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Talking Image, The

David Berg

DFO 1522London, 28/11/73

—A Revelation after Seeing "IT" Movie Re: The Golem Image.

1. REVELATION 13:15: "AND HE HAD POWER TO GIVE LIFE UNTO THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST, that the Image of the Beast should both speak, & cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast should be killed." Now that's something I never thought of before! Why don't we see those things? The Holy Spirit has to show it to us! Maybe you're catching on! "He had power to give life unto the Image of the Beast"—he gave life to it so it could speak. There's a very significant word there, & I never noticed how that was used before—"should both speak and cause"!

2. THE PREACHERS & BIBLE TEACHERS ALWAYS SAID IT'S GONNA SPEAK, & anybody that refuses to worship the Image, the False Prophet is going to cause them to be put to death because they won't worship the Image.—But that's not what it says! But he makes that Image to have life so that it can both speak & cause what? (Family: "That as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast should be killed.") The Image itself will be able to speak & kill those that don't worship him! Think of that!

3. EVERYTHING THE DEVIL HAS IS AN IMITATION OR COUNTERFEIT OR COPY OF SOMETHING GOD HAS ALREADY THOUGHT OF & that the Lord has already predicted or has already happened or going to happen. Now did you ever think of that before, that the Image itself was going to kill people? How about that! "Both speak‚ & cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast should be killed." What an Image, huh? It will be able to not only speak, but kill!—Or cause to be killed somehow. Maybe it speaks & condemns them to death, but in some way it both speaks & causes them to be killed! Isn't that amazing?

4. THAT CAME TO ME SO STRONG IN THE BATHROOM WHEN I WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT SCRIPTURE ABOUT THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST! I always thought they were going to make some kind of a talking Image—& this is not the first time in history‚ the Ancients even did it! They have discovered old idols with moveable arms & mouth, & a man was able to climb up inside & speak through the mouth so that they thought it was the idol talking, etc. So this will not be the first time that sort of thing's ever been done! But it says here he's going to give life to the Image, so that it will both speak & cause them to be killed!

5. THIS TALKING IMAGE IS NOT REMARKABLE, IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE, BUT THIS WILL BE DONE IN SOME VERY UNUSUAL WAY! "Life to the Image"—maybe that means electrical power, or it could be demon power—real life! But the thing that came to me so strong in the bathroom when I was thinking about this Image killing people, etc., is that the Image is going to kill! I couldn't even remember how that was worded‚ but that's what it says! How about that? Well, praise the Lord! Thank God we're on the winning side & we've got everything going for us. We've got a few things going against us too, but what we've got going for us is a lot better & more powerful than what they've got going for them! TYL! PTL!

6. SOME OF THE MACHINES THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN INVENTED ARE ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE, so to imagine that such a machine could be created by man to do that is already almost a reality & not so far from the truth! I wonder what it would look like? If it's the Image of the Beast, apparently it will look like him. It must be that it's going to look like the Antichrist, a statue or an idol of him or to him or something. That would be quite a thing‚ wouldn't it?

7. YOU KNOW, THE PROBLEM WITH EVERY DICTATOR IS THAT HE DIES, BUT IF HE COULD MAKE AN IMAGE OF HIMSELF, IT COULD CONTINUE TO LIVE ON & SPEAK & MAKE DECISIONS & CONTROL! Many of these science fiction writers are predicting it could happen that an actual machine would be in control, & from what the Lord showed me about the Image of the Beast‚ the machine itself would be demonically-controlled by demon power! Man will think that he created the thing himself & that he's the one that gave it power & life & programmed it, etc.—that supposedly man is its master—but obviously, it becomes man's master!

8. THESE SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS DO DREAM UP A LOT OF THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED! Jules Verne predicted almost every major invention that's been made, & H.G. Wells has predicted in his science fiction many things man has done!—Also Leonardo da Vinci! So those guys were probably inspired of the Devil, or who knows?—Maybe the Lord! They're prophets in a way—they wrote predictions about the things they saw in the Future!

9. IN A WAY THEN, THE MAN-MADE IMAGE OR MACHINE OR COMPUTER—an Image made to look like the dictator himself & yet a machine, a computer that can speak & rationalise & reason & give answers—would in effect really be ruling mankind! That's the final crux of that whole chapter, that everybody's got to worship that Image—or else!—And have to wear a Mark! They can't buy or sell or anything unless they've got the Mark, & the Mark is dependent on their worship of the Image of the Beast. (Rev.13:17)

10. "AND HE CAUSETH ALL, BOTH SMALL & GREAT, RICH & POOR‚ FREE & BOND, TO RECEIVE A MARK IN THEIR RIGHT HAND OR IN THEIR FOREHEADS: And that no man might buy or sell save he that had the Mark or the name of the Beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast: for it is the number of a man; & his number is Six hundred threescore & six." (Re.13:16-18)

11. THE NUMBER OF MAN, 666, IS JUST INCOMPLETE OF GOD'S PERFECTION OF SEVEN! I always wondered about that number 666—three sixes! The thing that comes to me is that man is a tri-human being. Six would be next to perfect, almost perfect in spirit, mind & body. This final man would finally be the perfect man, created by man—if it also refers to the machine—& man's final crowning creation will bring about his own doom!

12. BUT TO SHOW THAT THE IMAGE IS NOT ACTUALLY A LIVING PERSONALITY OR ACTUAL SPIRITUAL ENTITY, or at least doesn't have a soul or whatever, you find the False Prophet & the Beast being cast into the Lake of Fire—but not the Image! (Re.19:20) So he's just a phoney, a fake, an imitation‚ a counterfeit, &, of course‚ apparently will be destroyed!—Not indestructible like Golem! I've heard that word "Golem" before. It's a Jewish word. It's not one of the letters of their alphabet, is it?

13. YOU KNOW, IT JUST COULD BE THAT THE JEWS HAD SOME KIND OF PROPHECIES BACK THERE THAT WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT—ABOUT A COMING STATUE OR IMAGE THAT WAS GOING TO DESTROY THE WORLD! (Maria: That was a pretty heavy prophecy, that in the 21st Century man won't be any longer!) At least not as he now is! He said, "If you read this, you are not a man, you're more than a man!"—Which of course he will be. But of course like all of man's stories, they go haywire somewhere, & there will still be ordinary human beings who will survive Armageddon, the wicked World over whom we'll reign, & there will still be people. But that old Jewish legend could have come from something they got about that Image!

14. POOR GUY, HAVING TO WEAR A MONKEY SUIT LIKE THAT! He must have been very uncomfortable! (Maria: There was actually a man in there?—I thought they were pulling him around by a string!) Honey, you're so cute! No, the simplest way is to just put a man inside. That's what they do with most of these monsters. At the bottom of every monster there's a man somewhere when you get to the bottom of it!

15. THANK YOU LORD FOR THY WORD! Thank You, Lord, for the things we get even from these imaginations of man, which are only copies & imitations‚ counterfeits of the real thing, of which there is nevertheless a real thing or there wouldn't be any counterfeits! Thank You for reminding us of that Scripture tonight & this new thing You've given us from it, that this Image is actually going to not only speak, but cause that people be killed!

16. WHAT A MONSTER THAT WILL BE‚ LORD! The World has been anticipating monsters all these years with all these movies & stories about monsters. They have monsters on the mind, Lord! It must be a phobia or something with which the Enemy is even preparing them to fear his monster! They're taught to fear these monsters! But we thank Thee, Lord, that You're going to have much more effective monsters than that, fighting on our side against the Enemy! PYL! TYJ! Hallelujah!

17. THANK YOU LORD FOR THY ENCOURAGEMENT, WHAT ABRAHIM SAID TONIGHT, LORD, ABOUT MAN'S FOOLISH THINGS & THE FOOLISH TALK OF MAN! Man doesn't even know what he's talking about! You've already shown us more than they ever imagined! TYJ! Praise You Lord for the marvels of Thy Spirit, the marvels‚ Lord, of Thy wonderful wonderful Spirit & Thy spirits & helpers You've given us!

18. FORGIVE US FOR OUR SLOTHFULNESS, LORD, IN NOT GETTING OUT MORE OF WHAT YOU'VE GIVEN US! Help us now, Lord, to be able to work on this latest warning, Lord, that's so urgent! Jesus help us! Every day something else has come up‚ something that had to be done. Help us Lord. The Enemy must be fighting this warning, Lord, because it is so shocking‚ so startling‚ so specific! Jesus help us, Lord! You've warned us & warned us, Lord, help us in Jesus' name!

19. GIVE MARIA PATIENCE WITH ME, LORD, & HELP HER NOT TO GIVE UP! Our spirit is willing, but our flesh is weak. (Mt.26:41) We did about all we can, & we want to always do the best we can, but help us in Jesus' name, to accomplish the task. Touch the kids, Lord, keep them safe & warm at night & give them strength for tomorrow & protection. Keep us all in Thy care.

(About Faith & Ho meeting [an important person]:)

20. HAVE THY WAY ABOUT THAT APPOINTMENT IN THE MORNING, LORD, WITH HO‚ WE ASK IN JESUS' NAME! Give him great wisdom! Inspire him by Thy Spirit, Lord, to speak the right words & lead him by Thy Spirit. We put that man into Thy hands, & we do ask Thy Spirit to speak & to have Thy way. You know what's best for us & Thy plans for us & what we should do.

21. WE TOLD YOU, LORD‚ LONG AGO WHEN WE FIRST HAD AN INKLING OF THIS MANY MONTHS AGO THAT WE'D LEAVE IT ALL IN THY HANDS! You would have to open the door, Lord, & lead & make it definite if we were to go. We put out our feelers, Lord, to see, to knock, to seek, to find, even ask, but You would have to indicate Thy leading & open the door. It looks now like a door is opening, & we're testing the door to make sure it's the right one. We're almost pouring water on the offering‚ Lord, to make sure it's real fire & not false fire‚ to make sure it's of Thee! (1Kg.18:33-38) Help in Jesus' name & give us wisdom. Thy will be done, You know what's best, in Jesus' name. PYL! TYJ!

22. GIVE US STRENGTH & WISDOM, LORD, & A GOOD NIGHT'S REST & SAFEKEEPING! Thank You for how wonderfully You have kept us, Lord! You've kept us in good health & safe from accident & disease & our enemies. You even protect us from ourselves‚ Lord! TYJ! Hallelujah! TYL! Now do help us all to rest‚ Lord, & to use our strength for Thy service, in Jesus' name. PYJ! TYL! Hallelujah! TYL! Thy will be done!

23. THANK YOU, LORD, THAT YOU'RE A GREATER SOURCE OF POWER THAN ANY OF THESE IMAGINARY THINGS! We have greater power than was portrayed tonight. We, O God, are in tune with the Source of all power & the Creator of all things! "All things are ours in Christ Jesus!" (1Cor.3:21)—The power that You give us‚ Lord. All power is given unto Thee! (Mt.28:18) TYL! Hallelujah! Help us to use it for Thy good, Lord, & their good, for the help of others, in Jesus' name. Help us to be worthy of Thy trust, Lord, to be faithful & be diligent, to give Thy Words of Power to the people that they may bear fruit & bring in a great harvest, in Jesus' name!

24. LORD JESUS, BLESS THE FOLKS ALL OVER THE WORLD‚ LORD, ALL OF THESE PLACES WHERE WE HAVE CHILDREN—THY CHILDREN, LORD! Bless them & keep them & help them with great power to be a witness unto Thee! Thank You for how they have, Lord, & how the Message is circling the Globe & being proclaimed throughout the Earth, Lord, to many famous people & on television, radio & newspaper! It's so miraculous how these little children just obeyed You, that's all they did! They just went, spoke the Word, & great are the companies that are publishing it! (Ps.68:11) Hallelujah! PYL! TYJ!

25. HELP US WITH OUR PITIFUL LITTLE BIT OF PIDDLING & PUBLISHING TO GET OUT AS MUCH AS WE CAN, BUT HELP THY CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD TO REACH THEM IN EVERY LANGUAGE! Thank You for the new tracts, Lord, in Thai & Japanese & Persian & all these zany languages, Lord, we never dreamed of having literature in!—And yet already the translators are working on putting them into every tongue & every nation! TYJ! Thank You Lord for how You've blessed Thy work & blessed Thy Word—"exalted thy Word above Thy Name!" (Ps.138:2) Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen, we praise Thee for how You have helped us to prosper & to practice Thy Word, Lord! PYJ! Help us each one to stay in the center of Thy will, Lord, in Jesus' name! Give strength & safety to each one, precious Jesus!

26. THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS SWEET FELLOWSHIP WITH OUR LOVED ONES WHOM WE LOVE DEARLY & WHOM YOU HAVE BLESSED, LORD, WITH OUR LOVE, & WITH WHOSE LOVE WE ARE BLESSED! TYL! PYJ! It's so wonderful, Lord, we just can't imagine a better life‚ except the life to come! We're already living in Heaven upon Earth, Jesus‚ with Heavenly loved ones & all the love we can possibly stand, & such wonderful care, Lord, & provision for every need, even luxuries, Lord, & sweet fellowship! Help us, O God, to be faithful to get out Thy Words! Help us as we are putting this latest Mag together the way You know is best & what You want, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! Help the artists with their work, Lord. Thy will be done in these things, for Jesus' sake! PYJ! TYL!

27. WE THANK THEE FOR THIS LITTLE REVELATION TONIGHT, ABOUT THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST, WHICH WE HAD NEVER REALLY NOTICED BEFORE! You're so faithful, Lord, to reveal to us so many things! TYJ! If there's anything else You want to tell us or anything we need to know now before we retire, Thy will be done, in Jesus' name. TYL! I'm not the only mouthpiece here, Lord, we're all Your prophets, servants & handmaidens! Stir up the gift that is within you! (2Tim.1:6) Exercise your gifts, don't bury your talents! Trust the Lord by faith & expect to hear from the Lord! Thank You Lord for how You have used these in the past, & still use them, & shall yet use them! (Becky: "My line has gone out through all the Earth & My Words to the end of the World!") (Ps.19:4) Praise God! TYL!

28. YOU WERE THE ONE, BECKY‚ THAT I KNEW THE LORD WANTED TO SPEAK THROUGH TONIGHT! I know that Stephen's a prophet, & Maria also gets things from the Lord, but I was tempted to say Becky. But I thought, "No, Lord, You know!"—& I wanted the Lord to do it by His Spirit! Thank you for yielding to His Spirit! Amen, the Lord's got quite a line, huh? (Stephen: Like "The Spider's Web!") (No.227) Hallelujah! TYJ! Wasn't that "Spider's Web" beautiful? Those little things thrill me so!

29. I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH THEY THRILL ME—BECAUSE I KNOW THEY'RE NOT OF ME! I just look at those poems in marvellous wonder: To think, Lord‚ You actually wrote that through my mouth! It's so wonderful that You just honoured me to make me a little pipe or a wire that actually carried that Message! It's so wonderful because I know it's the Lord, I could never have done it. I never did do anything like that, only when I became totally yielded to the Lord in the Revolution. TYJ! PYL! Amen, Lord, I guess this is enough for tonight, You know we need sleep.

30. AMEN, OUR LINE HAS GONE OUT THROUGH ALL THE EARTH!—IT'S THY LINE & THY WORDS TO THE END OF THE WORLD! Hallelujah! It's wonderful, Lord, what You've done—how You've caused Thy Words to cover the Earth! They're hearing about us in every corner of the Globe! PYJ! TYL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name. We rejoice & we thank Thee, now help us to carry on!

31. HELP THESE TO BE FAITHFUL IN KEEPING THE FLAME & in their courier work & inspiration of the children, the care & the shepherding of Thy sheep, Lord‚ & this little one (Maria) with Thy Words. TYJ! Help us all! Thank You for this comfortable house in which we dwell safely & comfortably so we can better do Thy work. Thank You for the heat, Lord! Lord help us to continue to have heat as long as You want us to have it, electric heat if possible, Lord. And help us to have enough coal if that should be needful.

32. WE NEED THE ELECTRICITY, LORD‚ FOR SO MANY THINGS! Help them, Lord! We really haven't prayed about that strike. Help the government to yield on some of these things. Some of these people are so far behind on their wages, far behind the prices‚ Lord, the way the cost of living has gone up. So help the government to somehow break down & realise that they need to honour those people with higher wages. They're far behind, Lord. Prices have doubled & tripled, but wages haven't nearly increased that much! So we don't blame these men for not wanting to work overtime in all these very difficult jobs. They deserve the pay‚ Lord, they deserve more.

33. SO WE ASK THEE, LORD, RIGHT NOW! WE AGREE TOGETHER ACCORDING TO THY WORD! We've done this before & You've done it, You've settled other strikes & done other things that we've asked. So unless You're dealing with the nation & You want to try to humble them & You want to try to cause them to cry out to Thee & deal with them, Lord, we ask that if it be possible & in Thy will, Lord, & we're not interfering with anything You're trying to teach or show the people, that at least it would be possible to keep the electricity so that we can continue to use it for so many things we need.

34. IF YOU WANT TO TAKE AWAY THEIR OIL TO TEACH THEM A LESSON, THAT'S FINE WITH US! The less cars on the road‚ the better, & whatever else! But we ask Thee, if possible, Lord, to help it not hurt the electricity unless You've got to do that to deal with them. Thy will be done! Work things out according as You have shown us, Lord, in Thy time‚ according to Thy will. Help us to believe it & receive it, recognise it when it happens & not to be afraid to proclaim Thy Word! PYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! As we pray again the prayer You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.)

35. IT'S THY KINGDOM, LORD, THY POWER & GLORY, ALL YOURS, JESUS—WE'RE NOTHING! We thank You‚ Lord, that You honour us just to even use us to speak & give Thy Words to Thy children‚ in Jesus' name! Lord bless us & keep us & cause Thy face to shine upon us & be gracious unto us! Lift up Thy countenance upon us & give us peace, according to Thy Word, Lord, as You promised. (Nu.6:24-26)—As long as it be in Thy will, Lord, & when the time comes, give us a way of escape, if it be Thy will, in Jesus' name, amen! PTL! TYL!