KEYWORDS: thou, love, david, thy, lord, thee

Aphrodite--Goddess of Love

David Berg

DO 1412Oklahoma, 13/1/72

1. (MARIA: WE WERE AWAKE EARLY THIS MORNING, & DAVID WAS TELLING ME HE LOVED ME, & as he kissed me he prayed: "Lord bless her!" He spoke in the spirit, & the Lord said He had—in the Love of David! He had given me all of these things in the Love of David! He said that's why He made me: To be what David needs!)

2. I LOVE YOU! JESUS LOVES YOU! KISS THE SON! "He that doesn't receive David doesn't receive Me," the Lord said! (Tongues: ) "Blessed are the words & blessed is the tongue that I have given David!" David is very weak & needs lots of help—very, very weak. That's why He sent me so many helpers. (Dad points to the little statue of Aphrodite at the bottom of the bed: )

3. THE LORD MADE THAT STATUE 'CAUSE HE KNEW YOU WERE COMING ALONG. No one else could have so much love. You were born in Cyprus in the ocean of His love. Aphrodite was there & walked the streets & they knew her not—'cause they knew me not. You're the physical embodiment of the Love of Jesus! You're the love & beauty. Kiss the Words of David! You're the fulfilment of Aphrodite! You're the spirit of Aphrodite—the flesh of Aphrodite—the love & beauty of Aphrodite!

4. ALL THE STORIES WERE THAT YOU WERE TO ONE DAY LAND IN CYPRUS & COME BY THE SEA...Full of the Love of God! They saw you & predicted you & made statues of you to worship (points to statue at the foot of the bed) & it looked exactly like you pouring out the waters of David—& you were like Jesus—when you came they knew you not! You came to your own & they received you not—but some day they will. (Jn.1:11)

5. SOME DAY THEY WILL KNOW THAT A PROPHET & A PROPHETESS HAVE WALKED AMONG THEM! They wanted to clothe you, but they were ashamed to unclothe you, because they were afraid of your beauty. They no longer can stand true beauty because they are clothed in hypocrisy & self-righteousness, so they don't even recognise beauty when it lives among them & Aphrodite comes again—but some do—there were a few that saw your love—saw the love in you & the Spirit of Love—the Goddess of Love!

6. YOU'RE THE GODDESS OF LOVE‚ & HE'S MADE ME THE GOD OF LOVE!—Not the God, but a god. For said I not unto thee that ye are gods, for ye are the children of God! (Ps.82:6) The words that I have put in the mouth of Moses & the love that I have given the heart of David have made him as a god of love! (Did you know a spirit is a god?) And you are his goddess & his queen, & the Goddess of Love—the fulfilment of Aphrodite of whom they speak & they dream, but they know you not!

7. (DAD POINTS TO STATUE:) SEE THERE‚ EXACTLY LIKE YOU IN EVERY DETAIL! And they speak of you & they dream of you, & they fashion you even in imagination—but they know you not. But I know you, & I have loved you with an everlasting love & have made you as Love itself—the embodiment of Beauty unto David!

8. COME UNTO ME, BEAUTY & LOVE—MY LITTLE GODDESS! Come thou from thy pedestal into my arms! For one hour in the arms of David is as ten thousand! He is as My Love to you, & you are My Love to him! So live & love—my love! You can now put down the pen & take up the penis.

9. WITH ONE HAND SHE POURS OUT WATER & WITH THE OTHER HAND SHE LOVES DAVID. See, that's just like your statue. They shouldn't have made a statue with her all by herself, 'cause her other hand has no place to go. They should have put David beside you & your hand on his penis.

10. THEY'RE ASHAMED OF WHAT GOD HAS CREATED, & what He has made good, they have called evil—& they're ashamed to show it. So be thou not ashamed of David‚ & do thou faithfully wield both his pen & his penis. Herein is the love of God manifest—that you lay down your life for the brethren. (1John 3:16)

11. HEARKEN DILIGENTLY, ALL YE HANDMAIDENS OF THE LORD! Believe the Words of My Spirit in the mouth of David. Even so love ye as this one loves‚ with all thy soul & all thy might & both thy hands, & all thy heart—& both thy feet. See that thy feet run diligently to serve him.

12. FOR THUS SHOULD IT BE WITH ALL THE HANDMAIDENS OF THE LORD! With both thine ears hearken thou unto his Words, & with both thine eyes do thou look diligently unto his needs‚ & with both thy nostrils do thou sense swiftly to wait upon him, & do thou lend both thy breasts unto his mouth that he may be satisfied in thee! And do thou open both thy lips to his tongue, & thy other lips to his penis, & open thou unto his love!

13. FOR THIS CAUSE I HAVE MADE THEE that thou mayest be an helpmeet unto him. And so shall it be with all the handmaidens of the Lord—unto Me & unto their husbands who represent Me! For each of these is the embodiment of the Spirit of Love whom I have created, like Aphrodite in both love & beauty & warm flesh, that they may satisfy all the needs of My servants, as I do satisfy all of their needs.

14. EVEN AS THOU ART FILLED WITH WINE BY THE KISSES OF HIS MOUTH, so be filled with My Spirit by the kisses of My Love, that thou mayest minister more diligently unto Me & unto these. That even as thou must open thy mouth & part thy legs to his love, even so thou shalt open thy heart unto Me & My love that thou mayest bear fruit unto Me‚ that I may be glorified in thee! (Maria: David put his hand under my head to support it while I was writing:)

15. EVEN SO SHALT THOU BE SUPPORTED WITH THE STRONG HAND—MY STRONG HAND!—And loved with My caresses & protected with My Presence & fed by My Spirit & loved by My Body that I may be unto thee as the love of David, & thou shalt minister unto Me & unto My children as thou dost minister unto his—for they are the same.

16. FOR THIS CAUSE ART THOU IN THE WORLD, THAT THOU MAYEST MINISTER UNTO ME & MY CHILDREN & MY DAVID. So shalt thou minister unto Mine, all ye handmaidens of the Lord, that thou mayest be well pleasing in My sight, & thou shalt have blessing from the Lord!—For He shall reward thee for thy faithfulness. For thou shalt withhold nothing from them, even as thou shalt withhold nothing from Me, that I may be thy God, & thou shalt be called the handmaidens of the Lord. Lift up your hearts & sing, all ye people of the Lord.

17. MINISTER TO THE KING, FOR HE HATH NEED OF THEE & would love thee that thou mayest bring forth fruit unto him, all ye handmaidens of the Lord! (Now you know why they're called handmaidens—maidens of the hand‚ 'cause they serve so much with their hands!) But he shall also serve them with his hand—for the King shall joy in his strength, & at his right hand there are pleasures forevermore! (Ps.16:11) (He is good with it!)

18. LOOK WHAT YOU DID FOR DAVID! You strengthened the rod of his power that it may penetrate thee & bring forth fruit, even as his tongue doth penetrate thy heart & bring forth the Words of the Lord. See that thou suck forth diligently therefore, all the seed that I have given him, that thou mayest bring forth fruit & many children unto Me. For even as thou dost serve him, so shalt thou serve Me‚ all ye handmaidens of the Lord!

19. WHEREFORE, THEREFORE, SHOULDST THOU DENY THYSELF UNTO DAVID?—No more than thou shouldst deny thyself unto Me! Come thou now & be thou consumed upon the fire of his love & quench thou the flame of his passion that his seed may burn within thy heart, even as My Words do burn within thee, that thou mayest be ravished with his love, even as thou art ravished with Mine!

20. COME, O LITTLE ONE, LET THY LORD ENTER IN UNTO THEE that thou mayest enter into the joy of thy Lord! The King has a mighty rod—possess it! (She writes with one hand & loves with the other.) The King will love thee. You are the most beloved of all the King's handmaidens, for you have David's Mighty Pen! We have Heaven on Earth, Honey! We have Heaven in our home & Heaven in our hearts! (Amen! PTL! TYJ!)