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New Year's Prayers

David Berg

—Basic Bible & Endtime Review!DO 18841/1/85

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE EARLY BIRDS! I hope you all had your breakfast. Until the dillar-a–dollar-11–o'clock-scholars get here, we can have a little prayer. PTL! TYL! Amen. Since this is the first day of the New Year, this is our New Year's Meeting, praise the Lord?—Our New Year's Prayer Meeting. Yesterday was an Old Year Praise Meeting!

2. OF COURSE‚ YOU CAN ALWAYS PRAISE THE LORD FOR SOMETHING, EVEN ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE YEAR, EVEN THOUGH NOTHING'S HAPPENED YET! You're still alive, aren't you? You were able to get up this morning. You had your breakfast, providing you got up early enough, & you've got lots to be thankful for even on the first day of the year. Be thankful you're here, New Year's Day 1985! Are we all wired for sound? The meeting has begun in case you don't know it! Hallelujah! TYJ!

3. I DECIDED I WANTED TO GET STARTED RIGHT ON TIME THIS MORNING BECAUSE WE'VE GOT A LOT OF TERRITORY TO COVER! I hope you didn't forget your Bibles & your pens & colour pencils & everything else you need for a little Word study, or a big Word study, praise the Lord! I can't promise you we're going to cover it all, because when it comes time to quit, we quit, God willing. We're trying to let you go around noon‚ or not too long after, so you've got lots of time to prepare for lunch. I've got a New Year's resolution to try to let you out earlier. So I wanted to get started earlier so you don't blame it on me!

4. BUT THIS IS A GOOD TIME FOR YOUR NEW YEAR'S PRAYER & YOUR NEW YEAR'S VERSE ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR! PTL! Hope you had your breakfast or whatever you have first thing in the morning, because it's gotta last you two or three hours. I don't think I've ever had a class under two hours yet! It takes me an hour to get warmed up & for you to get warmed up. So shall we each one pray our New Year's Prayer?

5. NOW DON'T MAKE IT A LONG SERMON—I'M THE ONE WHO'S GOING TO PREACH THE SERMON THIS MORNING!—Although I may get a few out of you because I'm going to ask you some questions & see how much you already know. There's no use teaching you any more if you don't know what you're already supposed to know. So one of your prayers for the New Year should be that you can get all these events of the Endtime straight & in proper order‚ get the pearls on the string in the proper order. Amen?

6. SO FOR AN OPENER THIS MORNING, WHY DON'T WE EACH PRAY A LITTLE VERY BRIEF PRAYER FOR THE NEW YEAR?—NO SERMONS NOW PLEASE, NOT EVEN YOU CHILDREN! Did you have a good time last night? I'm sorry I missed that but I just didn't feel like coming down—I'd had a pretty good day already. How many others gave reports last night? (Fam: Everybody!) Very good!—Praise for the Old Year! Well, I hope you got it all recorded so we can have the record and tell the whole World‚ if it's worth it, & I'm sure it must have been. So shall we begin with the youngest, your prayer for the New Year? And have you all got verses ready? Well, you can quote your verse first & then say a short prayer of what you're praying for this New Year. All right, shall we pray? GBY!

7. (TECHI: THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS YOU'VE GIVEN US‚ LORD, & please, Lord, really use me & help me to be a better vessel in Your Kingdom. And thank You for how You've done it already, in Jesus' name. Amen!) Amen!

8. (DAVIDA: THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS NICE TIME THAT GRANDPA CAN GIVE US, a revelation of what's going to happen in the future. Really help us to understand it & please bless this New Year now. Thank You that it's a New Year. Please help us to redeem this New Year & really do even better than last year, in Jesus' name.) Amen. Oh, we forgot something! What's your verse?

9. (TECHI: MY VERSE FOR THE NEW YEAR IS PHILIPPIANS 2:14: "DO ALL THINGS WITHOUT MURMURINGS & DISPUTINGS.") Do all things without murmuring, praise the Lord! Now speak out loud because your mouth is not in the back of your head & all those people are sitting behind you! You can even get up & turn toward them so they can be sure & hear you! Didn't you all memorise your verse? Can't you say it without the paper? (Davida: My verse for the New Year is 1Thessalonians 5:16-18: "Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." And my prayer for the New Year is that I will be more careful in taking care of Mary Dear & be careful when I play, & that I'll be a real good sample & learn lots before the End!) Very good! PTL!

10. (DAVID: MY VERSE FOR THE NEW YEAR IS MATTHEW 28:20: "TEACHING THEM TO OBSERVE ALL THINGS WHATSOEVER I COMMANDED YOU. And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the World." And my prayer is that I will be yielded to the Lord & the adults & that I will be a good wholehearted worker & a good sample to everybody.) PTL! Amen. That's good. Now try to say your verses without lookin'! PTL! Amen! GBY! Well, from here on we won't go by ages, just go down the line & pass the mike along, that's the simplest way. You're next, Dear! You're next! Face the congregation! Face the music!

11. (HOPE: MY PRAYER IS THAT THIS YEAR I'LL GAIN MORE FAITH & TRUST SO THAT I CAN BE MORE USEFUL TO THE LORD & HIS WORK. And my verse is Mat.19:26: "With God‚ all things are possible!") Amen! PTL! "And all things are possible to him that believeth!" PTL! Well, let's wind up with Maria...(Maria: Oh, I have mine, it's very short.) Oh, she's ready! She wants to get it over with & not have to worry about it the whole time! (Maria: I'm not worrying about it, I just want to say it first because probably some other people are going to say the same thing!)—Ha! She wants to beat you to the punch! Go ahead, Maria! (Maria: If you don't mind. I hope this isn't arguing!) No, not a bit! Differences of opinion & differences of operation don't always necessarily mean arguing! Most of her suggestions are very good improvements. Isn't she pretty? She just shines, doesn't she?

12. (MARIA: MY VERSE FOR THE NEW YEAR IS, "NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE BE DONE"—THE LORD'S & YOURS AS WELL. AND "I DELIGHT TO DO THY WILL, O LORD!"—Not just to do Thy will, but to delight to do it. I want to be happy to do it. And my prayer for the New Year is‚ as usual, that we'll be able to get as many pubs out to the Family & the World as possible, & especially the projects that we've started, which are many, that we'll be able to get them finished in plenty of time for use by the Family & the World as witnessing tools. TYL!) Amen. PTL!

13. (SARA: MY VERSE FOR THE NEW YEAR IS: "FOR A DAY IN THY COURTS IS BETTER THAN A THOUSAND. FOR I WOULD RATHER BE A DOORKEEPER IN THE HOUSE OF THE KING THAN TO DWELL IN THE TENTS OF WICKEDNESS." And my prayer is for the Lord's blessing on Dad's health & heart & strength for the New Year so we can keep him as long as possible for the Lord's work.—And for wisdom & anointing in teaching the children.) Amen! These are real good, short & sweet! You've been practising? Oh, very good!—Practising brevity. Well, I need a little practice along that line, don't I?

14. (ALF: MY VERSE IS MATTHEW 5:16: "LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE BEFORE MEN THAT THEY MAY SEE YOUR GOOD WORKS & GLORIFY YOUR FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN." And that's my prayer for the year, that all my works will glorify the Lord this year, everything I do.) PTL! TYL! They do! They do! Amen?

15. (PETER: MY VERSE FOR THE NEW YEAR IS JAMES 4:7 & 8: "SUBMIT YOURSELVES THEREFORE UNTO GOD, RESIST THE DEVIL & HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU. Draw nigh unto God & He will draw nigh unto you." And my prayer is that I'll be more yielded to the Lord & to others.) TYL! Amen.

16. (JOHN: MY VERSE FOR THE YEAR IS EPHESIANS 5:16: "REDEEMING THE TIME BECAUSE THE DAYS ARE EVIL." And my prayer is that I'll be able to live that verse & use the time this year wisely & grow in the spirit & be more dependable & responsible. And also like Sara, I pray that Dad will have a good healthy year & I claim this verse for the year, Genesis 43:28: "Thy servant, our father‚ is in good health, he is yet alive.") PTL! Hallelujah! That's a good one! (Maria: That's a good one we can use for your talk about being so glad you're here in 1985!) Amen, that's a very good one! Thank the Lord!

17. (DORA: MY VERSE FOR THIS NEW YEAR IS "MOREOVER IT IS REQUIRED IN STEWARDS THAT A MAN BE FOUND FAITHFUL." And that is also my prayer, that I'll be faithful in teaching Mary Dear & others the things I have learned.—And also that we as a Staff will continue to be real united for your sake.) PTL! Amen, amen! You're beautiful as usual this morning. How about Mary Dear? (Dora: Do you want to say your verse? "Without Me ye can do...") (Mary Dear: Nothing!) Very good! And your prayer? (Dora: To be a good girl & love Jesus!) Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! That was real good, very good prayers & very good verses.

18. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN, ALL THE THINGS I'D LIKE THE LORD TO DO THIS COMING YEAR‚ BUT MOST OF ALL THAT I PLEASE HIM & ACCOMPLISH WHATEVER HE WANTS ME TO DO, & ALSO LAST AS LONG AS HE WANTS ME TO LAST! TYL! When I think about what to pray for, I almost always think of the same verses, & we can do it right now & make it our prayer, all of us. Would you like to do that? Because as someone has said‚ it's the prayer perfect, because the Lord taught it to us. "Master‚ how art we to pray?" So this is the way we're supposed to pray. Amen? So as a Family, our prayer for the year is the Lord's Prayer, amen? Don't forget now, begin on the "Our Father" & not on the "witches in Heaven." So we pray together, Lord, the prayer You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) Amen! PTL! That's a good prayer! That's just about the best one anybody could ever pray! PTL!

19. DON'T YOU KISS EACH OTHER'S HANDS AFTER YOU PRAY?—WE ALWAYS DO! When did you cease that custom? Are you getting so formal you're too proud to kiss somebody else's hand? Maybe you say, "Well, I don't like to kiss a man's hand, I'm a man!" Well, I was never so astonished when I was in Tenerife & all those big shots & Mafia bosses & whatnot would come down to the club & grab my hand & kiss it like they really loved me!—Ha! I was their kind of priest! I gave'm what they really needed!—Lots of love! PTL! And they acted like they really loved me, didn't they?—The first time in my life I think I ever had men kissing my hand. But that's a Catholic custom, to kiss the hand of the Bishop, isn't it? (Fam: They wear a ring & you kiss the ring.)

20. WELL ANYHOW, I GUESS I WAS THE BISHOP OF THEIR SOULS & THEY WERE ALL KISSING MY HAND, I NEVER SAW THE LIKE! I didn't pretend to be anybody, all I did was come down to their level, down to their clubs & bars & restaurants & love'm, & my girls loved'm, & they loved me. So praise the Lord! It's not hard to get people to love you, all you have to do is love'm, really love'm, & they know it, & they'll love you. PTL?

21. TECHI, YOU'RE GOING TO GET SO TIRED OF SITTING UP SO STRAIGHT! That's sweet of you to be so eager to listen to Grandpa, but why don't you sit back & relax a little bit? You've had a little cold & sniffles. Did you bring plenty of tissues?—If not, I've got a whole boxful here. Here, you can put these beside you in case you need'm. It looked like snow on the ground under your bed this morning.—She blew her nose so many times last night, poor girl! Well, we try to keep'm warm but it's hard to do, especially when they kick off their covers. We had dear David dressed well for the night last night & this morning I woke up & he'd taken his bottom completely off & was lying there half–naked in the cold! (David: I had my covers on.) I put them on, that's why you had them on, so you don't get the credit for that!—Ha! You just get credit for keeping them on & not kicking them off!

22. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! THOSE ARE ALL GOOD VERSES & GOOD PRAYERS FOR THE NEW YEAR & I'm sure our hearts are all united together in the desire to accomplish as much for the Lord as we possibly can during this New Year. We certainly had a good year last year.

23. ARE YOU REALLY THAT HOT, HONEY? MY OH MY! THESE GIRLS ARE AMAZING! I'll wake up in the morning practically freezing, it's the coldest part of the day, & Maria's lying there stark naked! I've never been able to stand the covers on at all, no matter how cold it is, when I'm going to sleep! That seems to be my hottest time of day‚ before I go to sleep, & as the kids will attest, I throw off the sheets & covers & I'm lying out there stark naked. But Maria's all bundled up in a sheet & blanket, robe‚ everything! That's her low point of the day apparently. People do have their low points & high points of the day. Most people actually have their high in the afternoon, & the majority of people do have their low in the morning.

24. WHEN I USED TO HAVE TO GET UP AT SIX O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING & GO TO SCHOOL, IN THOSE DAYS IN FLORIDA IT WAS STILL DARK LOTS OF TIMES IN WINTERTIME, & I USED TO SAY, "THIS IS LIFE'S DARKEST HOUR!" And if I had a hard night the night before or had to do homework too late or something & had to get up, I used to quote my Grandfather. After he'd had a hard night he'd always quote Hamlet: "Oh what a night of ghastly horrors!"—Ha! Well, I really haven't had too many nights like that, thank the Lord! I had a pretty good night last night, did you? How many of you got to sleep sometime before one o'clock? PTL! My, some of you night owls...(Fam: I think it was about five past one.) Oh well, don't be too much of a stickler. I like generalities. I like round numbers, round girls, things rounded off so that I don't have too much to remember. It's a lot easier to remember round numbers than a whole long string of figures. It's not hard to remember your figures, ahem!

25. WELL, SEE, I'M HAVING THESE MORNING MEETINGS FOR YOUR SAKE‚ BECAUSE THIS IS ACTUALLY MY LOW POINT OF THE DAY WHEN I'M USUALLY THE COLDEST & TIREDEST & ALL OF THAT. And then my other low point of the day is about 10 or 10:30 at night when I'm really tired & yawning & sleepy & want to go to sleep—only I've got a whole bunch of people that keep me awake half the night! Well, not always, they do their best, they really try to keep quiet, especially if Grandpa's noddin' off to sleep. They really do try to keep quiet, so give'm credit for that, they try. Give'm an "E" for Effort! Can you hear me? My voice is a little weak this time of day but I'll probably get warmed up. That's one reason I had everybody else giving their reports first yesterday morning.

26. AND THAT'S ANOTHER REASON WHY I'M GOING TO LET YOU TEACH THE CLASS THIS MORNING! I'LL ASK THE QUESTIONS & YOU GIVE THE ANSWERS! That's fair enough, isn't it? We'll split it 50/50! I'll teach half of it & you teach the other half. I'll ask the questions & you give me the answers! Good? How would you rather I do it, go by volunteers?—Or like my music teacher, go right down the line & give you your grade for the semester for one answer! The trouble is, the same people are always volunteering! James used to always be the first, & I mean, he's got a brain! He knew'm all! You couldn't hardly ask him any question that he didn't know. I'm sure that's why the Lord's made him editor of our newspaper & news magazines & news books & all the rest, because he really knows his stuff! He knows his history‚ he knows just about everything. I never saw a guy with so much knowledge, he just needs to continue to learn how to use it, that's all, & that's wisdom!—And I think he's progressing all the time.

27. IT'S ONE THING TO KNOW THINGS, THAT'S KNOWLEDGE, & THAT'S GOOD, THAT'S ONE OF THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, BUT IT'S ANOTHER THING TO KNOW HOW TO USE THAT KNOWLEDGE, & THAT'S WISDOM‚ ANOTHER GIFT OF THE SPIRIT. So you may be very smart as far as all the head–stuffin' you've got, facts & figures & history & even Bible knowledge‚ but if you don't know how to get out & use it as a witnessing tool or as a study tool or as a tool to help someone else or help yourself or use it for a good purpose, what's the use of all that education & all that head-stuffin'?

28. THAT'S WHAT MOST OF THE WORLD'S GETTING TODAY. They go to school, college, university, post-grad & try to stay in school as long as they can as an excuse for not getting out & doing something in the World, absorbing all that time, sopping up all this head-stuffin' like a sponge, soppin' it up & soppin' it up! But what good is a sponge, no matter how nice it's sopped up with soap & water, if you don't put some energy into it & start scrubbin'? Right? The trouble with them is they've got such dirty minds already by that time, how could they scrub anybody else? So a lot of it depends on what kind of knowledge you have‚ whether it's the knowledge of good or evil, & then of course it's very important how you use that knowledge.

29. WELL, HAVE WE COVERED EVERYTHING ELSE SO FAR NOW? I was aiming to try to start the lesson about 10:30 & we're coming close! Anybody got anything else to say? Anything that needs to be said now? Everybody happy? Anybody unhappy? Everybody healthy? Anybody sick? "Is any sick among you?" It says‚ "Let him call for the elders of the church." If you're sick enough you can't make it through this class we'll pray for you right now. Are you okay? Think you can make it? I hope so! Okay, then pray for me that the Lord will give me the strength to give you what you need today.

30. I WANT TO FIND OUT TODAY A LITTLE BIT ABOUT WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW, & THAT'LL SAVE ME HAVING TO TEACH IT TO YOU‚ WON'T IT? Because if you don't know anything about the Future anyhow & you don't know the order of events, what good does it do me to go into details about one particular period if you don't even know what period goes before, what period comes after or what pearl goes here or there on the string! But I think most of you folks are pretty well-versed in the Scripture, thank the Lord!

31. IF YOU THINK THAT I'M THROUGH WITH THE BIBLE & YOU CAN THROW IT AWAY, FORGET IT, YOU'RE MISTAKEN! If you thought I meant by some of my remarks about not having time nowadays for some of this Old Testament formal traditional Bible History study of all the shenanigans of the … Jews & everything, that we were just to throw away our Bibles & forget'm & all you have to do is read GNsFNs, WNDs, FSMs, etc., & all the things we publish‚ then you're mistaken!

32. WHY DO WE STILL NEED TO USE THE BIBLE? THAT'S A GOOD QUESTION! Some of you have had my course on Bible Knowledge, & we had some pretty good classes down yonder in Malta if we didn't have anything else! You learned all the basic things about the Bible & you learned all about the Jews. We never got as far as I would have liked to, but how many of you have had my course in Bible Knowledge‚ Basic Bible? A few of you. And the rest of you never had my course in Bible Knowledge? Well, you've had a lot of Bible Knowledge from my teachings‚ of course, but I don't think we ever really have gotten out my class in print. In fact‚ I've got a stack of classes from those good old days in Malta, of the Basic Bible Knowledge Course where you learn to recite all the Books of the Bible in proper order. I think that was the toughest part of the Course when I took it. And you learned the groups of books, what they're about, who they're by, the man God used to write them & all the basic things you need to know about the Bible.

33. YOU SAY, "SO WHAT? WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO USE THE BIBLE ANY MORE, WE'RE JUST SUPPOSED TO USE THE MO LETTERS!"—WHO SAID SO? I may have said you don't have much time to read the Bible any more & you've got to read the MO Letters because you've got to know about what's happening now & tomorrow & the next day & right now & the future, & if you didn't take time to read the Bible when you had it, then your time is just almost past. But that doesn't mean that you're not supposed to read the Bible any more. In fact, it's very important that you study the Bible, particularly regarding Bible Prophecy which pertains especially to our day & our generation. Amen?

34. SO WE NEED TO KNOW AT LEAST SOMETHING ABOUT THE BIBLE & WE NEED TO KNOW SOME SCRIPTURE VERSES. Are you still memorising Scripture verses?—Why? (Davida: So we'll know the order of events which the Bible tells us.) We've told you that in the Letters too & all that, but you need to know that the Bible says so too! Some of you think all you need to know is MO & all you need to know is what I said or what the Lord said through me. And sometimes I've told you, well, that's true‚ that may be all you need to know. But there are times that you need to know the Bible & be able to quote it & at least find the references. And the principal occasion in which you need to know the Scriptures, where to find'm & how to read'm, is in witnessing, believe it or not!

35. DESPITE THE FACT THAT MANY PEOPLE CLAIM THEY DON'T BELIEVE THE BIBLE, & many religions in the area in which you & I are now living know little or nothing about the Bible, just like you know that the Koran is the Bible of the Muslims‚ they know that this book is the Bible of the Christians. You respect their faith in their holy book & you know that it's serious & has great meaning to them. If they would quote you the Koran, wouldn't you listen? You'd know it's a very very famous book that hundreds of millions of people believe in, so it must have something to say. It would be interesting if nothing else, even if you didn't believe it.

36. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS, WE STUDIED THE KORAN WHILE WE WERE [VISITING AN ARAB COUNTRY], WE HAD CLASSES EVERY DAY, & WE FOUND OUT THERE WAS A LOT MORE TRUTH IN THE KORAN THAN EVEN SOME OF THE MUSLIMS ARE WILLING TO ADMIT! There's lots about Jesus & Mary & Bible stories & everything else in the Koran. In fact, there wasn't much in the Koran that we didn't agree with! The trouble is, just like with most Christians‚ most Muslims don't know their own Koran, therefore how can they believe it? And it was rather embarrassing to some Muslims when we'd quote passages from the Koran & remind them of references in the Koran about Jesus that they didn't even know existed!—Because their present teachers & priests, etc., don't emphasise those things.—Just like modern preachers of the Word‚ supposedly, don't tell the people all the Truth & the things they really need to know out of this Bible. So there's no difference between the mullahs of the Muslims & the preachers of the Christians! They all seem to have the same habit of hiding the Truth from the people & not preaching the whole Word of God, one way or the other.

37. I HAVE READ THE BIBLE, OLD TESTAMENT PASSAGES, TO MANY MANY JEWS WHO DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THOSE PASSAGES EXISTED, PARTICULARLY ISAIAH 53. I had one Jew knock the Bible out of my hand one time! I was using a parallel text published by the Hebrew Publishing Society, a Jewish Bible society to get the Bible to the Jews‚ their own publication! On one side of the page was the text in Hebrew & on the other side was the text in English. The trouble is, most of them who learn to read Hebrew don't even learn to know what the words mean, they just learn how to pronounce them so they can chant'm & pray'm. And when they send their little kids to school to learn the Bible, so–called, the Torah to begin with, the first books of the Bible‚ the Books of Moses‚ the Books of the Law, about all they learn how to do is pronounce the words & the characters & learn the Hebrew alphabet so they can pray the prayers & chant them without even knowing the definition or the meanings of the words! Look how the Devil has tried to hide the Truth from them!

38. SO I TRIED TO GIVE THE HEBREW PRONUNCIATION AS MUCH AS I COULD TO THIS JEW & I ASKED, "YOU'RE FAMILIAR WITH YOUR PROPHET ISAIAH?" He said, "Oh yes, of course." I said‚ "Well, are you familiar with this that Isaiah had to say?" And I showed him the Bible. I said, "I want to show you, this is your own publication by the Hebrew Publishing Society & your own Bible." He looked like he'd never seen a Bible before in his life‚ which he probably hadn't. I said, "Well, this is what he has to say"—& I started reading the 53rd Chapter of Isaiah to him. And he got furious! He hit the Bible out of my hand to the ground! He said, "You're reading to me from the New Testament! That's about Jesus!" He recognised that it was about Jesus! And he refused to believe that was in his own Bible.

39. SEE, THEIR TEACHERS HAVE HIDDEN THE TRUTH FROM THEM! You can't blame … the common Jews, most of them are blinded. God's Word says they are blinded, they have a veil over their eyes, over their minds, & that veil was put there primarily by their teachers & their Rabbis & their … leaders to blind them to the Truth & keep them from knowing the Word of God, so they wouldn't recognise Jesus in all of these passages. [See 2Cor.3:14–16.] That's why they refuse to let Jews even pronounce or say aloud the name of Jesus in the Old Testament, which is Jehovah. It's exactly the same meaning as the Greek form, Iesous, Jesus. So they won't even let them pronounce the word Jehovah in the Old Testament or read it.

40. LOOK HOW THE DEVIL TRIES TO HIDE JESUS FROM THEM! Because it's so obvious that where the word many times even in their own Scripture is Jehovah, many times in our English translation it is given in some other form such as God or the Lord or something like that. They've got the raw Jesus right there but they're afraid to read it & refuse to let'm say it out loud! It's a sacrilege to pronounce the name of Jehovah—Jesus! Look how the Devil has deceived them & led them astray, & their leaders are the main ones to blame! They have hidden the Truth from them, deceived them & done everything they can to keep them from hearing it, knowing it & seeing it‚ & especially from believing it or receiving it.

41. SO IT'S NOT RARE AT ALL FOR THE ADHERENTS OF ANY FAITH NOT TO KNOW THEIR OWN HOLY BOOK, NOT TO KNOW THEIR OWN SCRIPTURES, & THE JEWS & THE MUSLIMS & THE CHRISTIANS ARE JUST ABOUT THE MOST GUILTY OF ALL! Now real fundamental Muslims, [like the leader of one Arab country], he really wants'm to know his Bible! As Maria can remember, guards, soldiers, college students, wherever we saw'm they were walking up and down memorising just like we do!—Walking up and down chanting and memorising‚ looking in and checking & quoting out loud as they walked, quoting the Koran, memorising, Scripture memorisation!

42. [THE LEADER] WANTED THEM TO KNOW WHAT THE KORAN HAD TO SAY, NOT JUST WHAT SOME MULLAH, SOME PREACHER, TOLD THEM IT SAID & ALL THOSE TRADITIONS! The Muslims have got all their church traditions too. They've got a huge volume of traditions & fables all about Mohammed, most of which are probably not even true, & which they teach more than they do the Koran because that supports their false doctrines & false theories & the falsehoods that their teachers teach'm.—Not the Koran! There wasn't much in the Koran that I could seriously disagree with‚ really, & we read lots of marvellous Scriptures that could just make you say praise the Lord‚ hallelujah‚ thank You Jesus!—About Mary & Jesus & the Christmas Story & all the rest!—Beautiful!

43. [WE EACH WERE GIVEN] A HUGE GREAT BIG KORAN, BEAUTIFUL, WITH GREAT BIG EMBOSSED ORNATE COVERS! They were like some of those huge big family Bibles you've seen, almost like a carved leather front, beautiful decorations, just gorgeous!—A great big book this wide & this high & that thick like a Webster's Dictionary, one of those big dictionaries you used to have in school that you had to have on a stand. And it was supposed to be & he considered it the best English translation, with all kinds of footnotes & explanations & everything for the new reader, the novice‚ the English reader to be able to read the Koran & to try to understand it.

44. SO HE WAS REALLY TRYING TO GET HIS PEOPLE TO KNOW THEIR OWN KORAN, BECAUSE THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW IT! They claim to believe in the Koran‚ they stand on the Koran, the holy teachings of the Koran, but just like your Christian preachers‚ they just teach'm the parts they want'm to know, that's all, to support their particular favourite doctrine & practice & what they want'm to do. They deliberately veil & cloak & avoid the parts that sound anything like Mohammed believed in Jesus.

45. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, SOME OF THOSE PASSAGES, ESPECIALLY THE ONES WE READ ABOUT JESUS‚ I'M CONVINCED WERE INSPIRED! Beautiful! Poetic! Just like prophecy! It sounds like the Bible, beautiful! But the pity of it is that the Muslims don't know their own Koran, especially the parts about Jesus. They were shocked when we'd read them those passages about Jesus that they didn't even know were there! The Jews the same, they're shocked when you read them passages in their Old Testament about Jesus that they don't even believe are there! That guy cursed me & spat in my face because he said, "That's not the Bible, that's not the Jewish Scriptures! That's the New Testament, you're reading to me about Jesus!" Well, I was sure reading to him about Jesus, but it was the Old Testament!

46. I'VE HAD THAT HAPPEN SEVERAL TIMES WITH JEWS, READING THEM THE 53rd CHAPTER OF ISAIAH. Apparently their Rabbis have deliberately avoided that passage like the plague, so that they do not know it's even there or what it says. At least twice I've had the Bible knocked out of my hand to the ground because they didn't like it & claimed I was reading to them about Jesus—that's for sure—but they claimed I was reading it from the New Testament, that it couldn't be their Old Testament, the Holy Scriptures.

47. WELL, I CERTAINLY DON'T WANT YOU CHRISTIANS TO BE LIKE THAT, & I DON'T THINK YOU ARE, AMEN? I THINK YOU OUGHT TO KNOW YOUR BIBLES! That's your major Holy Scriptures‚ the original Word of God that man has had for thousands of years. Part of that Bible we've had for nearly 4000 years, think of that, at least 3500 years since the days of Moses. You probably don't remember when the days of Moses were, but I'll bet maybe my little Bible Knowledge class could remember, because we studied the chronology of the Bible.

48. I GUESS I'D BETTER NOT START ON THAT OR WE'LL NEVER GET AROUND TO THE FUTURE‚ BUT THOSE ARE ALL THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW & maybe we'll get around to them one of these days. I'm going to dig into those classes & pub'm some day because you should know something about the Bible. You don't want to be an ignoramus about your own Bible like some Moslems & the Jews are about theirs. They could really catch you & trip you up if they know it better than you do!—Especially the Old Testament like the Jews know it‚ their history & the chronology, etc.

49. AND IT WOULD CERTAINLY BE A SHAME IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOUR BIBLE PASSAGES & SCRIPTURES & REFERENCES ABOUT OUR SPECIALTY! Who remembers that scientific word for our scientific specialty that all of you are experts in?—Eschatology! Who can spell it for me? (Davida: E-S-S...) No, just one S. Now don't volunteer for things unless you really know how to spell'm! So I'm sorry, in a Spelling Bee, the first time you miss a letter, then it goes to the other contenders. Who else wants to try to spell it? (Fam: E-S-C-A...) C-H! Sorry, who's next? Who knew it was E–S-C-H? (Fam: I think I read it somewhere.) See, if you see it, it's easier to remember. All you did was hear it last time so you don't remember. Okay, Dear. (Fam: E-S-C-H–A-T-O-L-O-G-Y.) Perfect! If you didn't write it down, of course you're not going to remember it. And it's a good thing to know, because some time somebody might ask you what your business is & you can say, Eschatology! I'd say probably 999 out of 1000, in fact 999,000 out of a million would not know what you meant & they wouldn't be willing to admit they didn't understand what you meant! They'd probably say, "Oh‚ you're an eschatologist!"

50. I USED TO KID THE GUYS AT COLLEGE—WELL, BY THAT TIME A LOT OF THEM KNEW—BUT I USED TO PUZZLE SOME PEOPLE BY SAYING I USED TO BE AN ORNITHOLOGIST! I wonder how many people here would know what an ornithologist is, let me see your hands. (Fam: Someone who studies birds?) Right! Exactly! Because when I was at Wheaton I used to earn money any way I could, & the Biology students used to pay me to trap & band birds for them! I learned that big word then because they were in the Ornithology class studying birds.

51. WELL, WE DON'T HAVE TIME NOW TO EVEN GO BACK & TEACH YOU BASIC BIBLE‚ WHICH YOU OUGHT TO KNOW & YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD & WHICH WE TAUGHT IN ALL OF OUR CLASSES. We had a regular set Course back at all my Soul Clinic Schools, & back at TSC we had all of these courses. Can anybody remember the names of all the courses? We had seven courses. Of course, one was "Basic Bible, Bible Knowledge, Know Your Bible." Even without knowing a Scripture verse by memory, you knew the Bible & how it was made up & what parts it had & its chronology & all that sort of thing. And we had another extremely important Bible course‚ & that was "The Gospel of John." That was the study of Jesus, life of Jesus, Salvation, etc. And of course "Memory Work," you remember that one‚ don't you? Didn't we get them into print? (Fam: They were in the Revolution for Jesus Handbook.) Good!—But who has one now?

52. ANOTHER VERY INTERESTING SCRIPTURE COURSE THAT WAS ALWAYS MINE WAS "THE BOOK OF ACTS," WHICH WE TAUGHT AS THE BLUEPRINT FOR THE CHURCH!—Not the history of the Church, but God's plan of action for the Church! This was His sample of what we ought to do & what we ought to be. The trouble with the church is that they all teach it as ancient history & they don't expect to be like that any more. So "The Book of Acts"—action! The action book!

53. ANOTHER COURSE WE HAD WAS "PERSONAL SOUL-WINNING," HOW TO WITNESS. That makes five. And another course was "The Life of Faith," all the Scriptures & passages about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, healing‚ deeper life, the life of the Christian. You've never had that one? Well, you've had it in the Letters & I hope you've read it. But you don't remember it as a specific course. We gave basic courses in each one of these, specific‚ half–a-day classes in all of our schools & at TSC, & were supposed to in every single Colony we had! We were supposed to have half-a-day classes‚ half-a-day witnessing. On Saturday we usually went out all day witnessing, & Sunday was a Fellowship Day.

54. THEN FINALLY, WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE? (FAM: THE FUTURE?) RIGHT! "BIBLE PROPHECY!"—AND OF COURSE THAT WAS ALWAYS MY COURSE! I usually taught "Acts" & "Bible Prophecy." Sometimes I taught "Basic Bible Knowledge" too, because I knew more about it than most of them. Finally I got other teachers who knew as much about it as I did because I taught it to'm, & they carried on. And finally I left & carried on through the Letters.

55. BUT WHY DO WE USE THE BIBLE?—THERE ARE A LOT OF GOOD REASONS! We used to have seven reasons why we studied the King James Version alone! Any of you remember at least three? Some people are getting a little away from that now. (David: Because it's not watered down.) Yes, in other words, it's the most fundamental‚ it's the most believing. It's not one of these modernistic, unbelieving translations, it's the most fundamental, real genuine Word of God! Another reason why we use this English translation? (Fam: It was written at a time when English was in its purest form.)

56. IT HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ENGLISH, SHAKESPEAREAN ENGLISH!—TRANSLATED IN THE DAYS OF SHAKESPEARE! Some guy tried to contradict me on that & said, "Oh no‚ Shakespeare was 200 years before that," blah blah! And I said, "You'd better look it up in your encyclopedia‚ Shakespeare died only two years after the King James Version came out!" He was still running the Globe Theatre until then. So it's the Elisabethan, Shakespearean English‚ & as any student of literature will tell you, the most beautiful, poetic English ever written. Many students of English literature study parts of the Bible, even if they don't believe it, just for its beauty of language & its poetry.

57. AND THE THIRD MAIN REASON WE USE THE KING JAMES TRANSLATION? (FAM: IT WORKS!) You remembered it! It works! It has stood the test of time for almost 400 years now, since 1611. It's stood the test of time, it works! Amen? Well‚ if you had those classes under me, I think you would have remembered them, as some of my students are remembering right now. I'm going to have to get out those old Bible Study classes!

58. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU'VE EVEN GOT TIME TO LEARN ALL ABOUT THE CHRONOLOGY OF THE BIBLE, ETC., but my students should be able to tell you about how many thousand years ago the Earth was created. It was about six thousand years ago.—Roughly speaking, in round numbers, about 4000 B.C. Usher makes it 4004 & I think our figure is something a little different, but as long as you even hit the round numbers you're doing pretty good. Let's see what my students still remember from Basic Bible. I'll make it easy for'm, I'll give you the dates & you tell me approximately what happened then.

59. WHAT WAS THE NEXT MAJOR EVENT IN WORLD HISTORY THAT HAPPENED ABOUT 2500 B.C.? (FAM: THE FLOOD.) The Flood! Boy oh boy‚ were you in my classes, Son? (Fam: No‚ but you gave it once again in France.) I did, how about that! Well, PTL! All right, about 2500 years before Christ was the Flood. I didn't try to make'm learn exact dates because that's too hard to remember. I taught'm to learn in 500-year periods. About every 500 years something major happened‚ not exactly, but about.

60. ABOUT 2000 B.C., WHAT WAS THAT? (FAM: ABRAHAM.) Exactly right! Good for you‚ Dear! The days of Abraham!—In other words, the days of the Patriarchs began then, the days of Father Abraham. What happened about 1500 B.C., the next 500-year jump? (Fam: Moses.) Very good! Two of you got it right off, the days of Moses & the Exodus was about 500 years later, around 1400 or 1500. How about 1000 B.C.? (Fam: David & the Kings?) Exactly right! After the Judges, then the days of the Kings began about 1000 B.C. I'm not giving you exact dates, you wouldn't even remember them, but if you can just keep making 500-year jumps, that ought to be easy! What's the next stop if you jump 500 years from 1000?—Approximately what major events occurred about 500 B.C.? (Fam: The Captivity?) Yes, the Fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C., exactly, & the events of those days of Daniel, etc.

61. SEE, IF YOU CAN AT LEAST PINPOINT THOSE MAJOR MILESTONES OF THE BIBLE, YOU CAN GET YOUR CHRONOLOGY STRAIGHTENED OUT! I guess some of you never even had that course, you never memorised the chronology of the Bible. Now be honest, how many of you could recite me all the books of the Bible right now from Genesis to Revelation? (Children: I can!) Only our children, how about that! How many once-upon-a-time memorised them & knew them? Well, most of you. That was a part of that Course, they had to be able to write'm down. We gave tests‚ & thank the Lord most of my classes did pretty well, because I went over & over & over a topic until they were tired of hearing about it. But when you get tired of hearing about it, that's when you know it so well you don't want to hear any more about it!

62. WELL, SO WHAT? WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO KNOW THE BIBLE & UNDERSTAND IT & KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT IT, its chronology, its history, its groups of books & where to find things? I mean, if you want to find the Prophets, where are you going to turn?—Back in the Old Testament history & Genesis or Exodus, etc.?—No! Well, you may find a few Prophets back there, & you will! Some of the Prophets were back in the old historical books.

63. HOW MANY OF YOU REMEMBER THE GROUPS OF BOOKS OF THE BIBLE & COULD RECITE THEM TO ME? What are the two major divisions of the Bible? (Fam: Old Testament & New Testament.) Very good! You all got that one! But I'm going to test myself right now, what are the major divisions of the Old Testament? (Fam: Historical.) Very good!—Historical books, which is most of the Old Testament. (Fam: Poetry.) Exactly right! Next after the Historical books come the books of Poetry. And there are five Books of Poetry as I recall: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon.

64. THEN THE PROPHETIC BOOKS ARE DIVIDED INTO TWO GROUPS OF PROPHETS, MAJOR & MINOR PROPHETS. And are they called major Prophets because any one of them were any more important than the ones in the little books? Well, they were pretty important Prophets. Can anybody recite'm? (Fam: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel & Daniel.) Very good! We're just going real fast through some of this Bible Knowledge‚ some of the things you need to know! If you wanted to find these books you'd know where to look if you know approximately how the Bible is divided.

65. AND THEN ALL THE OTHER PROPHETS ARE CALLED MINOR PROPHETS. WHY ARE SOME CALLED MAJOR & SOME CALLED MINOR? Well, the fact is‚ Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel & Daniel were four of the very most important Prophets, but they were mostly divided that way because of what? (Fam: How much they wrote?) Exactly, how big the books were. But how come Daniel got in there when he's only got a little book of 12 chapters & the rest of them have got 30 or 40 chapters?—Because he was so important! Though it's one of the smallest books of the Prophets, he was put in with the Major Prophets because he was such an important Prophet. I dare say of all the prophetic books, you folks probably know more about Daniel than any of them! I found you're straighter on Daniel than anything, especially the children. I reviewed them on Daniel on video & they really knew their Daniel, I'll tell you! They know that Image backwards & downwards & upside-down!—But they know it rightside-up most of all! They even know the beasts & some of the passages about the Antichrist, etc.

66. SO YOU FOLKS ARE PRETTY FAMILIAR WITH DANIEL‚ but I may point out a few things in Daniel to you that you don't know, maybe even this morning if we get to it. But if you don't even know simple little things like this, how are you going to be expected to know more complicated details of deep Bible Prophecy? If you haven't even passed first grade yet‚ how are you going to study 12th grade Bible?

67. WHAT KIND OF DIVISIONS HAVE WE GOT IN THE NEW TESTAMENT? They're very similar to the Old Testament. (Fam: The Gospels.) Yes, the four Gospels‚ but in general definition how do we divide the New Testament? (Fam: History.) Historical books, which include the Gospels, & what other book? (David: Acts.) Very good. See‚ there are five History books. Then what's the next major division? (Fam: Epistles.) The Epistles of the Apostles! That's one way to remember the Apostles are connected with the Epistles, because the Apostles wrote the Epistles! Got it? And finally we've got one major prophetic book in the Bible that is all Bible Prophecy & that is Revelation!

68. SO WE'VE GOT ALMOST A PARALLEL CATEGORISATION OR CLASSIFICATION OF THE BOOKS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT LIKE WE HAVE THE OLD TESTAMENT! History comes first‚ we don't have any poetic books, although much of what's in the New Testament is also poetic, but instead of the Prophets of the Old Testament we've got Epistles of the Apostles in the New Testament & one prophetic book. Of course there are a lot of other prophetic passages & very prophetic books in the New Testament as well.

69. SO IT'S IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW YOUR BIBLE TO USE IT AS A TOOL, FIRST OF ALL FOR WHOSE BENEFIT? (FAM: YOUR OWN.)—FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT!—So you know where to find what you're lookin' for & what you want to study & what you want to read, etc. If you want to read something beautifully devotional for morning devotions, what would you probably pick? What are the devotional books? (Fam: Psalms & Proverbs.) Good girl! You've sure been in my Family, I know that, you've got the right ones! Psalms & Proverbs are beautiful, devotional, poetic books, they're beautiful to read at your devotional times. Psalms, of course, is also a tremendous prophetic book full of Messianic prophecies, because the greatest Messianic Prophet in the Bible aside from Isaiah was David! Psalms is largely Messianic prophecy, beautiful! So if you want to know something about Bible Prophecy, you'd better know Isaiah, but not only the Prophets, but also the Psalms of David in which there is much great Bible Prophecy.

70. WELL, WE'RE SORT OF REVIEWING YOU HERE AS A STARTER TODAY & I MAY NOT GET AROUND TO EVERYTHING. In fact, I realised as I was looking through it that we couldn't possibly cover all of this in one morning, not even that one particular item of post-graduate study of one of the finite details of the Future unless you have a pretty good grasp of the general Book to begin with & general prophecy. If you don't even know the events of Bible Prophecy, what difference does it make whether you know one finite little shibboleth or not?—One little tiny detail or not? Well, it might help to know that detail, but you sure ought to know all of it, right?

71. SO WHAT HAPPENED SOMEWHERE AROUND THE YEAR ZERO? (DAVID: JESUS WAS BORN!) Actually according to the present Roman calendar we use, He was born when? (Fam: 4 B.C.) You probably knew that because of the way you had to study the Weeks of Daniel. So then what are the major historical events, the chronology of the New Testament? Approximately what year was Jesus crucified? (Fam: 29 A.D.) Well‚ you can say 29 or 30 depending on how you figure those weeks. I like to use nice round numbers & I usually say 30 A.D. according to the present Roman calendar.

72. WHAT WAS THE NEXT MAJOR EVENT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, THE END OF THE APOSTOLIC PERIOD?—Not quite the end but just about the end of it, about 66 A.D. (Fam: Death of Paul.) Saint Paul the Apostle was beheaded in Rome for his faithful preaching of the Gospel. But he had years & years of witnessing before that happened, two whole years in Rome until the whole House of Caesar was converted!—Everybody but the mad man Caesar himself, who was absolutely totally insane & demon-possessed & finally got ousted by his own people because he was so crazy! He's the one that burned down Rome & tried to kill all the Christians, crucified & burned'm at the stake & everything else. Anybody remember his name? (Fam: Nero.) And Caligula was another one of those Caesars. Was Nero's family name Caligula? Well anyhow, that's a detail you don't have to know. There are a lot of things I know that you don't have to know.—Ha! One thing I've tried to do is trim all of this down & make it simple so even a child can understand & remember.

73. SO ST. PAUL WAS BEHEADED FOR THE LORD ABOUT 66 A.D.—& WHAT DOES A.D. MEAN? (Children: After death.) Well‚ that's a good new interpretation, but after what death? (Children: After Jesus' death.) No, the trouble is‚ Jesus died in 30 A.D., so was that 30 years after His death? (Fam: After the Latin Deo?) You're getting close. Wait a minute, let's let someone else shine! (Fam: Anno Domino?) Yes!—Anno—not Domino—but Domini. That's a good way to remember it, it's like dominoes, but it's Domini. Anno means "year‚" Domini means "of our Lord." So whenever you say "A.D." you're saying the abbreviation of "the Year of our Lord." It means since Jesus was born. So 30 A.D. means 30 years after Jesus was born. But actually now they changed the calendar—see how the Devil's tried to get people mixed up? They even changed the calendar so they'd get their chronology all mixed up & the wrong dates. But anyhow, according to the modern Roman calendar, we accept those dates because that's the calendar we have to use today.

74. ACCORDING TO THOSE DATES, JESUS WAS CRUCIFIED ABOUT 30 A.D., PAUL WAS BEHEADED ABOUT 66 A.D., & THEN WHAT WAS THE NEXT MAJOR EVENT? (Fam: John wrote the Book of Revelation around 90 A.D.) And shortly after that he apparently died at a ripe old age. In spite of the fact they tried to kill him‚ exile him & everything else, God didn't let anything seriously hurt him until after he had received that revelation‚ & that was about 90 A.D. Which means 90 what? A.D. means what? Anno means year, like anniversary‚ or an annual is a year book. That word is actually in millennium, meaning a thousand years. Anno means year & Domini means of our Lord, Anno Domini! A.D. means what, Class? (Fam: Anno Domini!) And Anno means what? (Year!) And Domini means what? (Of our Lord!) So A.D. means Anno Domini & those two words mean "Year of our Lord"! Now don't forget that! I hope you teachers haven't been teaching these kids that A.D. meant "after death," & I hope that's not what any of you thought! It means the Year of our Lord. Since the Lord came to Earth, this is such-&-such a year, the year of our Lord‚ & today is the first day of the year of our Lord 1985 A.D.!

75. DID YOU KNOW THE [ACS] HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET RID OF A.D. IN LITERATURE & HISTORY & RECKONING?—Just like they got rid of centigrade & changed it to the name of some old [scientist] that lived back I don't know when, called Celsius. They also got rid of kilocycles which meant something, a thousand cycles, & they changed it to kilohertz‚ the name of another … scientist who lived. … But they're now on a campaign to try to eliminate A.D. from the vocabulary & reckoning of years, because it slaps'm in the face every time! When they say A.D. they've gotta mean the Year of our Lord, & He's not their Lord! … So they don't want to call these the years of our Lord!

76. BUT THANK GOD FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, IN SOME THINGS THEY HAVE STOOD FIRM & STRONG & STAUNCH & CLUNG TO WHAT WAS RIGHT & THE TRUTH! You can give them a lot of credit for a lot of things, including preserving our Bibles—although there were times when they burned'm—but most of the time they preserved the Scriptures. It was only when they got to the Reformation & the Bible was causing them too much trouble that they started burning them, up to that time they preserved them. But when the Protestants began to read it & quote it & it contradicted the Catholics, then they started burning them! They decided they weren't so much help after all! They wanted to get rid of it!

77. WELL, IN ALMOST THE SAME WAY, IF THE JEWS KNEW ENOUGH ABOUT WHAT WAS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, THEY'D PROBABLY WANT TO GET RID OF THAT! And if the Muslims really read their Korans‚ according to the way they teach & practice today, they'd probably want to get rid of that! I have told you already that the day's going to come when [some] Jews are going to get to the point where they're going to ban the Bible as a pornographic, obscene, anti-Semitic book! They have banned books today for less offenses along those lines than the Bible! They're just circling around & circling around like this, circling around & getting all the other books & getting all the other laws passed—like those rascals did in the time of Daniel in getting those laws passed! The king didn't recognise what they were really after, that they were really after Daniel! They're circling around till finally they're going to get to where they nail the Bible & bring it to court!

78. IN MOST STATES OF THE UNITED STATES THE BIBLE IS ALREADY TECHNICALLY & LEGALLY AN ILLEGAL BOOK, BECAUSE IT BREAKS THE LAWS AGAINST ANTI-SEMITISM, SO-CALLED. Anti–Semitism … means anti-Jewish. And let me tell you, this Book … rakes'm up one side & down the other & rubs the salt in!—Especially the New Testament!

79. [THEY] PROBABLY WILL NOT TRY TO OUTLAW THE OLD TESTAMENT, ALTHOUGH IT'S JUST ABOUT AS [CRITICAL OF THE DISOBEDIENT JEWS] AS THE NEW, BUT THEY KNOW THAT PRETTY WELL & THEY COULD ALWAYS TWIST IT AROUND. But I'll tell you, there's no way of twisting around some of the things the Apostles said & Jesus said in the New Testament. … The New Testament … blames the whole works on the Jews. [See Jn.8:44,47; 2Thes.2:14-16.] It blames the death of Christ on the Jews [those who were responsible], & they've been trying to get out of that ever since till they've actually finally persuaded Popes & outstanding leaders & church organisations to come out in open declarations that the Jews were not responsible for the death of Jesus! That has rankled with them ever since, that [some of their ancestors] were held to blame for the death of Christ. Well, they're just as much to blame & it says so here time & time again. It describes it & shows how much to blame they were. The whole story is right there! You couldn't have a more [critical] book than the New Testament! Of course‚ it's also sympathetic & it shows that He loves them. In the writings of the Apostles & Paul, etc.‚ it shows that the Lord even loves the Jews, even those bad Jews. He's sorry for some of them because of their ignorance.

80. IT DOESN'T SAY THAT ON THE CROSS HE WAS FORGIVING THE ONES WHO CRUCIFIED HIM, THOSE ARE NOT THE ONES HE WAS TALKING ABOUT! Don't let'm kid you into saying that we're supposed to forgive them for crucifying Jesus. He said, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." (Luk.23:34)—The Jews [who were responsible for arranging His crucifixion] knew exactly what they were doing! He wasn't praying for [those] Jews when He said that! Who was He praying for? (Fam: The Romans.) The Roman soldiers, the poor policemen who were just doing their job as mere technical executioners. They just did what they were told to do, which is what soldiers are supposed to do‚ if you know anything about soldiers. Well, how did I get onto that?—Anno Domini, the Year of our Lord!

81. SO THE YEAR OF THE LORD ABOUT THE 90s WAS WHEN JOHN GOT THE REVELATION, & THAT BRINGS US UP TO OUR SUBJECT! Can you stand a little more? For your information it's only 11:30, you're not in a hurry, are you? I think we need to review you now a little bit on Bible Prophecy. I need to find out how much you know before I teach you any more! What's the use of going into all the details when you don't even know the basics?

82. SO YOU NEED TO KNOW THE BIBLE! YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE BIBLE! Don't be an ignoramus! Good night, college students who study it as literature probably know more about it than you do‚ technically, the parts & all that sort of thing. It's one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written & they still study it in secular colleges & anti-Christ schools‚ etc., just as English literature! So you certainly ought to know at least as much about it basically as some of these students at anti-Christ colleges do. That's who we're going after nowadays, isn't it? We're going to college campuses & universities! You don't want to try to witness to them & find out some guy that's studying the Bible there knows more about it than you do or you're going to be like that little newsboy that Billy Sunday asked the way to the Post Office & afterward he said, "Come out to my meeting tonight & I'll tell you the way to Heaven!" The tough little newsboy said, "Huh! How can you show me the way to Heaven? You don't even know the way to the Post Office!"

83. HOW CAN YOU SHOW THEM ANYTHING ABOUT BIBLE PROPHECY WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE BASICS OF THE BIBLE ITSELF? They can get you all twisted up because you don't even know your own Bible! All you know are certain specific Bible Prophecy passages & on those you can shine, you can tell'm more than they ever heard of before! But you can't tell'm a thing about Genesis or anything about Old Testament history. Well, we don't have time to study that now. But of all the things you need to know, you need to know what's going to happen next!

84. ALL RIGHT, TEST TIME! Shall I just go down the row? Some of you are not raising your hands hardly at all. Hands up! Stick'm up! I'm apt to point … at you & ask you for the answer if you're not going to ever raise your hand! Some of you are doing all the hand-raising & the rest of you aren't volunteering very much. I'm going to have to start going down the line or picking out the ones that aren't raising their hands very much! Now just quickly & briefly, I'm not going to ask you to prove it by the Scripture or give me documentation or references or anything, I'm just going to ask you to see if you know what the order of the Endtime events is!

85. WHAT ARE THE DAYS CALLED THAT WE ARE LIVING IN RIGHT NOW? (Children: The Endtime.) The Endtime is one term for all this whole period, but the specific period in which we are living right this minute has a special name, it's a part of the Endtime. The Endtime includes everything from now till when? (Fam: Till Jesus comes.) Well, some people date the Endtime from now till the Second Coming. Well, that's the end of the World, as the World calls it, of their World‚ that's for sure! However, it goes on after that & they're going to wish it was the end of the World when Jesus comes, but sadly for them it's not going to end then. So the Endtime embraces from now till when? (Fam: Eternity?) Well, there is no end to Eternity, right? That really sets you to thinking!

86. WHAT PERIOD DOES THE ENDTIME EMBRACE?—From now till...(Fam: The Last Days?) Well, that's a part of the Endtime Period & that's the question I asked you first, what are the days called in which we're now living?—The Last Days! How long have they lasted, since they're the Last Days, anybody know? (Fam: Since Jesus went up to Heaven?) Since His First Coming! Paul talks about living in the Last Days several times in his writings & we're still in the Last Days, so the Last Days have lasted a couple of thousand years! That's the period in which we're now living, the Last Days. Well, I caught you apparently‚ you can't quite figure it out.

87. THE ENDTIME IS THE END OF WHAT? Maybe I'll make it more specific. I want you to use your heads & think! The word "end" means what? (Fam: When there's no more time?) It could mean to the end of time. Let me ask it to you this way, what is our end? The word end has another meaning as well as the end of something. (Fam: The beginning?) No, not the beginning, it doesn't mean that ever. (Fam: When something's finished.) Yes, but it has another distinct meaning & you'll find it listed in the dictionary.—Goal!

88. AN END IS A GOAL! You're studying a certain subject to what end? When you say that, what do you mean? (Fam: To what goal.) To what goal! What are you aiming at? What's your target goal? All right‚ now it's going to be easier for you to figure out what the Endtime is & what the real end of it is. What is the end of it all? (Techi: When Heaven comes?) Exactly, Honey, exactly! When Eternity begins & the Heavenly City arrives, the New Heaven & the New Earth, that is the last period of the Endtime!—Heaven, so to speak, Heaven on Earth we mean. Heaven! That's our goal! A lot of hymns say that "Earth is not my goal, Heaven is my goal!" That's the end of the End & the beginning of Eternity!

89. SO THE ENDTIME PERIOD‚ NOW GET IT STRAIGHT IN YOUR HEADS, BEGINS WITH WHAT SPECIFIC PERIOD WE JUST MENTIONED? (Fam: Jesus coming to Earth.) But what is this period you're now living in, what is it called? (Fam: The Last Days.) The Last Days! Yes, it did begin with the Coming of Jesus, but it's called the Last Days. This is the first period of the Endtime‚ the Last Days. When Jesus came, that was the beginning of the End‚ believe it or not! The coming of the Messiah to Earth & His death here for our Salvation began the Endtime. Now most of you don't think of it that way, but we tried to bring that out in the BOF, that we're living in the Last Days right now, & we bring that out as a part of the Endtime, right? Aren't the Last Days a part of our Endtime study?—But it began clear back with Jesus! Maybe we haven't brought this out clearly before, but now it's going to be clear.

90. WHEN DOES THE ENDTIME END & WHY DO WE CALL IT AN ENDTIME?—WHEN HEAVEN ARRIVES! AMEN? When Heaven begins, man's Earth ends! The Endtime, generally speaking, embraces the period of man's last days on Earth.—And doesn't that run right on through that great big Thousand-Year period? Men are still here, even unsaved people. The Endtime embraces a much bigger period than you figured. So the Endtime period is actually about three thousand years long. The Beginning of time lasted about how many years? (Fam: 4000.) Very good, from about 4000 B.C. to Christ, that was the Beginning Time. But the Endtime lasts from the first coming of Christ to Heaven!—About 3,000 years! Now if you don't know these simple basics, how are you going to know the details?—Or what good does it do you to know the details if you don't know the generalities, the general overall picture?

91. OKAY! LET'S GET THROUGH THIS PART AT LEAST, REVIEWING YOU ON WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THE ENDTIME. It begins with what period? (Fam: The birth of Jesus.) You're saying a specific event, you're not giving me the name of the period. (Fam: The Last Days.) The Last Days, please! The Endtime begins with what period? (Fam: The Last Days!) A period is a stretch of time, not just a single event like the Birth or First Coming of Christ. I told you that's when the Last Days begin‚ but the period in which we're now living from the days of Christ's First Coming to His Second Coming is the Last Days.

92. WHEN DO THE LAST DAYS END? (Fam: When Heaven comes.) Well, technically, you specialists in eschatology should understand that the Last Days are usually spoken of as being from the First Coming of Christ to the Second Coming of Christ‚ that's the general term applied to the Last Days. So the Endtime embraces how many years? (Fam: 3000.) From what to what? (Fam: From the First Coming of Christ till Heaven!) Is it getting clearer in your heads now a little bit? We're speaking in generalities & bigger terms & bigger periods instead of going down to the jots & the tittles & the little fine details. I think some of you know the fine details better than you know the generalities!

93. YOU KNOW, IN MY CLASSES IF YOU GET HUNGRY OR NEED TO GO TO THE TOILET OR ANYTHING YOU CAN ALWAYS GET UP & GO!—JUST COME BACK! You don't even have to raise one finger or two fingers. That seems to be a worldwide custom! What's one finger mean? Well, it means a lot of things. That's another thing that has a lot of names: Tee-tee, wee-wee, pee-pee! We used to call it wee-wee in my family. So, PTL! (Looking at the girls: ) Isn't that beautiful? My oh my! Such lovely sights, how can we not stop to appreciate them?—Masterpieces of the greatest Artist of all, thank You Lord!

94. ALL RIGHT! NOW ARE YOU GETTING IT A LITTLE CLEARER IN YOUR HEAD? SEE, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT! REPETITION IS THE LAW OF MEMORY! What's the Endtime, from when to when? Let's let someone else shine this time. (Fam: It begins with the Coming of Jesus‚ His First Coming.) The First Coming, you'd better specify! And when does it end? (Fam: With Heaven.) When we get to Heaven, our goal, that's really the end of the Endtime. Now I would daresay that even some of our Bible Prophecy teachers have probably been teaching you that the Endtime just means from now until Jesus comes, or maybe at a wild stretch of their imagination, maybe from now until the Millennium begins. I doubt if very many of them included the Millennium‚ but that's a part of the Endtime.

95. SO MAN'S LAST DAYS ON EARTH BEGIN WITH THE FIRST COMING OF CHRIST UNTIL... (Fam: The Second Coming of Christ?) Well, technically, yes, I told you that the Last Days are from the First to the Second Coming of Christ, but the Endtime goes all the way through man's existence as man on this present Earth, in other words‚ until the end of this Earth.—As the World calls it‚ the end of the World. They're going to get a big surprise because it's not going to happen just like they figure & like they plan, in fact to try to destroy it! It's not going to happen that way. God's going to stop the World so we can get off & He's going to stop the destruction & He's going to save the Earth & it's going to have another Thousand Years to go! TTL! PTL!

96. NOW MAYBE WE DON'T NEED TO BE SO TECHNICAL. It doesn't much matter as long as you know we're getting toward the end of whatever the End is or whenever it is! But you're supposed to know better! You're supposed to know more than that about it‚ aren't you? Are you comfortable? Can you stand a little bit more? Maybe we can at least get through this review of what the End is composed of & what these periods are.

97. IF THE LAST DAYS GO FROM NOW TO THE COMING OF CHRIST, WE ALSO KNOW SOME EVENTS THAT OCCUR DURING THOSE LAST DAYS. What is one of the significant characteristics of the Last Days? Well, that's tough, those are two big words, "significant characteristics." To put it simpler, of the days we're now living in right now, how do we know these are the Last Days as we put in the BOF‚ etc.? We see what? I gave you a clue. (Children: The Signs of the Times!) We know these are the Last Days because we see Signs of the Times!—And man has been seeing Signs of the Times ever since Jesus first came! The Coming of the Messiah was one of the greatest signs of the End! (Maria: Are we going to say then that the Last Days are 2000 years, but the whole Endtime is 3000 years?) Yes, exactly!

98. I DIDN'T MEAN TO HAVE TO DOCUMENT THIS, BUT HOW DO WE KNOW THAT THE LAST DAYS BEGAN CLEAR BACK IN THE DAYS OF CHRIST UNTIL NOW? (Fam: Because Paul talked about the Last Days, & even Jesus did.) Right! All you need to know is that there are a number of Scriptures in the New Testament describing the days of Christ & the Apostles as being the Last Days. So we can't say these are the only Last Days, they've lasted a long time!

99. SO HOW DO WE KNOW THAT THESE ARE REALLY THE LAST DAYS? (FAM: SIGNS OF THE TIMES!) That's the next chapter in the BOF, isn't it?—First of all the Last Days & then the Signs of the Times‚ etc. When I classified all of the various periods of the Endtime & I had to have some kind of a sign or a number for each one, particularly when I was going through the whole Bible & picking out all the Scriptures that you find in the BOF that I selected to be categorised or classified—that means separated into different periods—I found there were how many different major events or periods of the Endtime? (Fam: 14.) And that's what you've got in your BOF, 14 periods of the Endtime. (Maria: The Kidz BOF has less because we combined some of them together. I hope that's not going to confuse them.) Well, there are 14 major events or periods of the Endtime, & you should know all of those periods. I say events or periods because some are events & some are periods.

100. ALL RIGHT, WE'VE GOT THE FIRST ONE—LAST DAYS—& HOW DO WE KNOW? (Fam: Signs of the Times!) That was another classification of subjects that we were dealing with in the Endtime, & we're particularly getting lots of Signs of the Times right now! Almost every day of the year there are more Signs of the Times.

101. WHAT IS THE NEXT MOST IMPORTANT EVENT TO OCCUR THAT WE ARE NOW EXPECTING & WAITING FOR? WATCH OUT NOW! (Fam: The rise of the Antichrist?) Well, that's real close, but we're expecting something to happen before that. (Fam: For him to be revealed?) Well, he may rise even before he's revealed. (Fam: Halley's Comet?) Halley's Comet is one of the great Signs of the Times, that's right! You don't necessarily read about that in the Bible as one of the Signs of the Times‚ but we know it's undoubtedly going to be. But according to the latest prophetic teaching that I've been giving you, what is the very next thing that we can probably expect? (Fam: The economic crash of the whole World!) Yes! But what did they call this in old times‚ in old-fashioned days? (Fam: Famine.)—A worldwide famine, worldwide crash of the economy‚ depression, starvation, all that sort of thing!

102. WHY ARE WE NOW TEACHING THAT THE CRASH WILL PROBABLY COME FIRST INSTEAD OF THE ATOMIC WAR? We used to preach that the Atomic War was coming right away & that was about the next thing & that was going to put the Antichrist in power, but now the Lord has shown us, & we learn as we go along, that the Crash has got to come first! And probably his prevention of the Atomic War along with the Crash is going to help put him in power, because people will do anything to save themselves! "What will not a man give for his life?" (Job 2:4) To save the economy & save the World from atom-bomb destruction, I think they'd be willing to choose the Devil! In fact, recently one of the former heads of NATO said‚ "We'd even choose the Devil if he could save us from what's coming!" (See BOF‚ page 54.)—And that's exactly what they're going to do, choose the Devil, in the person of the Antichrist! Think of it! He said so! And the World is ready to do it! They'd give the World & themselves as slaves to the Devil if he'd at least save their lives from starvation & from war!

103. SO THE NEXT MAJOR EVENT & PERIOD WE'RE EXPECTING TO OCCUR COULD START ANY TIME, ANY DAY, TODAY OR TOMORROW, BECAUSE THE WHOLE WORLD ECONOMY IS RIGHT NOW ON THE VERY EDGE OF THE CLIFF, THE VERGE OF THE CRASH! It's a miracle to me that the World just still goes on like it is without the Crash, because the World is already bankrupt, the nations are already bankrupt, many companies are already bankrupt‚ the money is already worthless! But they're just going along by faith in their false gods & their false system, just blinded to the fact! "My mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts! Everything's fine, everything's rosy! Peace, peace!"

104. BUT WE'RE NOW CONVINCED THAT THE WORLD WILL PROBABLY CRASH ECONOMICALLY BEFORE THE GREAT ATOMIC WAR.—In fact, we're now convinced there are going to be several other wars first & I could read that to you right from the Bible! The Antichrist himself fights about four or five different major wars, & it's right in here, I'm going to read them to you & you can count them. Well, if the Atomic War had already occurred, there wouldn't be any point in fighting any more, would there? With nearly everything destroyed & the major powers destroyed, who's going to fight any more wars? So we're pretty well convinced now that the Atomic War is the last one, the one that destroys America‚ destroys the Whore, & the one which ends the Tribulation period, just before the really final war, Armageddon. We fight the final war, I'm talking about the last of man's wars.

105. THERE ARE ABOUT 40 WARS GOING ON RIGHT NOW, SO I'M NOT JUST SAYING WAR IN GENERAL! WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE BIG ONE BEFORE ARMAGEDDON, THE ONE THAT DESTROYS BABYLON, WHICH IS THE ATOMIC WAR. After restudying these Scriptures we put that off to the end, & it was really a revelation from the Lord to straighten me out. I'm not always right, we just assumed that it would take the Atomic War & it looked like the war was coming soon‚ but apparently it's going to take the Crash first. Probably the Lord's going to allow the Crash to stop the war, because you can't very well fight wars if you're broke! If everybody's starving & you're having civil wars in your own country, people fighting for food & whatnot, it's kind of hard to be proud & fight wars against other countries.—Although there will probably be lots of small wars too & civil wars & whatnot.

106. BUT THE CRASH IS THE NEXT THING WE'RE EXPECTING, AS NOSTRADAMUS CALLS IT, THE GREAT FAMINE! Several other prophets have predicted it as the great famine, the worldwide famine, which we have termed the Economic Crash! Well‚ when the economy crashes there will be worldwide famine! They called it Depression last time, it was a worldwide famine then, but this is going to be surpassing anything else we've ever known! So that's the next event.

107. AND AS FAR AS WE CAN SEE FROM GOD'S WORD & FROM WHAT HE'S SHOWN US, WHAT IS GOING TO COME OUT OF THAT WORLDWIDE FAMINE? (FAM: THE RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST.) Well, of course he's probably already rising now, but we might even say the revelation of the Antichrist, "that man of sin shall be revealed." (2Thes.2:3) And if you want to be real specific in eschatology‚ exact facts, his true nature won't be completely revealed until what? (Fam: He breaks the Covenant.) And does what? (Fam: Sets up the Abomination.)—Sets up the Idol‚ the Image, & declares what? (Fam: Himself as God.) That's going to reveal his true nature, that he's really the Devil in person, & I think that is pretty much what Paul was talking about in 2nd Thessalonians, 2nd Chapter: "Then shall that man of sin be revealed." Because then he describes all the events of that particular moment in time when he's going to appear in the Temple. "He sitteth in the Temple as God, claiming that he is God!" So that's when he's really, totally revealed. But he's got to get somewhere before that. He can't demand worship of the whole World unless he's already its leader‚ so he has to rise before that. I'm just giving you a little review now & I hope you've got it clear.

108. SO WHAT'S THE NEXT EVENT WE'RE EXPECTING? (FAM: THE CRASH!) (Maria: Are we treating this as a separate event from the Signs of the Times?) Yes, this is a great event. It'll certainly be a sign, that's for sure, but all famines & all earthquakes today—& they're all getting worse & worse all the time—are all Signs of the Times. Now if we're going to get into a technical discussion of what Signs of the Times are, I don't want to get too technical or too difficult in definitions. I think in general most of us accept that the Signs of the Times that we're talking about are these various things that we listed in the BOF, including famine. But just like war is a Sign of the Times‚ the last war will be the worst sign. Famines are Signs of the Times, but the last great famine will be the worst famine! The last great earthquake the World's going to suffer, the Bible describes it right here & we're going to read it to you, is going to be the worst one! "The cities of the nations fell," not just one nation‚ not one location, but all over the whole World a big earthquake is going to shake'm down! Think of that! Well, we're getting ahead of the subject. (Rev.16:19)

109. SO THE NEXT GREAT EVENT WE'RE EXPECTING IS THE CRASH, & THAT MEANS THE BEGINNING OF WHAT? A crash is only the first few days usually, like the Stock Market Crash, but I just gave you the word.—Famine! The Crash initiates the Famine. But then during this terrible famine, this World chaos of the economy, is the ideal opportunity for the Antichrist to make himself known.—Not the final revelation, but to come to the front as the Saviour of the World‚ as the Messiah of the Jews. And when do we expect that to begin? I'm not getting dogmatic about years or dates. I say we expect, we think, probably. I've seen too many Bible teachers get twisted up in getting too dogmatic about dates!

110. BUT AS FAR AS WE NOW SEE—WE BELIEVE, LET'S PUT IT THAT WAY‚ IN THE TENUOUS SENSE OF BELIEVING—THAT THE RETURN OF THE GREAT HALLEY'S COMET IN 1986 IS BOUND TO BE VERY SIGNIFICANT OF SOME GREAT MAJOR HISTORICAL EVENT! And what other event could possibly follow this Crash & famine or accompany it than what? (Fam: The rise of the Antichrist.)—Yes! His rise! Technically, this is not his revelation.—Although it'll be a revelation to some people, especially to the Christians & the churches, to find out the Antichrist is already here & Jesus hasn't come & rescued them on flowery beds of ease & floated up to the skies out of the Tribulation! Here the Antichrist has arisen! They're probably all going to suddenly be converted to one of the various Tribulation doctrines, & that is that the Coming of Christ occurs sometime during the Tribulation.

111. SEE, THEY'VE GOT ALL KINDS OF INTERPRETATIONS & BIBLE PROPHECY STUDENTS WHO TEACH ALL KINDS OF THINGS ABOUT THE TRIBULATION. Some people think Jesus is coming before the Tribulation‚ some people think He's going to come in the middle, some people think He's going to come at the end & some people think there are all kinds of different stages in-between. They really haven't got it very clear. But I don't think anything could be clearer! In the Bible it says it just as simply as can be when Jesus is going to come! Matthew 24 is one of the simplest summaries of all. All the period of that Tribulation has occurred before the Coming of Christ. Jesus comes "after the Tribulation"!—Mt.24:29.

112. HE EVEN SPECIFIES HOW THE TRIBULATION BEGINS: "WHEN YE THEREFORE SHALL SEE THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION STAND IN THE HOLY PLACE"—run, flee, because that's the beginning of the Tribulation! "Then shall be great tribulation." And it says specifically, "After the tribulation of those days" shall they see the Son of Man coming. (Mat.24:15,21,29‚30) What could be any clearer? How could they get mixed up?—Well, just because they had set ideas of what they wanted to believe & they just twisted the Scriptures to fit their theories. God spare us & help us not to do that! Let's make our theories fit the Scriptures, & I think we have, I really believe we have. I've given you plenty of Scripture on it!

113. OKAY, CRASH, FAMINE, ANTICHRIST, & WE THINK PROBABLY THE ANTICHRIST WILL ARISE IN '86 & THE COMET IS A SIGN OF IT, because every time it has appeared something stupendous has occurred. Last time it was here a whole World War hadn't begun‚ but the beginnings were here & the World was getting into the period of World War 1, it announced it. That was the biggest event of those days, the First World War that had ever occurred, in which most of the nations of the World were involved in some way. That's what Halley's Comet foretold or portended when it came 75 years ago. This time we believe it's going to foretell the rise of the Antichrist.

114. SO HOW WILL WE KNOW, YOU & I WHO KNOW THE SCRIPTURES, THAT IT IS THE ANTICHRIST & HE IS HERE & THAT IT IS HE? What major historical event will occur? (Fam: He'll allow the Jews to build their Temple.) What do we call this? Don't describe the period, but what do we call this event which occurs that starts that? (Fam: The Covenant.) He makes the Covenant which does what you were starting to describe, introduces that period. The Bible calls it a Holy Covenant which shows it's going to be mainly a religious Covenant, & it'll certainly take one religious Covenant to make peace between the Christians & the Jews & the Muslims as well as the rest of the World! But the religions are the ones who are causing most of the trouble.

115. I'LL GIVE THE EASTERN RELIGIONS CREDIT FOR THAT, THEY'RE NOT THE ONES THAT ARE GOING TO BRING ON THE ANTICHRIST & THE WORLD WARS & ALL THE REST, ACTUALLY THEY'RE MUCH MORE PEACEFUL RELIGIONS. The Eastern & Oriental religions are not the ones causing most of the trouble & fighting most of the World's wars! Most of the World's wars have been between the Christians & the Jews & the Muslims, considered the three major faiths of the World. Even though some of the Eastern & Oriental religions embrace actually more people physically in their countries, such as a billion in China‚ nearly a billion in India‚ etc., these religions of the Orient have not gotten so organised that they have done as much damage as Christianity—or I should say Christendom, or really Churchianity—& Islam & the Jews.They're the ones that bring on the big wars & most of the fights, & that's the trouble that has to be settled before there can be any possible peace & really any chance of peace at all!

116. BECAUSE THE MAJOR CONTROVERSY IN THE WORLD TODAY IS THIS CONTROVERSY OVER THE MIDEAST, & IT CENTERS OVER JERUSALEM‚ NOW OCCUPIED BY THE THREE MAJOR FAITHS OF THE WORLD WITH MOSTLY NOW HUGE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES. Most of the buildings of worship in Jerusalem today are Christian churches & their members are nearly all Arabs! We found more Arab Christians when we were in Israel than anything else! [They] don't tell you that! You don't read that in the newspaper, do you? When they're blasting the Arabs & condemning the PLO & the terrorists & everything, they don't tell you how many thousands upon thousands, hundreds of thousands of those Arabs in the Holy Land are Christians who are members of huge churches!

117. WE ATTENDED AN ARAB CATHOLIC CHURCH ON CHRISTMAS EVE—ONE OF THE MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS EVES I EVER SPENT! It was a beautiful service with gorgeous music & really sincere‚ a beautiful Christmas Eve Mass!—Beautiful music, wasn't it?—Sweet! We attended it with these German sisters of this Catholic convent who ran sort of a hostel. That word hostel is spelled two different ways & has two different meanings. One meaning, "hostile" as an adjective, means mean & an enemy. The other "hostel" is h-o-s-t-e–l & means kind of a small hotel, & they ran a small hotel for tourists. They had us over for dinner & a Christmas party & we really had a good time. If it hadn't been for them we wouldn't have had much Christmas. And they were all Arabs except these German sisters who ran it.

118. SO MOST OF THOSE ARABS OF PALESTINE ARE CHRISTIANS! In fact, the Christians were mainly the ones who stayed, it was mostly the Muslims who fled & became PLO, etc. And the Muslims are the ones who are mostly doing the fighting & the terrorism & all that. The Christians more or less just accepted their fate under the Jews & stayed‚ & as a result they have enjoyed a measure of peace & prosperity & religious liberty while the rest of them have been living in horrible evacuation camps now for 40 years! Some of their children have never known anything but a refugee camp. Did you know that those are nearly all supported by the United Nations to the tune of millions of dollars every year! They live there, their houses are furnished for them & they're even fed. Now you know that's not good for any people just to live on welfare for generations!—All because the [Israelis] stole their land!

119. SO THE NEXT EVENT THAT WE EXPECT TO SEE AFTER THE WORLD IS IN SUCH A MESS IS THE RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST. We don't know whether we'll see the rise first & the Covenant next, or whether we won't even recognise it is the Antichrist until the Covenant is made. Maybe they'll still keep him on ice or on the shelf or in a back closet somewhere and maybe make the Covenant out in the open without us even seeing the personality yet. That we don't know. But if you just take it at face value, the literal Scriptures, it sounds like he appears and makes the Covenant, because he is quite in existence & is already even fighting wars before the Covenant is broken. The Covenant is broken as a settlement of one of his wars, in fact, the Second Antichrist War! So it sounds to me like he's going to appear & be on the scene & leading some nation before that if he's going to fight two wars before the breaking of the Covenant. Now we're getting down to the nitty-gritty, & I want to read those Scriptures to you because it's a period that you're apparently not as familiar with as you should be. But let's finish our review before we get down to those details. I don't want to get into to much detail yet.

120. WE'RE IN THE LAST DAYS—WHAT'S THE NEXT THING WE EXPECT TO HAPPEN? (FAM: THE CRASH!) AND THAT BRINGS ON WHAT? (FAM: WORLDWIDE FAMINE!)—Worldwide famine‚ depression, whatever you want to call it.—Which will bring up what? (Fam: The rise of the Antichrist.) The Crash falls down & that brings on the famine & that brings up the Antichrist!—And his wars‚ by the way. And apparently, according to Daniel 11 he fights two whole wars before the breaking of the Covenant, very likely conventional wars. In fact, most political & military analysts expect conventional wars to continue just as they are right now, even some major ones like that between Iran & Iraq, etc., fighting major full-scale conventional wars without using atomic bombs, because they're afraid to use them. It could be that somebody might try a few little what they call tactical weapons, tactical atomic bombs—small atomic bombs that can be shot by cannon—thinking they might get away with it without starting the Atom War, but it's not likely. Because when anybody starts shootin' the atom bombs, that's going to give the other side the excuse to shoot back & there we blow! There she goes, there she blows!

121. THERE ALREADY IS A MAJOR WAR GOING ON OVER IN THE EAST, IRAN–IRAQ, IN FACT, ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE & ACCORDING TO THE PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS, IS THIS ANTICHRIST A WESTERNER OR AN ORIENTAL? (Fam: Oriental.) He's an Easterner! And when the Bible talks about the Battle of Armageddon‚ it says that the angel dries up the River Euphrates to prepare the way for the Kings of the East! (Rev.16:12)—In other words, to come West to fight the final battle. God allows all this. But now let's get back to our review of the events so you'll get those straight in your mind, & maybe we'll get down to reading you those Scriptures next time. Would you like to have another class?—'Cause you'll have to if you're ever going to get those Scriptures! But today was review to see if you really know what we're talking about.

122. ALL RIGHT, THEN PROBABLY THERE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BE SOME KIND OF BIG WARS TO PUT HIM IN POWER TO SHOW HE'S A GREAT LEADER. We know he's going to come out of what country? (Fam: Egypt.) Specifically we know that his origin was in Egypt, but will the World know that? He's going to lead what country? (Fam: Russia?) Yes! He is Gog of Magog! Now don't get confused. That doesn't mean it's the Battle of Gog & Magog. God just calls it that again at the end of the Millennium to show you it's the same kind of forces & the same leadership, it's all the Devil. Gog is really the Devil in person, the leader of Magog, all the Antichrist nations & forces. Specifically it's the ancient name of Russia.

123. IN OTHER WORDS, THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM IS MERELY A REVIVAL OF WHOSE FORCES? (FAM: THE DEVIL'S!) Exactly! He's going to lead'm.—The Devil's Antichrist forces. So it's a revival, in a sense, of Antichrist power, again led by the Devil. The Antichrist is the Devil, in person! So the Antichrist period, the Tribulation, is led by whom, really? (Fam: The Devil.) The Devil. Are you getting too tired or is it too hard to think? I'm going to wind it up. I want you to get through all these major events so you get the beads on the string.

124. THE DEVIL IS THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION & HE IS THE ONE WHO POSSESSES THE ANTICHRIST, & he's the one who comes back at the end of the Millennium & leads the whole shebang in person!—No man to be his false front‚ but in person, think of that! He's got to appear in person in mighty power to try to actually confront the forces of God, & there are a lot of amazing things you're going to learn about that that maybe some of you haven't got clear yet. I've put'm in the BOF & I've hinted at'm time & again, but these things have never become so clear to me as they have recently, especially the other day when I got that Scripture that is in a book that you have never even studied with me before, one of the Prophets, five whole chapters on the subject of the Battle of Armageddon‚ the Antichrist, etc. I didn't really see it clearly before. I knew that some of them were about the Antichrist, I knew some of them were about the Battle of Armageddon, but I didn't really see the whole picture as clearly. It seemed like every verse began to stand out & its exact meaning.

125. IT'S BEAUTIFUL WHEN THE LORD REALLY REVEALS THINGS TO YOU! You count me as your Prophet, you count me as a revelator‚ but actually I'm much more a teacher & I've always been much more a teacher than I've been anything else. Right, Maria? I spent all my early days teaching & I taught all my life. When I was about David's age I began teaching Sunday School, believe it or not! The teacher couldn't come & I was there, so my Dad said, "You teach'm!" So I just took the lesson. I'd already studied my lesson so I just read to the boys—just like David could right now! He already does! He teaches them & helps them. He's already a teacher of the things that he knows. I knew the lesson so I taught it & we discussed it & I had a good time. And it worked out so well my Dad decided to make me the permanent teacher of the class, & he promoted the other teacher to some other class. I & those boys got along just fine, they were about my age, & we were real shiners! We won the banners almost every Sunday for this or that.

126. SO I'VE BEEN A TEACHER MOST OF MY LIFE, & WHEN GOD PICKED SOMEONE TO TELL YOU THESE LAST REVELATIONS HE WANTED TO TELL YOU, HE PICKED A TEACHER! Why would He pick a teacher? Why couldn't He just speak through me always in beautiful, liquid, Biblical-sounding prophecies? A lot of the things I've gotten have been that way, even totally without my knowledge, even in my sleep! Ask Maria, she knows! It just flowed like Scripture & it's beautiful & it's poetic! You've read some of them.—Just straight pure spiritual inspiration‚ the unadulterated Word of God, just pure straight direct Word from the Lord, all those beautiful prophecies, some of them even poetic! But that's not been most of my ministry. That's been perhaps some of the most important parts of my ministry, & it has given us some of the greatest revelations & some of the most beautiful poetic passages.

127. BUT LET'S BE HONEST‚ LET'S GET DOWN TO EARTH! WHAT'S BEEN THE MAJOR MINISTRY THAT GOD HAS GIVEN ME IN EVERY LETTER, EVERY WORD, ALMOST EVERY SINGLE THING? WHAT HAS MADE MY MINISTRY?—TEACHING! When I have business meetings I'm teaching, when I have maintenance meetings I'm teaching‚ when I have meetings at the table I'm teaching. I am a teacher! I was called to be a teacher first long before I was ever a Prophet. In fact, I never knew I was going to be a Prophet, that just happened suddenly, unexpectedly! I didn't know it was going to happen. I dreamed of Prophets as something way up there, high, far removed from us, that we could never expect to attain to such levels. I didn't realise God could use anything!

128. THE LORD EVEN USED A DUMB ASS TO PROPHESY, DIDN'T HE? He made a donkey talk! The donkey was prophesying, he was speaking the Words of God! (Num.22:28-30) Well, if even an ass can be a Prophet, even this ass can be a prophet, & that ass can be a Prophet! But of course that pure kind of prophecy is a special gift of the Spirit‚ one of the nine gifts, & Paul classifies it as being on the same level with interpretation. He that can interpret a message in tongues is the same as a prophet. That gift is just as great, & they're considered two of the most important gifts of the Spirit.

129. BUT TEACHING HAS BEEN MY PRINCIPAL GIFT OR CALLING. Teaching is not exactly listed under those gifts of the Spirit in I Corinthians 12‚ but at the end of that chapter he gives another list, & that's according to callings of the people who have those gifts. And I've always been thankful, since I didn't know I even had the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or any gifts at all hardly‚ that he put teachers in there.

130. FIRST OF ALL HE PUT APOSTLES—MESSENGERS OF GOD, THOSE WHO CARRY A MESSAGE! So who are the Apostles today? We're all Apostles! All of us who are Witnesses of the Lord are Apostles! God puts them at the top of His Honour List! He says, "God has set some in the church, first Apostles!" In church doctrine & in those old Bible Colleges & all they teach, "Well, that meant the first 12 Apostles & there haven't been any Apostles since."—Of all the ridiculous things! Everywhere you see that word Apostle in your New Testament it's from the Greek Word "apostolos" which means "one sent with a message"—a messenger! It doesn't mean just the first 12. Of course they were all Apostles, but so are you!—So is every missionary, every preacher of the Gospel who carries a message! Sent with a message!—And to be sent with a message you usually go someplace else besides where you started, right? So I really put missionaries at the top of the list! Amen?

131. WELL, GOD BLESS THE HOME MISSIONARIES WHO ARE ALSO SENT WITH A MESSAGE TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Quite a few of the Prophets of old were sent with a message to Israel, to their own people, but in a sense they were also Apostles. You can be an Apostle & a Prophet at the same time! But He says first of all Apostles‚ then what? The 28th verse of the 12th Chapter of 1Corinthians, read it! (Fam: "And God hath set some in the church, first Apostles‚ secondarily Prophets.")—Prophets are second!

132. YOU THINK A PROPHET IS SO IMPORTANT? APOSTLES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN PROPHETS! There are lots more Apostles than there are Prophets! There only have to be a few Prophets just to get out the Word & pass it on to all the Apostles! I'm just one little old Prophet who didn't even know I was going to be a Prophet, but I gave you the Word & that was pretty important. But look how many thousands & thousands of you there are who are out passing out the Word! You're the Apostles! I'm the Prophet, you're the Apostles. You come first, I come second in God's order of importance, believe it or not! It's more important to have Apostles even if you don't have a Prophet! Some of you think you couldn't be an Apostle if you didn't have a Prophet! Well, one of these days when I'm gone you're going to find out! You're going to be greater Apostles than ever before & some of you are going to become Prophets!—In fact, some of you already are! We had Prophets clear back in the days of the Light Club at Huntington Beach. A number of Prophets prophesied—& became Apostles, thank the Lord! So it's important.

133. BUT LONG BEFORE I REALISED I WAS AN APOSTLE‚ OR CERTAINLY BEFORE I EVER KNEW I WAS GOING TO BE A PROPHET, WHAT COMES NEXT? (FAM: THIRDLY, TEACHERS.) THAT I KNEW I WAS! From the time I was a little boy I was a teacher. I can remember gathering the little kids in the neighbourhood when I was about David's age too & teaching them things. I was teaching them astronomy‚ because I was a great astronomy buff, all about the planets & the stars & the moon & the sun & all these things. They'd just sit there & oh & ah! I can remember them sitting on the front steps, I wish I could have gotten a picture of that, these little boys, all these little playmates of mine. I got to talking to them about it & said, "You don't know that? You don't know about the phases of the moon?" I started teaching the phases of the moon way back then!—And most of you don't know'm yet! So I started out being a teacher a long time ago. In my case‚ I was first of all a teacher, then an Apostle & finally a Prophet.

134. BUT IN GOD'S ORDER, YOU'RE THE MOST IMPORTANT! Every Apostle, every one that's taking the Message & witnessing is an Apostle of God. Then come the Prophets! A lot of times you don't get to be a Prophet until after you're an Apostle. If you're faithful with the Word, you've received it & carried the Message out to those to whom you're sent, then maybe God will trust you with some original Word that He gives you directly as a Prophet.

135. "THIRDLY TEACHERS"—& THAT'S BEEN MY MAJOR CALLING. I WAS A TEACHER FIRST & THEN AN APOSTLE, I WENT OUT WITH THE GOSPEL OTHER PLACES. And then suddenly one day with Maria, when I didn't even know it ... well, apparently I already had a certain amount of the gift of prophecy because the Lord had given me interpretations to tongues that I heard in church, I knew what they were talking about. My Mother would get up & give it in beautiful language & I knew that was it, that was what they had been saying. I had gotten the gist of it. The gift was not completely active & completely polished or used‚ sharpened or whatever you want to say, but just like a tool, it grows a little more skilful with use. If you keep polishing it & sharpening it, this kind of a gift, this kind of a tool never gets dull. You keep using it & the Lord keeps sharpening it. But I was a teacher first, then I took the Message out to others & I was an Apostle, & finally a Prophet.

136. THE DAY I REMEMBER MOST OF ALL WHEN I BEGAN TO REALISE IT WAS WHEN THE LORD BEGAN TO GIVE ME THE INTERPRETATION OF MARIA'S MESSAGES IN TONGUES WHEN WE WERE IN PRAYER. Up to that time she just thought she was praising the Lord in tongues. I don't know if you really knew you were giving messages, did you? But they were messages just as clear as could be, & the Lord gave them to me. That was the gift of interpretation & it's equal to prophecy.—And later, instead of through her message in tongues & my interpretation, it began to come to me directly & without the medium of tongues‚ the halfway channel of tongues. It began to come directly through my mouth in English‚ my language, direct prophecy.—No credit to me, just a miracle of God! All I had to do was open my mouth & He filled it, & sometimes it was even in my sleep when I didn't even know it was happening.

137. MARIA KNOWS! SHE USED TO WRITE IT ALL DOWN IN SHORTHAND IN THOSE DAYS—EVEN IN THE DARK! She was afraid to turn on a light for fear she'd wake me up. She learned to figure her spaces & skip an extra space to make sure she didn't write over something, & then turn a page & write—in the dark, in shorthand! That's quite a trick & I think it was inspired. I'm sure it was! In a sense she was interpreting, at least she was recording, thank the Lord! Well, let's finish our periods real quick & then I'll let you go in time for lunch! This is just review!

138. OKAY! THE ANTICHRIST ARISES & WE THINK MAYBE HE'LL START RISING NEXT YEAR, '86‚ WHEN THE COMET COMES—OR THE COMET MAY COME FIRST AS A SIGN OF HIS COMING. Who knows? It came two or three years before World War 1, maybe he won't appear right away, we don't know, but that's just our guess. God has not told us in outright prophecy that the Antichrist is going to come in 1986 & the Comet is going to announce his coming. Some things you get simply by logic‚ by common sense, by estimate, guesstimate, theory. A lot of science has come in theory first before it was ever proven fact! A lot of the lies of science too have come in theory first & never have been proven facts, but are taught like facts, like Evolution.

139. I CERTAINLY HOPE THAT ALL WE'RE TEACHING YOU IS FACTS, & I HAVE CERTAINLY ASKED THE LORD TO HELP ME TEACH YOU THE TRUTH! I started that when I first started preaching in my church. I said, "Lord, help me to teach them right. It's such a responsibility to be a teacher!" The Lord said to "be not many masters"—not many teachers—"for unto you is the greater condemnation." (Jam.3:1) In other words, if you make a mistake & you teach a lot of people the wrong thing, then you're going to be scolded for it by the Lord, maybe even punished for it if it's bad or it hurts people. I don't think anything I've taught you has hurt anybody so far that I know of, I hope not!—And certainly not any of this Bible Prophecy teaching. I've tried to tell you what I know is fact & I can prove by the Bible, & what is theory, my guess, what it probably means, but so far it's all worked out pretty well!

140. SO WE EXPECT THE ANTICHRIST TO APPEAR IN SOME WAY ON THE WORLD SCENE PERHAPS BY 1986, & PERHAPS THE COMING OF THE COMET IS TO ANNOUNCE HIS COMING. And according to Daniel 11, he'll apparently have a couple of wars to really establish himself in full power to where he can fearlessly acclaim himself the dictator of the World & God & set up his Image & break the Covenant & enforce all these terrible things of the days of the Tribulation! What do we have so far?—Crash begins Famine, rise of the Antichrist, & the next thing that we will know for sure that he is the Antichrist is when that Covenant is signed, when any kind of peace is made that solves the problem of the altercation between the Jews & the Christians & the Muslims & all that sort of thing. In other words, he makes some kind of a Peace Pact that brings World peace.

141. AND IT PARTICULARLY HAS TO DO WITH JERUSALEM, WHERE I STARTED TO SAY AWHILE AGO THERE ARE MORE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES THAN ANYTHING ELSE! There are actually two big mosques in Jerusalem. The main one is the Dome of the Rock‚ the Mosque of Omar, & then there is what is called El-Aksa. And of course I presume there are a few synagogues, but you don't hear much about them, because the main thing the Jews want there is their Temple. And they don't have to destroy the Mosque to put the Temple there either! I put an article in the WND the other day where one Jewish scientist believes that the Temple was actually situated at the other end of the Temple area there from where the Mosque is. So that would certainly help solve the problem if they could agree to peaceably put up the Temple at the other end of the Temple enclosure, the Temple area there, which is almost a square half-mile on the top of Mount Moriah. You see a big open space there where the Mosque is, a huge open space with no buildings, just a flat area like the way it was before they ever built a Temple.

142. THEN AFTER THE SIGNING OF THE COVENANT, WHAT IS THE NEXT MAJOR EVENT WE CAN EXPECT? (FAM: THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT.) Very good! The Covenant is an agreement, apparently it's going to be some kind of a Peace Pact. And what will the period be like between the signing & the breaking of the Covenant? (Fam: 3-1/2 years of peace.)—Of at least comparative partial peace as far as we know. It doesn't necessarily say that, I can't prove that by the Bible, but obviously this is a Peace Pact & therefore it's supposed to bring some kind of peace!

143. HOWEVER, I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU FROM THE SCRIPTURE THAT IT IS NOT ALL PEACE DURING THAT PERIOD! The Antichrist fights two wars before the breaking of that Covenant, & then he fights another war because he gets mad at the Jews because he figures they're not worshipping him‚ which probably they aren't! If they get a foothold in the door on the Temple Mount, they're probably going to try to squeeze the Muslims out & it won't bring any peace! How can the Author of Confusion bring peace? Anyhow, the signing of the Covenant is supposed to bring peace & a period of comparative peace, but finally he comes back in another war & breaks the Covenant. I'm going back & reviewing & reviewing all the time. I'm trying to go over each of these facts again & again so you won't forget'm!

144. HE SIGNS THE COVENANT, & HOW MANY YEARS LATER DOES HE BREAK IT? (FAM: 3-1/2 YEARS.)—Exactly! God's Word says so, & that is one of the exact things we can bank on!—3-1/2 years later‚ right in the middle. We know that it's going to be 3-1/2 years, 42 months, 1260 days, all different words for 3-1/2 years.—Jewish years, that is‚ according to the lunar calendar. Some people have brought that up & said‚ "We figured it out & multiplied 3-1/2 years times 365 days & it didn't come out to 1260 days!" Well, they weren't going by the Jewish lunar calendar, & that's what God goes by! 42 months in some ways would be better‚ but since we go by the Roman calendar & it varies between 28, 30 & 31 days, blah blah, you can't even go by that! Look how the Devil's got us mixed up! But days are exact!

145. WHEREAS GOD & THE JEWS WENT STRICTLY BY THE LUNAR CALENDAR & THE LUNAR MONTHS‚ THAT'S GOD'S WAY OF TELLING TIME, & I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO TELL IT BY THE MOON! I can almost tell you what day of the week it is of what week of the month just by looking at the moon! Why didn't they teach you something practical like that in school? "Oh, we've got calendars & we've got watches, what do we need with it?" Well, maybe some day you won't have any more calendars or watches & you're going to have to look back at the moon to find out what time of the month it is & what day of the week it is!

146. I TOLD SOMEBODY THE OTHER DAY WHEN WE SAW THE SO-CALLED HALF-MOON, ACTUALLY THE FIRST QUARTER ENDED, IT'S THE END OF THE FIRST WEEK OF THE LUNAR MONTH, IT'S THE 7TH DAY. And I said when the light of that moon gets exactly halfway on the other side, the left side, & that division between light & dark is right in the middle, that's exactly the end of the 7th day of the second week of the lunar month. And the night that you see the full moon arise‚ that is exactly the night of the 7th day of the 3rd week of the lunar month! And when the moon is all black, sometimes there's a faint glow & you see just a very tiny little sharp silver crescent, you actually see it's there but it's all dark, that's the first day, again, of the first week of the lunar month—or the "New Moon"!

147. IT'S AN EXACT WAY OF TELLING TIME!—Not just the month, but the exact week of the month‚ first, second, third, fourth week, & the exact day of that week! You can tell by the moon!—Exactly! Of course, it's always easier to tell the first & the last day because they're exactly divided. Well, God is telling us exactly in His Bible when some of these events are, & the closer we get to the End, the more exact He makes the times.—Exact! Really exact!—So many days, so many months, exactly so many years.

148. SO TELL ME ABOUT THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT & DESCRIBE TO ME WHAT HAPPENS AT THAT TIME. (Fam: He breaks the Covenant & he's real mad.) Who do you think he's mad mostly with? If he comes down to Israel & invades Israel in this war‚ who do you suppose he's most mad with as usual? (Fam: The Jews. … And then he sets up the Abomination of Desolation.) And what's that? (Fam: The Image of the Beast.) Right! I didn't think any of our folks would ever hesitate on that one! Right, the Image of the Beast, the big Idol he sets up of himself. If it's an Image of the Beast, it looks like him, right? (Fam: He must look like a beast if it's called the Image of the Beast!) Well, not really‚ but he's a pretty mean guy & he looks fierce. We've only got one description of him as far as his looks are concerned & what's that? (Fam: Fierce countenance.) (Dan.8:23) He's probably going to look a little bit like the Devil! I always pictured the Devil as pretty handsome, as he was handsome to begin with, but fierce, mean, a mean man! Grrrrrr! Maybe he'll growl like a beast!

149. WHAT ELSE IS GOING TO HAPPEN AT THAT TIME? (FAM: THE ANTICHRIST BECOMES POSSESSED WITH THE DEVIL & HE REQUIRES PEOPLE TO RECEIVE HIS MARK.) How do we know that this is the time when he actually receives the Devil himself & becomes the Devil in person? He's probably demon-possessed, he's probably possessed by lots of demons long before that, but how do we know that this is the time when the Devil possesses him? (Fam: He wants to be worshipped as God.) Yes, that's true‚ but there's a specific Scripture on it. (Fam: He's slain with the sword but he comes back alive?) Well, that's one of the signs that he's the Antichrist, but how do we know that it happens at this time? There's a Scripture for it!

150. WHAT'S THE DEVIL DOING NOW, WHERE IS HE NOW? (FAM: HE'S GOING ABOUT THE HEAVEN & THE EARTH.) (Job 1:7) Right! (Fam: Oh, when he's cast out of Heaven!)—Exactly! When he has no more access to Heaven or to God to accuse the Saints. (Rev.12:9,10) He is now & has been for thousands of years the Accuser of the Saints, clear back in Job's day & in Paul's day & in our day. He has access to God, he was even called a son of God! (Job 1:6; Isa.14:12) Well, he's not a son of God in the way we are, but it means he is a creation of God, one of the angels of God, & although he's a fallen angel, he still now has access to the presence of God to accuse us night & day. He's the prosecuting attorney in Heaven who is constantly accusing & judging us for our sins & calling them to the attention of the great Judge in Heaven.

151. SO WHERE IS HE OPERATING NOW?—IN HEAVEN & EARTH BOTH, HE GETS AROUND, BUT HE'S NOT EVERYWHERE LIKE GOD. He is an entity, he is an archangel‚ he is a distinct personality or a person. Actually he's a sort of a power or a force, but he can also appear as a person‚ & he has, a lot. All you have to do is watch some of these noise videos! I don't call them music videos, they're horror videos & you can see the Devil in them, horrible! They're satanic, diabolical, demon-possessed! They look & act like demons! The World is going demonic with this horror!

152. BUT I THINK THE LORD IS ALLOWING IT‚ & WHY DO YOU THINK THE LORD IS ALLOWING IT? (Fam: To wake people up.)—Yes! Maybe to wake some people up.—How? Why should that wake them up? Wake them up to what? (Fam: Signs of the Times.) What is it showing people? (Fam: That the Devil's really starting to rule.) (Fam: That things are waxing worse & worse.) Exactly, showing that the Devil is really getting into people. And what you really are seeing is a little sample of Hell! Hell! Confusion! Horrors! Noises! Erratic motion! It doesn't make sense‚ nothing makes sense, it's all confusion! It's a sample of Hell, Hell on Earth! Those new so-called music videos, there's no music to them at all, not that kind anyhow. Most of them are just Hell on Earth! Hell!

153. GOD IS LETTING PEOPLE HAVE A GLIMPSE OF HELL! Most people never took drugs & had a chance to see Hell like some of you did on bad trips. Now He's giving them these trips right in these videos! Doesn't that remind you of some of your drug trips?—Confusion, horror, bad trips, nothing made sense, sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't?—At least that's what I've been told. Well, most people never got a chance to glimpse Hell that way. You probably saw the real thing. Now He's giving the whole World a glimpse of Hell & they're being forced to a decision! When they look at those things they're making a choice—do they like it or do they hate it? Do they love it? Some people love it! They love it! It's the fascination of evil, like the hypnotism of the Devil! They love it & they're fascinated by it! Their eyes are just glued to the screen & it gets ahold of them & they get demon-possessed too, like they do with some of these dances.

154. DANCES ARE GETTING MORE DIABOLICAL & DEMONIC ALL THE TIME TILL THE PEOPLE BECOME DEMON-POSSESSED! Well, the natives & the savages of Africa & some of those places were at least honest about it, they knew they were dancing that way & the music was like that because they were trying to get demon-possessed, & they would do it until they got demon-possessed so they could go out & fight wars fearlessly & kill horribly, etc. That's exactly why the Devil's getting these people demon-possessed! But God is letting even the good people get a good look at that horror to see what Hell is like & what Hell's people are like & what the Devil is like. And every time they look they're making a choice as to whether they love it or they hate it! Even if they're not saved‚ even unsaved people can tell the difference.

155. SEE, WE'VE GOT THREE CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE IN OUR THEOLOGY—THE SAVED, THE UNSAVED, & THEN THE UNSAVED ARE DIVIDED INTO TWO CATEGORIES, THE GOOD & THE WICKED! How many of you have known some real good unsaved people who were kind to you when you were provisioning, who were good to you & gave you gifts on the street‚ although you knew maybe they were unsaved? There are lots of good unsaved people in the World, righteous people, religious people! There are many many people in the World who are religious & righteous & good people‚ but unsaved, & that's another part of our detailed subject we're going to get into & show you in the Scriptures. But I've got to finish this review! Are you willing to finish the review?

156. WE'VE ALREADY GOT TO THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT & WHAT THE ANTICHRIST DOES THEN, HE PLACES THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION‚ THE IDOL, BUT WHAT ELSE DOES HE DO THEN? 2nd Thessalonians 2 tells you exactly what he does! He as God sits in the Temple of God & claims that he is God!—So the Temple's got to be there‚ it's already been rebuilt. And then as God‚ what does he demand? (Fam: Worship!) And those who will not worship him, he promises to do what? (Fam: Kill'm!) In fact, he has the Image even voice these dictums!

157. MAN IS AGAIN GOING TO FALL DOWN & WORSHIP THE WORK OF HIS HANDS, THIS ROBOTIC COMPUTER-CONTROLLED IMAGE that it says in the Bible is even going to be able to speak, & it's going to be able to act, & it's going to be able to cause people to be killed. (Rev.13:15) Think of that! How could he cause them to be killed? Some of our correspondents have brought this out, even people writing in. If this is the super computer, this robot Image & it's going to be able to speak‚ how is it going to cause people to be killed? What else does he have? What else does he make people take? (Fam: The Mark of the Beast.) And what if you don't have it? (Fam: You can't buy or sell.) So you what? (Fam: Starve.)

158. BUT GOD'S GOING TO TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN! HE'S EVEN GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO REFUSE THE MARK OF THE BEAST! So not everybody's going to starve! He's going to try to make everybody starve, he's going to say that they should be killed, but they're not all going to get killed! Don't give the Devil more than his due, more credit than he deserves. He's not going to be able to kill'm all. He's not only not going to be able to kill every single Christian, but not even all the good people!—In fact, he fights a couple more wars with them!

159. BUT HOW DOES THIS IMAGE DICTATE & CAUSE PEOPLE TO BE KILLED? If he's a computer‚ what's he got in him probably? This is our theory. (Techi: The power of the Devil.) Yes, but what do most computers contain? What's their major operation? (Fam: Information.) So what kind of information is he going to have?—Who has the Mark & who doesn't have the Mark, & to order that anybody who hasn't got it, should be killed! He'll be able to spit out the lists & the names of the people who haven't got it, & he'll be able to spit out the names of the people who have got it so that when they go to the market, like you've seen that little picture in our illustrations, she puts her hand on the TV lens & there he sees on the monitor the Mark of the Beast in her hand so she can buy groceries, she can get credit, etc.

160. IN OTHER WORDS, HE DICTATES IN THAT WAY WHO'S GOING TO BE KILLED, OR IT SAYS, WHO SHOULD BE KILLED, & WHO SHALL LIVE, WHO CAN BUY & SELL & WHO CAN'T, VIA THE MARKS. This is how that Image apparently operates. You say, "Well, that's all a lot of guesswork & imagination & theory!" Well, I think we can deduce that! If you know the operation of deduction in mathematics, if so-&-so & so-&-so is true, then this must also be true. You find out the unknown factor in algebra, the "X," by finding out exactly what these other factors are, & then "X" has to be so-&-so! That's how we arrive at a lot of interpretations of Bible Prophecy.

161. THAT'S HOW I EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW WE KNOW THAT THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF GOOD PEOPLE & NO ANTICHRIST PEOPLE IN THE MILLENNIUM, A LOT OF GOOD PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT SAVED.—Because if all the saved people went up in the Rapture & came back in the Battle of Armageddon‚ & all the Antichrist people were killed, who are we going to rule over? Obviously we're going to rule over the good people that are left, the ones the Lord spared in His mercy because of various reasons. That's deduction. That's proving that this factor is so-&–so & that factor is such-&-such a quantity & therefore "X" has to be the good people whom the Lord spared. It's not the Antichrist people & it's not the saved people.—So who is it? Savvy?

162. OKAY, WE'RE ALMOST DONE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! WE'VE GOT THE ANTICHRIST PERIOD, & THAT PERIOD AFTER HE DOES ALL THESE THINGS IS CALLED WHAT? (FAM: THE GREAT TRIBULATION.) And it lasts how long? (Fam: 3–1/2 years.) And it also lasts how long? (Fam: 42 months.) It also lasts how many days? (Fam: 1260.) 1260 days exactly! The Lord made it exact so you'd know exactly when it's going to come & when He's going to come for your encouragement! You'll be counting the days, think of that! "Just so many more days! Don't worry, thank the Lord, it's just going to be a few more days!" PTL!

163. SO THERE'S THE TRIBULATION, WE'VE GOT THAT, & HOW IS THE TRIBULATION GOING TO END? This is something fairly new that we brought out in some of the revisions of the BOF. How do we know the Tribulation is going to end?—Not with the Battle of Armageddon, that's the period of Wrath anyhow, but what is the last major event of the Tribulation preceding the Coming of Jesus? The Tribulation really ends with what? (Fam: The Rapture.) Well, apparently from the Scriptures & other deduction that I think is quite accurate, what is the last major event of the Tribulation? (Fam: The Atom War.) The Atomic War!—And I can give you Scriptures to prove it!

164. YOU CAN READ AN EXACT DESCRIPTION OF THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON IN CHAPTER 18 OF REVELATION!—And also in the 14th Chapter of Revelation where it has the Coming of the Lord immediately preceded by an Angel proclaiming‚ "Babylon is fallen, is fallen!" So in the 14th Chapter, the fall of Babylon immediately precedes the Second Coming‚ the Harvest. And the Fall of Babylon is described in the 18th chapter as obviously an Atomic War‚ because what other war could destroy Babylon in one hour of one day? Therefore what must Babylon be destroyed by? (Fam: The Atomic War.) Who's going to destroy her? It says that specifically at the end of the 17th chapter. It's not the Lord. (Fam: The Antichrist.) Right! With whom? (Fam: The Ten Kings.)—Of where do we now believe? (Fam: Europe!)—Yes! Many of those countries are actually named in other passages as being with the Antichrist, with Gog, etc., obviously the nations of Europe.

165. ISN'T IT AMAZING HOW THE LORD HAS KEPT EUROPE TO THAT EXACT NUMBER FOR SO LONG? Countries come & countries go‚ but still the major ones are the ten nations, the ten toes, the ten horns, & these are the remnants. What did the feet & the toes come out of in Daniel's Image? (Fam: Rome.) They are the remnants of the ancient Roman Empire!—Actually, politically, on the map! Europe is the remains of the old Roman Empire. So there you have it!

166. EUROPE FINALLY COOPERATES WITH THE BEAST IN THE VERY END & THEY TURN ALL OF THEIR MISSILES ON AMERICA, APPARENTLY‚ THE WHORE, BABYLON, & DESTROY HER, BURN HER WITH FIRE! And all the merchants, how significant!—All the merchants of the World lament because so great riches are destroyed.—The richest nation on the face of the Earth! What nation has the greatest trade of any nation on the face of the Earth & the greatest amount of money, the most wealth?—The U.S.A.! She's getting a higher trade deficit all the time & with some countries she's losing money now. It's the beginning of the end.

167. BUT THERE YOU HAVE AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION PERIOD THE MAJOR EVENT BEFORE THE COMING OF CHRIST. I could almost swear to that because it's so clear in the Scripture now—it wasn't clear to me before—that Babylon is not destroyed at the beginning of the Antichrist's Kingdom or at the rise of the Antichrist or at the beginning of the Tribulation period as we used to think. Can we change our minds? Can we be wrong? Yes, we have been, because the Lord hadn't yet made it clear. But He has made it clearer, & the closer we get to it the clearer He makes it because He wants us to know exactly, for sure!

168. THEREFORE, ACCORDING TO THESE CHAPTERS RIGHT IN THE BIBLE—& I'M GOING TO READ MORE OF IT TO YOU LATER—THE LAST MAJOR EVENT OF THE TRIBULATION IS THE ATOM WAR & THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON, & THEN COMES WHAT? (FAM: JESUS!) Jesus & the Rapture! PTL? And we go up to Heaven to enjoy what? (Fam: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb!) While there's Heaven Up There there's Hell on Earth! What's it called on Earth then? (Fam: The Wrath of God.) We could go into a lot greater detail but we don't have time now, I'm trying to hurry through & finish it. And the Wrath of God ends with what major battle? (Fam: Battle of Armageddon!) And in that battle‚ as we read the other day—who is cast into the Lake of Fire? (Fam: The Devil.) And the False Prophet. And what happens to all the rest of his people? (Fam: They're slain.) All the rest of the Antichrist's people are slain, killed, slaughtered!

169. BELOVED, IF SOME OF OUR TOP TEACHERS CAN BE UNCLEAR ON THAT, PLEASE GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD THAT THERE ARE GOING TO BE NO MORE ANTICHRIST PEOPLE LEFT ON EARTH AFTER THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON! Do you understand? All the Beast's people & all those Marked are going to be dead & in Hell! It says specifically that the Antichrist—the Beast—& the False Prophet are in the Lake of Fire! Now what degrees of Hell the rest of them are in we don't know, but we know they're going to Hell because they received the Mark of the Beast & God's Word said they'd be damned! Everybody who received the Mark of the Beast, read the 14th chapter specifically, they're damned, they go to Hell! (Rev.14:9-11) So who's left?

170. WE'VE GONE TO HEAVEN, COME BACK, WE'VE WON THE WAR, & that's another thing that we didn't see before & it wasn't clear, because all the preachers never made that clear! I did hear sermons on how we're going to come back riding on white horses & wipe out the Antichrist & his forces completely & then we're going to rule the Earth & make the people do what they ought to do‚ etc.—What people? They said, "All the World is going to wonder after the Antichrist! All the World is going to receive his Mark! Only the Christians are not going to receive it, so when Jesus & we come back we're going to wipe all of them out & wipe the whole World out & all the Antichrist's people, & then we're going to rule the Earth & rule over the wicked!"—What wicked? They're all wiped out! What people? According to them, everybody that wasn't saved has already been wiped out & there's nobody left to rule over!

171. THIS IS A NEW TRUTH THAT THE LORD HAS BEEN MAKING CLEARER ALL THE TIME! It began by seeing that there was going to be a middle class of people in Heaven. Even Revelation makes that pretty clear in the last chapter‚ a description of Heaven, that outside the City there are other kinds of people, think of that! That's one Scripture they had a hard time trying to explain to me. They said, "Well, outside the City means Hell, outside the City means the Lake of Fire in the heart of the Earth, it doesn't mean it's just right outside." They had a hard time explaining away these other kinds of people that are outside the City & all these nations out there & kings of nations who come in & bring their honour & glory to the City, but only the Saved walk in it. They never explained that. (Rev.21:24,26)

172. WHO IN THE WORLD ARE THESE PEOPLE?—WHOLE NATIONS & KINGS OF THEM! They're obviously not saved, they don't live in the City, but they're not in Hell, the Lake of Fire in the heart of the Earth. They're on the New Earth! Who are they? They never explained that! You know why they didn't? Well, just guess why they didn't say there was any middle class. (Fam: Because then some people wouldn't feel they had to get saved.)—Exactly! The church was afraid‚ & the Catholic church is really the one that started all that. Well, even they were a little straighter than the Protestants, at least they had Purgatory‚ some chance, but they didn't want to give you any idea of another way. The Protestants were the worst on that‚ the Calvinists & all that, that you're either saved & you're a Heavenly saint, or you're a God-damned sinner bound for Hell forever, one or the other, there's nothing in–between!

173. WELL, THANK THE LORD, THERE'S BEEN A BIG CONTROVERSY OVER THAT EVEN IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH FOR CENTURIES & WE'RE NOT NEW OR UNIQUE TO THAT DOCTRINE OR THAT TEACHING. It's not even a theory, it's quite clear in the Scriptures, there's gotta be somebody else! Not everybody's going to Hell! Not everybody's going to Heaven!—Not everybody is going just to Hell & to Heaven! There are some people in-between—good people, righteous people, religious people‚ but unsaved people who are going to survive the Battle of Armageddon & the Lord's going to let them survive & live on into the Millennium! Otherwise there wouldn't be anybody on Earth to rule over!

174. SO IF THERE ARE GOING TO BE PEOPLE SURVIVING, WHO ARE THEY? You've got to trace that back again by deduction, where did they come from? Who were they before the Millennium if they survive Armageddon & they live on into the Millennium? The preachers didn't tell us that! They gave us the impression that only the saved would refuse the Mark of the Beast & everybody else would receive it! That isn't so! In fact, as I told you before & as we're going to read Lord willing next time, there are whole nations, kings & areas that are going to fight him! When he declares himself God, they're going to say, "That's it! He was getting worse all the time, but that finishes it! Now we know he's not of God! Now we know he's not the Messiah! Now we know he's not the Mahdi"—the Muslim name for the Messiah—"Now we know he's not the One!"

175. IT LOOKS LIKE HE MAY FOOL'M FOR AWHILE—THE FIRST 3-1/2 YEARS—& THEY MAY IN A SENSE YIELD TO HIM & FOLLOW HIM FOR AWHILE & THINK HE'S THE MESSIAH, think he's the Mahdi, think he's the Saviour of the World, & they may have to obey his government & be ruled over by him, but the Mark of the Beast hasn't come yet, that doesn't come until the beginning of the Tribulation. That is going to be the great divider! And not only the Saved are going to reject it, but there are going to be millions of other people who are going to see he's the wrong guy & are going to refuse the Mark of the Beast, even though they're not saved! Think of that!—Religious people, good people, righteous people, lots of people in the World, whole nations of people with whom he is going to have to fight those other two wars that it describes, & in fact with whom he's finally fighting the final war, Armageddon!

176. SO WE HAVE THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB IN HEAVEN & THE WRATH OF GOD DOWN BELOW, & WHAT DOES THE WRATH OF GOD PERIOD END WITH? (FAM: THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON.) Between whom? Who fights in the Battle of Armageddon? (Techi: God & Russia.) Right! God & Russia, or the leader of Russia & all the Antichrist people of the Antichrist. That's going to be the finale. But I'm going to show you from these Scriptures now that the nations of the Earth are gathered together to fight against each other at Armageddon & Jerusalem! And then it says that God Himself descends to fight for His people.—His People? "I thought all His people were up in Heaven with Him, the Rapture's already occurred!" Well, that's when a lot of the Jews are going to get saved. A lot of them are going to get saved during the Tribulation when they realise that the Antichrist is not the Messiah!

177. AND DON'T YOU THINK A LOT OF PEOPLE COULD GET SAVED DURING THE WRATH OF GOD? Boy, if there was ever a time they'd certainly repent, if they repented at all, it's then! Some people are probably going to get saved right during the Wrath of God when they begin to realise that this is God & why! They will have already had the Gospel, why couldn't people receive Jesus then, even if we're gone? Some Bible teachers like Scofield teach‚ "Well, nobody could possibly get saved then because when we go the Holy Spirit leaves." Isn't that ridiculous?

178. THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME! THE HOLY SPIRIT DOESN'T LEAVE THIS EARTH ANY MORE THAN GOD LEAVES THIS EARTH! Jesus & I, we may leave this Earth, because we have bodies & we'll be up in Heaven, but God & His Holy Spirit pervade the Universe! They are everywhere, believe it or not! There was something about that in one of the last GNs that maybe you found a little difficult to understand & swallow, in the "TM" edition, but we don't have time to go into that. If you read it you know what I'm talking about. (See ML #1854.) We have to symbolise & signify & characterise God & the Holy Spirit as Jesus' Father & God's Wife to help us in our human understanding to understand‚ & especially to picture it for children.

179. BUT GOD IS EVERYWHERE, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS EVERYWHERE, SHE NEVER FORSAKES THE EARTH‚ NEITHER DOES HE! He's right here & knows what's going on every minute during the Tribulation & during the Wrath of God too! You'd think that God & the Holy Spirit & Jesus & all of us had completely forsaken the Earth during the Wrath of God! Well, who in the World is pouring out all this Wrath on the Earth, on these wicked people that followed the Antichrist & who are then all slaughtered in this last great event of the Wrath of God?—Which is what again? What Battle? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon.)—Right!—But you're getting tired now, your mind is wandering. I don't blame you, I'm sorry, it's a long class, but I wanted to see what you knew.

180. AND WHO IS THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON BETWEEN? The forces of Antichrist & whom? (Fam: The forces of God.) Now you're all repeating like parrots, Polly Parrots, what you have read & what you have studied all these years & you've completely forgotten what I taught you last time! (Fam: The unsaved who didn't accept the Mark of the Beast.)—Right! The millions of the nations of the unsaved who fought wars against the Antichrist to refuse & reject the Mark of the Beast! We never saw that as clearly before‚ but now we know! It's no wonder you didn't get it right‚ you're aping & Polly Parrotting the usual answer: "The Battle of Armageddon is fought between the Antichrist's forces & the forces of God!"—Well, not exactly! It begins with the Antichrist's forces against the anti-Antichrist forces‚ & if you want to call them forces of God, well, everything is God's in a way. But the real genuine forces of God are us who will descend from Heaven on white horses to win the battle!—To save the people who are fighting against the Antichrist!

181. WHY SHOULD WE DESCEND FROM HEAVEN TO TRY TO DISTINCTLY SAVE CITIES LIKE JERUSALEM & PEOPLE … —that's what it says & I'll read it to you—if they're all Antichrist people & all have the Mark of the Beast? My God, we certainly wouldn't be doing that! We're going to be wiping out all those people! But I'm going to read you passages next time, Lord willing, that specifically tell how He comes down to save these other people from the Antichrist's forces‚ to save the forces that are fighting against the Antichrist which he has come to fight in the Battle of Armageddon in the Valley of Megiddo & from there to the very walls of Jerusalem!

182. THE LORD FINALLY FIGURES, "WELL, THE JEWS HAVE HAD IT, THEY'VE HAD ENOUGH, THEY'VE HAD THEIR PUNISHMENT, NOW I'M GOING TO SPARE'M!" He says time & again, "A remnant shall be saved." (Isa.10:20-22; Rom.9:27; 11:5) A small remnant shall be saved. They're going to be spared at the very last, & only part of them, just a third of them‚ of those even existing then! The Bible is specific about it, only about a third of them are going to be spared. But of the people who have been fighting against the Antichrist, there are going to be those who then are saved by us! As we slaughter the Antichrist & his Marked people, & these other people who have been fighting them are going to be spared & saved & they're going to live on into the Millennium! That's why Daniel says, "Blessed are they" which live unto such-&-such a time, such-&-such a period, so many days after the Coming of the Lord & the end of the Tribulation & through the Wrath of God, etc. Blessed are they! (Dan.12:12)

183. SO THAT BEGINS WHAT? (FAM: THE MILLENNIUM.) AND WHAT ENDS THE MILLENNIUM? (FAM: THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG.)—When the Devil is let out of jail again to deceive the nations.—What nations? What nations is he still going to be able to deceive?—The nations of the Saved?—The Blessed? If there's nobody left, all the Antichrist's people are in Hell & all the Saved have gone to Heaven & now the Saved come back to Earth to rule the Earth, just the clouds & the mountains & the stumps & the trees & stuff, there's nothing else to rule over because everybody else is dead‚ then what nations are also left for the Devil to come & deceive to rise up against the people of God?—And what people of God?—Just us? They couldn't rise up against us, there's no way they could fight us! There you are again! You get it? Isn't it plain & simple? That's deduction! It doesn't always specifically say that, but it implies that. There have to be people who are not saved but are not Antichrist people & who live through the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon, other people over whom we will reign throughout the Millennium!

184. AND WHEN THE DEVIL COMES BACK & DECEIVES SOME OF THESE PEOPLE, THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH, TO GATHER THEM TOGETHER TO BATTLE‚ IT SAYS "THEY COMPASSED THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS ABOUT." (Rev.20:9)—Saints? What saints? The Heavenly City is Up There, they can't compass us about! We're like angels of God, they couldn't any way in this World surround us! Who are they surrounding? Who are they fighting? (Fam: Those who were saved during the Millennium.)—Of course! Plain as day! There's no other way that there could be any people left on Earth besides us unless God spared some people who didn't receive the Mark of the Beast, although unsaved!—No other way the Devil & his forces could be fighting in the Battle of Gog & Magog at the end of the Millennium & encompass a camp of them about! What other people could there be on Earth? The Devil couldn't encompass us, that's ridiculous! What other people could possibly be on Earth that the Lord is going to save by sending a flood of fire & destroying the Devil & all his forces & even the surface of the Earth? What other people could be there? It's got to be the people who were saved of those Earthly people during the Millennium!

185. ARE YOU GETTING IT CLEAR NOW? ISN'T THAT PLAIN AS DAY? IT'S A WONDER WE NEVER SAW IT CLEARER BEFORE! I always had a puzzle about that‚ "I wonder what in the World? There must be somebody there, who could it be?" Well, the Scripture makes it very clear that it's none of the Antichrist people, they're all wiped out. So like the little girl whose Daddy named her Whodabeenr, they asked her, "Where did you get such a funny name as that?" She said, "Well, he just said if I hadn't of been'r, who'd a been'r?" So if they hadn't of been'r, who'da been'r? So there you are!

186. SO THERE'S THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG‚ & THAT'S FOLLOWED BY THE RESURRECTION OF ALL THE UNSAVED DEAD—AT WHAT TIME, WHAT PERIOD‚ WHAT EVENT? (FAM: THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT.) In which they look in the Book of Life to see what? If they're all unsaved, why not just chuck the whole bunch of'm into Hell right then & there without even bothering with the White Throne Judgement? Why have a Judgement at all? Why look in the Book when we're already saved? Do you get the point? They look to see who these people are who were not saved, but who were at least good enough to deserve less punishment‚ & who the wicked are who deserve many stripes!

187. JESUS HIMSELF SAID SOME SHALL BE BEATEN WITH FEW STRIPES & OTHERS WILL BE BEATEN WITH MANY STRIPES. "That servant which knew his Master's will & did it not shall be beaten with many stripes. But that servant which knew not his Master's will"—in other words, didn't know God, didn't know the Gospel, didn't know the Lord, didn't know all the things you know—"& did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes." (Luk.12:47‚48) Well, if they're few & you're going to count them, they must come to an end‚ right? Even the many, if you're going to count'm, must come to an end some day!

188. SO THERE WE ARE, WE'RE ALREADY SAVED, WE'RE ALREADY LIVING IN THE HEAVENLY CITY, THAT'S OUR HEADQUARTERS! Even though we may rule on the Earth, we're probably going to be tripping back & forth & enjoying it all the time! After all, you don't think that God is going to have us come Up There for this big, beautiful, wonderful Wedding Party & have this great time & see this great City & then make us go away & leave it & never get back for another thousand years! Did you think that's what's going to happen‚ that He's going to give us a taste like that? That's like taking candy away from a baby! Of course, we don't believe in giving candy to babies anyhow‚ but taking honey away or taking the bottle away or the nipple away from a baby, having had a taste & then taking it away for a thousand years!


190. SO THERE WE ARE IN HEAVEN AS WELL AS ALL THE FOLKS WHO WERE FOUND WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE. It doesn't say the Book of Salvation. All the folks who were in the Book of Salvation are already saved & living in the Heavenly City. Why does He have to look through the Book of Life at the Great White Throne Judgement when that's, as they used to say, all sinners, all the wicked, everybody that's going to Hell! "Oh, He's just got to recheck & double-check to make sure that they didn't miss one or anything happened that they're accidentally sending anybody to Hell that should have been saved." Well, they should have been in the Rapture! "Well, they've just got to check & make sure that there aren't any of these names at all in the Book of Life." You mean God can make a mistake like that? Hmm?—No! There's only one kind of people in the Book of Life‚ the good, but there is another kind that's not there, & that's the people of this unsaved bunch who don't deserve any kind of mercy & deserve to go straight to Hell, & it tells that they sent them there then! (Rev.20:15)

191. SO WHAT HAPPENS TO THE REST OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE FOUND WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE? You're already there, you're already saved, how come some of these people are found written in the Book of Life at the Great White Throne Judgement? Who are they? (Fam: The unsaved.) The unsaved what? (Fam: Wicked.) Let's not say wicked! We really got that stuck in our craw, that "wicked," because that's what the preachers always said, that all the rest of them are wicked. It doesn't say so! It says "the rest of the dead." (Rev.20:5) It doesn't say they're all wicked‚ it doesn't say they're all bad, it just says the rest of the dead‚ the unsaved dead.—Not the undead, but the unsaved dead. Then they're going to be undead for awhile. These others in the Book of Life are the good dead!

192. BUT ANYHOW‚ THE REST OF THE DEAD ARE RAISED IN THE SECOND RESURRECTION. He says, "Blessed are they that have part in the First Resurrection." These are the ones that rule & reign with Christ on the Earth for a Thousand Years! "But the rest of the dead lived not again until the Thousand Years were finished." Then this White Throne Judgement & then He checks the Book to see how many of them are written in the Book of Life. They're allowed to live while the rest are sent to Hell, you get it? In the Great White Throne Judgement there are some people found written in the Book of Life who don't go to Hell! But just because it talks about sending some of them to Hell afterwards, they think everybody went to Hell! If so, where are all those people from that live on the surface of the Earth‚ nations with kings who bring their honour to the City, if everybody else has gone to Hell? There you are! Isn't that clear? It's plain as day!

193. WELL‚ I'VE RUN FIVE MINUTES OVER LUNCH TIME, I'M SORRY, BUT DON'T BLAME THE FIRST HOUR EXACTLY ON ME! I wanted you to have a little part with your prayers & your Scriptures, etc. I could have saved a lot of time by not having that, but I wanted you to have it. So don't blame the whole three hours on me, you took part of it! Maybe I'll take the blame for the last 2-1/2 hours.

194. BUT I HOPE YOU'RE GETTING IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS NOW WHO IT IS THAT LIVES THROUGH THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON INTO THE MILLENNIUM‚ who it is the Antichrist forces are fighting with to begin with in the Battle of Armageddon, & who it is that is going to be harbouring & sheltering you during the Tribulation!—I should have started there instead of backwards! Who's going to be harbouring & sheltering you during the Tribulation in the wilderness of the World?—The millions of unmarked people, though unsaved! Who's the Antichrist going to be fighting with in the Battle of Armageddon first of all? (Fam: The Anti-Antichrists!) The A-ACs! You all remembered that, isn't that funny? It's an easy little thing to remember & you remembered that‚ the Anti-Antichrists! It'll probably become a Family code word from now on. We've got to have some kind of symbol, some kind of a name for them.

195. THEY'RE NOT ANTICHRIST PEOPLE, THEY'RE NOT SAVED PEOPLE, THEY'RE NOT MARKED BY THE LORD, THEY'RE NOT MARKED BY THE BEAST, BUT NEITHER ARE THEY KILLED NOR DAMNED! THEY ARE ALLOWED TO SURVIVE & BLESSED TO LIVE INTO THE MILLENNIUM! They fight the Antichrist‚ they survive into the Millennium, & of those who then survive into the Millennium, apparently multitudes are also saved & not deceived by the Devil & not wiped out with his forces once again, but are saved & go up to Heaven! And I presume if they're saved‚ they receive Jesus‚ no matter when people receive Jesus, I believe they're going to be in the Heavenly City! I used to think, "Well, maybe they could be saved then but they wouldn't be high–class, first-rate, upper-class citizens like us! After all, we endure these days." But the Lord Himself gives a beautiful illustration of that, of the servants He called to work for Him & some worked 12 hours & the others just worked the last hour, but He paid every one of them a penny, symbolic of Salvation, regardless. That's not your reward, that was symbolic of Salvation. (Mat.20:1-16)—Being saved—however late!

196. THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF DIFFERENCES IN REWARDS & SHINES & LUMINESCENCE & BRILLIANCE OF DIFFERENT ONES LIKE STARS, BECAUSE THEY WERE GOD'S STARS WHO WON MANY TO THE LORD! But some people are going to be pretty dim & pretty ashamed & even in contempt of the rest of the Citizenry because they did so little for the Lord, though saved. Thank God you don't have to be amongst the black stars! Didn't I call them black stars once in some Letter? (ML #945) You don't want to be a black star‚ but you don't want to be a dim star either, amen? What do they call those?—Black holes!—These supposedly dead or dying stars, blah blah. Well, you don't want to be a black hole for the Devil, but instead a shining star for Jesus! Amen?

197. SO THEN FINALLY WE'RE GOING TO BE IN WHAT CITY? (FAM: THE HEAVENLY CITY!)—FOREVER! We won't have to leave it any more except to go out on the Earth to do what? (Fam: To heal the nations.) To heal the nations with the Leaves of Life! And there are going to be nations that need healing! Here it is again! Why didn't the preachers tell us? Why didn't we ever see it?—That there are going to be some kind of second–class citizens outside, not yet saved. They're not saved like we are, but maybe we're going to get them saved even then!

198. IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE THERE ARE ABOUT THREE DIFFERENT PERIODS IN WHICH WE'RE GOING TO BE SAVING PEOPLE, MAYBE MORE: Right now, during the Tribulation, during the Millennium, & maybe even on the New Earth! Why should the Lord be giving you all this training about preaching the Gospel & witnessing & winning souls & saving people? It looks to me like you're going to have a long time to use it, all your talent & all the literature & all the Truth & all the Word! You're not over the job yet, not even when Jesus comes! You've still got the whole Millennium to evangelise people, & maybe even Heaven! That's a shocker to some people, that we might be out on the Earth preaching the Gospel still with the Leaves of Life, maybe the Leaflets of Life!—Even on the Heavenly Earth, Heaven on Earth!

199. "HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOREVER & HIS MERCY ENDURETH TO ALL GENERATIONS!" (Psa.100:5) How about that!—All generations! There you are! Thank You Lord for that Scripture! That means even the generations of Heaven! People are going to be born Up There!—I should say right here‚ really, on the Earth. They're going to be born in the Heavenly City, they're going to be born out on the Earth. "And His mercy endureth to all generations!" Hallelujah! PYJ! (Tongues & weeping:) Hallelujah! TYJ! "Hear ye the Words the Lord has given thy Father David & heed thee to these tenets that I have told him to teach unto thee!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! TYJ! PTL! Amen, amen! I never get it as beautiful as the Lord gives it, but that's it anyhow. Did you hear it? See? I'm a teacher‚ the Lord said so right there! He gave me these tenets, not like the tenants who are renters, but tenets are beliefsdoctrines. The Lord's given these things to me to tell you, to teach you! PTL? And you are supposed to listen!—Not only supposed to listen & hear them, but to heed them, that means to obey them, do them! PTL? TTL!

200. THANK YOU LORD FOR SETTING YOUR SEAL ON WHAT WE'VE BEEN TEACHING THESE THY CHILDREN THIS AFTERNOON! We're sorry the hour is late, Lord‚ & we've kept them long & "the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak." (Mat.26:41) Now strengthen their weak flesh with food & rest & a wonderful day‚ the rest of the day off to do as Thou wilt, Lord‚ & as they will. Give them the desires of their hearts, Lord, because they delight themselves in Thee & in Thy Word. And most of all, Lord, the desire of all of our hearts‚ to love Thee, to love others, to show them Thy Love so they can all enjoy those blessings & rewards & the Heavenly blessings yet to come, that they can be There with us, Lord, in Jesus' name! TYL! Hallelujah! Amen! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!





It's not just like unto it, but it's the same fellowship! We have the same feelings‚ the same fellowship, the same joy, the same love right here & now that we're going to have in Heaven! Isn't that wonderful? You want to know what Heaven is like?—It's like this! So, I don't expect it will be that much change, just better! We won't get tired any more, we won't get sick any more‚ we won't get hungry any more, we won't get starved for love any more, we'll have it all! Everything will be just as good & a whole lot better! PTL? Amen? TYJ! All right, we prayed, we sang, praise the Lord? So you're dismissed! I ran 15 minutes past your lunchtime, I'm sorry. ILY! Lord bless you all! I love you & thank you very much! If you want a kiss I'll be glad to kiss you!

202. (KISSES HOPE:) I'VE BEEN HERE PREACHING AWAY HUNGRY FOR THIS ALL THE TIME! … Come here, angel! You're part of my Heaven, Dear! TYJ! (To Mary Dear: ) Come here, little angel, little cherub! XXXXXXX! You're one of our little angels! …

203. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! HOPE I DIDN'T WEAR YOU OUT TOO MUCH, BUT IT'S NECESSARY! We had a whole review again. Now, next time you'd better be able to answer those questions! Okay? PTL! When do you want to have the next session? We can't have too many of these or we don't get anything else done, but while it's fresh in your mind, shall we have one more just with the Scriptures? Sorry I didn't get around to those Scriptures yet‚ but I think I could really rip through'm real fast! Don't you find this works out better in the morning than at night when everybody's dead tired & sleepy? I know it takes some of your work time & my time too, but I think if it's important enough to tell you, it's important enough to tell the whole World & it's being put down for everybody, so I think it's important enough maybe to finish it! OK? What about tomorrow morning? I look forward to these sessions, I enjoy them, & I hope you do too!—And I hope you're learning something!

204. I'LL TELL YOU WHAT, I'LL GIVE YOU AN ASSIGNMENT, HOMEWORK, SO YOU WON'T BE SO UNFAMILIAR WITH IT! I'll keep the surprise revelation a secret, but be sure you're very familiar particularly with the last half of the 11th Chapter of Daniel where it begins speaking specifically about ... excuse me just a moment please. (Kisses Dora) I'm the biggest baby here! Mmmm! Make sure you know the last half of Daniel 11, all the wars of the Antichrist, also be sure you're real familiar with the description of the Antichrist & his kingdom, etc., in the 13th Chapter of Revelation & the events of the 14th Chapter & the 16th Chapter & the 17th & 18th Chapters! Well, most of you know all these already, but at least read'm! That doesn't take very long, they're very short, & of course the 19th Chapter. Get all these events lined up & the picture of each situation clear in your own heads. Then‚ of course, you can go on into reading about Heaven if you want to, that's okay! So the last 10 Chapters of Revelation, 13-22, & the last half of the 11th Chapter of Daniel.

205. THEN BE SURE YOU HAVE ALSO READ EZEKIEL 38 & 39! Although it says Gog & Magog, which shows you how they're identified the same in the mind of God, that is an accurate description of the Antichrist & his wars on Israel there plain as day. And do you notice something very significant? That's right after Chapter 37, which shows that that period is coming very soon! There's a lot of order & very good synchronisation to the Word of God! The only reason we think it's confusing sometimes is because we don't understand it, we can't see it.—Like the Lord showed me Revelation that time, how it's so perfectly divided into sections & events & consecutive order, etc. So be sure you've got those pretty well in your mind.

206. SHALL I TELL YOU THE OTHER ONE? Well‚ don't you think that's enough to read?—Or would you like to read the recent revelation? Maybe if you'd read it in advance you'd get something too! Maybe if you'd read it in advance I'd be able to ask you‚ "Who do you think this is & who do you think that is," etc. Would you like to have that Scripture the Lord gave me that helps to bear all this out in great detail & very accurately? Of course, you may have to have a little help from the Holy Spirit to understand it. Well, of course don't forget Matthew 24, but that you know almost by heart. Some of these you ought to almost know by memory, it wouldn't be hard to memorise, but at least be reading them & be very familiar with them.

207. ZECHARIAH 10-14! THAT IS ALL ABOUT JERUSALEM & THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON & THE SALVATION OF THE JEWS AT THE END, ETC., at least those Jews who are going to be saved‚ which are symbolic in a sense of other people who are going to be saved. There's a lot of that you won't understand, some of it I still don't understand, but the Lord showed me enough that I think you're going to get a thrill out of it! Some of these passages you're very familiar with, but if you have time, read the ones you're not so familiar with so I can ask you a few questions about it. It'll help you a lot to read them ahead of time just like a lesson in school, read the text first & then discuss it in class. PTL? GBY! I love you all! GBAKY till Jesus comes!—In Jesus' name, amen!