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EEC Beast, The

David Berg

DFO 1524Tenerife, 14/2/76

1. THEY'RE WORKING ON A TV WHICH YOU CAN TURN OFF & ON OR SELECT A CHANNEL JUST BY THINKING, so that has tremendous possibilities. Spirits usually have to use man as their receiver, because he's the only one who's spiritually sensitive enough to get the spiritual impulses. Now man is building machines which will be spiritually sensitive enough & activated by such minute impulses, even thought, that they'll be able to run the machines totally by thought waves.

2. WHICH MEANS THAT NOW THE DEMONS WHICH WERE FORMERLY LIMITED TO USING MAN can now be able themselves to directly operate the machines, & in this case control The Machine, the Beast! They've been working on it for years, a matter of safety & a matter of flying airplanes‚ driving cars & things like that.

3. YOUR REFLEXES & RESPONSES ARE NOT FAST ENOUGH, so they're trying to get it so that your thought wave will control the braking of the car & things like that. Or the pilot of the plane, his reactions are not fast enough in an emergency, but if suddenly the equipment gets a sudden impulse from his brain it will put certain equipment into operation which otherwise he wouldn't be able to do fast enough manually.

4. WHEN HE SUDDENLY SEES A MOUNTAIN IN FRONT OF HIM‚ just the sight of it suddenly activates the equipment to take a dive upward or something, whereas otherwise he has to get the message & then get the message to his hands & then it's too late. So they've been working on this thought-control for quite awhile.

5. THEY'VE GOT THEM BUILT NOW WHERE THE COMPUTER CAN SENSE OUT ALL KINDS OF THINGS, They've even got robots made that you can tell them to pick out certain objects in a room & they'll go & find the object. But this is really interesting about this huge Super-Duper Computer that's now installed in Brussels on three floors, which is to be the nerve center of that big Super–Duper economic system. (1980: Moved to Luxembourg.)

6. THE INTERESTING PART ABOUT IT IS THAT THEY NICKNAMED IT "THE BEAST"! Ha! And did you hear what they said about the tattoo? Everybody's numbering their hand with this machine. They took reporters to see the machine recently, after one of the recent big meeting of the finance ministers. They didn't tell this to the whole World then. The finance ministers were meeting there for another discussion of the economic situation, & at that time they explained the machine to the finance ministers‚ how they planned to operate it.

7. THE WHOLE IDEA IS THAT IT IS WHAT THEY CALL KIND OF A FAIL-SAFE SYSTEM FOR THE ECONOMY, that should the economy crash, which they expect it will probably do sooner or later‚ or there is a World War that brings about an economic crash, that this will be the only way to save the situation, to put this new non-monetary credit-exchange system into operation.

8. SINCE CREDIT CARDS CAN BE LOST & STOLEN & FORGED & EVERYTHING ELSE, they're going to tattoo everybody's number on their right hand, invisible tattoo which you just stick under the ultraviolet light at the cashier's counter & they read your number, tap the number into the machine. So that all systems everywhere will eventually be connected to this one central brain in Brussels called the Beast!

9. THEY SAY BY USING THREE GROUPS OF SIX DIGITS EACH they'll be able to accommodate the entire World population with different numbers. Three six–digital groups, three sixes! Ha! How about that! All very scientific! Well‚ some economists were worried about the machine‚ that it could not only be used for good to solve the World's economic problems, but if it fell into the hands of some World dictator it could also be a powerful weapon to control the lives of men throughout the World!

10. SO WE'RE ON OUR WAY, & I DON'T THINK IT'S GOING TO BE MANY MORE DAYS! But the thing that I got on it was that the computer would be sensitised with this new very extrasensory perception, so that even the demons & the spirits would be able to operate it!—Are you ready?