KEYWORDS: image, antichrist, spirit, death, wound

How Is the Antichrist's Deadly Wound Healed?

David Berg

DFO 15717/83

1. I'VE ALWAYS WONDERED HOW THE ANTICHRIST COULD HAVE A WOUND UNTO DEATH AND STILL LIVE! (Rev.13:3) It seems to be just about the time that the False Prophet causes the image to be made, & the image then seems to have become possessed with the very spirit of the Antichrist himself! It's not only an image of him, but has his spirit & speaks & gives orders, just like the Antichrist. And you don't hear much more about the Antichrist or the Beast after that, because the image, in a sense, has become the Antichrist.

2. NOW THIS IS ONE WAY SCIENTIFICALLY THEY COULD PRETEND THAT THE ANTICHRIST HAS BEEN RESURRECTED, because his spirit or his mind has possessed this Image, & of course they could have it speak his words or it could actually become possessed with his spirit. That is one way he could be resurrected or have a deadly wound unto death & yet be healed. It seems that it's at this very time that that happens, because the False Prophet seems to have to speak for him & has this Image built. That could explain how he has the power‚ seemingly, to be "resurrected".

3. IT WOULD ALSO EXPLAIN WHY THE BEAST WHO IS CALLED THE 7TH IS ALSO THE 8TH, WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN A VERY MYSTERIOUS THING! (Rev.17:11.) Because if the Antichrist is killed & then he's so-called healed or "resurrected" through his spirit possessing the Image, the Image, in a sense, could be the 8th, & yet still the 7th! That would explain two very mysterious Biblical predictions!

4. IT SAYS HIS WOUND IS UNTO DEATH, YET IT'S HEALED & HE DOES LIVE! Now how else could he do that except through some kind of a machine or a computerised Image with his recorded voice & intelligence, & perhaps even run by his spirit, his own demon or the Devil himself? Because killing his body would not kill the Devil who possessed him‚ but then the Devil could move from his dead body into the Image & run the World with the Image! And that would certainly be a form of healing or resurrection & a continuity of his reign from being the 7th to the 8th, wounded unto death & yet healed!

5. THAT THOUGHT JUST STRUCK ME AS I WAS READING ABOUT THE IMAGE, THAT IT ALL SEEMS TO HAPPEN ABOUT THE SAME TIME! And the False Prophet keeps emphasising about the Antichrist having a wound into death yet being healed. What if he were assassinated?—Which could easily happen! The only way they could perpetuate his reign would be through his voice & commands coming from the Image! From then on they're told to worship the image of the Beast—no longer the Beast but his image—& his image commands people to be killed. (Rev.13:15)

6. SO EITHER THEY HAVE SIMPLY REVIVED HIM THROUGH HIS IMAGE & COMPUTERISED RECORDINGS ETC., OR THE IMAGE HAS ACTUALLY BECOME POSSESSED OF SATAN HIMSELF & he then runs the World through this image, a seemingly immortal creation of man that can't die. Now they have what they might think is an everlasting eternal god made by their own hands that tells them what to do‚ & which they worship. That could clarify a lot of those mysterious passages about the "wound unto death yet lived" & he being both the 7th & the 8th heads of the Antichrist government. At least it's something to think about it's a possibility!

7. THEY'VE HAD A LOT OF MOVIES & SCIENCE FICTION STORIES ABOUT BRAINS OF DECAPITATED HEADS BEING WIRED TO FURNISH THE INTELLECT OR INTELLIGENCE TO RUN THE MACHINERY or to be placed in other bodies & that sort of thing, transference of brains. Science could cook up that they have actually succeeded on such a transference of the Antichrist's brain from his dead body to his image so that he lives on in his image!—Which he then controls with his same spirit & power & super intelligence. In fact‚ with the same Satan that possessed him!

8. THAT'S AN INTERESTING THOUGHT ANYWAY, & I THINK PEOPLE WOULD BELIEVE IT! They would believe that science could do it‚ & in his case had done it! And his administration of Satan would certainly not hesitate to give the World this impression in order to perpetuate their World power of the Antichrist through his image, that this is he, he still lives, still rules!—The 7th has become the 8th! That could explain it!

9. THE RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS WERE ABLE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO PRESERVE LENIN'S BODY, BUT NOT HIS BRAIN OR SPIRIT OR PERSONALITY.. But by this little sci-fi trick they could either actually or pretend to perpetuate the Antichrist's personality in the image supposedly controlled by his brain or his spirit & actually possessed of the Devil just like he was.—So that Satan now has a material body which is supposedly indestructible & everlasting, can't be shot or assassinated or killed any more, & it looks like he's going to become permanent, until the Lord destroys him. What a clever machination of the Enemy that would be!—We shall see.