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Kingdom, The

David Berg

—MOOctober 1‚ 1972NO.185—DO

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My Precious Children: Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name—our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, with whom WE SHALL REIGN ON THE EARTH FOREVER AND EVER AS KINGS AND PRIESTS UNTO GOD!—1Tim.6:15; Rev.17:14; 19:16; 2Tim.2.12; Rev.5:10; 11:15; 20:6; 22:5; 1:5‚6; 5:10. Hallelujah!

2. SINCE A RECENT REVELATION ON THE KINGDOM OF GOD, some of which we hope to enclose in "Prayers for the Queen", we have been extremely eager to make a thorough study of all the Lord has to say, both in His Word and revelations to us, about His Kingdom! However, we shall have to leave a more thorough study of this subject to you and your own scholars and teachers, as it's almost as endless as His Kingdom!

3. BUT SINCE IT IS VERY URGENT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND as soon as possible what God is doing, it is important that we write to you immediately some of the things that the Lord has revealed to us:

4. FIRST OF ALL, I HAVE BEEN AMAZED TO FIND HOW MANY TIMES GOD REFERS IN HIS WORD TO KINGS, KINGDOMS, crowns, thrones, scepters, diadems, queens, rulers, ruling, royalty, etc.! The references on these subjects are almost limitless, even in my little Cruden's Concordance! References, for example, to Kings and Kingdoms alone occupy about ten columns, and Christ's own references to His Kingdom occupy at least two whole columns!

5. SO, APPARENTLY, THE SUBJECT OF KINGS‚ KINGDOMS, ETC., AND PARTICULARLY CHRIST'S KINGDOM‚ SEEM TO BE VERY IMPORTANT TO THE LORD! After all, this was God's ordained form of Government on Earth almost from the very beginning, first as a Theocracy with Himself as King‚ and later as Monarchies with Himself still as King of Kings! As He says to Moses and Israel in Exodus 19:6, just before the Ten Commandments and the Laws of His Kingdom are about to be given: "Ye shall be unto? Me a Kingdom of Priests, and an holy Nation"! Hallelujah!—A New Nation! praise God!

6. I NEVER REALLY THOUGHT MUCH ABOUT THE REALITY OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD before these recent revelations‚ including some of the first that were given us in the David Prophecies, the Kingdom Prophecies‚ the Queen Prophecies‚ and His many other references in other revelations referring to His King and His Kingdom.

7. IN FACT, IT'S ALWAYS BEEN A LITTLE HARD FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHAT HIS KINGDOM REALLY IS, I've heard so many contrary teachings on the subject, and even God Himself calls it a mystery! (Mark 4:11; Romans 16:25; Ephesians 1:9,10; 1Cor.2:7; Ephesians 3; 5:32; 6:19; Col.1:23-27; 4:3; 2:2; Mat.13:11; Luke 8:10; Rev.10:7.)

8. SOME SAY IT'S FUTURE, SOME SAY IT'S NOW! Some say it's literal‚ some say it's spiritual! some say it's here, some say it's there! The fact of the matter is, according to God's Word, the Scriptures I've been studying, and the revelations He's been giving us, and the fulfillments we have seen, it is all of these things!

9. IN FACT, JESUS HIMSELF COMPARED IT TO A LOT OF THINGS: A field, seed, treasure, a pearl, a net, a household, a King with servants who have talents, a household of labourers, a tree, a wedding feast, a marriage, leaven a mustard seed, etc. (Mat.13; Mark 4 and Luke 13) He preached it, Philip preached it‚ Paul preached it, and we are commanded to preach it, and it is preached! (Mat.4:23; 9:35; 24:14; Mark 1:14; Luke 8:1; 9:2,60; 16:16). We are told that it is given unto us, we receive it, are heirs of it, it's given to a Nation, we have to enter it, it's yours and within you, and you are called to it! (Luke 12:32; Heb.12:28; James 2:5; Mat.21:43; Mark 9:47; Luke 6:20; 17:20,21; 1Thess.2:12)

10. JESUS SAID IT IS HARD FOR THE RICH AND HYPOCRITICAL RELIGIOUS LEADERS TO ENTER it, and they shut others out of it, but it's easy for the drunks, harlots, publicans and sinners to get into it! It's full of children, because "Ya Gotta Be a Baby" to get in! One scribe wasn't far from it, and John the Revelator was already in it, Even the least in it is greater than John the Baptist, but some are not even fit for it at all, because sometimes you have to forsake all when going in! Some press in violently, but you have the keys, and it's out of this world! (Rev.1:9; Mat.19:24; 21:31; 19:14; 11:12; 16:19; 23:13; Mk.10:15; 12:34; Lk.18:16,17; 7:28; 9:62; 18:29; Jn.18:36; Mk.10:24,25)

11. JESUS SAID IT'S AT HAND AND IS ALREADY COME, and that some of the people He was talking to would see it come and drink wine in it with Him, so He told them to pray it would come. Paul tells us Jesus is going to deliver the Kingdom to God in the end, and John says the kingdoms of this world will then become the Kingdoms of Christ, and He will be King of kings and Lord of lords! (Mat.26:29; 3:2; 4:17; 10:7; 12:28; 16:28; 6:10; Mk.14:25; 1:15; 9:1 Lk.22:18; 9:27; 11:2; 1Cor.15:24; Rev.11:15) Isn't that terrific! Wow!—What a mystery! Hallelujah!

12. WELL NOW!—HAVE YOU SOLVED THE MYSTERY with all these clues? Have you got the answer yet? Do you know what the Kingdom of God is? Some people, like Scofield and his followers, even try to make a difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven in order to prove some of their strange doctrines, such as their favourite, but unscriptural, Pre-Tribulation Rapture theory! But any one of you can find, by studying the Gospels yourself, that their writers used these terms interchangeably for the very same thing in the very same stories!

13. THE JEWS STILL TRY TO INSIST THAT IT'S THEY who are God's Kingdom, and its territory is limited to the boundaries of tiny Israel! Others claim it hasn't come yet, and still others claim we're already in it, while still others avow that it's yet to be given to either the Jews or the Christians, or both, in some future time or place! Most people seem to think it's some fancy place somewhere in outer space called Heaven, only to be reached when you die, if you've been good while on Earth!

14. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT ALL OF THESE MISCONCEPTIONS are unscriptural!—In other words, just plain wrong! None of them are true!—Believe it or not. The real answer is found in the Scripture references I have given you above. Have you guessed it by now?—Yes, astounding as it may seem, the Kingdom of God is—hold your breath! Are you ready?—The Kingdom of God is:—YOU!—His Church, His new young Bride, His New Nation!

15. YOU ARE THE MYSTERY He's been talking about all the time. His Kingdom on Earth, and His Children always have been! He is your King and His Kingdom is in you—you are His subjects and His territory wherever you may be and whoever you may be! So His Kingdom's already here, and you're it! You've already been tagged! You can't escape it! All these Scriptures make this very clear if you'll study them prayerfully.

16. NOT ONLY THAT—YOU ARE NOT ONLY HIS CHILDREN AND HIS KINGDOM and His subject, but some of you are also His Kings and His Queens and His Priests and His Lords and His Ladies, His Royal Priesthood, God's own Royalty and Nobility! How else could He be King of Kings and Lord of lords‚ unless some of us are those kings and lords! Surely He is not the King of the ungodly‚ the anti-Christ and the present wicked rulers of this world! Jesus is our King!—Your King!—And you are His Kings and Lords and Priests who are already ruling and reigning with Him on the Earth and shall someday rule the nations with a rod of iron when He comes!

[Note: The following jump in paragraph numbers is intentional‚ and is in the original printed copy of this ML found in Volume 2.]

51. THY KINGDOM IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Indeed, Lord, we thank Thee, for we shall rule as kings and priests‚ and reign upon the Earth‚ and rule the nations with a rod of iron! All nations shall bow before Thee and all shall worship Thee! Hallelujah! And Thy rulers shall reign in righteousness, and Thy judges shall judge with justice, and shall judge righteous judgement! Hallelujah! Thank you Lord! Praise Thee O God! We thank you Jesus!

52. We don't know why we never saw it before! How literal it is, how genuine‚ HOW TRUE ALL OF THESE PROPHECIES WE TAKE SO LIGHTLY and don't really, realise how literal it's going to be! Thou art truly going to be the King of kings and Lord of lords, who shall rule and reign with Thee upon the Earth! Thank Thee O God, for Thou hast inspired Thy servants the prophets, even Thy musicians! Handel‚ who wrote the great "Messiah", that final, great, triumphal march, the "Hallelujah Chorus" hailing the "King of kings and Lord of lords!"—"And we shall reign forever and ever!"—Oh, how glorious shall be Thy Kingdom, Lord, and how wonderful Thy reign!

53. "HOW RIGHTEOUS SHALL BE THAT WHICH SHALL COVER THE EARTH, AND HOW SHALT THOU RULE AND REIGN WITH ME, in My throne‚ even as I have foretold it and given it unto the prophets of old, and also confirmed it now in the mouth of both Moses and David!" Hallelujah!

54. "JESUS SHALL REIGN WHERE E'ER THE SUN doth its majestic courses run!" Thy sun is a type of Thee, Thy majesty and royalty and reign and Thy rule! It shines everywhere and upon every place! There's nothing hid from the heat thereof, neither can anything exist without the light and the warmth and the strength thereof! So shalt Thou reign over the Earth, Lord! From the ends of the Earth even unto the ends of it! Nothing shall be hid from thy face! Nothing shall escape Thy gaze; and nothing, nothing shall be able to endure Thy wrath!

55. EVEN AS ALL POWER HAS BEEN GIVEN UNTO THEE, O GOD, ALL POWER SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO US, in Heaven and in Earth! And we shall rule as kings and priests, Thy kings and Thy lords, over whom Thou art the King of kings and Lord of lords! Thy kings and Thy lords, not the wicked ones of this Earth, the evil ones of this Earth—the usurpers and impostors and robbers of the poor, but Thy kings and Thy lords and Thy judges! Hallelujah! How beautiful Lord!

56. WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY THAT WILL BE! EVEN NOW THOU ART PREPARING US for that day! For he that is now faithful in these things that are least, shall also be faithful in that which is much.—And he that is faithful in a few things Thou shalt make ruler over many things. And he that hath done well with a few talents, Thou shalt make ruler over cities!

57. THEY SHALL COME AND BOW BEFORE OUR FEET, AND OUR ENEMIES SHALL BE AS DUST BENEATH US! And they shall confess that we are Thine and Thou art ours, and that we are Thy Children and Thou art our God—that which they deny!

58. IN THAT DAY MANY SHALL CLING EVEN UNTO ONE OF YOU and shall say "Bless us! And may we be thine—only rule thou over us, that we may be blessed of Him and of thee!" Hallelujah! In Thy house are so many mansions, Thou hast gone to prepare for us—palaces and mansions and royal abodes such as we never dreamed of! How wonderful, Lord!

59. FORGIVE US FOR OUR LITTLE FAITH! Forgive us, O God, for our small minds and blinded eyes that cannot see, and deafened ears that have not heard, and our small faith, that we have not seen the glories and wonders and things thou hast prepared for those that love Thee! Oh, how wonderful are the things that David sees! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

60. THESE ARE A FIGURE OF THE TRUE, AND A FORESHADOWING of the things that are to come‚ and only a picture of those things which shall be—a foretaste of thine inheritance! Hallelujah! Help us to bear well, Lord, the figure of the true, the foreshadowing of those events to come. Help us, O God‚ to be faithful in these few things that we may be worthy of the many to come. Help us, O God, to believe, Lord, and take to heart these things which are least, that we may fulfil that which is yet to be most of all!

61. "FOR IF THOU CANST NOT BELIEVE EVEN THESE THINGS WHICH THOU HAST SEEN, HOW SHALT THOU BELIEVE THOSE THINGS THOU HAST NOT SEEN? Oh, what wonders shalt thou yet behold as thou doest the words that I have given! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! If you canst not believe these words I have already spoken unto thee, how shalt thou believe those secrets I have yet to whisper in thine ear, and the mysteries I shall yet reveal?" (Oh, Lord, forgive us for our little faith! Forgive us, O God!)

62. "OH, YE OF LITTLE FAITH‚ WHEREFORE DOST THOU DOUBT? Know ye not that all these things were spoken of from the beginning and all of these have been foretold and written and yet thou dost not comprehend! Thou art so slow and foolish of heart in thine unbelief!" (Jesus, Jesus‚ Jesus! Lord forgive us! Oh, Jesus!)

63. "IF THOU CANST NOT UNDERSTAND WHEN I SPEAK UNTO THEE EVEN OF EARTHLY THINGS, HOW SHALT THOU UNDERSTAND WHEN I SPEAK UNTO THEE OF THE HEAVENLY? If thou canst not fathom even these little shallow things that I show thee, how canst thou delve into the deep to mine the precious things that are yet to come? Kiss quickly now the Son, lest He be angry with thee, and thou perish from the way‚ when His anger is stirred even but a little because of thine unbelief!"

64. FORGIVE US, O LORD! Forgive us, O God! So dumb and so stupid and so ignorant! Forgive us‚ Lord! Oh, Jesus, chasten us not in Thy hot displeasure‚ neither do Thou chastise us in Thy wrath, O Lord! But, O God, forgive us our sins, reward us not according to our iniquities, neither rebuke us according to our unbelief! But do Thou lift us up, Lord, and encourage us, and strengthen us, and give us faith to believe!

65. OH LORD‚ HELP US TO BELIEVE that which we have already received that we shall drink in that which Thou hast given, that we may receive yet more at Thy hand! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus! Thank you Lord! Lord our spirits indeed are willing but our flesh is weak! If it be Thy will to stay Thy hand for these that they may rest, Thy will be done.

66. "TRULY THOU HAST BUT LITTLE STRENGTH! BUT THOU HAST KEPT MY WORD, and thou hast not denied My Name. Therefore have I given unto thee this key that shall unlock even greater mysteries, and doors such as thou hast never seen! For it hath not entered into thy mind, neither hath thine eye seen, nor hath thine ear heard, the glories that shall be, that I have laid up for thee, My own, My beloved, My beloved one! But if thou shalt believe, all things are possible to him that believeth, and with God nothing shall be impossible! Believest thou that I am able to do this?"

67. OH LORD, WE BELIEVE, PLEASE HELP OUR UNBELIEF! Hallelujah! " The glory that shall be revealed" (1Pt.4:13) That verse kept coming to me all the time. For Thy ways are above our ways, so high are Thy ways above ours, and Thy thoughts above ours! We thank Thee for giving us that beautiful little glimpse of the things to come, of glories to come the things which Thou dost prepare for them that love Thee—the mansions in the Father's house, Thy government, Thy good government‚ through us, by us, and for us!

68. FORGIVE US‚ LORD! HELP US, JESUS‚ FOR NOT SEIZING OUR RIGHTFUL INHERITANCE, FOR NOT RECOGNISING OUR ROYAL RIGHT TO RULE, FOR NOT ACCEPTING OUR AUTHORITY at Thy hand! Forgive us for being so slow to believe it. Help us now, O Lord, to proceed according to Thy plan, for without a vision the people perish. Help us to fulfil it, obey it, follow it, believe it, and accept it, and operate in Thy Spirit accordingly, O God‚ lest those very fires which burn should consume us also‚ those very fires which are already burning! (It was as though I saw the surface of the Earth on fire!)

69. HELP US, O GOD, TO ACCEPT THE ROD OF THY POWER and the words of Thy Spirit, O God, the Crown of Thy authority and the robes of Thy righteousness‚ to know that we're right, and to do rightly according to this Thy picture‚ Thy plan, and Thy pattern of Thy rule! Thank you, Jesus, that we may fulfill all these things, that we shall preach Thy Kingdom‚ that we shall say, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" That we shall envision and describe Thy Kingdom, speak of Thy Kingdom continually, Thy Kingdom which shall come upon this Earth, and of which you commanded us to pray:

70. "Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name! THY KINGDOM COME! THY WILL BE DONE IN EARTH. as it is in Heaven! Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil; For Thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen."

71. "FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU, not after the fashion of this world, neither with observation, of which all these things are the picture and shadow of the true, but after the power of My spirit and in the strength of My hand! For lo, the Kingdom of God is nigh unto thee, it is even in thy very heart! Go ye now therefore and preach, saying, 'Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!'—It is already here!—These are My kings and these are My queens and these are My lords and My ladies, My Children, and this is My Kingdom which I have promised thee!

72. "FEAR NOT TO PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND, to set the captives free to heal the sick, and to bind up the wounds of the brokenhearted, and to fill the hungry souls, to proclaim liberty throughout all the lands, that the Kingdom of God is come unto you! Behold, the Kingdom of God is come unto you!"

73. Hallelujah! Praise you Lord! This is Thy doing, Lord. Only you can fulfill it, Lord. IF THOU ART FOR US, NO MAN CAN STAND AGAINST US! If it were of man, it would came to nought; but because it is of Thee, no man can stand against it! "Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven! ... For Thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever!"—in Jesus' name! Amen.

74. HELP THY CHILDREN TO BELIEVE! Hallelujah! How many things You've said about Your Kingdom Lord, and yet we never seemed to have gotten the point, that it is a Kingdom to be ruled by kings and queens and lords, us‚ us Lord‚ Thy Children, in Thy Kingdom, of which Thou‚ O Lord‚ art king of kings and Lord of lords! Help us to believe it now, and act upon it, and claim that which is rightfully ours‚ as Thy sons and Thy daughters! Help us, Lord‚ to possess the Kingdom that is ours‚ for You have given it unto us! You have answered our prayer! Thank you Lord!

75. I SEE A BOWL OF BEAUTIFUL FRUIT and the Lord says, "Take, eat‚ and partake of the fruits of the Kingdom, for all that I have is thine, and I have given it unto thee! But why stand ye in doubt, and with hesitant hands that reach not forth in faith to eat of that which I have set before thee! Take, eat enjoy the fruits of the Kingdom, for I have given it unto thee! Ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and even the uttermost parts of the Earth for thy possession!"

76. "BUT YE HAVE NOT BECAUSE YE ASK NOT and ye ask not because ye believe not the words that I have given unto thee, and the vision that I have unfolded before thee! Take, eat and partake, for I have made you partakers of the Kingdom! Have I not said all of these things unto you aforetime, O ye of little faith?—And yet thou dost not understand, thou dost not perceive! And yet I have shown you all these things before and yet thou dost not believe! Take, eat, they're all thine! For I have created them for thy pleasure, that thou shalt enjoy my creation and love Me forever!"

77. "BUT SEE THAT THOU DOST RULE WELL AND NOT PERVERSELY AS SOME HAVE that lost the Kingdom‚ and who lost their place, and My Spirit departed from them, and they knew not until the flood came and swept them all away! Do not as those wicked ones who disobeyed me, and followed me not! But do thou believe and obey, and lo I shall be with thee always, world without end! (Hallelujah!) For all these things were created for thee since the beginning!"

78. "I CREATED THEM FOR THEE, AND SAID I NOT UNTO THEE AT THE VERY FIRST TO PEOPLE THIS EARTH AND SUBDUE IT? BUT MY PEOPLE HAVE NOT OBEYED neither have they peopled this Earth, nor have they subdued it, but they have gone awhoring after other gods! Therefore I have forsaken them in My wrath, and turned against them in My hot displeasure‚ and turned unto thee, and called thee‚ a New Bride‚ and a people which were not My people I have called by My Name, for they shall be called the Children of God!" (Hallelujah! Glory to God)

79. "TAKE NOW, THEREFORE, THE KINGDOM, FOR IT IS THINE!"—And do thou people the Earth and subdue it! For Mine is the Kingdom, and I have given it unto thee!—And be not slothful nor disobedient‚ neither be thou afraid, but believe‚ and I shall give it unto thee‚ For behold, kings and queens shall rise up from amongst thee and they shall rule and reign in righteousness, and they shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas!"

80. "AND THOU SHALT FOLLOW ME AND HONOUR ME AS THY KING OF KINGS and Lord of lords! (Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus!) For there is yet much people in these cities that I have given thee, that I have called by My Name, that I have called, and they shall follow Me, if thou shalt call them in My Name. They shall be thine and Mine, and there shall be one Shepherd and one fold for My sheep!"

81. Lord stay Thy hand Jesus! These be weary. Have mercy‚ O God, upon our weak flesh, O Lord, Amen! Thank you Lord! The Lord keeps showing me these things, and HE'S MORE WILLING TO GIVE THAN WE ARE TO RECEIVE! He just keeps sending and broadcasting as long as we are willing to receive. But the Lord will never give us more that we are willing to bear.

82. WE ARE GOING TO RULE just as real as you and I sit here tonight—and after the same manner as he's preparing us for!—Just like you rehearsed the Coronation, we are now in a sense rehearsing for what is to come, The Kingdom of God on Earth is going to be really something! It's just about as terrific as Space City! We are going to have palaces such as the kings of this Earth never even dreamed of!

83. WE ARE REALLY GOING TO RULE AS KINGS AND QUEENS AND PRIESTS UNTO GOD, and they are really going to obey us! Oh, how furious that has made some of those Systemites—us saying we are going to rule the Earth! For we shall sit down in the Kingdom with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but the children of the Kingdom, those who thought they were, shall be cast out, those churchy people! They apparently are going to be around there somewhere, but we're going to rule over them! Hallelujah!

84. ARE YOU READY FOR THE KINGDOM? The Revolution is over! THE REVOLUTIONARY KINGDOM GOVERNMENT HAS BEGUN! Are you ready for it? The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!—It's here, and now, in us! Hallelujah!—Amen?—Love—MO