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Forbidden Planet

David Berg

—A Movie with a Meaning!—Watch Your Thoughts!DFO 1378France, 27/1/81

1. WE'VE JUST BEEN WATCHING A VERY INTERESTING FILM, one of the early sci-fi films & one that I consider a virtual sci-fi masterpiece, one of the best & greatest ever made‚ & with more significant MEANING than almost any sci-fi ever!

2. WE HAD JUST BEEN WATCHING THE INTERVIEW OF GISCARD D'ESTAING, president of France, by three news hounds who were hounding him for what news they could get out of him‚ three [AC] interrogators, the Inquisition, trying to stump him, trying to distract him‚ trying to unnerve him. It reminded me of three hounds cornering what they thought was a lamb, or cornering a fox, & he turned out to be a LION because he went on the attack & more than answered the questions! HE held the floor & he kept upstaging them & kept them busy trying to listen to what HE had to say until they were nearly flabbergasted & they were sitting there kind of speechless & looking a little bit dumb!

3. WE HAD BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW & WHAT CLEVER ANSWERS HE GAVE & REALLY PRAYING FOR HIM that the Lord would help him because we feel like he's a real wise king‚ he's one of our kings & the Lord says to pray for kings & magistrates & rulers & those that have the rule over you, so we've really been praying for him because he seems to be one of the most sensible rulers in the World.

4. HE'S NOT PLAYING AMERICA'S GAME OR RUSSIA'S EITHER BUT HE'S TRYING TO WALK A TIGHT ROPE DOWN THE MIDDLE! But he's smart enough to lean a little bit more toward the Russian left than he is toward the American right, because I think he can see which way the wind is blowing & that he doesn't want to be on the American ship when it starts sinking, he would rather be on the Russian ship as it stays afloat & conquers the rest of the World! I think he knows that, he's smart enough to know it & wise enough to see that America is sinking while Russia is rising.

5. SO HE ANSWERED ALL THE QUESTIONS VERY CLEVERLY & VERY WISELY & we thought he was a very good subject for this interrogation because he really held the floor & he went on the ATTACK & they were on the defensive, really. Usually these TV guys, they get overbearing & they get on top of the poor victim & really start leaning on him & pressing down on him & crushing him with their mighty media power! But these three [ACs] couldn't keep him in a corner! He kept running circles around them, really, & almost with laughs!

6. HE WAS AMUSED AT HOW HE WAS ABLE TO KEEP THESE DOGS AT BAY & gave very good answers, & I'm sure partly because the Lord has led many of us to pray for him, that the Lord will give him great wisdom & great strength & real power of God's Spirit‚ conviction of what is right & to be willing to FIGHT for it!

7. ANYHOW, WE GOT PRESIDENT GISCARD D'ESTAING SETTLED & he got the reporters settled & all the questions settled, & almost the fate of the nation & the World settled, because he seemed to be going the right direction, striving much more to please Russia than the U.S. He hasn't made any great peace overtures & been running over every now & then to see the President of the United States to stay on the good side of him, but he has had quite a few meetings with Brezhnev to stay on the good side of HIM!

8. HE KNOWS WHICH SIDE HIS BREAD IS GONNA BE BUTTERED ON when the bread starts being distributed & the Antichrist starts dividing the spoil & the prey amongst the people & scatters the dominions & the nations when Russia takes over. He wants to be counted as Russia's friend, I'm sure, & he's certainly playing the right angle to the game.

9. AT THE SAME TIME HE DOESN'T WANT TO LOSE HIS OTHER FRIENDS, so he tries to sway them & pacify America a little bit, but it's pretty hard to do when the Americans can see pretty well what his game is, that he's shining up to the Russians & is quite contrary to the Americans. Which is a very wise tack to be on right now, considering the way the World's going, certainly every day more & more into the Russian camp & under her power.

10. SO WE WERE WATCHING THAT, & IMMEDIATELY AFTER HIS INTERVIEW THIS PICTURE "FORBIDDEN PLANET" WAS ON. I saw it years ago when it first came out. As far as we know it was black & white, it was on our TV as I recall‚ although it shows you the illusion of black & white that our cameraman even thought that one of the explosions was in RED! It's amazing how much colour you can put into a black & white picture!

11. WHEN WE FIRST STARTED OUR MAGAZINE, OUR LITTLE PAPERS & SO ON, SOME OF THE BOYS RIGHT AWAY WANTED TO GO TO COLOUR‚ COLOUR, COLOUR! "After all, the Nit-Wits used to have their Nit-Wit News in colour, & why can't WE have colour?" Well, dear Deborah almost broke the bank putting out those colour covers too, let me tell you, colour inside I think sometimes too, & thousands of dollars an issue which we didn't get out of it. I said, "Nothing doing! Listen, Buddy, we've got three colours already & that's all we need!—Black, white & grey!" And that's where I left it!

12. THE PICTURE ACTUALLY BEGAN WITH THIS SPACE SHIP OF OBVIOUS AMERICANS TRAVELLING THROUGH SPACE, supposed to be an interplanetary patrol ship, & it runs across this strange planet which I think they had been getting some rather odd signals from, &, I believe, where 20 years before one of their own space ships had crashed & supposedly everybody got killed or disappeared or something. So it's considered a very mysterious planet & they have been sent out to investigate.

13. SO THEY LAND ON THE PLANET & THEY DISCOVER THIS VERY BEAUTIFUL PALATIAL VILLA RUN BY THIS MAD SCIENTIST! Well‚ he's not exactly mad, but you find out in the long run he's virtually mad. Anybody that did the things he did has gotta be a little bit crazy. So their space ship landed on this strange forbidden planet where a former space ship had crashed & everybody had been killed or something & there was something strange about it. (David: Well, some people lived there.) Well, 20 years before the story began this other first space ship had crashed & people had been killed or disappeared, so they were coming to investigate what happened to the first space ship & all of its crew, I think it was about 20 men, something like that.

14. SO THEY LAND & THEY FIND THIS BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL HOUSE WHERE THIS HANDSOME OLD MAN, WALTER PIDGEON, LIVES—Dr. Strangelove or whoever he is, & his beautiful daughter. They have a gorgeous garden with all kinds of wild beasts running around tame & they have this robot, Robby the Robot!

15. THIS, BY THE WAY, WAS THE VERY FIRST APPEARANCE OF ROBBY THE ROBOT‚ who later on they made a whole series with called "Lost In Space!" & quite a few other movies used Robby the Robot. I think they put him into "Star Wars" & several others‚ "The Empire Strikes Back" & whatnot! This is a pretty expensive robot, so no wonder they got as much out of him as they could! But anyhow he's a kind of a friendly robot & he's just a piece of machinery & he does what he's told.

16. BUT THEY FIND ROBBY THE ROBOT COULD DO ALMOST ANYTHING! If you want him to make a quart of liquor, he'll make it! Give him a little time, you just have to hand him a sample so he can analyse it, he sticks it in this big hole in the middle of him & he analyses the bottle & the contents, then he gives it back & he can reproduce it. Well‚ of course this is just a story. (David: He can do ALMOST anything.) He can do almost anything, it's amazing! (David: But not get that big beast!) No!

17. I CAN'T REMEMBER EXACTLY THE WHOLE STORY, IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME, & I DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHEN THE PROFESSOR HAD COME THERE or how he got there‚ whether he was on the first space ship & one of the survivors, that could've been possible. Do you recall from the story? (James: Well, he said he'd been there 20 years.) Yes, so he had been one of the survivors there.

18. WELL, IT DOESN'T TELL YOU RIGHT OFF THE BAT, BUT THE ORIGINAL RACE OF VERY INTELLIGENT BEINGS WHO HAD LIVED THERE had somehow or another died off or gotten killed off, but all the machinery was still running! You were taken through this labyrinth or maze of machines where the Doctor & his visitors were just like little specks on the bridge below, & this great city of machinery stretched 30 kilometers that way & 30 kilometers this way, 60 kilometers wide—or 40 miles wide‚ in other words.

19. WELL, THAT'S PRETTY SMALL COMPARED TO SPACE CITY, BUT IT WAS 7000 STORIES HIGH! Now if you take 10 feet to the story, 7000 floors would have been 70,000 feet tall! That's pretty tall! His city was only 40 miles wide & 13 miles high‚ that's peanuts compared to Space City! It was pyramidical in shape, apparently, or it could've been. But what's 40 miles wide by 13 miles high when Space City is going to be 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high! Is 1500 bigger than 40? (David: Of course!) Right! And is 1500 miles high higher than 13 miles? (David: Yes!) 100 times as high, right? Well‚ there you are!

20. SO IF A 7000-STORY BUILDING IS ONLY 13 MILES HIGH, IMAGINE HOW MANY FLOORS THE LORD'S SPACE CITY CAN HAVE! Of course, some of the floors that I saw were pretty big floors. I mean, it wasn't just a stack of little tiny cubical apartments. There might've been some places in it that were‚ but what I saw was the most gigantic rooms I have ever seen in my whole life! Do you remember reading "Space City" where I saw that great huge room & this strange crystal thing in the middle of it? (See No.75A.)

21. I COULDN'T REALLY RELATE TO ANYTHING TO FIGURE OUT HOW BIG IT WAS UNTIL I BEGAN LOOKING DOWN AT THE BOTTOM & down on the floor & I saw these little tiny specks that looked like little ants crawling around down there! And I zoomed in on them & it turned out to be PEOPLE! It looked about like you saw there where they walked out on this bridge & they were just like little ants walking out on the bridge there, but they were three people, which shows you how big it was! Well, Space City is even bigger than that! Their little Space City was a piker compared to ours! I mean‚ it was only 40 miles wide & 13 miles high instead of 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high!

22. WELL ANYHOW, ALL THIS MACHINERY WAS SUPPOSED TO FILL IT UP. Thank God Space City is not just full of machinery! It's got a FEW machines in it, & that was the first thing I saw, remember? You read "Space City," didn't you? Did he ever read the Letter or just the Komic? You've really gotta read the whole Letter to get the whole picture because it was really something! These huge pieces, not like man's machinery, but God's great big giant crystals & things, & then a big pedestal & then this gigantic room that was so big that I thought it was outdoors & it turned out it wasn't! So it was a pretty big place! Well, the Doctor's was full of all these computers & machines.

23. I WOULD SAY THAT THEY PROBABLY DID A BETTER JOB ON SCENERY & PROPS & ALL THESE GADGETS in this particular film than almost any I've ever seen since! I don't think I've ever seen anything to compare with it since. Not "Star Trek" nor "Star Wars" nor any other science fiction film I've ever seen had as amazing & complex scenery of computer machinery & all that sort of thing. It must've cost them a FORTUNE to build all that stuff‚ even though some of it was no doubt models & trick photography.

24. IN THE DAYS BEFORE THEY COULD DO SUCH EASY TRICKS WITH VIDEO & TELEVISION, THEY HAD TO CREATE MODELS & make a lot of things pretty realistic! Now they can make somebody look like they're flying through the air & everything else just by using two cameras & certain kinds of lenses & background. But they couldn't do that in those days. They could superimpose film but it was a very complicated process. So they had to have some pretty real & realistic scenery & all these strange pyramidical doors closing like locks on a safe & whatnot!

25. BUT HERE THE HERO DISCOVERED THIS HANDSOME MIDDLE-AGED DOCTOR & HIS BEAUTIFUL YOUNG DAUGHTER & they had all these strange amazing machines! But the most amazing of all the machines was this thought MACHINE where you could put these two things to your temples & I think one to the forehead like this, & the doctor had gotten some kind of a shock that doubled his IQ to 186! It was a good thing I didn't get that shock because mine started out at 178! If it had doubled mine it might've been too much for me & you both! I can keep you too busy already, talk too much already & too long & you're already tired!

26. REALLY YOU ONLY SAW THE LAST HALF OF THE PICTURE, YOU MISSED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HALF where they land & they find this Paradise—not on Earth but on this planet—& the wild animals are tame & it's like the Garden of Eden again. The whole thing is almost like a duplication of the Garden of Eden, & they can create things just by more or less WISHING these things. Either their machinery can recreate it or the robot can recreate it, supposedly.-

27. BUT THEY WENT A LITTLE TOO FAR because pretty soon the machine or whatever it was began to recreate evil thoughts & the intents of their heart & their own evil spirits! I'd seen this movie about three or four times before & it always really got through to me & it was pretty weird, because it's so close to the SPIRITUAL truths!

28. GOD'S WORD TEACHES YOU THAT IF YOU FEAR A FEAR IT WILL COME UPON YOU! The great man Job said, "I feared a fear & it's come upon me!" (Job 3:25) They could create demons of their own mind‚ fears! Your fears can become demons which will torment you. And here their science had gotten so advanced that they were actually bordering on the spiritual to where their scientific machines, supposedly, electronic equipment or whatever it was, could recreate the thoughts of their own mind! The Doctor could concentrate & look into this sample machine here & he thought about his daughter & he recreated her in miniature right on the little pedestal in the middle of the machine. He said that she was not real but she was just a three-dimensional image of his mind because he was thinking about her.

29. WELL, IN A WAY‚ SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING THOSE THINGS CAN HAPPEN! Some of you have taken drugs. Some of you have had LSD particularly, something where the very images of your own mind materialise. The men of science & doctors of medicine, of course, they're not supposed to believe in the supernatural nor the spiritual nor the miraculous‚ so they call these images that they say you create from your own mind in your own imagination "hallucinations."

30. THEY SAY, "OH, THEY'RE JUST MENTAL PICTURES! THEY'RE JUST YOUR IMAGINATION! It's not real! You're just seeing things!" Well‚ what do you think? Some of you have had drugs & drug trips. Some of you took LSD & so on. That was one of the most hallucinogenic drugs in which the very images of your own mind become realities & you see & experience & almost feel it! You take trips into either Heaven or Hell, & you either see angels or demons, God or the Devil!

31. I'VE BEEN THANKFUL THAT MOST OF OUR CHILDREN BEFORE JOINING THE FAMILY HAD GOOD TRIPS because apparently the hand of the Lord was already upon you & He was already taking care of you. Because as far as He was concerned, there's no time, no past‚ present or future, it's all now, & you were already His child even before you ever met Him or found Him. He was already preparing you, taking care of you & PROTECTING you from anything so evil that you couldn't take it & you couldn't handle it & it might've driven you OUT of your mind, as it has many people!

32. BUT THOSE WHOM IT HAS AFFECTED THAT WAY WERE PEOPLE WHO WERE NOT GOD'S CHILDREN & whose parents, no doubt‚ had been evil & had reared them evilly, not to know God, not to know the Lord. Or if not that, at least God already had His hand on you, whereas the others were already more or less the Devil's children. Like Jesus said of the Scribes & Pharisees, He said, "You're not of God! You're of your father the Devil! The Devil's your father, your god!" (Jn.8:44)

33. THE EVIL IMAGINATIONS OF THEIR EVIL HEARTS WERE ALL EVIL! If they had hallucinations or bad dreams or nightmares they would dream of the Devil & his demons & horrors like you saw in this imaginary monster, this invisible monster—"invisible" means you can't see it—until they had imagined these things & recreated them in their own minds & with such power of thought until they became an actual reality!

34. NOW SOME PEOPLE SLIP OVER THE LINE, THEY SLIP OVER THE BORDER INTO THAT WORLD WHERE THIS LIFE IS NO LONGER THE REALITY. They have discovered that this is just a reflection of the reality on the other side, & that the reality is really there & THAT'S the reality! Some of them go crazy with schizophrenia or demon possession & whatnot‚ & the demons & their nightmares & everything become REAL to them. They're really afraid of the serpents they see & the pink elephants on the walls & all kinds of crazy things, because they're bad & they don't know the Lord & they don't have His protection & they don't have His Spirit watching over them. They don't have one of His guardian angels.

35. FIRST OF ALL IT JUST STARTED IN THE IMAGINATION OF THEIR EVIL HEART & IN THEIR MIND‚ but pretty soon they slip over the border into that Spirit World in their own mind & it all becomes very real & those things become monsters & horrors & nightmares & all kinds of demonic creatures, etc., because they don't have Jesus! They take drugs or something & take a spirit trip into the Spirit World & all they see is Hell & the Devil & demons & monsters & horrible "hallucinations‚" as the doctors call them.

36. BECAUSE‚ OF COURSE, SCIENCE CANNOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING SUPERNATURAL OR MIRACULOUS OR SPIRITUAL, IT'S ALL GOT TO BE VERY MATERIALISTIC. Like the fellow said, "I won't believe in anything I can't see, feel, touch, smell or taste with one of my five senses! I can't believe in anything I can't see!" I told you about him! He challenged Dr. Moon after one of Dr. Moon's lectures at the Chicago World's Fair. He said‚ "I can't believe in a God I can't see! If there's a God, SHOW Him to me! I'm an agnostic! I can't believe anything I don't see! I'm not necessarily an atheist‚ I'm not against God, I just don't believe there is one!"

37. SO DR. MOON SAID‚ "YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING YOU CAN'T SEE, HUH? Well, have you got any brains?" The guy said, "Of course I've got brains!" Dr. Moon said, "Show'm to me!" The guy just got through saying, "If there is a God SHOW Him to me!" Dr. Moon said, "You got brains? Show'm to me!" You can't show me your brains, can you, cause they're inside of your skull, inside of your skin!—Unless you've got some kind of X-ray equipment you can't show me the brains. In fact‚ brains don't show up very good on X-ray equipment. So the whole crowd laughed, of course, because that was a perfect squelch. He'd have had to crack his skull to show his brains, wouldn't he?

38. SO THEN HE SAID TO THE FELLOW, "MY DEAR GOOD MAN. WHY DO YOU CALL YOURSELF AN AGNOSTIC? That's the GREEK term for 'I don't know'. Why don't you use the LATIN term for 'I don't know'—Ignoramus!" An ignoramus is a fool that doesn't know anything, see? "Agnostic" is a nice term that unbelievers like to use for themselves: "Well, I'm not necessarily pro or con, I just don't believe in anything I can't see." Agnostic sounds nice, doesn't it?

39. BUT IF YOU TURN AROUND & GIVE THE LATIN FORM OF THE SAME WORD, IT'S "IGNORAMUS," which is a bad name they call people who are pretty dumb & ignorant & don't know anything! Really, that is‚ I think, the plural meaning: "We don't know." Anyhow, that's the word we use. So science, you know, they're Flatlanders‚ they don't believe in any other dimension but what they can see, feel, hear, touch‚ smell, etc.

40. SO DAVID‚ THIS IMAGINARY PLANET, OF COURSE, IS JUST A STORY, BUT IT BRINGS OUT A VERY AMAZING SPIRITUAL TRUTH! That's why I saw it several times when I was a young Christian, because I could see there was something really in it. Here were men who had been able to not only recreate material things, but had learned to recreate their dreams, & that included their nightmares! The monster that you saw—you didn't see at first—you just saw its footsteps & then you saw it bending the steps on the space ship & went right into the space ship, nothing could stop it! Why? Because it was a SPIRITUAL monster, like a demon, see?

41. WELL‚ OF COURSE DEMONS CAN WALK ALONG WITHOUT EVEN LEAVING FOOTPRINTS OR BENDING STEPS or making a lot of sparks on a forcefield either! But you know, they've gotta have a few video visual movie effects to interest the audience, because if they can't see a thing, well, they might be like the guy who said‚ "I don't believe it unless you show it to me!" So the monster had to have footsteps & bend steps & he had to interfere with the forcefield & you had to see this horrible-looking demon raring around!

42. DID YOU NOTICE HIM THERE IN THE FORCEFIELD? (David: He was thinking, "Ah, they're shooting at me!") Yes, he was mad! They were socking it to him with all these ray guns & atom guns & so on & it didn't even bother him, it made him all the more powerful. Every shot gave him more power. He just ate it up! Well, that has its spiritual analogy.

43. FIRST OF ALL THEY RECREATED THEIR NIGHTMARES FROM THEIR IMAGINATION, UNTIL THEIR NIGHTMARES MATERIALISED! You & I have both heard of people running away from ghosts & paranoid of enemies that THEY can see but YOU can't see.—Screaming in terror at monsters & demons & serpents & whatnot that are very real to them, that they're running away from & frightened to death of, which you can't see at all! But they're on a drug trip or a spirit trip & THEY can see them & to them they're very real! And if they're REAL to them & they THINK they're real, then they're REAL!

44. AND THE THING IS, THEY BECOME REAL TO THEM‚ JUST AS REAL AS YOU & ME!—The figments of their imagination. Image-ination. Imagination. Have you read that one? Image-nation. (No.301)—A nation that creates images. So what they do is they imagine or they IMAGE it, in other words, they create an image or they make an image. Right? And God said in the Bible you're NOT to make any image, right? But they make images out of the evil imagination, image-ination of their own minds! Get it?

45. THEY CREATE IMAGES NOT EVEN WITH THEIR OWN HANDS BUT WITH THEIR MINDS! And this is what the professor was doing with his machinery! With his high-powered machinery & the power of his high-powered brain he was creating IMAGES out of his own mind! He created that little image of his daughter inside the glass case. But then his mind got away from him & the thing got out of control & he began to create images, monsters out of his NIGHTMARES & his FEARS! See?

46. JUST LIKE PEOPLE REALLY DO IN ACTUAL LIFE! People who get into evil spirits or who are bad people, wicked people‚ their fears become so real in their minds that they materialise, as far as they're concerned, & they really see these monsters & snakes & elephants & demons & all that sort of thing, because they think about those things.

47. THE LORD SAYS YOU SHOULDN'T THINK ABOUT THOSE THINGS AT ALL! "Whatsoever things are good & pure" & so on, "think on these things." (Ph.4:8) So you shouldn't think about those evil beasts & monsters & demons & things like that. Whenever things like that come to your mind, you should right away plead the protection of Christ & say, "I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name! I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' name! Get thee behind me, Satan! Get away from me! Jesus, help me not to think these thoughts! Help me not to think about evil monsters & evil things like that!"

48. YOU TRY TO PUSH THE DEVIL OUT WITH THE LORD'S HELP, & YOU WILL IF YOU ASK THE LORD TO HELP YOU. If you resist the Devil & resist these evil thoughts, then they'll flee from you. (Jam.4:7) The Lord promised that‚ because you have Jesus & all the power of the King of Kings! As Jesus said‚ "All power is given unto Me in Heaven & in Earth!" (Mt.28:18) Think of that! Things under the Earth too. (Ph.2:10) So if you have Jesus, you've got all that power! Think of that! "All power given to you in Heaven & in Earth" so that even the demons & devils of Hell are subject unto you & what you tell them to do, they have to do it! They have to do what you tell'm to do. I hope I got that straight. The Devil tried to get my tongue twisted.

49. ALL THE DEVILS OF HELL INCLUDING SATAN HIMSELF ARE SUBJECT TO YOUR POWER BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE POWER OF CHRIST! You can tell him where to get off or go jump in the lake or dive off the deep end or get out of here & leave me alone! Martin Luther even threw an inkwell, a bottle of ink at the Devil once, but he missed him & it sure splattered all over the wall, though! Because the Devil is a spirit, he's an evil spirit, & you can't hit him with a bottle of ink!

50. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN HIT HIM WITH IS A BOTTLE OF THE WORD OF GOD! You're the bottle & out of your mouth you pour the Word of God! You can sock it to him out of your bottle, out of the fullness of your heart your mouth speaketh the Word of God & that really splatters him! He really doesn't like that, it really messes him up! He gets all spattered with the ink of God's Word & that really fixes him & he turns tail & runs!

51. SO ANYHOW, IN THIS PICTURE THE WHOLE IDEA IS A CONCEPT OF SCIENCE TO THE POINT THAT THEY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RECREATE ACTUAL IMAGES OF THE THOUGHTS OF MAN, which all was very nice at the beginning of the picture. You missed the nice part where they were creating these lovely meals & these pet tigers & all that sort of thing. But you notice things were beginning to get a bit out of hand. In one of the first scenes you saw the young couple were in the garden & her pet tiger that was usually just like a cat‚ a pet, started to leap on'm!

52. THE GUY WHIPPED OUT HIS RAY GUN JUST IN TIME TO DISINTEGRATE HIM IN MID-AIR!—To disintegrate him means to make him fall apart. To integrate means to put things together. So DISintegrate means to make'm fall apart. He pulled out his ray gun & he disintegrated him in mid–air & made him just fall into billions of little molecules & little parts & he just fell down like dust.

53. WELL, WHAT HAD HAPPENED? SOMEHOW THINGS WERE GETTING OUT OF CONTROL! Somehow because of her father's evil heart he was becoming jealous of her love for this other man. Up to this time he'd had her all to himself but now she's falling in love with this space captain, & so he's very angry & very jealous & his anger gets out of his own control, his own jealousy!

54. LIKE WE POINTED OUT IN THE LETTER ON "JEALOUSY" (NO.287), SOMETIMES THE JEALOUS KILL THE ONE THEY LOVE THE MOST BECAUSE OF JEALOUSY & ANGER! His jealous spirit was creating monsters like this angry tiger which tried to JUMP on his daughter & kill her! Things were getting out of control. At first the things he created out of his mind were good & everything was fine & beneficial, but you see, that's just like man, science can create a lot of good things that we enjoy today, right? Science has created a lot of things that are useful. We're even using some of them right now in making this video that can be used for GOOD—OR evil. That's the problem!

55. THIS WAS THE PROBLEM THAT FIRST ENTERED INTO THE GARDEN OF EDEN. Here was the Tree of Knowledge, education‚ & it sounded like a great tree!—All this knowledge to know everything! The knowledge of GOOD—but also evil. See, that's bad. So science is sitting at the foot of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil & plucking the fruits off the tree, but the trouble is that some of it's good & some of it's bad.

56. SO THIS GREAT CIVILISATION THAT CREATED THIS PLANET IN THIS STORY, SUPPOSEDLY, WITH THEIR MACHINERY, HAD CREATED SORT OF A HEAVEN, a Heavenly planet, Heaven not on Earth but on another planet! (David: They really started to pick BAD apples!) Right! They began picking bad apples, wormy apples off the tree, monsters‚ fierce tigers, & things began to turn on them & their pet animals began to attack'm & their evil imaginations, their nightmares began to materialise & actually attack them & began killing people that he didn't like.

57. BECAUSE AS THE CAPTAIN POINTED OUT, "IT'S YOUR OWN SPIRIT! That's your own spirit creating these monsters & this monster! That monster you have created is your own jealous spirit & your own hatred of us because we have stolen the love of your daughter" & so on. This is what he was trying to tell him. (David: So the big lion stopped.) Well‚ what they did was they soon found out that the power that was being generated was from the doctor himself, & was being souped up by all this machinery into creating this monster which was out of his own imagination & his own evil spirit!

58. IT WAS LIKE HIS OWN DEMON THAT HAD COME OUT OF HIM HIMSELF WHO WAS ATTACKING THESE PEOPLE HE DIDN'T LIKE. And finally because of his jealousy, jealousy turns to hatred for somebody that you're jealous of. It says in the Bible of one fellow (Amnon) that after he had been in love with the girl, that later he turned on her & the HATE with which he now HATED her was greater than the LOVE with which he had LOVED her! You read about it! What was her name? Tamar? Read the story in the Bible. (2Sa.13)

59. FIRST HE SEDUCED HER, HE PRETENDED HE WAS SICK & HE HAD HER MAKE HIM COOKIES, & then he sent all his servants out & he said, "I want her to feed me by hand." He got her over there to the bed feeding him by hand, & soon he had her in bed against her will. Now there's nothing wrong with having her in bed, but she didn't want to be & she wanted to get married. She said‚ "Well, if you just ask our father David"—they both had the same father, by the way, they were actually half-brother & half-sister—"if you ask our father, he'll let us marry & it'll be all right! But you don't have to take me by force." But he couldn't wait.

60. HE WAS STRONGER THAN SHE WAS & HE NOT ONLY GRABBED THE COOKIES, HE GRABBED THE COOK!—And wound up in bed & [forced] her! That wasn't love really, it was just lust! Then when he was all finished he threw her away, sent her away in shame & disgrace because he had already had her & then he wasn't willing to marry her.

61. THEY SORT OF HAD A LITTLE DIFFERENT RULE IN THOSE DAYS, but they were according to consideration & love & thoughtfulness of each other. They weren't quite as free as we are now under the Law of Love. They were still under the old Mosaic Law, & under that law he was supposed to marry her. But then he refused to marry her, so she was disgraced & shamed. It said that the hate then with which he HATED her was greater now than the love with which he had loved her. (2Sam.13:15) Well, apparently the love with which he had loved her wasn't very much love to begin with!

62. SO IN THIS MOVIE‚ THE HORRIBLE JEALOUSY OF HER FATHER WAS EVEN TURNING HIS HATE ON HER.—Not only on her lovers & these people that had come & had fallen in love with her, but now his hate was even turned to her where the monster was turning toward her to get her‚ & eventually him. And in this one case, it was only when he fainted that the monster disappeared, because the power was being generated from his own mind, his own imagination.

63. (TO DAVID: ) MY, YOU REALLY ARE STAYING UP LATE TONIGHT, AREN'T YOU? My, oh my!—12:15! It took us so long to get set up for this camera shot, teaching the boys how to use the camera, that we didn't get to our story soon enough! I'm sorry. But anyway, that's what happened & that's the story & that's why it had amazing significance.

64. WE HAVE MUSIC WITH MEANING, WELL, THIS WAS A MOVIE WITH A MEANING‚ about how science had finally learned how to recreate images, the thoughts of your own mind, to cause them to materialise. And if you don't have the pure mind of Christ in you & you don't belong to Jesus, then your mind is part evil—partly good, partly evil—in fact, dominated by evil & the Devil. So they began to create these EVIL images & monsters & demons & this big one in particular that was going around causing destruction, killing people‚ & finally almost killed the professor himself. He realised he had created something then that he couldn't stop.

65. AND IT SEEMED TO HINT THAT THIS HIGHER CIVILISATION THAT HAD EXISTED ON THIS PLANET HAD DONE THE SAME THING & had used these monsters at first to protect them from other invaders & so on, but finally they turned on them themselves & wiped'm out‚ slaughtered them all! Well, this doctor had come & he learned how to use their equipment & do the same thing, & now HIS monster was turning on him & killing the daughter's friends & almost the daughter & him. Until finally only his demise—in fact‚ the blowing up of the whole planet—was the only thing that supposedly saved them.

66. HE TOLD THEM HOW TO PRESS THE RIGHT BUTTONS & THE RIGHT LEVERS to activate the atomic reactions that would eventually blow up the planet within 24 hours, so they only had 24 hours to get off & get a safe distance so it wouldn't burn them up too. And that's what you saw in the last scene where you saw that explosion out in space that looked like a sudden bright star flaring like a firecracker or like fireworks, so that it was destroyed.

67. SO THE MORAL IS THAT THESE EVIL IMAGINATIONS OF EVIL MINDS CAN BE RECREATED BY SCIENCE & HAVE BEEN TODAY. And what is one of the most evil ones that they've created? Science has done lots of good, created a lot of good things, but what's about the WORST thing now that they've ever created?—The atomic bomb! Hydrogen bomb even, cobalt bomb, a lot of different horrible bombs. They have created bombs that are many times as powerful as those that wiped out those two Japanese cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki & could wipe out whole countries! Horrible bombs! So you see, not all science is good. I'm sure the Devil in their evil imaginations inspired those inventions like the atomic bomb, right?

68. SO THAT NOW SCIENCE, LIKE THIS SCIENTIST ON THAT PLANET, HAS CREATED A MONSTER THAT LOOKS LIKE IT'S ABOUT TO DESTROY THEM—THE ATOMIC BOMB! It came out of their evil imaginations. It was the creation of their evil minds to create a bomb that could blow up whole countries!—Not just even cities, but whole countries! And if they use enough of them & the Lord allowed them to, could probably wipe out the whole World & everybody on it! But God's not gonna let'm do that, don't worry!

69. I THOUGHT I WAS BEING VERY ENCOURAGING ONE NIGHT WHEN WE SAT AT THE CLUB with the owner of the hotel & the manager & Enrique & Fier & some of those guys. We all had our capes on, it was cape night for some reason or another‚ & they were discussing World events & the future & the atomic bomb & wondering if they'd be safe enough, if they were far enough from Europe when they started to fall, if they'd be okay. And I was telling them that God had shown me we'd be all right down there in the Canaries. We'd see & feel the storm but we'd be safe there.

70. HOWEVER, THEY SAID, "WELL, IF THEY EVER HAVE AN ATOMIC WAR IT'S GONNA WIPE THE WHOLE WORLD OUT!" I said, "No, no, no, no! It's not gonna wipe the World out, it's only gonna wipe out ONE-THIRD of the World!" Their faces kind of fell & they looked a little bit worried as though it didn't make that much difference whether it wiped out the whole World or only one-third of it! That was still pretty bad & they were afraid they were gonna be in the one-third, or the Third World, & that didn't seem to encourage them too much!

71. I THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA ENCOURAGE THEM by telling them that the Atom War was only gonna wipe out one-third of the World‚ not the whole World, but they didn't seem to think that was very encouraging. And right away they terminated the conversation & said, "Well‚ we have to go now!" & they stood up & stalked off! They didn't want to hear about the horrors to come!

72. BUT YOU SEE, THIS MONSTER OF THE ATOMIC BOMB HAS COME OUT OF THE EVIL IMAGINATIONS OF THE EVIL MINDS OF EVIL SCIENTISTS like this evil doctor, & they have created these monsters out of their evil imaginations by the power of the Devil, really spiritual power. I'm sure the Devil helped them to learn how to invent an atomic bomb, but the Lord allowed it. God could've stopped it, but He let it happen. Why? Because that's what the Super Powers deserve!

73. PARTICULARLY AMERICA DESERVES TO BE DESTROYED BECAUSE IT HAS DESTROYED THE EARTH, it has polluted the Earth, it has cruelly destroyed peoples, nations & cruelly mistreated them & allowed them to be cruelly mistreated like the Palestinians & the Vietnamese & the Koreans & the poor Japanese & all kinds of people. They blew up two whole cities of the Japanese & wiped out thousands & thousands of people! It's HORRIBLE how many people the Americans killed! Well‚ they haven't had their judgement yet, but they're gonna get it!

74. SO THE LORD ALLOWED THE CREATION OF THESE ATOM BOMBS so that the very creators thereof & inventors thereof would reap the results. The U.S. was the one that created it & Russia got the idea from the U.S. They bought the secrets. There were Jews in the U.S.A., by the way‚ that sold them these secrets, the Rosenburgs, & they were executed for it. They literally sold the secret of the atomic bomb to the Russians!


76. BUT THIS HORROR WAS A MONSTER OF THEIR OWN MINDS & IT FINALLY GOT OUT OF CONTROL, & one of these days they're gonna use it on each other. Russia, it looks like, is gonna get the best of it, & the U.S. is gonna get the worst of it. Because I believe Russia will probably pre-empt & strike first if she's smart. Well, she should‚ to save herself. Right? I mean, I wouldn't be surprised the Americans are thinking about it. They've been talking about a LIMITED atomic war & a STRATEGIC atomic war & that it doesn't have to be TOTAL atomic war. Well, the guys who know say that's ridiculous, that's stupid.

77. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A LIMITED ATOMIC WAR‚ ONCE IT GETS STARTED IT'S GONNA BE TOTAL & whoever strikes first & destroys the other guy is gonna have a better chance of getting hurt less. So if the Russians figure that the Americans are gonna use it first, they'll probably pre-empt it & strike first themselves.

78. SO THESE HORRIBLE MONSTERS THAT THE MINDS OF AMERICANS LITERALLY CREATED, THESE ATOMIC BOMBS, ARE ONE OF THESE DAYS GONNA COME RAINING DOWN ON THEM! Because the Lord said, "Whatsoever things ye sow, that shall ye also reap!" (Gal.6:7) America's sowed atomic bombs & death & destruction raining from the skies! Saturation bombing in Cambodia, saturation bombing in Vietnam, saturation bombing in Germany during WW2 & saturation bombing in Japan with the atomic bombs‚ etc., death raining down from the sky!

79. IN THE BIBLE, IN REVELATION, IT TALKS A LOT ABOUT FIRE & BRIMSTONE RAINING DOWN FROM THE SKY, well, this is what it's probably talking about! Not only big volcanic explosions with hot rocks & red rocks & fire & lava coming down from the sky, but man's OWN lava, hot rocks, the atomic bombs coming down from the sky! They're gonna be falling on America.

80. THE UNITED STATES CREATED THEM, U.S. scientists invented them, U.S. technicians made them & U.S. aviators & military officials used them & slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people with them & with other kinds of bombs. America's sowed all these horrible seeds of death, these horrible fire & brimstone bombs, & now they're gonna reap'm!—And it's probably gonna be pretty soon.

81. SO DEAR GISCARD D'ESTAING IS A PRETTY SMART BOY, HE'S CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIDE THAT'S GONNA WIN! Godless Communism is bad enough, but frankly‚ it's not as anti-Christ as the [ACs]! They're even worse! …


83. SO THAT'S ONE REASON RUSSIA HASN'T BEEN WILLING TO LET ALL THE JEWS GO, even though they're a bunch of troublemakers, because they're the BRAINS & they need those brains!—Scientists & physicists & technicians & so on, so a lot of'm are staying. A lot of'm, like some of the Jews in Babylon & Medo-Persia, they don't wanna go home. They don't wanna go to Israel. They don't want to go to America because they've got such good jobs in Russia, savvy?

84. SO OUT OF THE EVIL IMAGINATIONS OF THEIR HEARTS & THEIR MINDS CAME THESE MONSTERS LIKE IN THIS PICTURE! The United States is like the evil doctor, its scientists are like this bad man in the picture. They created these horrible atomic monsters, & one of these days these monsters are gonna be turned on them—probably by the Russians—& sent back to them to destroy them. Because Russia's not as guilty as the United States.

85. THE U.S. PEOPLE‚ AMERICANS, ARE SUPPOSED CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE HAD MORE LIGHT & MORE GOSPEL & know more about the Lord than any country on the face of the Earth, & yet they have done more horrors & damage & slaughters & cruel massacres than any other nation that has EVER existed! The United States of America has created & heaped more destruction & pollution & waste on the World than any other nation in history!

86. SO IT IS RIPE & READY FOR JUDGEMENT! The cup of its iniquity is almost full & I'm sure God is just preparing the instruments‚ getting the right men to lead Russia & the right man to lead the U.S. so that the war will come & the U.S. will be wiped out by the very same monster that it created—like in the picture!

87. AS I RECALL THERE WAS A SCENE—MAYBE THEY CUT IT OUT OF THE TV FILM—WHERE THE MONSTER CAME IN & KILLED THE DOCTOR. Was that in here? Well, it killed him anyhow, as I recall. He was its creator, he was its manufacturer, he was its imaginer, it was the creation of his own mind, just like the atom bombs for the United States. They created them‚ they were the first to make'm‚ first to use'm on whole populations, so they're probably gonna be the first to get wiped out. Because that's just the way it is!

88. GOD'S WORD SAYS, "BE SURE YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT!" (Nu.32:23) "Whatsoever you sow, that shall you also reap" (Gal.6:7), so they're gonna reap the very bombs that they sowed. They sowed them with profusion all across the World, including atom bombs, & God knows how many they may drop before THEY get it, we don't know!

89. BUT THAT'S WHY THIS PICTURE IS SIGNIFICANT, because it brings out that thought, that out of the evil imaginations of your own heart & your own mind you can create monsters‚ even SPIRITUAL monsters that can destroy you!—Your own fears, your own evil spirits, & in the case of the United States‚ your own mechanical & atomic monsters that can destroy you.

90. YOU CAN'T CREATE SUCH EVIL JUST TO USE AGAINST YOUR ENEMIES. See, according to this‚ this Kroll advanced civilisation had created these monsters to protect them & fight their enemies, but they finally turned on them. The United States has created the atomic monsters supposedly to protect themselves & use on their enemies, but their enemies are gonna turn these monsters on them & destroy them.

91. BECAUSE THE SOWER IS THE ONE THAT HAS TO BE THE REAPER! The sower is the one that reaps, right? And they are going to REAP what they have sown! They have sowed the wind & they're gonna reap the whirlwind (Ho.8:7), & probably many times over till that nation is virtually wiped out! I believe it with all my heart! It's in the Bible, you can read about the destruction of it right there in the 18th Chapter of Revelation.

92. IT SAYS, "IN ONE DAY" & THEN IT SAYS "IN ONE HOUR IS SO GREAT RICHES PERISHED FROM THE EARTH & GREAT BABYLON DESTROYED!" And if there was ever a country that typified Babylon, it's today the United States of America!—A great evil wicked violent country! They worship violence, they worship material things, they worship money, they worship war, they worship nearly everything that's evil, & they are CREATORS of evil!

93. ONCE THEY WERE A GREAT GOOD CHRISTIAN COUNTRY THAT LOVED JESUS, think of that, but now they've become a great horrible wicked cruel evil country that creates the evil that is threatening to destroy mankind, destroy the WORLD if God will let them go on much further! He's got to wipe them out pretty soon before they wipe out the World‚ see? Just like in the picture!

94. THE ONLY THING THAT SAVED THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE, THE OTHER WORLDS, WAS TO WIPE OUT THIS ONE EVIL WORLD. It was like one country amidst other countries. They had to wipe out this one planet that was threatening to destroy other Worlds & the Universe because of its evil knowledge & wisdom. It had to be destroyed.

95. SO THAT'S THE MORAL & THE LESSON OF THIS PICTURE: WATCH OUT FOR THE EVIL IMAGINATIONS OF YOUR HEART LEST THEY BECOME REALITIES THAT CAN DESTROY YOU! This is why we all need the Lord & we all have the Holy Spirit in our hearts, & of course this can't happen to US because WE have JESUS! Amen? Can you hear me? (David: Yes!) OK! Good! He's more wide-awake than some of the rest of you! GBH! And he's doing real well!

96. (TO DAVID:) SO WHAT IS THE EVIL MONSTER THAT THE UNITED STATES CREATED? (David: The atomic bomb!) Atomic monster! Right! And so what evil monster is gonna destroy America? (David: The atomic bomb!) The Atomic Monster! That's right, because America created it, America is gonna be destroyed by it. America sowed it & she's gonna reap it, & I don't think it's gonna be very long.

97. AND WE'RE HOPING & PRAYING THAT GOD WILL SPARE AT LEAST PART OF EUROPE, that it'll be in the two-thirds of the World that's left, & I think the diplomatic game that Giscard d'Estaing & France are playing is betting on the right side to win, which is the left side. In this case, the RIGHT side to win is the LEFT side, the RUSSIAN side! Well, under Russian World dictatorship & eventually the Antichrist, of course, things are gonna be a little bit better for awhile, but then they're gonna get even worse‚ worse than they've EVER been & "a time of trouble such as was not since the World began‚ no, never indeed shall be!" (Mt.24:21) So we can look for things to get a little bit better.

98. FIRST THEY'VE GOTTA GET A LITTLE BIT WORSE, & THEN THEY'RE GONNA GET A LITTLE BIT BETTER, & THEN THEY'RE GONNA GET THE WORST OF ALL‚ & THEN THEY'RE GONNA GET THE BEST OF ALL! Things are gonna get a little bit worse right now until the Covenant is signed—then they're gonna get a little bit better for awhile under the False Messiah, the Antichrist, & then they're gonna get the worst of all in the Tribulation. And after the Tribulation when Jesus comes they're gonna get the BEST of all‚ see? That's the way it works & that's the way it's gonna be!

99. AND THAT'S NOT MY IMAGINATION! THAT'S WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE! THAT'S THE TRUTH! And those are true visions & true dreams & things which God has given to His Prophets to help us know what's gonna happen so we won't be worried about it & we don't have to fear it.—To know your enemy & to know what's gonna happen, knowledge is power, in a way. You don't have to fear the unknown, you simply know the known, that's known to you. We know what's gonna happen, something that the whole World would like to know!

100. THIS POOR BOY'S GONNA BE WORN OUT, BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART! Let's have prayer & let you go. It's 1:00, oh my! It must be 'cause you had your birthday this past week! You're six years old now & you're allowed to stay up a little later. That was a long story & a long movie & a long explanation & we had to spend an hour getting set up, so it's not all my fault. I'll blame part of it on you. So PTL! Come over here, Son, & sit on Daddy's knee & let me pray for you & ask the Lord to give you a real good night's sleep.

101. (PRAYS:) AMEN, LORD. TYJ FOR THIS SWEET PRECIOUS BOY WHO KNOWS YOU SO WELL & YOUR WORD & LOVES YOU & can quote it & pray & we know You're gonna keep his mind from any evil imaginations, bad dreams‚ nightmares, any kind of deviltry the Devil would try to give him. Give him sweet dreams, Lord. Protect his pure mind. Keep him from nightmares, if possible, unless sometimes You allow them for a testing. Rebuke the Enemy. Help him to plead Thy blood that You shed for us & to speak Your Name in defence. If the old Devil tries to scare him in any way, just to call on You‚ Jesus, & You'll just chase the Devil away! TYL! PTL!

102. HELP US TO REMEMBER WE REAP WHAT WE SOW, LORD! If we sow evil thoughts & bad habits & meanness, Lord, we'll reap them again. If we sow cruelty & meanness to other people like America has, she's gonna reap cruelty & meanness. She's sowed destruction, she's gonna reap destruction. She's sowed pollution, she's gonna reap pollution. She's sowed cruelty, she's gonna reap cruelty. So Lord, that country's gonna get just what it deserves, what it's been dishing out to others for years. She's finally gonna reap what she has sowed!

103. SHE SOWED THE ATOMIC MONSTER, SHE'S GONNA REAP THE ATOMIC MONSTER! Just like this man in the film tonight. He sowed this monster in his thoughts & created it out of his mind by this machinery in this fairy tale, & finally he reaped this horrible figment of his imagination, this horrible monster of his mind that destroyed him.

104. SO HELP US‚ LORD, TO WATCH OUR THOUGHTS & WATCH OUR WORDS & FILL OUR HEARTS & MINDS WITH THEE & THY WORD so that we're well-protected & fortified & surrounded by Thy angels of protection & Thy guardian angels, Lord, that care for us all the time. Give us a good night's rest, safekeeping & strength for tomorrow‚ & help our dear little boy, Lord—big boy now Lord, six years old—help him not to suffer for having stayed up so late & lost so much sleep. Help him to take a good rest & sleep late & be strong & well & happy again in the morning, having learned a big big lesson tonight! It's a big long Grandpa story, very big & very long & yet he stayed awake! TYL You helped him stay awake better than almost anybody here. TYJ! GBH! TYL! TYL for Thy Truth!

105. THIS IS VERY UNUSUAL, LORD, TONIGHT & HE PUT YOUR WORD FIRST EVEN BEFORE HIS STRENGTH. XXXXX! He's probably hungry & probably needs a little snack now before he goes to bed, right? Ah, that brightened him up! GBY! You have the authority of Daddy to give him some nice big piece of apple pie or something like that.

106. GBY ALL! I'M SO SORRY! I HAD NO IDEA OF KEEPING YOU SO LATE BUT I GUESS IT WAS THE LORD. The Lord wanted me to tell you. This picture always inspired me because it had such tremendous spiritual truth in it: Watch your THOUGHTS!—The evil imaginations of your mind. DON'T have any evil imaginations. Don't create images even in your mind! "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me," He said. "Thou shalt not make unto thyself any graven image." (Ex.20:3,4)

107. SO LET'S BE SURE WE KEEP OUR MINDS ON THE LORD & ON HIS WORD so we won't think or dream about monsters or hate or evil or anything bad, because if we did, it might come true to some people, but not to us! TTL! I have dreamed a few nightmares that, thank the Lord, never happened.

108. AMEN, LORD, BLESS & KEEP'M NOW! DO GIVE THEM STRENGTH FOR TOMORROW IN SPITE OF THIS LATE HOUR‚ extra good rest to make up for the sleep they've lost, in Jesus' name, especially little David. I don't see how you do it, Son! How do you stay awake so long? You're amazing! It must be the power of the Spirit of the Lord! I think it was! Okay, go quick & feed him something! Hurry up! I've had it in three times‚ why don't you shut the door?! I've dismissed you two or three times now, why don't you get out?!

109. SO LONG ALL YOU FAMILY OUT YONDER IN VIDEOLAND IN MANY LANDS! GBY! And I hope you learned something from this little lesson tonight! PTL! And from God's Wonder Working Words & miracles! PTL! All right, GBY! Goodnight & sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite!—Thank God we don't have any! GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!