KEYWORDS: jesus, red, truth, better, god, name

Red or Dead?--Which?--Or Both?

David Berg

DFO 167011/83

1. ITALY IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY & FRANCE IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY & SO IS SPAIN WHERE THEY MAKE ALL THAT WINE! But though I love them they don't love me, they wouldn't listen to me. I told them & tried to warn them. I told them but they wouldn't listen. They wanted their missiles & they wanted death, "Better dead than red." So that's what God is going to give them, dead.

2. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH RED? IT'S A PRETTY COLOUR! It's one of my favourites. Why doesn't anyone want to be red? I like red. I've always had red, red pens & everything. Why don't people like red? It's the colour of the blood of Jesus! I'd rather have it than the cold blue ice of the God-damned United States! Better read & dead than the horror the West designs for Europe! My God!

3. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH RED? IT'S A BEAUTIFUL COLOUR!—The colour of the blood of Jesus! In Jesus' name. I love red. It's like Salvation. I would rather be red than dead! So what's wrong with being red‚ huh? I can be both red & dead! In Jesus' name, amen. That's best of all—red & dead! In Jesus' name, amen.

4. I TELL PEOPLE NOT TO BE AFRAID OF BEING EITHER RED OR DEAD! In Jesus' name. Better red & dead! I don't think I've heard anybody say that. It's a new doctrine.—The red first & dead next. Better red & dead. See, there's no choice. It's not better red than dead, it's better red & dead, because that's what they're going to get. They might as well know, both red & dead‚ & that's it!

5. IT'S JUST LIKE RASPUTIN, it's the same thing all over again!—They want to kill me but they can't kill me because I'm sustained by the miraculous power of God! They'd like to kill me but you can't kill the Truth & I'm the Truth & they can't kill me. How can they kill the Truth? They try but they can't, so here I am, red & dead & alive unto God! It's impossible for them to kill the Truth because I'm the Truth. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

6. I'M THE RASPUTIN OF TODAY & they know it, you know? That's why they hate me, because they can't overcome me!