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Grandpa Jewels

David Berg

DFO 1646Compiled 8/83

1. (28/6/83) WHEN WE WERE LITTLE KIDS THEY'D SAY, "STICKS & STONES CAN BREAK MY BONES, BUT WORDS CAN NEVER HARM ME!"—BUT WE KNOW THAT'S NOT TRUE! Words can hurt you sometimes, if you say the wrong words. Like Jesus said, it's not what goes into a man that defileth him‚ but what comes out that defiles him. (Mt.15:11.) So if you say naughty things‚ that defiles you. You know what "defiles" means?—Dirties! So it's what comes out of our mouth that hurts you the most. What goes into your mouth is not really what defiles you. Even if the poison kills you, that doesn't hurt you spiritually, it's what comes out. (Maria: It says, "By thy words shalt thou be justified & by thy words thou shalt be condemned.") (Mt.12:37.) So words can hurt you & that little saying is not really true, is it?—That "sticks & stones can break my bones but words will never harm me." Words can harm you!—Naughty words, bad words. So I changed it to: Sticks & stones can break my bones, but words can really harm me! Sticks & stones can only break your bones, but words can send you to Hell!

2. (5/83) THE BABY JUST LOOKS AT ME LIKE SHE'S REALLY IN THE PRESENCE OF SOME AUSTERE PERSONALITY! She really looks at me with awe & wonder! She laughs & coos with the kids, but no matter how I clown & cut up & laugh & everything, she won't crack a smile! When I walk in she gets real sober. She seems to think I'm really something special! (She smiles now.)

3. (1983) WHEN I DIP INTO THIS NICE WARM POOL I NEVER WANT TO GET OUT! I'm as bad as the little kids, you have a hard time getting me out once I get in! That's how I am with some subjects too!—And some women too!

4. (17/7/83) OUR CHILDREN GET ALONG SO WELL TOGETHER—IT'S ALMOST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! You wouldn't believe the way David is so fatherly & serious & big brotherly! He just sort of smiles at the younger ones' weaknesses. Of course, they're all crazy about him & just vie with each other for his attention! He's a very popular man in this house! He's getting to be a big help with the children & with the work the men do, he helps them out. He's really really some boy!

5. (17/7/83) I KIND OF LIKE THOSE LITTLE NIGHT SOUNDS OF THE FROGS! I really sleep good with those! I slept the best two nights' sleep I've had when all those frogs were croakin'! Something about it just lulled me to sleep—kind of like the way I used to sleep on trains, buses, planes & ships, something about the constant rumble. Maybe I learned that when I was a baby, I got used to it or something. I think the gentle motion does it too. So I really slept good those two nights the frogs were just singing away! I'm sleeping better, thanks to your prayers!

6. (14/7/83) I'M HAVING LUPPER!—Lunch & Supper!

7. (14/7/83) EVERYTHING'S GETTING MORE COMPLICATED! Dear Techi, she looked around our room the other night—we've got two offices & all kinds of things on the wall—& she said, "Grandpa, your room is so complicated!" I thought she was going to say cluttered or messy or something‚ but she said a great big word like complicated! And she's really about right!

8. (5/7/83) (TO TECHI: ) SEE, THE TOP OF THE HEART IS SHAPED LIKE THE TOP OF MOSES' LAWS OF STONE, but since Moses' laws didn't give them the point, God made this new Law of Love so they'd get the point! You get the point? Now you'll probably remember that! They had to have a law like that of love to get the point!—Like the point of the heart!

9. (5/7/83) WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE JESUS WOULDN'T WANT TO COME RIGHT NOW? (David: Because we haven't finished our job yet!) Right! We want to take as many people with us to Heaven as we can!—To enjoy that beautiful City!


11. (24/6/83) (TO THE BABY: ) WHEN WE'VE GOT A DOOR OR A WINDOW OPEN‚ I CAN HEAR YOU EXPRESSING YOUR FEELINGS! That's good for you! It helps develop your lungs & let people know what you like & don't like!

12. (24/6/83) I'VE GOTTA LEARN HOW THE POPE ACTS! I don't know if I could ever be a Pope, he has to be too stiff & formal. He's kind of relaxed & friendly‚ but he never seems to clap his hands or shout or anything!

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15. (28/5/83) (TO THE BABY:) YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO SMILE AS BIG AS DAVID, HE'S GOT THE BIGGEST SMILE OF ALL! But you're doing pretty good! You're trying! Is she all right? Happy? Satisfied? If I'd been [nursing] on that gorgeous bosom that long, I think I'd be satisfied too!

16. (16/4/83) ISN'T IT FUN TO HAVE LOTS OF BROTHERS & SISTERS & MOTHERS & FATHERS? We've got lots of everything here!

17. (16/4/83) DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE LITTLE BOY WHEN THE PREACHER CAME TO DINNER & THEY WERE PASSING THE BREAD? The preacher said, "No thank you" because he was on a diet & he didn't want to eat bread & get too fat—he was already too fat—so the little boy piped up & said, "Well, what do you do for a pusher?"

18. (16/4/83) (TO THE NURSING BABY:) IF I WERE YOU, I'D LIKE THAT TOO! … What more beautiful sight than that—a babe at the breast! You're beginning to look like a human being, kid! Like your mama nurses you, we're nursing the whole World!

19. (29/1/83) (TECHI: IT'S A DIAMOND!) OH MY, IT LOOKS LIKE A RUBY—RUBIES ARE RED! (Techi: But it's really a diamond.) Well OK, a red diamond! "All things are possible to him that believeth!" (Mk.9:23.) Why not? If to her it's a diamond‚ it's a diamond‚ so why deny it? TYL! (Maria: That's a good point too, not arguing the point!) After all, if she wants to call it a diamond, that's her privilege! Somebody else called it a ruby in the first place, why hasn't she got just as much right to name the stone as the guy who first named'm? (Maria: In the spirit you can be anything & name anything!) And rename'm all! So I wouldn't argue about that. If you tell her once, give her the right answer & she's not convinced, well, then you've delivered your soul. If she wants to keep on believing it's a diamond, well fine.

20. (29/8/82) (TECHI: WHY DO YOU NEED TWO SPOONS?—BECAUSE LATER YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE YOUR TEA!) Yes, I'll keep it for my tea. Thank you! That was a great idea! That's why I need two spoons—I didn't know why! You're a very smart girl, Honey, figuring all these things out. That's really smart, you know? She has to analyse everything! She comes into our room & starts picking up the trash bits & tiny bits of lint on the carpet, & she goes in the bathroom & straightens the rug. She has a sense of balance & rightness & beauty sort of like I have, & everything's gotta be just right & just so! So she comes in & tries to straighten up everything, it's just automatic with her, she just goes over & does it. She doesn't have to be told. She does it instinctively even before she thinks about what she really is doing.

21. (2/12/82) (TO TECHI: ) YOU'RE THE STAR IN THE LIMELIGHT—I'd just as soon stay out of the limelight myself!

22. (2/12/82) LITTLE FEET WERE BORN TO RUN!—Made to run errands!

23. (31/10/82) HOW COULD YOU LOVE YOUR POOR OLD GRANDPA SO MUCH? (Techi: Because I love you!) I know you do, I can sure tell it!

24. (31/10/82) (TECHI SINGS:



Fly away Jack,

Fly away Jill!

Come back Jack!

Come back Jill!")

Well, well‚ well, well, well! How about that, my oh my! That's as edifying as some of those things I taught you! Well, they enjoy it! After all, you just have fun with kids sometimes, everything doesn't have to be educational. For goodness sake, let your hair down & have a little fun once in awhile!

25. (18/12/82) (TECHI: GRANDPA‚ I LIKE YOUR SHOES!) You like my shoes? She notices everything! I've got these old slippers on from South Africa & she likes my shoes! GBH!

26. (1982) (TECHI: I DREAMED THAT THE BABY WAS OUT ALREADY!) It won't be long, about one month! You wouldn't want her to get here before her birthday, would you? That was a hard question to answer! She thought a little while & she finally just barely turned her head.—Unless it was the Lord's will for her to come a little bit early. (Techi: It just was a dream, it wasn't real.) Well maybe! Grandpa has lots of dreams that come true, so maybe it was! "Your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams." (Joel 2:28.) And because you're so close to Grandpa, you've got to have dreams like old men! You & me are so much alike!

27. (TECHI: I DREAMED THE BABY IS GOING TO BE A GIRL!) (And it was!) Yes! You're all rootin' for a boy, I'm rootin' for a girl! I'll bet on a girl, you guys bet on a boy‚ & we'll see who wins! (Sara: And the winner gets a new baby!) Yes! We're all going to have a new baby! In fact‚ when we have a baby, we all win! We all win a new baby! (Techi: Even if we don't get an Earthly surprise, then we get a baby surprise!) Yes‚ right straight from Heaven! (Techi: She's not exactly from Heaven, but she came from Heaven.) Well, she made a slight detour through Sara's tummy! (Techi: Did you know that Jesus has all His little babies in Heaven that He's going to send down some day?) Right! How did you know about that? There're something like 350,000 babies born every day!

28. (TECHI: AND I DREAMED THE BABY & ME WERE GOING ON A CAR RIDE!) Oh, I'll bet you will! (Techi: Just me & the baby, that's all!) My goodness, that's quite a car! (Techi: It was a real car!) Well, probably in the Millennium you'll have some kind of vehicle or something to ride in if you want one. But you can fly—what do you need with a vehicle? What do you say while we're theorising you have another nice bite of dinner or you won't last on Earth very long! Heaven can wait!

29. (30/8/82) LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL HEART SHE DREW! Isn't that gorgeous? My, it's amazing all these works of art that she's accomplishing in such a rapid length of time! Well, not too rapid. As long as Grandpa talks it gives her quite a bit of time for art! It's a beautiful heart of all colours—looks like Jacob's coat of many colours! It's a heart of many colours! She's really got an eye for colour! She goes down that row of colours & she's looking for something. She picks out a certain colour & starts with that. She's very discriminating & particular. I would say that's real original art. It looks every bit as good as some of this modern art I've seen at some of these art shows!

30. (30/8/82) "GRANDPA," SHE SAYS GENTLY, "YOU'RE HOLDING MY HAND TOO TIGHT!" I get excited & I start squeezin' it! Whenever I do that you can just take it away! I'm sorry!

31. (23/5/83) I THRILL TO EVERY NEW CHILD! We've having so much fun with the new baby! She is a case‚ she's really funny! She still looks like a little fat man‚ but she's really enjoying the kids. And guess who's her best babysitter who likes to take care of her the most & she likes the most & can pacify her when nobody else can do it?—Davidito! He just loves her & takes such good care of her. Even when she cries in the arms of the girls, he'll take her & right away she settles down.—Something about a man, you know, stability & security! And of course, she's a girl! (Maria: He's like his Daddy!) Got a way with women! ILY Honey, you've sure got a way with me!

32. (12/11/82) (TO TECHI:) I LOVE YOU, SWEETHEART! IT'S SO LATE & YOU MUST BE TERRIBLY TIRED, YOUR EYES ARE ITCHIN'! You know what little Junior Haas said one time when he could hardly hold his eyes open & his eyes kept shutting? We were in one of our little meetings & I think my Mother was talking. I said, "Junior, why don't you go to bed? You're so sleepy!" He said, "I'm not sleepy, it's just my eyes are sleepy!"

33. (2/6/81) (PRAYS FOR DAVIDITO: ) THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GOOD BOY THAT LOVES YOU‚ JESUS, & KNOWS YOUR WORD, LORD! He's gonna be a great blessing to millions of people—already has been. There's a lot of people counting on you, Honey! ILY‚ Son! I not only love you, I admire you!

34. (3/6/81) I DON'T THINK I'D EVEN TAKE THE KIDS INSIDE OF A PET SHOP HERE! (S. Africa) Those animals get loaded with diseases that you & me can catch! It's really risky. I'm even a little hesitant about taking them to a zoo, but a zoo is outdoors where there's lots of fresh air & it's not likely to be communicable. But in a pet shop it can be pretty dangerous!

35. (3/6/81) YOU FIXED TECHI'S HAIR SO CUTE! Pretty soft curls! I'll never forget when I saw her come up to the bed with those beautiful curls‚ only that day they were hanging down! (See No.698.) That is the most amazing thing to me, how the Lord can let you look at the future! And then when it's some future I want to see, the Lord won't always let me see it! He makes me trust by faith!

36. I WAS REALLY DESPERATE ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT! That was rather strange how everybody else went in the back door of the airport bus, but you & Techi came through the front door. I was sitting up front there & she came straight to me, climbed in my lap & sat there in my arms perfectly contented! With all those strangers & strange places, it didn't bother her a bit!

37. THAT WAS THE MOST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! The Lord said as clear as anything: "See? She's not worried—because she's in your arms! That's the way you ought to be. You're in My arms, what are you worrying about?" And I just claimed that through every gate from that time on: "I'm in your arms, underneath are the everlasting arms!" (Deut.33:27)—And that really pulled me through! We just sailed through every gate! She was such a vivid illustration!—A perfect example of childlike faith! No matter what happened, she felt perfectly safe in my arms!

38. (25/10/81) WE PUT CHILDREN FIRST IN OUR FAMILY! We like the children to be first! We think children are very important in our Family! (7/2/83) (When serving water: ) You should give it to the child first. It's harder for children to wait. Children first! Thank you, Son! I realise you were trying to honour me‚ but the children come first!

39. (25/10/81) (TO DAVID:) YOU'RE GOING TO LAST FOREVER! So everything your teachers teach you is going to last forever! Isn't that wonderful? So each week they're investing a little bit more in Eternity as they invest in you, because you're Eternal! TTL! Children are forever! These eternal lives are going to last forever & everything we've put into them is going to count!

40. (7/2/83) (TO TECHI:) THANK YOU, HONEY, THAT WAS SWEET OF YOU TO OFFER ME THOSE! You're so generous! She always wants to give something away! Isn't that wonderful how children always want to give?

41. (7/2/83) (TECHI: I'VE JUST GOT LITTLE TINY KNUCKLES!) So small! A big man has big knuckles & that's why they fight with them, isn't that terrible?—Hitting each other with those hard bones!

42. (TO TECHI:) WHO FIXED YOUR HAIR SO PRETTY? (T: Dora.) Isn't that sweet? Aren't Dora & Sara good to you? Right? I said‚ aren't they good to you? You should say, "Yes! TYJ! Amen! Thank you Dora & thank you Sara!" Now what's the matter with you tonight? Have you got a problem? Well, then say yes, TTL! Are you mad at both Dora & Sara tonight? I said‚ "Aren't you glad that you've got two nice ladies-in-waiting to take care of their little princess?" Aren't you glad? (Techi nods.) That's better, but it ought to really get a little more enthusiastic response than that! You should say, "Amen!"

43. MAYBE THEY'RE NOT GOING TO WANT TO DO IT NEXT TIME IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE THANKFUL! That was a lot of hard work to do your hair like that. Did you say‚ "Thank you‚ Dora"? Tell her—don't tell me! Come on, what's the matter with you, little teenager? (Maria: She likes it to be her own idea.) (Techi: Dora did my hair, & before you came to dinner I said thank you.) Very good. Well, it's nice to praise people before everybody too, to make them feel good, recognised & appreciated.—Like we do the cooks, we thank them before the whole Family! Look what we've got here, would you? We've got meat pie! (Techi: Thanks, whoever cooked it!) Good girl! You're really learning!

44. (7/2/83) OH, I LOVE IT! THAT MEANS I LIKE IT VERY MUCH! (Techi: Better not say, "I love it.") I know we're not supposed to say that‚ but it's very difficult not to say that when I like it so much! (Techi: Everybody tells me not to say that.) They're right. It's not exactly correct to say you love something that is an inanimate object—you're only supposed to love people & animals & things like that. But when these little beans are so good & so kind to me & so delicious‚ I don't understand why I can't love'm! My Mama used to love'm!—But then she'd tell me I shouldn't say it either! (Maria: That's your special prerogative, Grandpa.)

45. (8/1/82) (TO TECHI: ) IF YOU WANT TO PLEASE GRANDPA & DORA‚ YOU'D BETTER EAT YOUR PEAS WITH A SPOON, BECAUSE YOU GET MORE! It's going to take a long time to eat those peas with a fork. Grandpa doesn't like to give orders, I don't like to have to insist, but of course if you want to sit there all night eating peas with a fork, well, okay, but your dinner's going to be all cold. That's a good girl! She always makes the right decision in the long run. She just doesn't want to be forced into it. She wants to make it on her own just like a teenager! She made a wise decision, Wise Techi, she chose the spoon! Look at those peas go since she started shovellin' instead of pokin'!

46. (8/1/82) (WHEN TECHI BUMPS HERSELF: ) YOU MUST SQUEEZE, NOT JERK! (No.11) You're going to get a lot of hard knocks in life if you don't take it easy! (She falls down again a little later: ) Honey, the Lord must be trying to teach you something. Come to Grandpa, Honey. The Lord's trying to teach you to be more careful & to squeeze, don't jerk! We all have to learn it, we all have to learn to be more careful. We can't just do anything we want to do, we have to be cautious & careful & go slow & squeeze & don't jerk & try to be careful not to abuse our bodies, be temperate & be moderate & try to really be careful & not hurt ourselves. You're a big girl now, you're not a little baby any more. Jesus bless it & help it not to hurt any more, bless & touch & heal it, take the hurt away & help her to be more careful with the body & the head that You gave her & take better care of it & not bump it & not be so bumpy, in Jesus' name we ask it for Thy glory! Amen! TYJ! ILY, Sweetheart! Dry away the rain & out comes the sun! Let me see the sunshine! There it is! A big smile! That's the sunshine!

47. (11/1/82) (TO DAVID:) GOD BLESS YOU‚ BEAUTIFUL BOY! TYJ! A Third–Worlder! The whole World's going to listen to you someday if you keep on preaching the Gospel!

48. (15/1/82) WE DISCOVERED ANOTHER PLACE WHERE TECHI APPEARED YEARS AGO—in my 1975 dream about Aura Jones! She was the little girl that climbed in the car! (See No.381.) Isn't that something? I said I had the impression she was mine!

49. (15/1/82) TECHI'S TIRED, MAYBE SHE NEEDS TO GO TO BED. Maybe she wants to lie down right there, that's OK. Give her a little pillow. There! Do you have a little cover? My children went to sleep on the floor many many times! That's a good girl! It's all right, I'll watch over you! Nobody will run over you or step on you. And little Teddy's going to watch you too. I couldn't count the nights my kids went to sleep on the floor at some church or some meeting!

50. (19/1/82) (TECHI: YOU'VE GOT A LONG ARM!) See, it's twice as long as yours! Yours is just a little short arm because you're a little short girl! You're not a big girl yet, but you are 2 years & 10 months old today! And in two more months you'll be three, & in two more months, I'll be 63! (David: And in six days I'm going to be 7 years old!) Just think how old I am, I'm real ancient! I've lived 20 times as long as Techi & about 10 times as long as David!

51. (22/1/82) WE'VE INVENTED A NEW MARBLE GAME! I never saw it done this way, but I'm sure it will work very good! This floor is just like a billiard table. It's a good game with the kids‚ even the big kids! It's really good exercise‚ you get a lot of stoopin' & it's good for your stomach muscles, back muscles‚ knee muscles, & boy‚ I found out it's really good for these muscles here!—Ha! After that first marble game I was sore about three days! I'll tell you, the way these guys play marbles, it is a race! David just hops around like a frog, he's so fast! I'll show you how to use a cue after supper, there's a special way to hold it that's best.

52. (7/2/82) I KNOW WE DON'T HAVE AN USHER, BUT SOMEBODY MIGHT USHER YOU OUT IF YOU DON'T BE QUIET! An usher is the man who greets the people at the door & shows them to their seats & passes the offering plate & tells the children to be quiet. And in the old days in church, they had a long stick, & on the one end was a feather, & on the other end was a round, hard wooden knob. And for the old men & old folks that dozed & went to sleep, the usher would patrol the aisle & reach over & tickle'm on the face with the feather & they'd wake up. It would embarrass the guy caught sleeping!—To tickle him like that!

53. BUT IF IT WAS CHILDREN THAT WERE NOISY & KEPT TALKING OUT LOUD INSTEAD OF BEING QUIET & WHISPERING, he would reach over & go "bonk" like that on their head with the knob! If you'd warned them a couple times already & they were still noisy, he'd go bonk & then they'd keep quiet! And if that still didn't do the trick, they'd come & grab'm & take'm off! And their Mama had to go with'm & take care of'm & learn to keep'm quiet next time!

54. SO YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK OUT LOUD IN MEETINGS WHEN PEOPLE ARE TALKING & PRAYING. "Hush!" means be quiet! Oh, usher, not a husher! Yes, he was a husher too, that's a good idea! Maybe that's where he got his name, he was the husher to make the people be quiet. He would pass the offering plate & keep the children quiet, & if anybody got too noisy or rambunctious or caused any trouble, he'd just usher them out! I had two ushers pick me up once & carry me out!

55. SO IF YOU MUST SAY SOMETHING, YOU CAN WHISPER IT TO SARA VERY QUIETLY, & when Grandpa's talking you should try not to talk to Grandpa, OK? Is that a deal, partner? Shall we shake on it? You usually shake with your right hand. She's not real used to this American custom of shaking hands, she's more used to the French custom of kissing!—French kisses!

56. (12/11/82) CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! GOD'S WORD SAYS, "HONOUR TO WHOM HONOUR IS DUE!" (Rom.13:7.) I surely believe in giving credit to the cooks! (Techi: Whoever cooks the dinner gets the most credit!) That's right! They get the most credit for cooking dinner, that's for sure! Everybody gets a little credit for something! You get credit just for being a sweet little angel, Grandpa's little comforter!

57. (12/11/82) DAVID'S OUR YOUNG PROPHET! HE'S IN THE SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS RIGHT NOW! Did you know they had a school for prophets in the Bible? It wasn't to teach them how to prophesy‚ but it was just to teach them the Word!—School of Prophets! That's where they were trying to build a bigger house for them & they lost the borrowed axehead in the pool‚ remember? And who was it made it float?—The big Prophet, the main prophet, but I always forget whether it's Elijah or Elisha! (2Kg.6:6) I always get those two guys mixed up! Elijah was in pretty good standing with them, but they were a bit slow in recognising Elisha. I wonder if it's because he was an old farm boy & he hadn't been to school yet. After all, he wasn't a graduate of their cemetery!—I mean, seminary! How about that? When Elijah went out to pick somebody to succeed him, he didn't even pick anybody out of the School of the Prophets, he picked somebody somewhere else, because that's what the Lord told him to do!

58. (12/11/82) IS EVERYBODY HAPPY & HEALTHY? I know you're wealthy, I hope you're wise!

59. (2/12/82) (TO TECHI:) COME HERE, SWEET BABY‚ WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? ILY! Don't worry! But you should always be nice to other people & not take things away from them. (Dora: They had a misunderstanding.) XXX! It was a misunderstanding‚ I'm sorry. Well, you got an extra lovin' because of it! See? When we make mistakes & God is sorry for us, He takes us in His arms & He gives us an extra lovin' because we feel bad. Isn't that nice? So cheer up! Everything's OK now! You've got everything to be thankful for!

60. (8/6/83) I'M A WHOLE LOT HAPPIER NOW THAT I GOT TO STOP & WORK ON MY FAVOURITE TOYS—THE GNs! It's like keepin' a little kid from Christmas for me not to be able to work on my GNs! I really must confess I enjoy it!

61. (7/3/82) WELL, I CAN SEE YOU DON'T KNOW ALL THESE OLD SONGS! You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but we ought to be able to teach you young dogs old tricks!

62. (6/9/82) (SINGING COMMUNION SONGS:) PTL! Our children lead the way! When you old bottles are a little slow, the new bottles really jump right in! You've gotta really have a lot of umph to hit those high notes!

63. (6/9/82) (DURING COMMUNION:) IF YOU'D BREAK THE BREAD IN TWO‚ THEN YOU CAN PASS IT BOTH WAYS & YOU'LL SAVE A LITTLE TIME! If you folks can remember these little helpful hints, when you have to do it you won't have to be told! Amen? PTL!

64. (12/9/82) HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE WAY DAVID CAN MEMORISE? It's just amazing! He's almost got a photographic memory!

65. (29/1/83) (TECHI: I HAVE A GOLDEN RIBBON & I HAVE A GOLDEN SKIRT!) Yes, you're my golden girl! Everything's golden—like Heaven! I'll let you give the talk tonight, you can talk about golden things! Everything's turning up golden!—Golden honey & golden honey–bear & golden Heaven! (Techi: And golden napkins!) Everything's golden! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! Well, do you suppose we can talk to our Golden God now & thank Him for this golden dinner & the nice pretty golden day? Let's pray a golden prayer‚ shall we? OK! How about singing a golden song first!—That's a pretty golden girl!