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Down-to-Earth Heaven, A

David Berg

DFO 1628 17/9/83

1. MY WHOLE JOB ON THIS HEAVENLY POSTER IS TO TRY TO MAKE IT SO REALISTIC & SO FAMILIAR THAT IT RELATES TO THIS LIFE ENOUGH THAT YOU'LL HAVE A MORE REALISTIC FEELING ABOUT IT! It's not going to be all that much different! If we have to have a mansion, it naturally follows we must have to have furniture! And if we have to have furniture, then it must be somewhat similar to the kind of furniture we have now! If we have a mansion, what's a mansion without any furniture? I don't think we're going to be a bunch of hippies just sitting on the floor or just floating around in the air! It might be a little difficult to keep your position stabilised while having a conference if you're floating in the air!

2. I DON'T THINK WE'RE GOING TO DO SOME OF THOSE SUPERNATURAL THINGS ALL THE TIME! When Jesus was resurrected‚ most of the time He walked perfectly normally & naturally on the ground. He only walked on the water once. How much He flew we don't exactly know, but we know He must have gotten around that way because He appeared & disappeared here & there. He only walked through walls when He had to‚ because they had the door locked! And He only appeared & disappeared when He had to because when He revealed who He was, then He had to‚ go!

3. SO JESUS WASN'T JUST DOING SUPERNATURAL THINGS ALL THE TIME! He looked perfectly normal & natural & He even made a fire on the seashore & cooked fish for the disciples when they were fishing. (Jn.21:9-13.) He sat down & ate & drank with them at their table & most of the time He lived just as normally as we do now, when He was in His Resurrection body. He wasn't doing those supernatural hocus-pocus tricks except when it was necessary.

4. I DON'T THINK WE'RE GOING TO GO FLYING AROUND THROUGH THE AIR EXCEPT WHEN WE NEED TO OR WANT TO! I don't think we're going to walk through walls unless we have to. I think when our feet hit the ground we're going to be pretty three-dimensional, normal, down-to-Earth & walk around like normal people—just like Jesus did when He was resurrected! Most people don't even think about these things! They weren't taught to think about these things by the churches! They weren't taught to bring Heaven down-to-Earth! They weren't taught to think about it as being real or realistic or anywhere near the normal or the natural or even to relate it to this World at all, & yet if you study the Scriptures, it's there as plain as day!

5. WE'VE ALREADY PROVEN THAT WOMEN ARE GOING TO HAVE BABIES IN HEAVEN—all the pregnant girls that get raptured—so that proves there's sex in Heaven! (See "Born in Heaven!", No.1560.) I was going to mention something else, but when I started thinking about sex it knocked everything else out of my head!—Ha! Well‚ the fact that Jesus could walk normally‚ He could eat & drink & all that sort of thing, churchy Folks are just not taught to relate to those things at all!

6. OH YES, & RIGHT AFTER HIS RESURRECTION HE MET HIS BEST GIRLFRIEND RIGHT OUTSIDE THE TOMB IN THE GARDEN & TOLD HER GOODBYE, HE HAD TO GO SEE HIS FATHER! He wouldn't let her touch Him then for some reason, He had to present Himself to His Father, but later He let them touch Him several times!—Probably more than touch him! (Family: It shows she was so used to hugging him & being with Him!) Yes, obviously! She was going to grab Him! But He had to tell her not to touch Him because apparently the process wasn't quite complete, for some reason or other they were not to touch Him at that particular time, right after His resurrection, because He was going to present Himself to His Father first. (Jn.20:17.)

7. BUT WHEN HE GOT BACK, GOODNESS GRACIOUS, HE SAID‚ "THOMAS, PUT YOUR HAND INTO THE NAIL PRINTS & THRUST YOUR HAND INTO MY SIDE & SEE IT IS I MYSELF!" (Jn.20:27.) Also He said‚ "Touch Me, feel Me" when He was going to eat with them. "A spirit hath not flesh & bones as ye see Me have!" (Lk.24:39.)—And He sat down & ate & drank with them. Then later on He cooked fish for them out on the shore. Once or twice some rather miraculous things happened, such as Him walking through the door when it was locked, or keeping the disciples from recognising Him when He was walking down the road to Emmaus, then when He broke bread He revealed Himself to them. (Lk.24:30,31.) You'll even be able to hide your identity, think of that!—Like the angels!

8. THE ANGELS DO THE SAME THINGS EVEN NOW, RIGHT NOW! The angels I've seen weren't flying around through the air! I've only seen angels three times that I ever remember—one was that bum, the other was the businessman & the other was my bodyguard—& they were all standing on the ground or on the floor just normally & naturally like most people! So you'll be able to disguise yourself!—Especially in the Millennial World with all those wicked people still around! You'll be able to walk around & look just like anybody else, but then when you need it you'll have supernatural powers! You'll be able to disappear or appear, fly, go through walls, have police powers, force powers & all kinds of things!

9. A LOT OF THESE THINGS YOU SEE IN THESE SCI–FI MOVIES about a guy just pointing his finger at somebody & they freeze or they evaporate or they catch fire or with a flick of his finger he tosses them out the window, I think we'll be able to do all those things! But we're not going to be walking around doing that all the time‚ just showing off or something‚ only when it's necessary we'll be doing supernatural things.

10. WE HAVE THE PROOF OF IT & THE EXAMPLE OF IT IN JESUS! If you want to know what resurrected people are going to be like, He says they're like the angels of God! (Mk.12:25.) And if you've had any experience with angels‚ then you know they're pretty normal, natural & down-to-Earth—except when they need to manifest some special power like reading your mind & mental telepathy! The bum looked as normal as could be, but boy, when his eyes glowed like coals of fire & I read his mind or heard his voice inside of my head, I knew it was something supernatural! (See No.56)

11. AND LIKE THAT BUSINESSMAN THAT APPEARED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT coming out of that office building with that attache' case, pointing toward the bridge & saying, "It's that way!"—And it dawned on me afterwards I hadn't even asked him the question! He looked & acted perfectly natural & even spoke aloud. He didn't communicate by mental telepathy at all, he just answered the question that was in my mind. Otherwise it probably would have scared me stiff & I'd have been so stunned I would have just sat there & watched him walk off or something! But he saved himself a little embarrassment by just telling me & I drove on. (See No.56)

12. IT WAS SNOWY & ICY & I HAD TO DRIVE VERY CAREFULLY! I had that big 50-foot rig, 20-foot truck & 35-foot trailer, so I had my mind concentrating on handling that thing & driving it. Then when I pulled out & started for the bridge, it just suddenly dawned on me I hadn't said a word! That was the only supernatural thing about, the fact that he was there & appeared in the middle of the night out of an office building & read my mind‚ otherwise I didn't notice anything was different. I just figured he must have been working late & was coming out of the building, a well-dressed businessman.

13. SO WE'LL BE ABLE TO DRESS AT TIMES TO DISGUISE OUR IDENTITY—which we may need to do, to do a little spying on some of those people! We'll be able to disguise our identity & dress just like normal people! When I walked into that Council Meeting in Carmel, which was obviously in the Millennium, I was dressed normally & so was Maria‚ but they recognised us as being officials, somebody important. (See "Millennial Hospitality!", No. 1440.)

14. WHAT I'M TRYING TO DO IS GET YOU GUYS TO SEE THIS AS NORMALLY & NATURALLY & DOWN-TO-EARTH AS POSSIBLE so you'll realise how real it is & not something so far-out & so far off that it doesn't even relate & you can't even comprehend it! Don't you think these pictures help? (Family: The one thing we've learned more than any other lesson through this whole Heaven project is how real it is! We still have furniture‚ it's not some psychedelic trip out in space‚ but it's down-to-Earth & it's really normal!) Exactly!

15. WE WILL HAVE BODIES, FLESH-&–BONE BODIES WHICH YOU CAN FEEL & which will be virtually the same as what we have now & can eat & feel & have sex & whatnot!—Except that they are going to be without blood & eternal! What's going to flow through our veins, I don't know!—Something supernatural I guess!—Something that makes us supernatural‚ miraculous, eternal & immortal! But otherwise we're going to be quite normal—look like ourselves, act like ourselves, walk & talk just like Jesus did, eat & love & all the rest!

16. WHAT I'M TRYING TO DO IS BRING HEAVEN DOWN–TO–EARTH! That might be a good title for this: "Bringing Heaven Down-to-Earth", because that's what I'm trying to do! I'm trying to get the point across that it's quite relative to our present life & it's not going to be all that different, but it's going to be a lot better because we're supernatural & we'll have more power & all these things. We don't have to eat, but we can eat if we want to! We don't have to make love, but we can if we want to! We don't have to walk around, but we can walk around if we want to! We don't have to fly, but we can fly if we want to!

17. I'M TRYING TO MAKE YOU GUYS SEE HOW REAL IT IS!—Just as real as when Jesus was walking around on this Earth after His resurrection! He was very real & most of the time He was talking normally, acting normally, eating normally, sitting with them & all the rest! Those Church people, they've got it so far off & way out in the wide blue yonder that it's not even realistic! I'm trying to bring it down-to-Earth so you'll see it's very real & very normal!—Of course, it will be very abnormal too! I haven't seen any mansion like this around here!

18. WHAT BROUGHT THIS UP WAS FINISHING UP THE FURNITURE & FIGURES IN THE TOP CHILDREN'S DOMES OF THE MANSION! I got all excited about that because we need some normal, natural furniture up there. What the closets are needed for, I don't know! But who knows‚ maybe they'll have toys there to put away! If they're going to be born there, they're going to grow up! They're not just going to go "bloop" into full adulthood! If the Lord thought it was a good idea to be born & to grow here, He must think it's still good enough for Heaven! You don't grow up overnight! Flowers don't grow over night & I think things are going to be pretty much the same & similar there as they are here & now! Amen?

19. AFTER ALL‚ IF HE MADE THIS EARTH A PARADISE TO BEGIN WITH, CERTAINLY THE NEW EARTH IS GOING TO BE A LOT LIKE IT! If He made a beautiful Paradise, the Garden of Eden, the most beautiful place you can possibly think of in the natural Earth of today, how much more so it's going to be like that & even more beautiful in the World of Tomorrow!—And the same with us! We'll be a lot like we are today, but we're also going to be a lot different!—But not so different that you can't even comprehend it! I don't think the Church people even want to think about it! (Family: They must not or they wouldn't have dreamed up such a crazy idea of floating around on clouds. It's not even in the Bible.)

20. WELL, WHEN JESUS FINALLY LEFT IN THE ASCENSION, HE DID GO UP IN A CLOUD THEN, of course, but we're not going to be floating around on clouds all the time! He went up in clouds because He was on His way back up to the Heavenly City!—And He wasn't playing on a harp! Although who knows, maybe He'll let us take some guitars with us or we'll make some there! We can't take it with us! But I'm sure all the folks who love music will be able to play harps & guitars & flutes etc.!

21. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SOME REAL ORCHESTRAS & TREMENDOUS ANGELIC CHORUSES WITH GORGEOUS MUSIC! Maybe we ought to have our artist add a few musical notes in the sky over our Mansion, music coming up out of the domes! Surely the kids are going to have some music on of some kind, some record players or something! I'm sure they'll have some way to play music! (Family: That's going to inspire all the musicians, isn't it!) Well, of course! There are angelic choirs, angelic orchestras! We're going to have some of the most gorgeous music, in fact the most gorgeous music of all time—without time! You musicians can look forward to playing with the greatest orchestra that ever played! You can have your own band!—And beautiful choruses & chorus girls too! Boy, my kind of Heaven sure differs from the church kind! Hallelujah!

22. SO I WANT YOU GUYS TO REALISE IT'S REAL & REALISTIC & NORMAL & NATURAL & enough like this life that it's not going to be all that different in the next life!—Only better, more perfect, more beautiful & more wonderful, without all the troubles‚ trials, tribulations, suffering, tears & pain we have here! It'll be life very much like we're living now, only without the bad things‚ nothing but good things!—Like Adam & Eve in the Garden, only ours will be without the Serpent! TTL! He'll be in Hell! Hallelujah! Praise God! We need to remember that the World's going to be a lot like the Garden of Eden, & we'll be a lot like Adam & Eve, & Jesus when He was resurrected, sort of a combination of the two!

23. SO WHAT WE'RE TRYING TO DO WITH THESE PICTURES IS BRING HEAVEN DOWN-TO-EARTH SO WE CAN COMPREHEND IT & LOOK FORWARD TO ENJOYING IT & NOT BE SO UNCERTAIN ABOUT IT OR UNFAMILIAR! By the time you guys get there you're going to be pretty familiar with it already! I'm sure the Lord's going to have plenty of surprises for you, but at least you'll sort of have a little idea of what it's like & you won't be completely shocked & amazed & it won't be some kind of a culture shock or whatever! Doesn't it make you thrill to what you're going to have?

24. WELL, PTL! I DON'T THINK I HAVE LONG BEFORE I'M GOING TO BE GOING THERE!—And we'll all be there soon! But anyhow, we've got a big job to finish here first & this poster is one of them! I hope I can finish the Index too. Of course, that's something you could do without me, but I'd sure like to see it get out! Time & again when I've wanted to look up something I just don't feel like going through a whole bunch of books. I've had to look up several subjects! You know, I'm so surprised at a lot of these quotes—I don't even recognise them or remember saying them! I must have really been inspired! It just sounds like absolute news to me! So I'm not all that familiar with them—maybe I don't even know them as well as you guys do!—Ha!

25. BUT A LOT OF TIMES I WANT TO LOOK UP WHAT THE LORD'S HAD TO SAY ABOUT THIS OR THAT & I just don't want to look through a whole bunch of indexes & books‚ I want one Index, don't you? Well‚ let's pray we can finish that job too, & this poster & maybe a few more things before I take off! Hallelujah! Won't it be wonderful when we get there? I can love you up all I want to! I don't see how I can love you any more when I get there than I do now, but I'll be able to reach you all then! Yummy yummy! Hallelujah! TYJ!—Amen?