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Languages of the Millennium, The

David Berg

DO 1822 8/84—A Question from Emmanuel & Hannah

1. WE HAD A LITTLE QUESTION: PAUL PAPERS CLOSED HIS RECENT LETTER TO US WITH A QUOTE ABOUT OUR LIT BEING PRESERVED THROUGH THE TRIBULATION & WRATH. It really struck us, as we honestly hadn't applied this quote to foreign lit, since Dad said he hoped there wouldn't have to be any more LIMs/Lit Pics necessary in the Millennium & also because the Curse will be removed during this time, one of which most certainly seems to be the confusion of tongues. We were wondering from this whether foreign lit will still be used, & we remembered how even Abrahim had to learn languages in the Spirit World (Even though maybe this was mainly necessary to communicate with us here & now?). Is it possible that natural men on the Earth will still speak their languages at first (thus needing our foreign lit for retraining, at least what's already come out & all the basics) & need to learn a universal language little by little, just like all the other things they (& we) will have to learn, & that even with the confusion of tongues, it will not be one sudden transformation, but rather a learning process?

2. WE'RE CERTAINLY VERY INSPIRED TO GET OUT THE TRANSLATED WORD even if just for right now, but it crossed our minds as an interesting thought since Paul seemed to apply this quote to Spanish lit, & it would be even more inspiring if we knew it was of even more lasting value. PTL!—John & Hannah (Dad: God bless you for all the good work you're doing!)

3. (ANSWER FROM DAD: ) AS TO YOUR QUESTION ABOVE, ALTHOUGH I HAVE NOT YET HAD ANY DIRECT REVELATION ON THIS‚ THE SCRIPTURE IS QUITE CLEAR THAT IN THE SPIRIT WE "SPEAK WITH THE TONGUES OF MEN & OF ANGELS" (1Cor.13:1) & "diversities of tongues" (1Cor.12:28), & of course in the Millennium we will be in our resurrection bodies like Jesus & the angels & the other risen saints, & in effect be living in both the Spirit World amongst them as well as on the natural Earth amongst natural men.

4. IT SEEMS LOGICAL THEREFORE THAT WE SHALL COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER IN A HEAVENLY ANGELIC LANGUAGE common to all saints & angels, which from my own personal experience is largely a form of mental telepathy in visions & inaudible words as well as audible spoken known languages of mankind.

5. IN OTHER WORDS, WE SAINTS SHALL SPEAK BOTH, the angelic to communicate with each other with security, & languages of men to communicate with men on Earth who are still as natural as we are now & cannot yet be trusted with our angelic code.

6. THEREFORE IT SEEMS THAT IT WOULD NATURALLY FOLLOW THAT NATURAL MAN WOULD STILL SPEAK HIS NATURAL LANGUAGES, unless by some mighty Worldwide miraculous sudden stroke of God all men are again endowed with a universal language of man‚ which seems unlikely since all of them at first will still be unsaved, unconverted & unregenerate, & therefore just as untrustworthy to speak a common language as they were at Babel!

7. THE CONFUSION OF LANGUAGES AT BABEL WAS A DELIBERATE ACT OF GOD to scatter & weaken wicked man so that they might not unite against Him again as they did at Babel, for it has been the union of powerful nations that have brought most of the woes of wars upon the World!—And it will be the uniting of the Worldwide Kingdom of the Antichrist that will bring on the Tribulation & Armageddon!

8. WICKED MAN CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH THE TYRANNICAL STRENGTH OF UNITY or he always uses it against God & His people as he will again at the End of the Millennium under Satan in the Battle of Gog & Magog! So I believe we shall still have to teach Millennial Man in his own languages until those who are saved can be trusted to share Heavenly languages & secrets!—So keep'm rollin', LIMS & Lit Pics! GBY!—Tx!—ILY!—Dad.