KEYWORDS: hell, love, life, children, home, woman

To the Woeful Libbers

David Berg

DFO 157624/7/83

—Their Life Is Hell!

1. WOMEN'S LIB ADVOCATES HUSBANDS PAYING SALARIES TO WIVES! In other words, not that the wives do it for love or devotion or enjoyment or a sense of duty‚ but just as a drudgery & a chore, a job.—That the husband ought to pay the wife a salary just like you would a maid. They take all the pleasure & joy out of being a wife & a mother! Instead of wanting to take care of her house because it's her home, & her husband & children because they're hers, it's just a job she ought to be paid money for! Well‚ I'll grant you it's a very hard job, but who could ever pay you enough for it, it's so hard & so sacrificial! Man works from sun to sun, but the woman's work is never done!

2. THOSE WOMEN'S LIBBERS ARE SO BITTER & SELFISH! Apparently they didn't marry for love, they just married for money or status or sex! They hate housework, they hate children, they hate their husband, they hate everything that has to do with marriage & they're sorry they ever got married & they want their independence!

3. OF COURSE, IF A WOMAN IS ALSO WORKING OUT & EARNING A SALARY IN SOME SYSTEM JOB so that she's also gone all day & contributing to the financial support of the Family, I can understand why she'd want to split the household chores with the husband when they get home, but that doesn't make for a very good relationship either. It makes her feel too independent & like he owes her a lot more than is normal. And when they have children on top of it, that seems to be the last straw! "Horror of horrors! The little monsters!" That's the American woman's attitude toward husbands & homes & children, at least the American Woman Libbers!

4. I THINK THEY JUST HATE BEING A WOMAN‚ PERIOD, BECAUSE IT'S SUCH A SACRIFICIAL SUBSERVIENT JOB. You've really got to have your heart in it to like it!—Really love your husband & love your children & want to make them a good home & make them happy!—Instead of thinking all the time that he ought to share the chores & have the children‚ keep the house & have the babies so she can be independent! It's crazy! It's defiance of God's Plan & order & it's rebellion against her place as a woman!

5. THOSE SELFISH MODERN AMERICAN WOMEN JUST CAN'T TAKE IT!—'Cause it is a hard job & you certainly wouldn't enjoy it unless you really love your husband & your children & love to fulfill your place in life as a woman. And of course if they have to get out & earn a living as part of the financial support of the home, naturally it's too much for them. Taking care of a home & husband & children is job enough, a fulltime job for any woman, they really shouldn't have to do anything else. They certainly shouldn't have to go out & earn part of the living besides, unless the husband is willing to stay home & take care of the house & the kids & the cooking & just switch places. That has worked with some, but it's not natural or normal & usually the husband resents being put into a place of subservience to the woman & it's not Scriptural. (Gen.3:16; 1Cor.11:8–9; Eph.5:22; 1Pet.3:1.)

6. (MARIA: IN OUR FAMILY, SOMETIMES THE GIRL FFs A LOT & THE MAN STAYS AT HOME & TAKES CARE OF THE CHILDREN & DOES THE HOUSEWORK.) But then you have the extra incentive of feeling you're serving the Lord & saving souls & really doing something worthwhile!—To love the Lord & really love each other & really living for others gives you a lot of extra added incentive! (Maria: Plus you're not just staying home taking care of the kids, but you're like a schoolteacher & you're teaching & training them!) You're molding lives & you know that's one of the most important jobs there is! I certainly wouldn't say that either job is any more important than the other, whether the man's earning the living or the woman's taking care of the house & family. They're both extremely important & necessary & they should work together in love & harmony as unto the Lord & not just as unto man. (Col.3:23)

7. SO NO WONDER THE AMERICAN HOMES ARE FALLING APART WHEN THEY HAVE AS FEW CHILDREN AS POSSIBLE OR NONE AT ALL TO HOLD THEM TOGETHER!—No real love‚ no real motivation, nothing but selfishness, greed, self-interest & "what's in it for me"!—Both mates working at jobs, both coming home tired, cross with themselves & the children, if any, & the kids are neglected & allowed to run wild or riot or under somebody else's care who doesn't really love them or teach them or train them. So they all come home to a nightmare—squabbling & fussing & fighting & ranting & raving & arguing!

8. THEY HAVE HELL IN THE HOME, BECAUSE THEY HAVE HELL IN THEIR HEARTS!—No love, no Lord‚ no purpose‚ no real important incentive or motivation, no real reason for living. So their job drives them wild, their mate drives them wild, the kids drive them wild, the housework drives them wild, everything drives them nuts! Life just drives them wild & they hate it. They hate everything & everybody! They hate God & they just want to end it all!

9. I THINK A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO THE ATOM WAR! They haven't got the guts to commit suicide themselves, so they figure that national genocide is an easy way out! They can all go up in smoke in a split second & get it all over with—all the agony & the suffering & the hate & the misery—& they hope that will be the end of it all! I think there are people actually looking forward to the Atom War to put an end to everything—their misery & suffering & unhappiness & purposeless lives!

10. THEY CAN'T SEE ANY RHYME NOR REASON TO IT ALL, so they figure what better to do than just end it all?—And I think those people figure the War can't even come any too soon to get it over with! Life is Hell & War is Hell, so they figure the one Hell might as well end the other! The one Hell is just as bad as the other! And of course they don't believe in an Afterlife or God or retribution‚ so they just believe that'll end it.

11. I THINK SOME PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT EVEN HELL WOULD BE BETTER THAN THIS! I've heard many people say while witnessing to them that they believe they've got their Hell here! To them, this is Hell‚ Earth is Hell, life is Hell & they're getting enough Hell right now to pay for all their sins!—And I guess some of them are! At least they're getting a lot of Hell right now, but I doubt if it's going to pay for all their sins!—Especially if they rejected the Lord when they had a chance to receive Him. And you know that nearly everybody in Christian countries has had some chance to hear about Him! So that's their worst sin & the only one that's unforgivable, to reject the Lord & His Love & His Spirit!

12. SO WITH THEM IT'S HELL HERE & HELL HEREAFTER! What a miserable existence! No wonder they want to get it over with! They can't see any reason for living & suffering without love & without the Lord. It's Hell on Earth & they'd just as soon end it all. I think that's why they don't care about the Atom War. I believe there are millions of Americans who couldn't care less & it doesn't even bother them to think of taking millions of others down with them—like the Jews!

13. IF THEY CAN'T HAVE IT ALL‚ THEY WANT TO DESTROY IT ALL & NOT LET ANYBODY HAVE IT—LIKE THE DEVIL! Apparently that's the way he feels about it—if he can't be God & have it all, he doesn't want God or anybody to have anything! He wants to destroy it all, including himself! What a miserable outlook on life such people have, huh? No wonder they want to die‚ they don't have anything to live for! They don't have anything that makes life worth living—no love, no faith, no God, no purpose, no motivation, no nothing! It's all in vain.

14. THEY FIGURE THERE'S NO POINT TO IT AT ALL, SO WHY SUFFER IT? They figure they might as well die & take the rest of the World down with them, "so let's blow it up & the sooner the better!" I really believe that's the attitude a lot of people have, otherwise I don't see how they could possibly even think about those bombs & the horrible destruction! I think they look forward to it‚ they really want to see it! They want to get revenge on God & life & the World by watching it burn, even if they have to burn with it!

15. WHAT A HORRIBLE OUTLOOK ON LIFE WITHOUT THE LORD & WITHOUT LOVE & WITHOUT A REASON FOR LIVING! Thank God we have them all—the Lord, the love‚ the life, the beautiful reasons for living & a wonderful life to look forward to, both here & hereafter! PTL! To us, life is Heaven on Earth & Heaven hereafter & it could hardly be any better! PTL! TYJ!—In Jesus' name, amen!