INSPIRED AND PROPHETIC COMMUNICATION FROM THE LORD, and therefore are to be taken seriously as having some important interpretation, no matter how odd, weird, funny or even ridiculous they may sometimes seem!

33. AS THE SCRIPTURE SAITH, EVEN THE FOOLISHNESS OF GOD IS WISER THAN THE WISDOM OF MEN, and some of the dreams and visions and prophetic experiences, illustrations, symbolisms and messages of the Bible would seem almost as foolish to us today as some of these of mine, were it not for the fact that we know it's His Word and is therefore bound to have some serious meaning, even though it's not always interpreted for us on the spot.

34. THEREFORE, I AM CONVINCED THAT THIS QUAINT LITTLE STORY OR DRAMA OF THE "SNOWMAN" IS ALSO OF SOME SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE: First of all, I believe that the major event portrayed was an actual historical occurrence backward in time. FOR WHEN I PRAYED FOR ITS MEANING‚ I WAS IMMEDIATELY GIVEN A PICTURE IN THE SPIRIT of the so-called "Abominable Snowman" as he really was, a strange prophet of God of the past who had first given rise to the more embellished and ghostly legend of today, and that this was the way the actual event really occurred which originated the legend.

35. HOWEVER, SOME OF THE SCENES OF THIS REVELATION WERE SO MAGICAL OR MYSTICAL, THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE SOME SYMBOLIC OR ALLEGORICAL MEANING of greater import than that which appears on the mere surface. In this one, I was not an observer, but the actual participant, the Snowman himself, and these things were actually happening to me.—I was really there!


36. I WAS THE SNOWMAN! Either God was causing me to relive the event in the Spirit as though I were the Snowman himself, or the spirit of the snowman himself was actually speaking through me and recalling these events from his own memory! You can believe that or not! I know that this is possible, and not only probable, but even most likely, because of my previous experiences along these lines with other spiritual helpers and personalities which God has sent as messengers to us personally to reveal these things to us in the spirit‚ by the spirit, through the Spirit, of the Spirit, and for the Spirit!

37. SO I KNOW FROM PERSONAL PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE THAT SOME OF THESE REVELATIONS DO COME IN THIS FASHION.—And why not? They did in the Bible in several cases where angelic messengers were sent to convey a message to some prophet of God‚ or man or woman of God‚ even occasionally the angel or spirit of some former man of God, such as Samuel‚ Moses, Elijah, etc. Search the Scriptures and see if these things be so! See Revelation 19:10 and others.

38. The churches seem so afraid of the familiar evil spirits against which we are warned, but they seem to have forgotten THAT THERE ARE MANY GOOD SPIRITS‚ INCLUDING THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD of Rev.4:5‚ and the Seven Stars or Angels or Spirits of the Seven Churches of Rev.1:20, the Four Spirits of the Heavens of Zech.6:5, and the many other celestial messengers, angels or spirits of God mentioned in the Bible which are obviously all good spirits. "ARE THEY NOT ALL MINISTERING SPIRITS, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?" Hebrews 1:14

39. INDEED THEY ARE!—AND TO DENY THAT THEY ARE GOOD SPIRITS IS TO DENY ALL THE ANGELS AND SPIRITS OF GOD, INCLUDING THE HOLY SPIRIT, as well as all the spirits of the dear departed saints of God, including those who appeared or spoke to men of God throughout the Bible, like the souls under the altar in Heaven in Rev.6:9-11, and even your own personal spirit, saved by the grace of God, which shall join a Heavenful of millions of the saved spirits of all the saints of God when you die or go to be with Jesus when He comes!

40. THESE ARE THEY OF WHOM PAUL SPEAKS IN HEBREWS 12:1 AS A GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES which compass us about—here and now! Hallelujah! Thank God for His Spirit! Thank God for His angels! Praise God for all His spirits! THANKS BE UNTO GOD FOR ALL THE GOOD SPIRITS OF GOD AND HIS SAINTS! SEVEN OF THEM STAND ABOUT DAVID at this very moment as the personal Honour Guard of God's King! All I have to do is close my eyes in the spirit to see them at anytime! One would be enough, considering the mighty power each one has; so when I asked the Lord why seven, He replied very clearly that this was a special honour becoming the position of His King! Hallelujah!

41. GOD HIMSELF IS SPOKEN OF AS THE FATHER OF SPIRITS in Heb.12:9, and the God of spirits in Numbers 16:22 and 27:16 and who maketh His angels spirits in Ps.104:4. He even says that the spirits—plural—of the prophets are subject to the prophets in 1Cor.14:32!—And in Heb.12:22,23, He speaks of an innumerable company of angels and the spirits of just men made perfect! Hallelujah!

42. IF THERE ARE NO GOOD SPIRITS, WHY DID JESUS HIMSELF, WHILE SPENDING THREE DAYS AND NIGHTS IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH BETWEEN HIS CRUCIFIXION AND RESURRECTION, WASTE HIS TIME PREACHING UNTO THE SPIRITS IN PRISON there if there was no hope of their salvation, as described in 1Pet.3:19-22?—And why does Peter go on to say in 4:6 that, for this cause was the Gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit! How powerful is the Word of God when given in the Spirit! Hallelujah! Praise God for His good spirits—all of them!—Including yours and mine!—And I'M PERSONALLY ACQUAINTED WITH QUITE A FEW others who have spoken to me and through me in many spiritual experiences described in former Letters, from Abrahim to now!


43. THESE INCLUDE SUCH REMARKABLE CHARACTERS AS MOSES, EZEKIEL, DANIEL, DAVID AND ABRAHIM! The latter, an ancient Gypsy king from the mountains of Northern India, or whose ancestors were from there over a thousand years ago and who had become Christians and migrated as far Westward as Bulgaria‚ was himself, Abrahim, martyred by the Turks with about 200 of his tribe in the forests of Bulgaria in the year 1272!—Exactly 700 years ago!—One of God's numbers!

44. ABRAHIM WAS ONE OF THE FIRST OF MY SPIRITUAL ACQUAINTANCES when I first received the gift of tongues in the year 1970, and he has been one of the friendliest and most vociferous in describing his own travels as a leader of Gypsy bands across the nations of the East, and said that he was sent to help me with mine! He was the inspiration of Tabitha's song, "Mountain Children," unbeknownst to her, and particularly Esther's own verse about him! Some day we hope to tell you more about him and his experiences, God willing.

45. THESE SPIRITUAL CONTACTS HAVE ALSO INCLUDED SUCH AMAZING CHARACTERS as my own Mother, Father, Grandfather, William Jennings Byran, Martin Luther, Tyndale, Peter the Hermit, the Pied Piper, Eric the Norseman‚ lvan the Terrible‚ Czar Nicolas, Rasputin, Anne Boleyn, a Czarina named Katrina, another Russian girl named Karenina, lvan lvanovich of Moscow‚ Alexis of Kharkov and others‚ as well as now the legendary Snowman!

46. SOME OF THESE HAVE GIVEN REMARKABLE DESCRIPTIONS OF PAST HISTORICAL BUT HITHERTO UNKNOWN EVENTS AND ORIGINS. Others have PREDICTED WITH AMAZING ACCURACY SOME MODERN CURRENT EVENTS, such as the rise of Sadat and Godafe and the recent union of their two countries‚ Egypt and Libya! I have been blamed for falsely predicting the destruction of California in a recent year; but although I do believe it's going to happen, and many of us have had prophecies along this line, none of them have ever defined a specific year for the event‚ so that accusation is false. However‚ many other prophecies which God has given us HAVE COME TRUE LIKE OUR PRESENT GROWTH AND SPREAD throughout the world!—Plus some others yet to come! Jesus never fails!


47. THEREFORE I AM SURE THAT THE SNOWMAN HAS MORE MEANING than at first meets the eye: It was not only a recounting of a specific historical event of the past explaining the legend, but I believe it is also A PARABLE ANALOGOUS TO OUR OWN HISTORY, past, present and future! We, like the Snowman, have brought light to the Church and won the hearts of the young, the girls symbolising Christ's new young Church, the Jesus Revolution! Christina is Maria, a very special one, as you know‚ and the singing and dancing on skates is typical of our happy rejoicing. The love making is the hard but enjoyable work of witnessing, and the long-distance skiing is like our many travels. The fact that the townspeople were afraid of us is certainly true to form, and our flight to a hideaway in the mountains is frequently fulfilled! My trying to blow everybody away in order to hibernate is certainly similar to the reasons given in " I Gotta Split." The comparison to Heidi's Grandfather is obvious, and our economising on provisions could be a good lesson to all of you, including a lesson on faithfulness to the humblest duties, in that no one is too good to sweep the floors, not even Maria! The fact that she has quite a bit to do with the music of David's Harp is also very apparent by the very Letter you're now reading! Even the spanking was said to be a reward, like God's loving chastisements, but David's continual love and admonitions are also like the Lord's—so what more could you want?

48. WELL, I WANT TO KNOW WHY IT HAPPENED AT INTERLAKEN, SWITZERLAND, AT THE FOOT OF JUNGFRAU MOUNTAIN? Jungfrau means young woman or virgin in German, and my accent was German or something similar—Snowman's cave was in Jungfrau Mountain: DAVID, TOO HIDES IN THE HEART OF GOD'S YOUNG BRIDE of today! I love every one of you, but I must needs be away from nearly all to comfort you—and are we now to make a big push in Switzerland during the skiing and skating festivals, such as Interlaken? THE ANSWER'S UP TO YOU!