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On Arabs & Jews

David Berg

DO 1804France, 2/8/80

1. SOME ARABS ARE PRETTY GUTLESS, I MUST SAY! I mean, those … Jews, they've got more guts than all the Arabs put together, they really do!—In fact, more than all the World put together! They don't give a damn what the whole World thinks, much less the Arabs! They're going to go their own … stubborn way, exactly like the Lord said about'm in the Bible!

2. GOD SAID THE JEWS WERE A STIFF-NECKED REBELLIOUS PEOPLE. … [J]ust read the Bible!—Not just the New Testament but the Old Testament too! Read what the Prophets of God had to say about the Jews, what God had to say about the Jews! But they absolutely block it out. …

3. HE SAYS, "THEY WILL NOT HEAR IT!" He says‚ "Israel is a stiff-necked rebellious stubborn people‚ they will not hear thee, but nevertheless you've got to tell them, warn them, deliver the message!" …

4. YOU HAVE CARTER BEGGIN' ISRAEL, BEGGIN'M NOT TO GO TO JERUSALEM, & BEGGIN' BEGIN NOT TO MOVE THE GOVERNMENT TO JERUSALEM, BEGGIN' SADAT NOT TO BE OFFENDED, & the President of the U.S. goes around crawling on his hands & knees‚ bowing & scraping & beggin' everybody!—Beggin' the Iranians to please let the hostages go & beggin' the Arabs not to cause trouble! Boy! They've got two Beggin's: Begin & Carter! But with all Carter's beggin', Begin is going a little too far now.

5. THANK GOD THEY FINALLY PUSHED THINGS TOO FAR TO WHERE THE ARABS CAN'T TOLERATE IT! Those … Arabs finally have to do something about it. … My God, they have to be practically trounced over the head before they do anything! (Maria: They lose so many of their people, assassinated & all kinds of things!) They're so busy fighting with themselves, they can't even think about the enemy! GH'M!