KEYWORDS: horns, antichrist, europe, 10 horns, russia

BOF 6B: More Thoughts on the "10 Horns"

David Berg

BOF 6BGP 1625—Cond.10/83

1. WE HAVE SUGGESTED THAT THE 10 HORNS, THE 10 KINGS WHO COOPERATE WITH THE ANTICHRIST, ARE POSSIBLY THE 10 EEC NATIONS OF EUROPE. Now Daniel says that when the Antichrist arises, he overthrows three of these 10 horns.—But then later Revelation says that all 10 horns cooperate with the Antichrist to destroy Babylon! So the question is, if these 10 horns are going to help the Antichrist destroy Babylon, why are three of them overthrown or "plucked up by the roots"? (Dan.7:7,8,20,24; Rev.17:12-14‚16‚17.)

2. WELL, APPARENTLY THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT HAS TO SOMEHOW OVERTHROW THE POWER OF THOSE THREE HORNS & conquer them in some way in order to get all 10 horns or kings to back him. So those three powers must be the leaders of the EEC today who lead Europe in opposition to Russia, which of course are England, Germany & most likely Italy.

3. SO IT LOOKS LIKE WE CAN LOOK FORWARD TO SOME KIND OF AN OPERATION THAT'S GOING TO OVERTHROW THE PRESENT U.S.-DOMINATED LEADERSHIP OF EUROPE, as it seems clear that Russia is going to first conquer the three leading pro-U.S. powers of Europe before she & all 10 horns attack the U.S.—And according to the sequence of the Antichrist's battles as outlined in Daniel 11, it seems that Russia invades the Mideast & Israel first, which of course would also involve Europe.

4. IT'S POSSIBLE THAT THIS COULD EVEN RESULT FROM TODAY'S IRAQ/IRAN CONFLICT & the threat of the Western World's oil supply being cut off at the Strait of Hormuz.—A possible order of events could be: First a Soviet invasion of the Mideast as a result of the oil war, then some kind of a conquest or "subduing" of the three main pro-American "horns" of Europe, resulting in the cooperation of the 10 major European powers with the Antichrist to destroy the U.S.!

5. IF RUSSIA SOMEHOW MANAGES TO TAKE OVER THE MIDDLE EAST & ITS OIL, SHE WOULD HAVE A STRANGLEHOLD ON THE WEST—which could be the beginning of its end & the final nosedive of the economic Crash, which could then precipitate her conquest of Europe! So this present Iraq/Iran War could possibly be leading to an oil crisis, leading to a Middle East crisis‚ leading to a European crisis & the final collapse of the present World economic system in Russia's favour & the eventual destruction of America!—Are you ready?