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World Council of Churches, The

David Berg

—MOSeptember, 1972No.183—LTA

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

(Notes of Leadership Meeting:)

1. (Faith recalls how the World Council of Churches in Utrecht, Holland, received us recently as she led them in prayer, the delegates humbling themselves and raising their hands in praise to the Lord along with the Children of God!)

2. (MO prophesies:) "He came unto His own and His own received Him not, but‚ to as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name, and who hear the Words of David!"

3. WE ARE PUTTING INTO PRACTICE THE SOCIAL PRACTICES AND ACTION THAT THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES HAS BEEN PREACHING for years, but haven't known how to bring them about! The World Council of Churches will help to bring about the one-world government!

4. … WHAT HAVE THE CHILDREN OF GOD DONE THROUGHOUT ALL AGES as far as their governmental kings, rulers and leaders were concerned?—They have foretold, proclaimed and even promoted each new regime, some becoming their right-hand men‚ from the days of Joseph, with Egypt's Pharaoh, to Daniel, with Babylon's Nebuchadnezzar‚ etc., and were working right there with them at the top and helping them to run the world, and only fell out with them at the very end when they had to differ over questions of social justice or religion, and then Moses made his Exodus and Daniel was thrown in the lions' den!

5. WE MAY ACTUALLY HAVE TO COOPERATE WITH THE COMING WORLD GOVERNMENT. … In "Jeremiah 40" we are being treated as royal guests‚ and Hosea was some kind of an official, and they were somehow going to come to an agreement, Compromise or Covenant with us. Like every dictator, he needs all the help he can get!

6. LIKE THE CHILDREN OF GOD FROM JOSEPH TO DANIEL, and unto this day, we may have to come to some terms, if necessary, even with the enemy in order to survive and promote the work of God, because that is exactly what they did!—They cooperated with what their critics called the enemy—their conquerors! In some way, God always got His children, or at least a representative of them, right near the top. God even brought those world powers into being because He knew they would favour His people and help them!

7. So we become so widespread and numerous that they feel they've got to do business with us. God has given us definite hints that we may have to work with the [AC] powers until they break the "Holy Covenant" and refuse to continue to give us our religious liberty! (See Daniel 8 and 11.) Because how else are we going to grow and have favour with the System in order to become powerful enough to accomplish what God says we are going to do?

8. Don't neglect, therefore‚ to be subject to the higher powers! What is now the "higher" and getting to be the highest power in the world today? What government is becoming the greatest world power of today, the power to which God has commanded us to be subject in Romans? Is Communism going to be that world government?—And if they know we are of similar mind economically and socially, won't they tolerate our religious views temporarily for our help? And don't you think that God will use it?

9. WE ARE NOT GOING TO COMPROMISE ONE IOTA! We mostly only differ with them religiously, so they will tolerate us for awhile. We need to get in on the ground floor right now with the coming world government, that God has commanded us in His Book to be subject to, as long as we don't compromise our convictions! We may change tactics, but it is all for the same purpose: to win the war!

10. WE ARE NOT CHANGING OURSELVES, OR OUR METHODS, OR OUR MESSAGE‚ OR OUR CONVICTIONS. BUT CO-EXISTENCE is our best hope of surviving, with the help of the Lord. The coming world government is going to be swept to power along with us for our sakes! I began preaching this ten years ago. We are the only radical youth movement in the world that is actually getting off the ground and doing things!

11. THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES AND THEIR MEMBERSHIP HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET A YOUTH MOVEMENT GOING FOR YEARS and years, but they've never been able to get enough youth in their dead, doomed churches!

12. But leaders of the [coming world government] know that we are some of the few in the world who are living it and where they can find some talent and leadership and power—the power of God! They are going to think they are using us, but actually God is really going to use them to help us. The only way we are going to survive is to show them we sympathise with them—except for religion.

13. WE ARE ALREADY PRACTICING GENUINE COMMUNISM! We are already a new Nation! We have a new government. We have a new society. What we agree with‚ as far as communism and socialism are concerned, is not so much their practices: but we can agree with some of their ideals and what they preach, because their idealism is stolen right out of the Bible—the Devil's own imitation of the Lord's pattern of brotherhood and sharing!

14. WE ARE PRACTICING and preaching and have the Spirit to fulfill what they are talking about their ideals, the sharing, the brotherhood, helping the poor, sharing the wealth. But it is just their methods and tactics with which we cannot always agree: the violence, cruelty and deceit, and how they sometimes try to get it across. But it is copied from the idealism of true Christian love!

15. The World Council of Churches has just met, and for the first time they've seen a sample of what they have been talking about all along!—The Children of God! We are on the right track so don't be afraid, because God is in it!

16. (Prophecy: ) "Do thou hear the Words of David! Said I not unto thee that all these things should come to pass? Why are they so new unto thine ears—these Words of David?" We are going to go through the transition alive, God helping us, and carrying with us the Spirit of God and the Truth and the Sample! The world is going to have that constant sample before them—here is true Communism, true brotherly love, true unity and true sharing!

17. WE ARE GOING TO BE SHOWING UP THE ANTI-CHRIST COMMUNIST WORLD government as being such a fake, a phony and hypocritical counterfeit when the day comes! We are eventually going to be just as much of a challenge and threat and exposer of their phoniness as we are now of the Western Capitalistic world and its system! …

18. I asked the Lord: How could we get involved with [them]? We are not violent, and we are even somewhat pacifistic. And yet‚ as [they] look us over and think of our possible usefulness, a lot of those guys have probably heard and may believe the wild accounts that have been repeated in some newspapers, which might seem to indicate otherwise!

19. SO [THEY] MIGHT THINK, "Well, they just possibly could be of some use in a pinch! … Those Children of God might help us out!"

20. THE LORD LONG AGO TOLD US WE WERE TO GO WHERE THE ACTION IS—THE LIBERAL AND RADICAL ACTION. We need to attend these things, and show them that anything they can do, we can do better with Jesus! If we are a New Nation, we need ambassadors to show them the Children of God are concerned about everything.

21. WE ARE POLITICALLY AND SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS, economically conscious, internationally conscious. We are conscientious about these things, and want to have an influence in the world for good, and we believe in a social gospel as well as a personal gospel! We are also interested in social justice, economic justice, political justice, racial justice, etc.

22. So don't be afraid to cooperate with the World Council of Churches and let your voices be heard in their halls! We're going to play the Sadducees against the Pharisees. We're trying to get the sympathy of the modernistic Sadducees of the World Council of Churches against our bitter enemies, the Pharisaical fundamentalists! The WCC is showing their sympathy for us already.

23. THE WCC IS REALLY ANTI–CHURCH AT HEART: THEY WORK WITH THE COMMUNISTS, protest against the war, help the poor, fight racial discrimination, oppose Fascist governments. We agree to a tee with them along nearly all these lines, basically even theologically.

24. IT'S NOT EUROPE WHO NEEDS A CALL TO REPENTANCE. They've already repented and been humbled. It's not poor little pacifistic Holland that needs to repent, nor the Word Council of Churches. They're more righteous than the churches themselves!—They're at least trying to do something about the world's ills! It's the warmongering Americans and the vicious‚ stiff-necked, hardhearted, hypocritical Pharisaical fundamentalists who fight us who need to repent!

25. THE WCC ARE WORKING AGAINST CHURCHIANITY FROM THE INSIDE. They know the churches are not the answer. They're working against the System from right within the System! He that is not against us is for us. We are the only group of "Jesus People" they invited to the convention!—Because they know what we stand for.—And they received us and commended us and even let us set up an exhibit and bookstand in their hall, and had us lead meetings, prayers, singing and dancing!

26. I consider the WCC is almost the most important thing that has ever happened to us. I think we should try to join them, and ask for membership! We are virtually at one cause with them—And they need us, and we need them!

27. Guys like Ed Plowman are just there as spies for the fundamentalists, representatives of the Pharisees!—But even the Catholics are trying to work with the WCC! So working with the Catholics and the WCC go hand in hand! God knows we need some powerful friends!

28. So WE MUST SHOW OUR SYMPATHY FOR THE WCC AND ITS AIMS. The difference between the Fundamentalists and the World Council of Churches is: The Fundamentalists are hearers of the Word only and talkers about it, but the World Council of Churches are doers of the Word and are trying to put God's love into practice! Let's give them all the help we can! They need it!—And we need them!—Become all things to all men that we might win some!—Amen?—God bless you all!—We can work with anybody who'll let us love Jesus, witness‚ and win souls!—Amen?—Hallelujah!