KEYWORDS: thy, lord, thee, queen, thou, god

Prayer for a Queen

David Berg

—MOSeptember 16, 1972N0.181—LTA

(Prayed at Deborah's Anointing: To be Read at her Coronation!)


1. SHE IS BORN TO BE A QUEEN, and can be no less! there are some things others may, but she cannot. There are certain standards she must uphold which are not required of others. She must set the example to show thy people she puts Thy work and duty before personal pleasure and personal concerns. She must show that she loves Thy people more than herself or those who love her. She shall remember that she must put her people first.

2. SHE CANNOT ALWAYS BE A WOMAN—but she must always be a Queen. More important than being herself or a woman, she must never forget she is thy Queen‚ and she has Thy people in her hands‚ Thy flock; as Thy shepherdess, she shall diligently feed and lead them and protect them.

3. HELP HER NEVER TO FORGET HER FIRST LOVE—that she handed You a blank cheque signed by her for You to fill in. Help her never to forget that full surrender, that total submission to Thy will, to remind those about her they can never take Thy place in her heart nor, the place of Thy work in her life. Help her to prove this by her fruits and her works, that we shall know she's seeking first Thy Kingdom, performing her queenly duties diligently before all other things, before any personal considerations, or even her children, or those who love her.

4. HELP HER TO REMIND HERSELF THAT SHE IS OF THAT PECULIAR BREED WHO CAN ONLY RULE AND REIGN.—And she shall know that the role of leadership is a lonely one, and the Shepherdess is often alone at the head of the sheep. There are some things which others can perhaps never share with her—that divine anointing, that divine right, that divine occupation, that divine calling, that divine responsibility—the crown which she alone can wear, and sometimes must also bear!

5. SHE MAY SOMETIMES SAY‚ LIKE QUEEN ELIZABETH: THE CROWN SO BEAUTEOUS TO HIM THAT BEHOLDETH‚ IS SO HEAVY TO HER THAT WEARETH IT!—That though so often beautiful to them that see it, it is sometimes a heavy burden to bear! But she must bear it for the sake of Thy Kingdom, and let no one else steal it from her, not even a part of it.

6. THEY WHICH SERVE HER must do so even on bended knee, even though it be in the bed of love!—Because this they perform in service to their queen, even as others that wait upon her, and not as a right, but as a privilege.

7. HELP HER, O GOD, TO REALISE THESE THINGS if she would truly rule as Thou wouldst have her to rule, and reign as Thou wouldst have her to reign; strong, courageous, valiant, fearless, upright. righteous, unselfish, sacrificial, self-denying, taking up the crown as though it were a cross, for indeed a cross it may be!—Holding the scepter as though it were a burden—for indeed a burden it shall be!

8. FOR THEY THAT BEAR THE CROSS SHALL WEAR THE CROWN, and Thou shalt be their reward! This is not an easy task Thou hast called her to—it is one in which you've asked her if she's willing to come and die for Thee—die to self‚ die even to personal pleasure, die to privacy of life, die to personal will and choice, and submit only to Thee and to duty; that she may be truly great, Lord, even in Thine eyes‚ and be honoured of her people. With man it is impossible, but with Thee, Lord, nothing shall be impossible, but all things are possible to Him that believeth!

9. THIS LITTLE ONE, THOUGH SO FRAIL, THOU CANST MAKE SO STRONG, with a will of iron and a tongue of steel against Thine enemies, that she shall bow her knee only at Thy throne and call no man her conqueror but Thee!—That anyone that loves her must know that he only serves—he does not rule. He waits upon her, but does not dominate her, and cannot and must not, but must show her due respect and obeisance, honour, and even a measure of reverence as Thy representative.

10. LET NONE BE SO FOOLISH AS TO DREAM THAT HE‚ THROUGH HER, MAY ALSO RULE, as some have used her in the past.—That she may not again be unequally yoked in such bondage as has been before.—That she shall not again place her neck within such a fleshly yoke to obey the will of any man, but Thee alone shall she serve.—Thee only shall she serve, Lord; she shall not serve another‚ and she shall have no other gods before Thee, for Thou, the Lord her God, art a jealous God‚ visiting the sins of the fathers unto the third and fourth generations!—That she is married only unto Thee, Lord! Thou alone art her husband‚ and she shall serve no other than the King Himself For thou shalt love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart, and Him only shalt thou serve! In Jesus' name, Amen.

11. (MO NOW DESCRIBES HIS VISION:) THE LORD WANTS US TO GATHER' ROUND AND LAY HANDS ON DEBORAH. I got a very strange picture which is almost unbelievable, but I can understand why this is going to be necessary. This is like your anointing by the prophet of God. (Takes perfume flask and prays:) In Jesus' name we consecrate this oil as a type of Thy Spirit. (Prophesies:) "Even as I did anoint My prophets and kings and as Moses and David, even so I anoint thee to be this Queen!" The anointing was usually done in private, but the coronation must be public, as public recognition of her position before all.

12. I DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND THAT, BUT I SEE A NUMBER OF THRONES‚ and that for some reason or another we are to do this literally; perhaps, as it were, like a skit. But it is to be done, and done publicly. She shall be crowned with the royal diadem, and in her hand shall be placed the royal scepter, and she shall be clothed with the queenly robe, and she shall be placed upon a throne. It might be just an old kitchen chair with arms‚ but it is to symbolise the reality just like a little illustration or skit—to act out what is in reality truly genuine, but to visualise it for the children to help them get the point.

13. SHE WILL HAVE BEEN CROWNED AND RECOGNISED AND PROCLAIMED QUEEN BY ALL, SO THAT SHE WILL NOT FORGET IT, AND THEY CANNOT FORGET it, and none can stop it. It is to both impress upon her the seriousness of her task and its importance and its definiteness, and upon her people due recognition and deference, and respect and honour, and even reverence for her position as their queen, to receive a crown in due season, wearing a coronet, as others who are in line for the throne, to signify the royal lineage, the royal line, the royal status, the royal heritage, and her place of respect and honour before the people, as this will come in due season to each in their day.

14. JOSHUA, THE KING'S COUNSELLOR, is to arrange this, and to make preparation for this coronation. The birthday party was like a signification, and if we had perhaps sought the Lord sooner, that could have been it. God tried to give you the point then‚ and some of you got it. The crown upon the head of a virtuous woman shall be the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, each point symbolising some virtue; and the rod of authority in her right hand is a rolled scroll containing the proclamations of the King, whereby she has her authority; and in her left hand is the Word of God!

15. OTHERS HAVE HAD TO HAVE THE AUTHORITY UNTIL SHE WAS WILLING to grow up into it and declare herself the Queen‚ because she did not take the authority of the Throne. But now the people are ready to proclaim her Queen, and she herself is at last ready to assume her duties, and take them seriously, and proclaim her independence of those who are no longer necessary except to manage her business affairs.

16. (POURS PERFUME ON HER HEAD AND PRAYS:) IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, AND OF THE SON, AND OF THY HOLY SPIRIT, O GOD, IN JESUS' NAME. WE ANOINT THIS ONE TO BE THY QUEEN, as you've tried to make her for‚ lo‚ these many years over Thy children! She's demonstrated her talent and ability and desire and authority to be so. She shares that throne with others but none with her preeminence, as she is Thy one for now, though others will come in due season as they come of age, who will join her on those thrones to help her rule, even as they do so now in spirit, and even serve in the flesh. There is the Queen Mother, and the Queen's sister, and others; and the Princes‚ Hosea and Aaron; and the Prince Consorts, who hold their position by virtue of marriage and the union of the spirit with their queens.

17. LORD, USE THIS SIMPLE ILLUSTRATION to impress upon them the seriousness of this whole affair, that though it may look to some like a childish play, they will know and sense in the Spirit (those who are in tune) that this is a really sober and serious thing, and very real, and is actually happening. And it shall be confirmed in the mouth of many witnesses, and they shall shout, "Long live the Queen!"—And they shall sing, "God Save the Queen."

18. THIS HAPPY LITTLE CHILD‚ NOW SO FREED AND LIBERATED FROM BONDAGE, is free only for the moment, and has never really been freed, because she has always been bound unto Thee, and will bear an even greater yoke, but a lighter one, because You will share it with her as yer Yokemate. Hallelujah!

19. (PROPHESIES:) "HOW WILL I NOT ALSO SHOW UNTO THEE MANY THINGS thou must do, and pictures thou must yet fulfill, even as I have already revealed through the mouth of My Servant David," This is a preparation, for the time that is coming when we will be literally ruling as kings and queens of the Earth, and the earthly kings and queens will bow down before us! Hallelujah!

20. (THE CORONATION: In accordance with the above prayer and prophetic vision, the King's Firstborn, Deborah, was crowned Queen of our new Revolutionary Kingdom Government of God's New Nation by Archbishop Joshua in an extremely dramatic and colourful ceremony on September 21, 1972, the Fall Solstice, or first day of Fall, with other queens, a Prince Consort, princes, princesses and beautifully costumed lords and ladies of the Royal Realm in attendance rendering due homage and pledging their loyalty and faithful service to Jesus‚ King of kings and Lord of lords, as well as allegiance to our young Queen Designate and God's chosen Royal Family and ordained rulers, bishops, priests‚ elders, etc.! It is regretted that not all the Royal Family were able to be in attendance due to their urgent missions on the king's business in far-flung fields of service, including the Queen's diligent, loyal and faithful Prime Minister, Jethro, who continues to head the Queen's Government as administrator of Her Majesty's business affairs, Exchequer and diplomatic relations, and to whom we trust you will give your utmost cooperation! God bless you all! )

21. ("MORE PRAYER FOR THE QUEEN!"—9/23:) I was asking the Lord‚ "Is this Coronation really right? Is it really Scriptural?" And the Lord showed me that of course there are going to be those who won't receive it. But it's like that Scripture, "If the footmen tire thee then, what will the horsemen do?"

22. THE LORD SHOWED ME A PANORAMA of all history from Bible times right down to the present. They always had kings and queens and everything was by the "Divine Right of Kings." Always. Certainly this was of the Lord, and a Coronation is an impressive ceremony. I lay on the floor of the car all day when I was just a kid to get in on one of the Coronations of England by radio!

23. THE LORD SAID IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY‚ AND IT'S GOING TO BE THIS WAY, YOU'RE GOING TO RULE THE EARTH as kings and queens and princes and princesses and judges and priests, and, if they can't stand us now or won't receive it, what will they do then? The Lord reminded me of all these prophecies He has given us along this line, when we'll really be kings and queens and ruling the countries of the world, so I was perfectly satisfied. If they can't stand this, they don't believe God's Word or the words of His Prophet!

24. GOD HAS SPOKEN TO US CONSTANTLY ABOUT THIS SUBJECT. Those who leave us must have been unbelievers already as far as these things were concerned and as far as I'm concerned. It's going to be a Kingdom, and Jesus is going to be a King of kings. Is God the King of the present-day kings, of the kings of this Earth? Is Jesus their king? No! He's not the King of these kings of today, but in the Millennium He is going to be a King of kings! So who are going to be the kings and queens and rulers of this world? We have been a Revolution, but now we have to establish the Kingdom!

25. THE CORONATION WAS ON SEPTEMBER 21, one of the significant, pivotal, and turning points of the year—the Fall Solstice. It's the first day of Fall. Life is like a cycle, it's like the year:-Spring, Summer, Fall and finally Winter, when everything is buried in death! The beginning of Fall is really the middle of the seasonal year. Who knows? This could be our midpoint! It may be later than we think! Jesus is to be King of kings, and Lord of lords and nobles and noble families and priests!

26. I WAS THINKING: SHE IS CERTAINLY A QUEEN, and a good queen, and good for the kingdom. But the funniest little thought popped in my head: how can she be Queen while I'm still King? Immediately I had a picture of David when he was old, quite a few years before he died, but he was appointing Solomon to be the next king! This was not an infrequent thing in history and Bible times, that the King definitely chose his successor ahead of time so they would all know it, and he could be trained, even though the King was still the King!

27. (PRAYS: ) MAY SHE RULE WELL, LORD! GIVE HER GOOD, STRONG, WISE COUNSELLORS, who shall advise her according to Try Spirit‚ that every decision she shall make shall be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses. She shall not make a decision wholly alone without word from Thee and confirmation of her Counsellors. Help her‚ O God, to know how important this is: to not only seek Thy face, but to seek the reflection of Thy will in the faces of those around her—the confirmation of Thy will—for in the multitude of counsellors there lacketh not wisdom!

28. SO WE ASK YOU TO GIVE HER MANY GOOD, WISE COUNSELLORS, and that she will not be ashamed or hesitant to ask their advice‚ or to say that she has to pray about it before she can make a decision or give an answer. Help her to be slow to speak and slow to anger. Give her great wisdom above all things. That in all her getting, she shall get wisdom!

29. GIVE HER GREAT LOVE, WHICH IS WISDOM—the greatest of all wisdom, Thy love—that she'll be patient and understanding with her people; that she'll have real humility before Thee and them, and know she's nothing without Thee or them‚ and to know she needs both to be a true queen! Help her‚ O Lord, in Jesus' name, to be the Queen of Thy heart—a Queen after Thine own heart and a Queen of Hearts!

30. MAY SHE RULE WITH LOVE, and rule their hearts with love, and have great compassion, great wisdom, great patience, great understanding, great sympathy, and yet great firmness, and great discipline!—That she shall stand strong and know when to be firm and unflinching and unchangeable!—That thou shalt make her forehead adamant and her words as flint when the time comes; and that she shall fear no man's face, but only Thine!

31. LIKE JOAN OF ARC‚ she shall stand at the head of her forces in shining armour‚ courageous and unfailing to inspire them to fight Thy battles!—Thy battles Lord! In Jesus' name! Thank you Lord! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

32. HELP HER TO ALWAYS REMEMBER SHE'S SYMBOL, NOT ONLY AN INSTRUMENT, but a symbol in Thy hand She stands for Thy Divine Presence and anointing, and Thy Divine Rule, Lord. She symbolises Thy Kingdom and its rulership—Thy Own! She represents Thee to her people. May they always see Thee in her, and see her as Thy Daughter—see her, O God, as their Queen—Thy Queen—theirs, Lord, and Thine!

33. HELP HER ALWAYS TO REMEMBER THAT SHE BELONGS TO THEE FIRST OF ALL‚ and to her people, her children‚ next‚ and last of all to herself! Help her to keep things in that order, to think first of her responsibility to Thee, and then to Thy people, and think only last of any obligation to herself, and even that shall be for Thy glory!

34. WHATEVER BLESSINGS YOU SHOWER HER WITH, and whatever love you give her, whatever comfort, whatever faith‚ whatever encouragement, whatever joys, whatever pleasures, whatever help, Lord, may she never forget it comes from Thee!—And not only for her sake, but that she might be happy in her task, that she might better do Thy work, and that she might rule well, and that she might be fit to rule as Thou dost want her to rule. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord!

35. WE BELIEVE THAT'S ONE REASON ENGLAND HAS NOT STRAYED AS FAR FROM THEE as America has, because she has held to the old ways and old forms, the formalities of her faith in You. She still recognises Thy name‚ gives Thee allegiance‚ still honours Thy Kingdom, and even Thy ancient ways of kings and queens, and lords and ladies and the rule of those divinely appointed by Thee to rule, not chosen by a rebellious and wicked people!

36. WE THANK THEE FOR THIS EXAMPLE, and we believe that's why You've been as merciful as you have been to England, because she has recognised You, and in her forms and ceremonies still recognises and praises Thee, and her rulers rule by the Divine Right given them by Thee! We thank Thee for this example, and ask that You'll help this thy Queen to go far beyond that to show what a real queen is, what Thy queen should be like, and can be like, who really loves and sacrifices and serves Thy people as she serves Thee!

37. THANK YOU FOR THIS MARVELOUS CEREMONY You gave and that we were not disobedient to this heavenly vision‚ and that we had the courage and faith to go ahead, in spite of what some might say‚ and though some might turn away from us because of it. We thank Thee Lord for Thy encouragement that you definitely, divinely ordered it, and it has been done! So it has been written, and so it has been done!

38. THANK YOU LORD THAT THEY WERE SO WILLING TO BELIEVE and to act upon it and obey Thy words! Thank Thee for their faith, Lord, and their faith in Thee and Thy Words, and the words of Thy Prophet and Thy King, thank Thee for their faith and obedience‚ Lord, for rewarding it, Lord! So we ask Thee to rebuke the enemy, in Jesus' name! Continue to have the victory! Thanks be unto God who giveth us the victory—this victory‚ even our faith that overcometh the world!

39. CONTINUE TO GIVE THEM SUCH FAITH TO TRUST THY LEADERS whom You have appointed. Continue to give them, O God, such faith, and reward and continue to honour their faith‚ that they shall be obedient, and that Thou shalt therefore give them the desires of their hearts because they delight themselves in Thee, and because she delights herself in Thee! Thou hast given her the desires of her heart and satisfied her soul and her longing spirit!

40. BUT THE FULL, LORD‚ THOSE WHO THOUGHT THEY KNEW BETTER and thought themselves more righteous and full of their own thoughts and ideas, Thou hast sent empty away. Deliver us from these who are so full of themselves and their own selfish interests, instead of being open, hungry, empty and hungering after Thee and Thy Word and the words of Thy rulers and prophets, and the guidance and rulership Thou hast ordained them to give!

41. WE THANK THEE, O GOD! WE THANK THEE, O LORD, FOR THY DIVINE APPOINTMENT! For Thou dost bestow Thy Divine Appointment that with the mantle of the office comes the anointing of power and of Thy Spirit. Thank you Jesus! Praise you Lord! Strengthen her little body Lord! We thank Thee for the strong spirit and the alert mind Thou hast placed within it—a divine power, an anointing and gifts and discernment! We thank you Jesus! We thank you Lord!

42. HELP HER, O GOD, TO CLING TO THY HAND LIKE THE MAN AT THE GATE—this gate that now a new life is passing through and entering—a new portal—this portal of the realisation of Thy Kingdom on Earth! She shall place her hand in Thy hand, so that she shall never walk alone, and it shall be unto her better than a light and better than a known way!—Thank You Jesus!

43. THIS TORCH YOU HAVE GIVEN HER AND PLACED WITHIN HER HAND TO BEAR IT, that its light might shine‚ Lord‚ and enlighten the hearts of men around the world! She bears the torch, Lord—these hold the Flame! Help it to burn brightly Lord, for their sake. Help it to burn by the oil of Thy Spirit—Thine anointing oil upon Thy Servant, Thy Prophet, and upon each of these, for Thou hast now poured out Thy Spirit upon all flesh, and our sons and daughters shall prophesy, and our young men shall see visions, and our old men shall dream dreams!

44. YOU'VE PROMISED YOU'LL POUR OUT THY SPIRIT on Your servants and handmaidens, so may they be anointed and inspired from on high in all they do. May they never fail to measure that anointing by Thy word and Thy guidance—by these Chronicles which thou hast had recorded, that they may know if they are right; that they may know it is of Thy Spirit: that they may try the spirits to see if they be of Thee; that they may be sure that they confess that it is Thou that hast come in the flesh!

45. THANK YOU FOR THY WORD, LORD, OUR FOUNDATION, our guide, our standard, and the rod of measurement whereby we judge all things, even the words that Thou dost give us this day, O Lord! We thank you Jesus!

46. MAY SHE NOT MAKE A MOVE WITHOUT HEARING FROM THEE, as the kings of old who did not move except they heard the Word of the Lord through Thy prophets! Those who succeeded were those who waited upon Thy Word‚ and those that failed were those who went ahead without it! May she never operate in her own strength, but always by Thy Divine Power and by Thy Divine Light.

47. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THOSE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!—Such light that she has received from Thee!—Such a Flame! Such a Torch!—And with what courage she bears it, Lord‚ and how high she holds it, that it may enlighten the land and the hearts of her people and them who will yet be thy people! Thank you Jesus!

48. THEY SHALL RALLY 'ROUND HER FIGURE AS A SYMBOL OF THY PRESENCE, with the kings and prophets of old!—She who bears not only the scepter of authority and royal rule, but also the Torch of Thy Spirit, the anointing of the prophetess, even the name of Deborah!

49. MAY SHE NEVER, LORD, FORGET HER POSITION AND HER OFFICE, her authority—that they are God given by Thee, and may she never fail to exercise them by Thy Spirit, and by Thy wisdom and love and power‚ and by Thy light, Lord, and according to Thy Word! Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah!—That the queen shall joy in Thy strength, O Lord, and she shall be lifted up by Thy power, set on high even over the heads of the nations! My God, how can these things be? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen!

50. YOU'VE ALWAYS ORDAINED IT SO, and always ordered it thus‚ since the beginning even unto the end. So shall it be. Hallelujah! That Thou shalt have kings and queens and lords over whom Thou art the king of kings and the Lord of lords! These are Thy kings‚ Lord, Thy queens, Thy princes, and Thy princesses‚ Thy lords, Thy ladies, the nobility of Thy Royal Family which thou hast ordained by Thy own hand and the gifts of Thy spirit and the crown of Thy power! Hallelujah! How beautiful, Lord!