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GN Jewels

David Berg

DO 1695Comp.11/83

1. THE LORD'S GOT ME IN SUCH A HABIT OF GOING FAST NOW, IT'S HARD FOR ME TO STOP! It's like driving fast, you can't stop as quick when you slam on the brake, it takes a little while to slow down! We're barrelling along & I figure I might as well keep going! Even if the war isn't going to be tomorrow, I want to finish up while I'm in the mood! (5/83)

2. I'VE FOUND THAT I REALLY NEED TO GO OVER EVERY SQUARE MILLIMETER OF OUR ART & CHARTS & WHATNOT, BECAUSE THAT CHART ON THE 220 DAYS SLIPPED THROUGH ON ME! Some of those other guesstimates are so general & so indefinite‚ you can't possibly pin them down to an exact number of days. Where the Bible itself gives you an exact number of days, that's it, period! But where you try to estimate the exact number of days which is not specified, then you get your foot in it!

3. I'M GOING TO GIVE SOMEBODY $10 WHO CAN FIND WHEREVER I SAID 220 DAYS IN MY OWN WORDS—NOT SAM'S, NOT CHARTS—BUT IN MY OWN WORDS! I know I never would have said it, because I've always estimated that time from the other direction, by figuring that the 2300 days was approximately six years & about three months. See what a little thing can slip by me? It threw the whole Family screwy!

4. I'M SURE THAT'S WHY THE LORD GAVE THE EXACT NUMBER OF DAYS SO OFTEN‚ like 1200 days, 2300 days, so many days, because if you go figuring by years & months—whose years & months? We don't really know exactly. You can tell exactly seven years‚ but whose years? You can tell exactly 42 months, but whose months? But when it comes to days, there you've got it! I'm sure that's why the Lord gave the exact number of days, because the days don't vary. But there's a big difference between Roman months & years & Jewish months & years.

5. I DIDN'T WANT TO GET INTO ALL THAT HAIR-SPLITTIN'! I thought the less I talk about that, the less confused they'll be. I just say years & months, what the Bible says, beyond that I don't know any better!—Period! We know it's seven years, but what kind of years, we don't know! We know it's 42 months, but what kind of months, we don't know! We know it's 3-1/2 years, but what kind of years we don't know! But when it comes down to the days, that's what it means, exactly that many days. So I never said it, but they can blame it on me, I approved it! I didn't see it‚ didn't catch it, so now I'm going to catch it from all of them! (22/5/83)

6. WE'VE DONE 10 GN BOOKS OR 2,560 PAGES IN THREE MONTHS! That's about 800-&-some pages a month, almost 30 pages a day.—Finished! How about that? It shows what we can do! I think that's quite an accomplishment! I've only got about 750 pages to go to clean up everything!—Three more books & I can retire! Maybe when I get done with this, the Lord will start giving me something more! After all, why should He give me any more if I don't get it out? We really have a tremendous backlog. I'm glad I didn't leave this World & leave it on poor Maria's shoulders to finish up, so I'm still going to be plugging away. But since we got the most important ones out, now we can slow down & catch our breath a little bit & take it easy. I've even started reading the paper in the morning again & that's pretty important. (22/5/83)

7. DON'T PUT JAC UNDER TOO MUCH PRESSURE. He's got an inspirational job & it's delicate, fragile, very very important gifts. So take it easy, don't push him. He can take his time, but not too much time. (22/5/83)

8. TAKE IT EASY—JUST DO IT WHEN IT COMES! You can't do any more than you can do, so do what you can! (28/6/83)

9. I JUST RATTLED OFF A FEW NEW TALKS RECENTLY, THINGS I EXPLODED ABOUT‚ BUT THEY SEEM TO LIKE MY EXPLOSIONS! I'll probably have to tone'm down a little bit to try to keep them from hurting anybody's feelings. I explode‚ then afterwards I'm a little sorry & I love'm up & tone'm down a little bit. What you get back you may find is a little bit watered-down after I cool down‚ but they need it, so PTL anyhow! (4/5/83)

10. I THOUGHT APOLLOS WOULD BE DONE BY NOW‚ BUT HE'S MAKING A MASTERPIECE OUT OF THE BOF! He's making a monumental monument out of the thing! It's going to be terrific, much better than this sloppy series of mine, all my crazy things! He's taking the best out of it & condensing it, weaving it together & making it beautiful! On mine, I thought I might as well rattle'm off & get'm out just as is, good or bad, like it or lump it, at least they'll get it! (4/5/83)

11. THE QUOTES ARE TERRIFIC, THEY'RE WONDERFUL, THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL, BUT I'M A PIONEER & SOMETHING THAT'S ALREADY BEEN SAID IS OLD HAT FOR ME! I want to go on to new horizons! They're all good & I think it's going to be a terrific tool & a wonderful asset & very useful, but I'm an explorer! I love to explore you for one thing! Thank you for exploring me! Every time you handle my Words you're handling me & you're getting me excited! Talk about a resurrection!—Ha! Every time you take'm in we have an orgasm together & explode in the Spirit! Hallelujah! (8/6/83)

12. A PICTURE OF JOB WOULD BE THE BEST FOR THE COVER OF "TRUST GOD" (NO.1565) BECAUSE THAT'S THE REAL CLINCHER! That's the faith you've gotta have if you're really going to make it. You've gotta be willing to trust the Lord, live or die, sink or swim. That's the kind of faith that gets it. That's the only way I ever got anywhere. You just put yourself in the hands of the Lord & that's it. If He wants to take you, okay. If He wants to leave you, fine. But at least you know you're doing God's will & you know God will do what He wants. But I think He's really annoyed by people that compromise, half-&-half, half-hearted, double-minded. We've had too much of that lately.

13. WHAT INSPIRED THAT LETTER ON "TRUST GOD" WAS MARIA READING ME SO MANY OF THESE SO-CALLED "TESTIMONIES OF HEALING" THAT PEOPLE WERE WRITING IN about how God used the doctor, how God used the medicine‚ how He used the operation, how wonderfully the Lord healed them through the operation & the medicine, blah blah blah blah! It just made me furious!—And I'm sure it makes God furious! You know, God & a little medicine & doctor & operation mixed in, it all worked out & they give'm all the glory. They said, "But of course we know it was the Lord." How do they know it was the Lord? How are you going to know it's the Lord when you had all that too?

14. I'D SOONER TRUST THE LORD MYSELF!—I have all these years & He hasn't failed me yet! I guess it's pretty evident—I'm still here!—Still perkin'! TTL! I have a few afflictions, in fact, maybe I have many—"many are the afflictions of the righteous"! (Ps.34:19) If I add up all I've had in my whole life I've had many, but I don't have too many at once! Thank the Lord they usually come one at a time! But He's delivered me out of them all, so TYL! "Thou He slay me, yet will I trust Him!" (Job 13:15) That's the decision you have to make if you're really going to trust God for healing! (17/7/83)

15. WE'VE GOT MORE THAN ENOUGH HEAVENLY STUFF TO STUFF THE HEAVEN ISSUE!—That sounds like a poem! So keep Heaven open & we'll stuff more into it! We'll have to move "Planet" out of it & we've gotta drop "Grandma‚" but after all, I'll catch her!—I caught her! Put her in the next volume! (20/7/83)

16. I'VE BEEN READING ALL MWMI's PERSONAL STORIES ABOUT PHOEBE TODAY & THEY'RE REALLY BEAUTIFUL! It's amazing how GN Book 10 got there just in time to encourage them. It was certainly of the Lord! (1/8/83)

17. THE ANTICHRIST IN THE "DEADLY WOUND" PICTURE (NO.1571) NEEDS TO HAVE HIS MOUTH CLOSED IN A REAL SCOWLING FROWN & SOME REAL SCOWL LINES BETWEEN THE EYEBROWS! Make him look fierce! I don't know why dear Eman seems to have such a penchant for making the Antichrist look so handsome & admirable—I expect him to be handsome, but I don't expect him to look quite so lovable! This guy looks like he's just been anaesthetised for an operation or something‚ standing there with his mouth open & eyes shut.

18. I WOULD HAVE EXPECTED HIM TO BE LOOKING DOWN, NOT UP! He looks like he's looking up to God for help. He ought to be looking down on the people, fiercely scowling on the crowd below—not looking up like he's almost praying & feeling helpless! The Image is made to look down on the people, to look fierce & scowl! (7/8/83)

19. WE'RE GOING TO USE "antichrists" [and "ACs"] PRETTY MUCH FROM NOW ON IN PLACE OF ANOTHER WORD—I think it's a little safer not to be so specific. Normally we'll be spelling it without capitalisation & all one word, when it means them. When it means him, the Antichrist [and "AC"], it'll be spelled with a capital "A" & still all one word—no hyphen.

20. THE NEW TESTAMENT USES THAT WORD "antichrists" SEVERAL TIMES FOR THOSE PEOPLE IN GENERAL‚ NOT JUST HIM. The distinction we will make, when we're speaking about him it'll be capitalised & singular. When we're talking about them it will not be capitalised & plural. I don't like to have a capital "C" in there emphasised, almost debasing it. … (7/8/83)

21. HOW DO YOU LIKE HAVING "CURRENTS" AS A REGULAR LOGO so we don't have to specify the subject matter all the time? Once in awhile I may feel led to throw in a subtitle, but normally I think this will be sufficient & safer too. And don't you think they'll get the point of that? We even thought about calling it "Undercurrents‚" but I think that might be too suggestive. (7/8/83)

22. MAY GOD HELP YOU NEVER TO FALL PREY TO THAT SORT OF DECEPTION OF THE ENEMY, TO BE MORE INTERESTED IN HOW PRETTY YOUR ART LOOKS THAN YOU ARE IN GETTING YOUR WORK DONE & THE MESSAGE OFF! Sometimes we feel like the art really needs perfection & we really try to do the best we can like we're doing on the posters‚ but on these little tiny illustrations for individual Letters, I like them to be good & our Message, but they don't have to be art masterpieces!

23. THANK GOD FOR SOME OF US THAT AREN'T QUITE SO PERFECT BUT GET THE JOB DONE! I just knock them out! Sometimes I say, "Well‚ what I have written, I have written‚ & that's it, too bad!"—Ha! But they seem to like'm! So all I do is try to correct'm & get'm straightened out & edited a little bit, & our editor does most of that for me, so I don't really have much to do! At least not lately since I've been slowing down a little bit. I've been just taking it a little easier, sort of a half vacation. Well, don't worry, I'm keeping up with this current material, you're getting it, I'm getting it done‚ don't worry! (7/8/83)

24. LET'S PUT "HALLELUJAH CHORUS" AT THE END OF THE BOOK! It's a real cheerer-upper‚ a real victorious note, a good laugh. I like to leave'm on a nice positive note! You'll love it, it's really cute!—One of those funny ones! You'll have to read it before you can appreciate it. The cover will be a row of frogs sitting there around the bank of a pond, maybe a big bullfrog leading the music with a baton in the middle of the pond on a lily pad leading the chorus. It's almost as though I've seen that picture somewhere, maybe in a childhood picturebook or whatever, but it's just almost like I've seen it & he can make it come true! We really had'm & I really got something on it, it was really cute! (7/8/83)

25. HIS "LIBBER" PICTURE WAS TYPICAL! (No.1576) I guess that's how to live alone & love it.—Or how to live alone & hate it! That's what they get! It's just selfishness—pride & selfishness! (9/8/83)

26. WASN'T MY LITTLE "COLOUR BOOK DREAM" SKETCH FUNNY? (NO.1585) Well, it gives him the positions, & that's half the battle! Isn't that funny? I can still remember that because it was so beautiful‚ almost like an engraving, an old-fashioned beautiful coloured engraving like it's a real old book. Maybe it's because it's an old-fashioned idea! Well, you & I were brought up in parts of the country that still had some of those old-fashioned ideas, & I'm not so sure they were all wrong the way things have gone. In fact, I'm still convinced that the wrong side won the Civil War! I've always been a real rebel on that! You can sure see the results of it, the consequences, the fruit sure has been nothing but bad ever since. But "all things work together for good" (Rom.8:28) & I guess God just let them go to Hell! That's what they wanted, that's what they got! (9/8/83)


28. WE HAVEN'T HAD A TITLE LIKE "DREAM OF LOVE" BEFORE, HAVE WE? (No.1600) I didn't think so, but I don't know why not! It's a famous German musical piece. I'm not too familiar with German, although my mother used to speak it & she taught us a lot of German words. Well anyway, "Liebestraum" or "Dream of Love" was one of my favourite pieces of music, so I thought it would be a good title for this Letter! (18/8/83)

29. YOU KNOW ME, I'M ALWAYS GOING BACK TO THE BIBLE, & that'll help the Church folks. Don't you think it's a good idea to put Scripture on the Heaven Poster? That way they'll memorise it & that really sort of authenticates, corroborates & documents it. I know you guys don't need that, but some people would! Since it's GP, we've got to have a little something to help the poor Church people who go by the Bible. Well, they'll have plenty of Bible in this! I can't really think of anything about that Floor Plan that inspires me to quote Scriptures, it's not exactly something I can find Scriptural authentication for unless something about "enlarging our tents," but it doesn't exactly fit a tent! (26/8/83)

30. I HAVE AN IDEA THE ANTICHRIST'S SKIN IS GOING TO BE A LITTLE DARK to please the majority of the World. (10/8/83)

31. THE TWO PLACES MOST PEOPLE LOOK FIRST ARE COVERS & INSIDE COVERS, & THE THINGS THAT ARE NEXT TO THE COVERS‚ BOTH FRONT & BACK. Some people open a book from the front, other people open it from the back, like I do! I don't know what that ever came from, but with a magazine or whatever it is, I always flip it from the back, & people who do are going to look at that first! So what I suggest you do is put the least controversial material at the back & sort of bury the controversial ones in the middle. I wouldn't suggest you put'm all in one place either, sort of scatter them. (10/8/83)

32. MARIA'S CONVINCED HER QUOTEBOOK IS THE BEST BOOK WE EVER GOT OUT! Leave it to her to do the best one! (Maria: It's your book, it's all you!) She's one of my most loyal fans! (10/8/83)

33. THIS "NO CAR" BUSINESS (NO.1605) HAS BEEN A PET PEEVE OF MINE FOR YEARS, BUT IT CAN WAIT TILL THE NEXT ISSUE. Anything some people don't like or don't want to do, they just don't pay any attention to it anyhow. Well, at least I've delivered my soul, their blood isn't going to be on my hands, if that's any satisfaction. (6/9/83)

34. (REGARDING "THE CONTROVERSY," GN14/PG.174:) EVERYTHING'S WORKING OUT THEIR WAY. Well, "Fret not thyself because of evil doers." (Ps.37:1) I've had to claim that & just think, "Well, Lord‚ You know what You're doing & You're letting them do it for some reason, to fill up the cup of their iniquity & let the World go the way it's bound to go if they're going to run it." They're already running it‚ but they're going to get the whole works, the whole piece of cake!—Not a piece of cake, but the whole cake! (6/9/83)

35. THAT WAS A BIG JOB‚ GN 13—OUR UNLUCKY NUMBER! Book 14 can begin with Heaven & end with Heaven! (9/9/83)

36. THE GIRL IS REAL PRETTY ON THE COVER OF "HOME SECURITY GUIDELINES"! (No.1607) I like her‚ she's cute! She looks like Maria! She's not exactly quite ready to greet anybody at the door of course, I don't know if that's very good security or not, but she could get ready pretty quick. I hate to ruin our pretty picture just for the sake of security! And I just got a bright idea—you know how I hate those blank spaces! So to show that this is a Home, why not have a little sign hanging on the door that says "God Bless Our Home!" That's a frequent motto you've seen in Homes. That'll remind them they need to pray about it too, home security. (12/9/83)

37. THE HERALD TRIBUNE DOES THEIR PAPER BY SATELLITE. So if you think we're loaded & complicated, consider them! I don't see how they do it! Of course‚ they've got years of experience in printing newspapers, 100 years or more. They have hundreds on their staff & each person is only responsible for one little thing, & even editors are only responsible for certain sections & pages‚ etc. But how they do one every day, I don't know. It just is nothing almost short of miraculous! But once in awhile something louses up their satellite transmission & they miss an issue. (12/9/83)

38. IT'S FUNNY HOW SOMETIMES THE SIMPLEST IS THE EASIEST & IS THE SOLUTION WHEN SOMETIMES WE TRY TO MAKE THINGS ALMOST TOO COMPLICATED! Sometimes the experts are so smart that they can't hit it, whereas us simple little amateurs, because we don't know too much & are less complicated, we manage to make it! That's me, I'm one of the amateurs! I know a little bit about everything & not very much about anything! Except there's one area where I think the Lord's revealed quite a bit to me & that's the only place where maybe I'm an expert—in the job He's given me to do.

39. I WAS JUST WORKING ON THAT VERY LETTER, "THE DAVID PROPHECIES" (NO.1642), & I'M FINALLY JUST ABOUT CONVINCED THAT I AM THE GUY SPOKEN OF! After all, you can hardly deny it now when it's all fulfilled! It's happened! Everything the Lord said about him, it's happened with us already. That ought to convince anybody‚ including me, & I'm a terrible sceptic! He really had to sort of prove it to me. Maybe it's because I'd been living with these exaggerating long-tongued preachers so long, I found out they were all prone to exaggerate & they weren't always too clear about their sources & this, that & the other. So I always had to figure out & analyse it & prove it myself to make sure it was right.

40. THAT'S WHY I REALLY GOT INTO BIBLE PROPHECY‚ because everybody had a different theory & a different picture & a different idea. It was such a confusing mess that I just chucked the whole thing overboard & started from scratch!—And I sure came out ahead! I was the amateur, I just did it the simple way by His leading & came out ahead of all the experts. TTL! Well anyway, I don't have to prove it now, it's already done. TTL! (13/9/83)

41. IF I CAN AT LEAST FINISH THIS HEAVEN POSTER I'll be happy & feel like I had a good life's work! (13/9/83)

42. EVERY ARTIST NEEDS SOMEBODY ELSE'S OPINION ON HIS WORK, because sometimes he gets so close to the forest he can't see the forest for the trees! So you sort of come along with a fresh vision & a fresh look at it & see things that even he who's working so close to it cannot necessarily see. So keep an eye on his work & help him along, write him your suggestions, encouragement & inspiration. Be sure & praise him all you can. Every artist needs a lot of encouragement & praise‚ because we work on inspiration.

43. IF WE DON'T HAVE LOTS OF ENCOURAGEMENT WE SOMETIMES DON'T HAVE MUCH INSPIRATION! I'm really like that too. If I didn't have my little inspirer here to encourage me a lot, I probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere. She's the one behind it all pushing me along! If I'm anything today you can thank her for being the tool & the neck that turned the head & the power behind the throne. Of course, it's all the Lord‚ but He took her to do it. Otherwise I'd probably still be some kind of a bum preacher somewhere! If I had been what my first wife wanted me to be, I'd still be stuck in the System somewhere. Success in the system, can you imagine how interesting that would be? A successful preacher! My God deliver me!—He did‚ TTL! (13/9/83)

44. I WOULD RATHER COME UP WITH TOO MUCH, THAN NOT ENOUGH!—Like the way they fed you in the Army. When I complained about how much garbage they threw away, they said, "What would you rather have?—More than enough or starve?" So that was their policy to always have more than enough. And I think our feeding is somewhat the same—I'd rather have more than enough than not enough! But I would like to kind of simmer it down, taper it down to where we're just getting out the smaller GNs. (14/9/83)

45. THE WNDS ARE NOT REQUIRED PROOFREADING! You can read them at your leisure, if ever. That's strictly voluntary or optional reading. I think you ought to read them‚ but you ought to read the Letters first! (14/9/83)

46. SOME OF THESE LETTERS CAN WAIT TILL THE LORD COMES IF NECESSARY, THEY'RE NOT THAT URGENT. They're interesting & edifying & instructive & of interest & good for them, but they're sort of like the frills or maybe the dessert of the meal & they're not absolute top priority diet. (14/9/83)

47. PARDON ME FOR MY WAVERING FAITH WHEN I GET CLOSE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL! I guess the widow who had the of the Prophet. She had inexhaustible faith! (1Kg.17:14-16) But I often wonder if I'm ever going to get any more, believe it or not! Four signatures sounds like so much to me & like we're never going to fill it, but it seems like we always do, in fact, we're always running over!—Sort of like the cruse of oil & the barrel of meal, only ours keeps running over instead. (14/9/83)

48. MAYBE YOU CAN GIVE ME YOUR TENTATIVE TABLE OF CONTENTS, YOUR STARTING LINE-UP! It sounds like a race! On the way we seem to have a few that drop out of the race & then a few more added in, & sometimes the long shots happen to win, if you know anything about racing. I know a little. I lived in a horseracing town, Miami, so I heard all the language, & my dear Uncle Mark of whom you've heard, our cook, he was an inveterate gambler. He didn't have anything to gamble, but he never failed to read the racing results. He bet on horses even if he didn't have any money. He'd just mark up the racing forms & decide on which ones he thought would win, place & show.

49. THE RACES USED TO BE A GREAT THING DOWN THERE & OFTEN MADE THE FRONT-PAGE HEADLINES! They had bookies galore all over the place. In fact‚ at the District Attorney's‚ my job was to try to run down all the poor little street bookies that were giving competition to the tracks. The little bookies were illegal because the big greedy tracks were the hogs, they wanted all the money! They didn't even want a little trickle to go to the street bookies! It made me kind of mad how they clamped down on them & had me running around chasing the street bookies while the tracks were getting in millions! So anyway‚ that's the way it was, it was a horseracing town!

50. IT'S KIND OF LIKE THE WAY OUR VOLUMES COME UP, YOU NEVER KNOW!—SOMETIMES THE LONG SHOT COMES IN FIRST! In fact, that's happened several times now! Like all gambling, it's those insecure bets, except we know we're going to have plenty of horses! There's always more horses. I don't think the races ever really run short of horses, do they? But you never really know who's going to win. Well, we've got some we know will for sure win, but we never know exactly which are going to win, place or show & sometimes the winner's a surprise! So PTL anyhow! God bless you for encouraging my faith & let's go ahead! (14/9/83)

51. THAT'S GOING TO BE A BOMB, I'LL TELL YOU! I'M CALLING IT THE RRR! (No.1609) It's almost as big a revolution as the RNR was! "Reap Radio Revolution!" Do you like that title? Like the swing of it? I tried several different word orders on that, but that seemed to have the most punch! RRR sounds like you're growling! Well, I was! (18/9/83)

52. OH MY GOODNESS, I FORGOT IT WAS SUNDAY & here I've got you guys working away! I don't even keep track of the days of the week any more. Every day is the same to me—they're all the Lord's days! (18/9/83)

53. I ALWAYS HAD KIND OF A RESERVATION ABOUT ABE SNOWMAN'S PIC OF GOD SENDING THE LITTLE BOY INTO FIERY FLAMES! (See TK Vol.VIII/Pg.270.) Even though we say it's not so, are the little kids looking at it going to get the point? I don't like to emphasise the negative, it's preaching the Devil's bad news. So why should we give space in our pubs to his false doctrines? It exactly illustrates the point‚ but I don't care to emphasise it that much to depict it. Little kids, for example, who can't read, thumb through this & look at this & think, "How horrible! He's sending a poor little child to Hell!" I never did like that! I give Davidito my old work copies & I'd hate to have him get that impression. If they don't read the text, they won't understand. It looks pretty bad. Kids get a lot from pictures & are impressed more by them than a thousand words. (28/9/83)

54. HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS TITLE: "TABLETOP TOMBSTONE!" (No.1599) How does that roll off your tongue? Try it! It's a tongue twister! It's a lot of alliteration & kind of cute & it's a funny title! Who'd ever expect a tabletop tombstone? It's almost as funny as baby-buggy–rubber-bumpers & that sort of thing! (21/8/83)

55. THAT'S MY RULE‚ WHATEVER'S EASIEST! In a pinch, any port in the storm! (21/8/83)

56. (GOING OVER BOF 14 ART:) I don't know why these guys are so scared of putting happy faces on people in such delightful places! All these should have been happy faces. Some of'm look so sober! (30/9/83)

57. ISN'T MAXFIELD PARRISH'S ART HEAVENLY? Those thrilled me ever since I was a little boy! And have you ever noticed how the blue & gold always predominate?—My favourite Heavenly colours! They're really gorgeous! (4/10/83)

58. HOW DO YOU LIKE THE TITLE "HEAVEN'S GIRL"? (No.1623) I thought I'd make it apostrophe "s" because she's Heaven's Girl, but she's not in Heaven yet! (4/10/83)

59. GOD BLESS APOLLOS, HE'S A GOOD BOY & REALLY DOES A TREMENDOUS JOB! He's a genius at it & really sold & inspired & I don't know of anybody else who could do it, because he's almost a magic weaver of Words! So if he gets a little overly enthusiastic & goes overboard sometimes, we can forgive him.—Even in spite of the fact he'd like to have his work prettied up more than anybody else's! But he's not necessarily allowed any more pictures than me! Ha! And if I'm not allowed to stick'm in the text, then nobody else is! (9/10/83)

60. I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU GUYS ARE A LITTLE SLOW ON MAKING SOME OF THESE DISCOVERIES! I have to usually jerk you up & tell you to try it before you dare try it! You guys ought to have a few ideas yourselves! Use your noodles! My goodness, like I told somebody else about radio, if I was doing the job, I'd think of ways of getting out of work & making it easier, simpler, quicker, shorter, less trouble, less expense & everything else‚ or making it better or whatever! I'd be thinking all the time about my job, what to do about it & how to improve it!

61. I'M ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT IMPROVEMENTS! I can't hardly go through a day even in my room without shifting things around, changing things, improving things & inventing things! You'd be amazed & you might think our room is really crazy‚ but I'm always trying to invent & improve things. You guys ought to think along those lines too, especially if it's going to save you work!

62. LOOK AT ALL THE WORK WE COULD HAVE SAVED IF WE HAD THOUGHT OF SHOOTING THE COLOUR FOR BLACK-&-WHITE! (Family: Well, one thing about that is we still used the black-&-white in GN12 before we even got to the colour.) Yes, okay, some solace, some consolation! We did, that's true. I guess we had to. (Family: But maybe we should have coloured first!) I'm beginning to think maybe we should've! We would have discovered all these things & run into all of them & gotten them all done! Anyhow, we're learning! By the time the Lord comes‚ we'll really know how to do it! Maybe we can use this wisdom in the Millennium at least!

63. WELL, I WISH YOU GUYS WOULD TRY TO DO A LITTLE THINKING! I know for a few years the Chain suppressed all independent thought & ideas & initiative & made you just a bunch of zombies, but I'm trying to jerk you guys out of that & help your realise that you can think too! You can get inspirations & ideas too & the Lord can use you just as much as anybody!

64. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, I JUST DON'T CARE TO HAVE TO WORK WITH A BUNCH OF YES-MEN! I've been jerking some of these guys up about that! I said, "Don't just sit there & nod your head at me & say "yes, yes" & agree with me, I want you to disagree with me once in awhile! Have some other idea! If you've got a better idea‚ say no!" Amen? Two or more heads are better than one & I'm not necessarily always right. I might be right, but you might be more right & have a better idea! So why not? All right, let's come up with some real idea people‚ some real thinkers & changers & people that can figure out ways to save time & work & money & improve things! (9/10/83)

65. I DID 80 PAGES OF QUESTIONS YESTERDAY! Of course it might condense a little bit because they leave quite a bit of space between them for me to answer & I don't always fill it all up. Sometimes I can answer it in about one word, & a lot of the one word is Matthew 9:29! They ask some of the funniest questions sometimes & expect me to make decisions for them when they've gotta make'm according to their own faith. So I don't always answer'm all, I can't, I'm not God! They may think I am, but I'm not! (11/10/83)

66. WHY EMAN EVER USED CANVAS FOR HIS GUARDIAN ANGEL PAINTING, I DON'T KNOW! It looks to me like canvas ought to be almost passé & go out with the last century! Well, at least he saved the picture, he could roll it up & take it with him! (13/10/83)

67. WE'LL HAVE A GIRL SERIES & A BOY SERIES—a good girl & a bad boy! ("Heaven's Girl" & "The Boy Who Wouldn't.") (13/10/83)

68. I'M GOING TO PUSH THAT INDEX THROUGH NOW, LIVE OR DIE‚ SINK OR SWIM, READY OR NOT, HERE I COME! I want to know something about the process so I'll know what we're up against & how to push it along! We've needed that Index for so long it's pitiful & I just finally decided I'm tired of waiting! That Index is so urgent & so essential & vital, it's one of the last major jobs I'd like to see done so that I could feel satisfied I've done the job before I go! We really desperately need that Index! Excuse me for getting into all these little details, but when the job doesn't get done, I have to push it!—And it hasn't been done now for years, so now I'm going to ram it through if I have to ram a few things down some people's throats! So I hope they can swallow it! (15/10/83)


70. WE'VE GOT A LOT MORE STUFF COMING IN ON HEAVEN'S GIRL, so keep Book 16 wide open! That hasn't begun to settle down yet. She hasn't settled down yet!—She probably never will, not till she gets to her Heavenly Home! (17/10/83)

71. WHY DO YOU THINK I MADE AN APPEAL TO THE WHOLE FAMILY FOR SYSTEM PICTURES OF HEAVEN?—Just out of curiosity? We want to pub'm to show what crazy ideas people have of Heaven! So for God's sake, from now on every single picture you get along that line, please give it to me, & remember'm & keep'm on file! What do we have to say to these people to tell'm I want to see those pictures!!

72. ISN'T IT A SCREAM? EVEN THIS LITTLE PICTURE IS A BUNCH OF CHURCHES! (See GN15/pg.182) But I must say, that translation is the best I have ever seen in modern language of that particular chapter & the first time giving the accurate dimensions. Did you know that I have never ever heard anybody else either in picture or in writing or books or anything give those dimensions before besides me?—Ever! Never! In anything! I had to look up furlongs & all that kind of stuff in the dictionary. Of course, I already knew what cubits were so I didn't have any problem figuring that out, but I didn't know what a furlong was. I'd read it in the Bible but I never dreamed of what it was & its tremendous dimensions!

73. LOOK HOW THAT OLD ENGLISH WORD HAS THROWN PEOPLE OFF & LEFT THEM IN IGNORANCE! It was fine in its day, but it's left them in ignorance today as to the exact dimensions. They couldn't possibly imagine that it could be that big, so they probably never bothered to look up furlong & find out it's an eighth of a mile. So that's the best English translation I think I've ever seen of that particular chapter!

74. AND DID YOU NOTICE THAT THEY GAVE THE SIMPLE NAMES OF THE STONES? Be sure & look'm over again to see if we got ours straight. I think about the only one that I didn't recognise was agate, I think we put quartz, which I think is the same thing. So it looks like we got'm all straight & that's unusual for us to be right—or me—especially on something I don't know!

75. WELL, THAT WAS ONE ENCOURAGING THING TO SEE ABOUT THEIR PICTURE OF HEAVEN, IT WAS EVEN MORE CROWDED THAN OURS! Heaven is a city of churches according to them. That's the concept they have of Heaven! Revelation says there's not even a temple in there! I thought that was a good verse: "No temple therein." (Rev.21:22) That totally contradicts their churchy idea of Heaven being a bunch of churches—no temples! Imagine how the Lord must hate temples: He's not even going to have one in Heaven! It's a good thing we called ours the Museum of Templeism! (20/10/83)

76. DO YOU REALISE HOW MANY NOTES I HAVE TO ANSWER A DAY? I believe in encouraging every little person that writes me a little note. I figure this way, if they think it's important enough to give me the note, I think it's important enough for me to at least say "Tx.—D." or something. And that way I think everybody gets a little encouragement. That's their pay! Right? Doesn't that encourage you, all my sweet little love notes to you? There you are! But when you stack'm all up & count'm all up, how many notes I get a day, I'll bet I spend one hour a day answering notes. But I think it's worth it if it keeps everybody happy‚ encouraged‚ inspired, cheered up & doing a good job! Besides, I love'm! Besides, I like to write'm, to be honest! I like to encourage people. I just have to do it, that's all! It must be the Lord! (20/10/83)

77. I JUST LOVE THIS INDEX! The Index Team did a beautiful job & I'm absolutely thrilled about it! Of course‚ I'll give the Lord all the credit for the idea, but we added a few little touches. He leaves a few things up to us. He knows we're not quite so dumb that we can't think up these things. And He probably even put those thoughts in our head!

78. SEE HOW MORE HEADS MAKE BETTER WORK THAN JUST ONE? All your suggestions put together make a bunch of great ideas! (Family: And your terrific suggestion on how to do it in the first place!) Oh honey, that was not mine, that was the Lord's! Don't give me a bit of credit for it. I was desperate about it & He just gave me the picture in prayer as clear as can be! So PTL! (20/10/83)

79. IF YOU THINK UP ANY OTHER WORDS YOU THINK OUGHT TO BE IN THE INDEX, BE SURE TO KEEP A LIST OF THEM, IMPORTANT WORDS LIKE "SUICIDE." What if somebody's about to commit suicide & they desperately want to see what it said about it, how important that would be! "But I couldn't even find suicide because I don't have any books‚ I don't have an Index!"—Ha! So I'd probably commit suicide on the way! It's that important that every important word should be there! (20/10/83)

80. I'M ALWAYS GETTING MY NOSE INTO EVERYTHING! I probably shouldn't! But I'm kind of an inventor & I think some of you are too!—Idea men! We need more idea people around to think up great ideas like this to save time & to make things easier & our work easier. So this is going to be a terrific Index!—Not perfect, it's not completely synthesised, but at least it's an Index, better than none! Amen? I love you & I love this Index! PTL! (20/10/83)

81. I GOT ANOTHER PICTURE OF HEAVEN HERE, & MY GOODNESS, IT STILL LOOKS LIKE CHURCHES!—Only this one looks like Mohammedan mosques! They found it in a flannelgraph book—I hope it wasn't one of ours! I don't think we've ever had a picture of Heaven in one of ours yet‚ how about that? The Lord has spared us from that‚ thank God, or we'd be laughing at ourselves & they'd all be laughing at us! We found enough mistakes already! (20/10/83)

82. ARTISTS CAN DO THINGS LIKE THAT SO FAST! IT'S A GIFT! Of course, they've got to take the tool God gives them & work on it & work with it‚ but it certainly is a gift. I never in this World could draw like that as you can see by the horrible little rough sketches I send. But you know what? Maybe my art is improving over the ages! Well, I'm trying to be a little more helpful with the poor artists & draw them a rough sketch, especially if I see the picture myself in a dream or something like that, I really want them to get it right & in the right positions. I know the position I like with you girls has great significance! XXX! No matter what I talk about, I can always apply it to sex! (20/10/83)

83. EVERY TIME I'VE SAID "WORK SUNDAY & WE'LL GIVE YOU THE DAY OFF LATER," WE FORGET ALL ABOUT IT & EVERYBODY KEEPS RIGHT ON WORKING! Half the time I don't even know what day of the week it is. I work every day & it never makes any difference to me. I never even go out any more! I'm practically under house arrest! Well anyhow, I enjoy it! I'm like Sophie the Washerwoman, I may not leave the premises but I've gone all over the World! Praise God! And it's thrilling & exciting & I'm not a bit sorry. So I work day & night every day of the week. I've got to keep you guys busy to give you something to do! (22/10/83)


85. I REALLY GET SORT OF, NOT ANXIOUS, BUT EAGER WHEN I RUN OUT OF SOMETHING FRESH TO WORK ON! I'm really naughty I guess about being reluctant & dragging my feet about going back to working on some old hash! I like the fresh meat! The new wine! I'm willing to dig out a few as fillers, but as long as we've got fresh meat, why open canned goods?

86. IT REMINDS ME OF THE STORY ABOUT THE OLD KLONDIKE GOLD PROSPECTOR who had been living up in the Klondike gold rush fields of Alaska for a couple of years, prospecting & panning, living on exorbitantly-priced fresh foods & mostly canned goods. Because in a gold rush like that, in a sparsely settled area where it's hard to get food in & all, they really charge outrageous prices! I remember hearing one time that eggs were selling at a dollar apiece, & that was a lot of money in those days! Dollars were like ten dollars today, so that was a lot of money for one fresh egg!

87. THE STORY GOES THAT HE FINALLY STRUCK IT RICH, STRUCK HIS GOLD VEIN & MADE A MINT, & CAME BACK TO KANSAS CITY AS A RICH MAN & could hardly wait to get into a restaurant & get a good fresh meal of good fresh food! So he sat down at the table & opened the menu & said, "Ah, that's what I want‚ that nice big T-bone steak fit for a king!" And the polite waiter said, "Well, I'm very sorry sir‚ but I don't think we have any more of that." He said, "Well then give me this nice whole chicken, that sounds terrific, I'm starved, I could eat a whole chicken." He said, "I'm afraid we just ran out of that too." The miner was losing his enthusiasm.

88. HE SAID, "WELL, LET'S SEE, BAKED FRESH SALMON, THAT REALLY SOUNDS GREAT! I'LL TAKE THAT! The waiter came back shortly from the kitchen & said, "I'm very sorry, Sir, but it just so happens we're all out of baked fresh salmon too!" It seems like we've had so much business today we're just about out of all fresh meat! Could I please open you up a little canned goods?" The guy said, "Listen, I've been eating out of cans for the last two years & I'm not going to eat out of another can today! I'm going to go someplace else!"—And he got up & stomped out!

89. SO SOMETIMES I KIND OF FEEL LIKE THAT ABOUT OLD STUFF! If it's gotten quite old & we haven't got it out for awhile‚ I'm not willing to open those cans unless we're plumb out of fresh meat! I must confess that's the way I feel about it. The canned food is fine & the old stuff is good & it's still appropriate & OK & they need it & they'll get it someday, maybe after I'm gone, I don't know. After all, we've gotta leave a few things for Maria to keep feeding you when I'm gone & keep her busy. Of course, the way she's getting inspired, there won't be any problem, she's putting out more books than I am! But that's the way I feel about it! So I'm just chompin' at the bit to work on something new! (24/10/83)

90. THE KEY VERSE FOR "REVIVALS" (NO.1648) IS‚ "WHERE INIQUITY DOTH ABOUND, GRACE DOTH MUCH MORE ABOUND!" (Rom.5:20) Get the point? That's why we're going to have a lot more on the ball in the Tribulation than the old Devil's got! And though it may seem like his triumph, it's really going to be ours! So it's a good thing to encourage'm with! (24/10/83)

91. I'M ALWAYS GOING BY AN OLD RULE I LEARNED IN JOURNALISM IN SCHOOL, high school at that, with my speeches that I went around making at the Kiwanis, Lions & Optimists Clubs. I was the high school... I started to ventriloquist! Ha! Well, the System was the ventriloquist & I was the dummy! But anyway, I was the speaker, valedictorian, & I learned to always put your best foot forward‚ your best point first to make a real good powerful impression first off! Then you can either put your second best one last & your not-so–strong point in the middle, or start out with your second best & then your third best & wind up with your best.

92. BUT I BELIEVE FIRST IMPRESSIONS MEAN SO MUCH THAT IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO PUT ALMOST THE FIRST & MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST! And since Heaven's Girl is our theme right now & this is mostly about her, of course I want her first. But I do like to wind up with something very important to leave a good & encouraging & inspiring taste in their mouth. So I thought that the strongest Letters already mentioned now which should be in there that are kind of motivating would be "Combined Index" (No.1655) which is a testimonial, & "End of the Crash" (No.1639) to kind of needle'm to get'm moving, something to sort of get a decision!—Then sandwich in the other stuff.

93. WE MAKE OUR SANDWICHES KIND OF FUNNY! Most sandwiches have the meat in the middle & the bread on both sides. Well, ours are meat & bread too but we put sometimes a slice of bread between two slices of meat. (Family: We have double-deckers!) Right, a real club sandwich! So with that general pattern in mind, put everything on the Girl first & those strong Letters last‚ fill up the middle with odds & ends like stuffin' in the turkey! (24/10/83)

94. MARIA THOUGHT THE POSTER PICTURES & ADDITIONAL HEAVEN PICTURES WERE SO IMPORTANT TO THE BOF! We've already gotten reports from people in the field who have been using, for example, the little Heaven Book with its Heaven pictures as a real fascinating witnessing tool. College students have been just fascinated & it's really bearing fruit, talking to them about Heaven & showing them pictures of Heaven. So in addition to all the gory & gruesome pictures, we all thought it would be a great idea to perhaps add a whole signature of Heaven & Millennial pictures, whatever, everything that's beautiful, maybe even pictures like we've used before‚ calendar pictures, Eman's pictures, poster pictures, everything we can scrounge & scrape together!

95. EVERYONE LOVED THOSE POSTER CLOSE-UPS! They said you could make a whole 64-page signature out of just close-ups of the poster! I think, however, we've got enough variety that we wouldn't have to zoom in on everything there. I realise they've received a lot of these pictures already & even had colour calendars of them, they've had all kinds of them in other editions, but the point is, this will be a reference book & a book used as a common constant tool, & it's even becoming a witnessing tool on the field already, very effective. We never dreamed how useful that was going to be. You know, pictures are a real tool, & they're so new & so different, they've never seen anything like it! After all, nobody else has tried it! (25/10/83)

96. A SUGGESTION SOMEBODY MADE ON THE POSTER WAS THAT ITS USE MIGHT BE A LITTLE RESTRICTED IN THE NON-CHRISTIAN WORLD BY THAT WORD "CHRISTIAN" ON THERE DOWN IN THE CORNER BY PLANET EARTH. Of course, there's a great big picture of Jesus there, but they might take that to be God‚ & the references are so microscopic they won't notice them too much. Hardly anything else would be as offensive to them as that word "Christian." So how about instead of "Saved Christians," why not remove the word "Christians" & put "only the Saved"? That makes it a little indefinite & ambiguous.

97.I HAD A CHECK ABOUT USING THAT WORD TO BEGIN WITH. I thought‚ "Well, that might offend some people!" It makes it sound a little too religious & very churchy. We've got all kinds of Scripture verses, references, quotes & stuff‚ but those are not as offensive as that actual name "Christian"—& the kind of Christians they're familiar with wouldn't necessarily be a credit to anything or anybody or the cause.

98. EVEN THE MUSLIMS BELIEVE IN JESUS‚ not exactly the way we do, but even the name Jesus on there at the bottom pretty big, "Rent free—paid for by Jesus," talking about Salvation, etc., even that's not going to offend the Muslims. It might offend some of the Oriental religions, but after all, we can't completely expunge all references to Him, & that's not until you get to the end of the poster‚ the clincher! By that time they've got the Message & if they want to reject Him, they're goners anyhow so what difference does it make?

99. EVEN A LOT OF REFORMED JEWS THINK JESUS WAS A GOOD MAN & A GREAT TEACHER, RABBI, BLAH BLAH, & THEY'RE NOT OFFENDED BY THE WORD JESUS. Muslims are not offended by the word Jesus, & even a lot of the other religions just accept Him as another great Teacher. But "Saved Christians" sounds real churchy. Even the Muslims consider themselves saved—if they die in battle they go straight to Paradise!

100. SO I THINK WE SHOULD PUT THERE INSTEAD: "ONLY THE SAVED." Christians will understand what that means, & if the rest of them don't understand it, well, maybe all the better. This poster could still be very useful in Oriental countries with Oriental religions because it's fascinating‚ as long as you don't rub'm too hard the wrong way so they can still save face. The big titles up above & all are not necessarily against anybody's religion. The picture of Jesus, especially since He's got white hair, is more like their conception of God, so it wouldn't necessarily be offensive. Oriental religions who are not familiar with the Bible may think that's a quote from me up there: "In My Father's house are many mansions." But that came to me real strong that I think we need to really erase that word "Christians"! (25/10/83)

101. WE NEED TO KEEP THE GN MOVIN'! The minute we hold back, then we overflow! When we withhold, contrary to the Scripture, it tendeth to overflow‚ not poverty! So we need to keep shoving it along. When we get sufficient for a signature, shove it off! It all depends on if the preacher comes! I may not get anything next month, who knows? (Family: We've got the faith you will!) Your faith pushes me along! You keep holding up my hands & I can't help but win! (25/10/83)

102. DON'T WORRY, I NEVER RUN OUT OF WORK! If you don't keep me busy, Maria does! She's practically standing here with things in her hand waiting to catch me in a moment's idleness! (25/10/83)

103. THE NICE THING ABOUT HAVING A MAGAZINE, IS THEY CAN JUST READ WHAT THEY'RE INTERESTED IN‚ THEY DON'T HAVE TO READ IT ALL! (Fam: I think they do!) Well, I don't know about that. From some of these questions I get, I don't think they've been reading them all. (Fam: Those guy are just lazy.) There must be quite a few lazy ones! (Fam: Once they get the Index they won't have any excuse.) From now on that's what I threaten to do, to give the A/Qs over to one of our editors & just let him answer with references! That'll really shame'm & show'm up‚ that they're lazy & they don't really search or look. Of course‚ they've had a pretty difficult time without very good indexes, but now they'll have no excuse. They've got'm all together & they can look'm up! (27/10/83)

104. EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY DOUBLE-CHECKING ON THEM! Look how you wouldn't have even found out I made a mistake this morning if you hadn't double-checked on me, if I hadn't insisted that you double-check because I couldn't believe it! Don't you want to know your mistakes? It's a little hard to take‚ I must admit!

105. IT'S NOT RIGHT TO LEAVE THE WHOLE THING UP TO ONE MAN, that's why you should always be training somebody to do your job. Somebody needs to spy on you, somebody needs to double-check on you, whatever you want to call it, to make sure you didn't make a mistake. If you guys didn't double-check on me, look how many mistakes I'd make!

106. WHY DO YOU THINK WE SEND EVERYTHING THROUGH PROOFREADERS? I've already read the stuff! I'll never forget when dear Maria began to proofread all my stuff! Of course‚ she'd already typed it herself, but at first I was almost offended: "How could I make a mistake? I've already read it! I proofread it! How could I have missed something?"—But she always found something. So pretty soon I simmered down & realised that I could make mistakes & I could overlook things & I did need somebody to check on me. Now I not only have her but all of you & I must admit sometimes I get a little offended at some of your nitpickin', but otherwise it's needed. I'd rather have the nitpickin' than miss things. So when in doubt, do put down your question or your correction. In this case when in doubt, do!

107. SO WE NEED TO DOUBLE-CHECK ON EACH OTHER BECAUSE EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES! For us to have just one man responsible for all that, he's bound to make mistakes sometimes. At least one person ought to be checking on him! You can call it spying if you want to, but it's double-checking & it's much more foolproof than being proud, if you know what I mean! (20/10/83)

108. I GOT A NEW ONE THIS MORNING CALLED "WAIT & SEE!" (No.1654) It's a lesson involving personal situations & applying these same principles to current events & future events. Some things we just can't know in advance‚ we just have to wait & see! So I think you'll like it! I think I was inspired! I always get inspired when Maria thinks up some problem or question to ask me & triggers it. It was a needed little talk for somebody in particular & everybody in general! (29/10/83)

109. I READ "THE LAST CHRISTMAS" OVER YESTERDAY & I WAS KIND OF AMAZED AT IT! (No.1634) That might be a warning in there! If it was‚ the Lord could say, "Well, I told you so & you didn't get it!" I still don't know exactly what He meant, but reading it yesterday it all of a sudden dawned on me how things are starting to pop right now & they're planning to start deployment this coming month & the Russians have threatened to walk out if they do, so that could have some pretty heavy meaning! So hang on! This may be our last chance & these may be our last books for all we know, so let's get'm out! (30/10/83)

110. YOU MUST FIGURE I'M AWFULLY PUSHY, & I GUESS I AM! Maybe that's why we're where we're at. Every ox has got to have a goad! (31/10/83)

111. GN16/17 IS GOING TO BE THE LAST LITTLE GN BOOK! It was fun while it lasted, but just like we do with the WND, just as soon as we get up to 64 pages that's it, we shut'r off & shove'r off!—Even if we have to end in the middle of a story or something, we'll continue it in the next one! We started out with 18 pages, we already far over-shot the mark & they've gotten longer & longer & slower & slower! The WND is working out just perfect the way we're doing it—it gets off in time & gets there in a hurry & gets out in a hurry‚ & I'm going to try to do the GNs the same way. So God helping us, this is going to be our last big Book!

112. WE'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE BINDING, COVERS, NOTHING! They're just going to go like that & they can worry about the binding, that's another austerity measure. It was nice while we had it, they made nice little books, we even reprinted books & all kinds of stuff, but we can't do it any more! Things are slowing up the World over & going down & we don't want to go down with it so we've got to start living within our income. And I think it's good for us, because it's going to actually speed things up & move things along. In some ways it's even better security. We've got eight signatures stacked up right now & that's a real bottleneck, a real traffic jam!—When they could have been getting some of these a long time ago. Well, this will be the last one, this will be their nice big thick Christmas gift! (2/11/83)

113. MAXFIELD PARRISH'S PICTURES ARE SO MUCH LIKE DREAMS! He said in his story that he was tired of doing girls on rocks, but that's one of the things he was best at & made him most popular, all those beautiful girls on rocks! (2/11/83)

114. I GIVE MY MOCKUPS TO DAVIDITO & I LIKE HIM TO HAVE A COMPLETE SET OF EVERYTHING. The older he grows, the more he'll appreciate'm, & God knows when we'll ever get another one, we don't know. So at least a bird in the hand's worth quite a few in the bush! (2/11/83)

115. (REGARDING "PERSONAL EVANGELISM VS. MASS EVANGELISM," NO.1649:) Whoever the shoe fits is guilty & they can take it to heart & not sit self-righteously on the sidelines & say, "Oh well, that's for that country, not us!" Because it's true of a lot of countries! (4/11/83)

116. I'VE GOT ANOTHER GOOD LITTLE FILLER HERE ON "RADIO FRUIT" FROM INDIA‚ stats on exactly how many actual Members have joined through radio & are now fulltime TRFing Members of Homes. The total is about 60, but about 50 out of the 60—in other words 5 out of 6—were actually brought in personally! The radio show softened them up, prepared the ground & ripened the fruit, but then they had to go out & be handpicked! That shows you what we're doing now is absolutely necessary to get the results. We've gotta go out & handpick'm! It doesn't matter that the fruit is there & ripened on the tree as a result of the sap of the radio, etc., somebody's gotta go out personally & pick'm in person or you don't get the ratio. In fact, I think it was only about nine that actually came through & were TRFing Members without any personal contact, just through radio, but the other 50 had to have that personal touch to come in & actually join. (4/11/83)

117. MARIA'S GOT SO MANY IRONS IN THE FIRE & SO MANY PROJECTS, she's like the old lady that lived in the shoe‚ she has so many children she doesn't know what to do! She works lots harder & busier than me & has more to do than I have. I just have my nice little play toys to play around with!—The GNs & WNDs! (11/83)

118. TAKE IT EASY‚ DO WHAT YOU CAN! You can't do any more than you can do. "She has done what she could." (Mk.14:8) I'll give you that for your Scripture for today. Don't worry. "My yoke is easy & My burden is light." (Mt.11:30) If it's too hard, then somebody's working you too hard, like me!

119. I WAS JUST READING IN THE WND THAT SOME PEOPLE ENJOY STRESS, IT'S PART OF THEIR AGGRESSIVE NATURE. (See WND4/pg.58.) They enjoy the strife of the battle & they push everybody else, therefore they turn out to be very disagreeable tyrants, like me! I thought, "Boy, there's a perfect picture of me!" And I put a little note after it: "Who?—Me?" It sounded so much like me it made me laugh!—Ha! I must admit, I guess I sort of enjoy the battle pressure & I try to commandeer all the troops & keep them moving too! (11/83)

120. I'M GOING TO GO BACK TO INDIVIDUAL GN COUNTING NOW! The last one we had numbered was 38, so I want to count every single signature as another GN. It would be interesting to find out how many we have. So we will resume that numbering system with what we've been calling Book 18, but there's not going to be any more Book 18!—17 is a nice number to end on! (11/83)

121. SOME WERE AFRAID THAT IF PEOPLE READ THE BOF INTRO THEY WOULDN'T READ THE BOOK! Well, if that satisfies them & that's all they need to know, why read the book? I don't like to make people do things they don't want to do. That ought to whet their appetite & make them want to know more! Besides, it's such a nice quick little summary‚ I thought it was great! It should arouse their curiosity to want to know more. (11/83)

122. I WAS ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHED THAT WE'RE ON GN 99!—Almost 100 signatures since the number 1 GN! The first one printed this size was 31-34. That's quite a few! There must be some kind of a celebration due that we almost hit 100! That's a lot of work.—6400 pages! Wow! You guys have really been workin'! That's quite a record for one year‚ 99 signatures! Well, no use reminiscing right now! (11/83)

123. THE GNS & WNDs ARE TOP PRIORITY & THEY HAVE GOT TO GET OFF THE PRESSES & THEY HAVE GOT TO GO WHETHER THE OTHER STUFF GOES OR NOT! They're news & if they get too old, they won't be news! So please tell'm to try to push them along. I know they're inundated right now with work, but they can't do any more than they can do, so just do these first! GB'm! (11/83)

124. IF THERE'S NOTHING MAJOR THAT'S IN THE WORKS OR ON THE WAY I guess I'll dig into the stockpile of ancient lore & see what I can find! (11/83)


126. "BIGGER JOBS" IS AN OLD GOLDIE FROM WAY BACK‚ FIVE YEARS AGO! (No.1673) I just read it today & it's really thrilling to see how much that's been fulfilled & where some of those people are now. I was just telling them then they were going to have bigger jobs, & most of them have gone on to bigger jobs! (11/83)

127. (RE: ORDER OF GN102:) "Red or Dead" kind of fits after "The Chinese" who are Reds!—After which if your "Biorhythms" are right you can get "Bigger Jobs" done! (11/83)

128. THE "HEAVEN GIRL" PIC WE CHOOSE IS GOING TO BE THE COVER OF THE BOOK, so it had better be acceptable, since it will be visible, because we don't want it divisible! (11/83)

129. TAKE IT EASY! JUST SETTLE DOWN TO A TROT INSTEAD OF A GALLOP! It's funny‚ I always hated trots. It just is so jolting! I'd far prefer either just a slow easy walk or a gallop! There's no half-way with me! I just didn't like trotting at all, I either walked or I galloped, one or the other. I'm an extremist! So why don't you slow down to a walk? I think we can walk it to our deadline! (11/83)

130. I LOVED JAC'S PICTURE FOR "AUSTERITY"! (No.1660) It's good enough for posterity! (11/83)

131. POOR JAC WITH HIS HANG-GLIDER ON THE COVER OF "GOD'S WAY"! (No.1659) I think I could draw one better from memory because I was interested in hang-gliding. It's a good thing they invented that after I grew up or I sure would have been out there with'm! It's just the kind of thing I would have loved to do & I probably would have broken my neck! So the Lord spared me from that invention because I was too old to do anything but watch it. It's something I always wanted to do, fly like a bird, & that's the closest thing that man has come to doing it! (11/83)

132. THEY'RE GOING TO GET QUITE A FEW CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!—The Heaven Poster, the Endtime Poster, the BOF, the Index‚ the Double Editions & God knows what else Maria has up her sleeve! I don't know if we can get it all off or not, but she will eventually. In some cases it's eventually but not now! (11/83)