KEYWORDS: thy, jesus, name, amen

Encouragements from Heaven

David Berg

DO 1811 7/84

1. PRAISING FOR THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION! (Tongues) "Praise You Jesus for these precious sheep of Thy flock, for them that hunger for Thy green pastures!—O Lord, feed them with Thy very flesh & the blood of Thy Spirit, & may they go out to bear many young for Thee! TYJ!—In Jesus' name, amen!"—GBY!—In Jesus' name, amen!—Again: "Kiss these little ones for me, O Lord, & may they be fed richly of the Words of Thy David!" HAL! TYJ! GB'M!—In Jesus' name, amen!

2. HAL! TYJ! Isn't that encouraging! God really wants us to reach China & Russia!—Are you?—If not in person, you can with your gifts! GBAKY giving!—In Jesus' name, amen!

3. THINKING OF CHINA!: When I ask, "Why does my heart go out to these people?" (Chinese)—Great Grandmother appears: (Tongues: ) "The Words of thy father are the kisses of my love for these people, & it is my desire that you give them these Words of the love of David!" HAL! TYJ! PTL!—So it's GREAT GRANDMOTHER who's pulling my heart toward China! GBH!