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Sex & Children Before the Fall

David Berg

DO 19183/85

1. WHERE DO PEOPLE GET THE IDEA THAT ADAM & EVE DIDN'T HAVE ANY CHILDREN BEFORE THE FALL? That's strictly old Catholic doctrine. Just because of the sequence of the story in the Bible does not mean that Abel & Cain didn't have even other brothers & lots of other sisters. The old time-worn question of where did Cain get his wife is obvious!—He married his sister‚ of course! You can't just go by the order of the important people mentioned in those Scriptures, because as usual, they hardly ever bother to mention the women. You'll notice in all the old chronology & genealogy, they only mention boys. Well, where are all the girls? Do you think that absolutely all they ever had were boys? They had plenty of girls! And Cain married his sister so Adam & Eve must've had other children by that time! It even says he begat sons & daughters. (Gen.5:4)

2. SO WHY THINK THAT THERE WAS NO SEX & NO CHILDREN BEFORE THE FALL? If there was sex before the Fall‚ why couldn't there have been children? There you are! That "Pleasures of Paradise" Poster is a view of absolute paradise! It looks like Adam & Eve in the Garden with the little girl with the lion & all the rest! I don't see why not! That may be a little addition to our doctrine!

3. THAT WOULD REALLY KIND OF PUT THE CUE BALL ONTO THESE RELIGIONISTS WHO INSIST THAT SEX WAS A RESULT OF THE FALL! That's literally what their doctrine amounts to. The Catholics almost as good as teach that. If they don't actually say so, they infer it, that it was a part of the Fall. In fact, they've given the World the impression, & you've probably seen movies about it & heard stories about it, that Adam & Eve didn't even realise they were sexual until they bit the apple & all of a sudden that was the Devil's gift of sex, with that came sudden temptation & sudden sex, & if it hadn't been for the Devil, they wouldn't have ever known about sex or gotten to enjoy it! That's the typical Devil's doctrine about sex!

4. SO IF THEY HAD SEX, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM HAVING CHILDREN? They could have had kids & grandkids! So why not?—And they did! They did! Enmity between man & the animals didn't come till after the Flood, 1600 years later. So man was still in good fellowship with the animals. How do you think Noah got all those animals into the Ark?—By chasing'm?—Lassoing'm?—Dragging'm? All they had to do was tell them, even explain to'm what it was for!

5. IT'S FUNNY HOW AFTER ALL THESE YEARS IN CHURCH THE PREACHERS LEARN SO LITTLE & THE PEOPLE LEARN EVEN LESS! Boy oh boy, you know that guy Chuck Smith & his Calvary Chapel in Southern California? He was a great disciple of my Mother's & he used to be over there about every week for prayer & counselling & everything else. He was just a poor little struggling Alliance preacher having a lot of problems. I don't know what his problems were, but I remember he was always sort of furtively, secretly counselling with my Mother & having prayer‚ etc. Maybe he was trying to get the baptism of the Spirit, or maybe he was getting interpretations from her for his tongues or something, because he was a sweet boy & spiritual. But apparently it paid off & he went back & built a two-million-dollar Calvary Chapel because his former little church couldn't even hold all the young people that were coming! He adapted some of our ways & started trying to get to the young people & the hippies, & he packed the place in & had to build this huge giant two-million-dollar place that somebody gave him the money for.

6. NOW HE'S ON RADIO WITH A LOT OF GOSPEL PROGRAMS, & YOU TALK ABOUT OLD-HAT, HE'S GOING THROUGH THE WHOLE OLD TESTAMENT IN BIBLE STUDIES LIKE BIBLE COLLEGE, dealing with all the little tiny details of the Tabernacle, the Temple, the Levitical System‚ the Laws & blah blah blah blah blah blah & who could care less? I don't know how in the World he managed to keep those kids' attention & interest with all that old-hat that's all done away with & will never be any more!—Instead of forgetting what's behind & pressing forward to the things before like we are! (Phil.3:13)

7. I MEAN TO TELL YOU, WE ARE GOING FORWARD, WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD! The only way Moses ever got anywhere was to press forward to the things that are before & forget the things that were behind, Paul too! Moses had respect unto the recompence of the reward. (Heb.11:26) He didn't look at the things that were seen, but he looked at the things that were unseen & into the Future & probably saw Heaven & everything! He had to fiddle around with those … Jews & try to lead them out of their ignorance & childishness & let'm play around with those toys in the Tabernacle to illustrate everything as if to little kids, like flannelgraphs! God had to deal with them just like little children until finally He said, "The day of this ignorance is past." (Acts 17:30) The Lord Himself told the woman, "From now on you'll neither worship here nor there, but they that worship God will worship Him in Spirit & in Truth! This is whom God wants to worship Him." (Jn.4:23,24)

8. SO HERE CHUCK SMITH HAS BUILT ANOTHER TEMPLE & HE'S STILL WORSHIPPING ALL THOSE OLD IDOLS OF THE JEWS IN HIS LENGTHY BIBLE STUDIES. How he ever got a crowd on that I don't know! He's certainly not going to keep'm. But I'll tell you, I think these pictures are going to get'm & keep'm & take'm all the way to Heaven! It's so stupid to go back into all those little ancient details. I've heard preachers preach on that stuff for so many years & it's so boring! I couldn't understand what they were getting out of it all! Even us little kids thought‚ "Well, so what? That's a long time ago, what's it got to do with us today?" So he's really living in the past. Well, we're living in the Future! GBY! Carry on!