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Prophecy Against Our Enemies, A

David Berg

MOOctober, 1972NO.188—GP

Box 31 London WC2E 7LX England, or B.P. 752 75123 Paris, Cedex 03 France

1. WE WERE WATCHING A FILM ON THE LIFE OF RASPUTIN. As the movie came to end, what actually triggered this prophecy was that the camera shifted to the icon in the picture. The icon was a little picture of Jesus‚ and it was then like the Lord said He was going to take a hand in avenging us against our adversaries, as He did with the enemies of Rasputin. When the Lord began to speak it was almost like He was speaking through the picture, like they had had their turn; now it was going to be God's turn! It was as though I could see in my mind's eye the Czar's family being killed and the cruel Russian nobility all swept away by the flood of the Revolution that followed.

2. THEN SUDDENLY I SAW AMERICA, JUST LIKE IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN THERE THE SAME, only even a more horrible slaughter!—Plagues and people lying everywhere, dead and dying! It didn't look to me like it was a revolution but more like some kind of plague. That's when the Lord told me to get down on my face and weep. Then the prophecy began:

3. O, BEHOLD‚ (Tongues and weeping) O, behold (at this point he kneels face down on the floor); O, behold, how they kill their prophets‚ and how they stone their Saviours, and how they despise My messengers! O, behold, how thou art killed all the day long, and yet none weep for thee! O weep for thyselves! (Then as though to our enemies:) Weep not for Me, but weep for thyselves! Weep not for Me, but weep for thyselves! For thou shalt be slain all the day long, and thou shalt be cast forth as dung upon the face of the earth, and thy slain shall lie on the face of the earth and shall not be buried‚ even as this one they have slain! (Rasputin). Even as their slain were also slain and cast forth as dung throughout all the land! (Russia).

4. O, EVEN SO WOULD THEY HAVE DONE WITH MY DAVID HAD I NOT OVERSHADOWED HIM, and protected him, and kept him, and sheltered him round about by My angels, and given him the aura of My presence, and the overshadowing of My wings, and the protection of My power! (The aura looked like a glowing forcefield.) They would have slain this my beloved one, My David, my darling! But because he hath kept My Words, and hath not denied My Name, and hath this little strength that I have given him, even so have I kept him, and even so will I not deny him, and I shall have strength for him, that he will be spared in the time of anguish; that David shall be spared that he might serve Me until his time is come, when I shall gather him unto his fathers‚ and his Children also with him.

5. I SHALL GATHER HIM INTO MY BOSOM AS AN ONLY BELOVED SON, and unto My breast as that one I have loved‚ and I shall cherish him, and he shall be with Me for ever and ever! (I could see the Children being gathered one by one, not all at one time, but just one by one. I guess the Lord wants me to be up there to greet them.)

6. O FATHER, HAVE MERCY UPON THIS THY SON DAVID; O God have mercy upon Thy David; O God have mercy upon Thy servant David! Carry him within Thy bosom, and take him up within Thy breast as a son that longeth to be with his Father! (Tongues and weeping: O how I long to be loved and kissed of the Father!)

7. (NOW IT WAS AS THOUGH HE WERE SPEAKING TO ANGELS OF JUDGEMENT: ) Mete unto the malefactors that would have his life—the death they would have him die‚ and mete unto them that seek his life the very death they would mete unto him! For I shall scatter their dead throughout the land, and they shall neither be lamented nor buried. but they shall be dung upon the ground! (I saw people being slaughtered by the millions, like a great plague, scattered everywhere, piles of bodies! Most of what I saw seemed to be in America.)

8. FOR I HAVE SPOKEN IT; FOR THEY WOULD NOT HEAR MY WORDS NOR HEARKEN unto My prophets, but they despised Me and they disobeyed My Words and they persecuted My prophets till My wrath rose up in My face against all the enemies of David, and I destroyed them throughout all the land, even as they would have destroyed him if I had not spared him! (It's like I'm a symbol to them, like all our Children are David, God's voice to the world!)

9. (NOW HE SPEAKS TO US:) EVEN SO THEY SHALL DESTROY MANY OF THEE, and thou shalt be slain as cattle all the day long for My Namesake and as a witness and a testimony. But fear not, O little ones. Blessed are they that die in the Lord, for their works do follow them, for so persecuted they the prophets like My servant David.—But great is your reward in heaven! Great is our reward in heaven!

10. O GOD, PUT WORDS IN THE MOUTH OF DAVID that he may know the thoughts Thou dost think, and that he may have the words Thou dost speak, that he may know these things Thou dost know‚ that he may share them with Thy Children, that they may know Thou hast not called us servants but friends! The Master revealeth all unto His friends!

11. IF THOU WOULDST KNOW THOSE THINGS WHICH WOULD BEFALL THEE‚ the things that I have for thee, listen to My David that thou mayest live! (Again to the Angels:) Even so, go and do also to the enemies of David as they would have done unto him had I not slain them! (It was like the Lord was commanding His angels of judgement, commanding His angelic forces to go and slaughter our enemies. In God's eyes it's already done!)

12. HAVE MERCY O LORD, UPON THY CHILDREN SPARE THY FLOCK, O GOD! Spare Thy lambs O God! Thank Thee for all Thy sure mercies Thou hast given unto David! For they are without number, as the stars of the heaven and the sands of the sea! (O thank You Jesus, thank You, Lord!)

13. FOR I HAVE GIVEN UNTO HIM CHILDREN AND CHILDREN'S CHILDREN‚ and children unto the End! (Thank You Jesus!)What more can I do for this one that I have done! Can any man be more blessed than this?

14. I THANK THEE, O GOD, FOR THY MERCIES UNTO DAVID! Bless Thy Children, Lord! Bless Thy Children, Lord! Keep Thy Children, Lord! Give them the mercies Thou hast promised unto them!

15. (Now He speaks to us again:) Therefore cast thyself upon the ground! Cast thy face into the dust and sorrow for those sorrows which shall encompass thy land! Weep for them who cannot weep for thee! For they had no pity! (O God, My God, thank You Jesus!) For there shall be great sorrow throughout all the land, great lamentation throughout all the land for the sorrows that shall encompass them, the horrors that shall befall them, the griefs which shall be their portion! For the sorrows they have given, the horrors which they have meted, the griefs they have caused Thy little ones!

16. EVEN SO BE IT LORD JESUS! THY WILL BE DONE, have Thy way. You know what's best Lord. We stand back, O God, and see Thee fight! Vengeance is Thine, Thou wilt repay, for they have touched Thine anointed and done Thy servants harm till there is no remedy! Even so be it Lord Jesus, so let it be done even as Thou hast spoken, O Lord.

17. THOU ART OUR GOD‚ O GOD, AND THERE IS NONE ELSE BESIDE THEE, neither is there any like unto Thee, Thou Who knowest the innermost thoughts of the heart and their evil thoughts against Thy Children, and their evil intents against Thy servant! For they do fight against Thee, O God, and do lift up evil hands against Thyself and Thy Holy Child Jesus! (It's Jesus they're persecuting! Its like they're trying to reach up for the Lord Himself, and get ahold of Him, and destroy Him!)

18. EVEN SO LET THEM BE SMITTEN AS THEY SMITE, AND STRICKEN AS THEY STRIKE, and let them fall as they have caused to fall, and let them be carried away prisoner as they have taken captive, and let them be tortured as they have caused to be tortured, for this is Thy Will, O God! Thou shalt mete unto them recompense according to their evil deeds and works, even so be it, as it has been done!

19. WHAT EVIL WE HAVE SEEN THIS NIGHT, O GOD! All our enemies shall be swept away! Preserve Thy Children, Lord, and keep Thy little ones, Jesus‚ and guard Thy flock‚ O God, until we see that day that Thou shalt come! Thank Thee O God! Thank You Jesus! Amen, Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah!