KEYWORDS: pol, pot, thailand, government, world, cambodia

World Currents--No.16

David Berg

3/84DO 1759

1. RIGHT NOW THAILAND HAS GOT A BIG PROBLEM ON ITS HANDS! The war with the Communists on both sides is hotting up & they're getting tighter on their restrictions & tighter about things because of subversion & Communists & whatnot. Whether it's war or governmental pressure, I've long said our days are numbered already in Thailand one way or the other.

2. THEY'RE NOW ALMOST VIRTUALLY AT OPEN WAR WITH VIETNAM & CAMBODIA, harbouring the rebels & refugees & sympathising with the anti-Vietnamese forces.—Even to the extent that they're willing to sympathise with the murderous, fiendish Pol Pot, the former government which ruthlessly massacred at least two million Cambodians, an absolute maniac! Did you see his picture? He even looks weird!

3. THE VIETS DROVE POL POT OUT OF GOVERNMENT IN CAMBODIA & rescued the poor Cambodian people from his murderous massacres & established some semblance of civilisation there & tried to restore the economy & the industry etc. And here again our enemies would accuse us of being Communist sympathisers‚ because I think the Vietnamese have certainly done a much better job in Cambodia than the Pol Pot government!

4. AND YET THE POL POT GOVERNMENT IS THE ONE RECOGNISED BY THE U.S.A. & BY THE UNITED NATIONS! Think of it!—Still recognised by them! Just because he's now anti-Vietnamese & supposedly anti-Communist. Whereas actually he was the head of the Khmer Rouge, the Communist forces of Cambodia for a long time. But now because the major Communist nations have turned against him, the civilised Western World is recognising & sympathising with Pol Pot!—All except China who is fostering him‚ just because they want to annoy Russia, who is backing the other side, the Vietnamese.

5. IT JUST SHOWS YOU HOW IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT A GOVERNMENT DOES. It can be monstrous, fiendish, diabolical, devilish, insane, cruel‚ what can I say?—Genocidal, massacring millions, as well as torture & every other horrible thing! But just as long as it's anti-Communist & fighting the enemies of the West, they'll accept it, forget it, gloss it over, even finance it! That's what Reagan's doing all over the World, what the U.S.A. is doing all over the World, in Latin America & every other part of the World!

6. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MONSTROUS & HORRIBLE SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ARE, AS LONG AS THEY'RE ANTI-COMMUNISTS, or even if they're out-&-out Communists like Pol Pot, if they're fighting the major Communist power the U.S. fears—Russia—then they're willing to side with them, finance them, arm them, sympathise with them, propagandise for them & all that rot!

7. SO HOW LONG THAILAND CAN STAND, WE DON'T KNOW, except the fact that it's got quite a bit of U.S. backing & sympathy & arming & financing & is virtually the last anti-Communist bastion of all the Indochina mainland. That's all that's left except Malaysia. But Malaysia compared to Thailand is pretty small & weak & scattered & is against us. But Thailand is partly Christian & has a good King & has been good to us, so the Lord is sparing it as long as He can!—TTL!—GBAKY, in Jesus' name‚ amen!