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Combo Board, The

David Berg

DFO 1663 11/83

1. I HAD THE FUNNIEST DREAM, IT WAS KIND OF LIKE A BOARD GAME! It had all these squares & rectangles & each one was a little snapshot of various people of WS Units & how we were trying to combine them, & that we were trying to do it sort of slowly, move by move, & we'd take a picture of somebody from one who hadn't been there before & put it in this main frame of sort of the central picture, which was the main one we were trying to combine. Then we'd take somebody from another & put a picture of them on top of this same one, this central rectangle or a snapshot.

2. WE'D TAKE ONE OF THEM HERE & PUT IT THERE, & ONE FROM THERE & PUT IT HERE, keep adding, you know, like new people all the time. Because some of you were saying it had to be done slowly so they could slowly absorb these changes & additions just one step at a time, one picture at a time, little by little.—This one move here & that one move there‚ we'd keep adding to the central picture. The whole idea was to combine the whole thing with the best of everything.

3. BUT IT JUST SEEMED LIKE WE WERE SO SLOW! I said, "They're too slow, we can't wait. They're just too slow, they're moving too slow. We've gotta make these changes more rapidly‚ we don't have to do it so slowly." I don't know who was slowing it down. But I was arguing with the people playing the game on the board that they could do it faster & they didn't have to wait till they added every little piece & every little thing every little time & wait & put another one & wait & put another, that they ought to do it now, the rest. I told them I thought they ought to be able to do it right away! I said, "It's too slow, we've got to do it now. It's been slow enough, we've got to do it now!" Maybe that's just an expression of my opinion, the way I feel about it.

4. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK THAT DREAM WAS LIKE SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST OR IS IT...?) It's something that's been happening in the past. We've been moving too slow. It's like history.—And so I took a hand & insisted that they speed up. I said, "You can take this one here & that one there & put'm on top of each other, do it quick & you don't have to fool around."

5. IT SEEMED LIKE THE PEOPLE OR THE MANAGEMENT OR SOMETHING, RAN THE GAME TOO SLOWLY—they'd stick a picture on top of the central rectangle, in other words the combination. Then they'd sit & wait & see if it was sort of absorbed. Then they'd put another picture of'm over here on the left & put it on top of it & see if it'd absorb, then they'd wait. They'd take a picture of them there, put it there & then they'd wait.—Then a picture from up here & put it there, wait, just kept adding very very slowly from here or there. But I said,

6. "IT'S TOO SLOW, TOO SLOW! YOU CAN DO IT NOW, RIGHT NOW!" And I grabbed the pictures & I just stuck'm all on the‚ frame, piled'm all on the centre rectangle, & that was it! Well, they were horrified, amazed that I would just push everybody into it in a hurry instead of waiting until everything got absorbed slowly by osmosis or something! I said, "It's too slow! You don't have to wait. Do it now!"

7. ACTUALLY IT COULD HAVE BEEN SYMBOLIC OF WHAT WE'RE TRYING TO DO NOW WITH MANY WS UNITS: Trim & merge them to cut costs before the "End of the Crash" comes! (No. 1639)—The "Austerity Measures" we've been describing in GN 99 & mentioned in the above Letter‚ "Eventually, Why Not Now?"—Yes, why not now?—Why wait?

8. WHO KNOWS?—GOD KNOWS WE MAY NOT HAVE MUCH LONGER OR EVEN AS LONG AS WE THINK! We'd better get it done now before it's too late! If we delay too long, some may not make it!—Some may get caught in their present situation until it's too late to move'm or combine'm or save'm from their dangerous areas!—Yes, let's do it now! GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen.